The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai

Author: Wong Kar Wai,John Powers

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: 9780847846177

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

View: 7877

The long-awaited retrospective from the internationally renowned film director celebrated for his visually lush and atmospheric films. Wong Kar Wai is known for his romantic and stylish films that explore—in saturated, cinematic scenes—themes of love, longing, and the burden of memory. His style reveals a fascination with mood and texture, and a sense of place figures prominently. In this volume, the first on his entire body of work, Wong Kar Wai and writer John Powers explore Wong's complete oeuvre in the locations of some of his most famous scenes. The book is structured as six conversations between Powers and Wong (each in a different locale), including the restaurant where he shotIn the Mood for Love and the snack bar where he shot Chungking Express. Discussing each of Wong's eleven films—fromAs Tears Go By and Days of Being Wild to 2046 and The Grandmaster—the conversations also explore Wong's trademark themes of time, nostalgia, and beauty, and their roots in his personal life. The first book by Wong Kar Wai, and the first comprehensive look at his oeuvre, this stunning, lavishly illustrated volume is as evocative as walking into one of Wong's lush films. With more than 250 photographs and film stills and an opening critical essay by Powers, this volume is poised to become the film book of the year.
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Wong Kar-wai

Author: Peter Brunette,Kar-wai Wong

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252029929

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 149

View: 9689

Exploring Wong Kar-wai's groundbreaking use of sound and visual technique to create a new form of cinema
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The Sensuous Cinema of Wong Kar-wai

Film Poetics and the Aesthetic of Disturbance

Author: Gary Bettinson

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9888139290

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 4802

The widely acclaimed films of Wong Kar-wai are characterized by their sumptuous yet complex visual and sonic style. This study of Wong’s filmmaking techniques uses a poetics approach to examine how form, music, narration, characterization, genre, and other artistic elements work together to produce certain effects on audiences. Bettinson argues that Wong’s films are permeated by an aesthetic of sensuousness and “disturbance” achieved through techniques such as narrative interruptions, facial masking, opaque cuts, and other complex strategies. The effect is to jolt the viewer out of complete aesthetic absorption. Each of the chapters focuses on a single aspect of Wong’s filmmaking. The book also discusses Wong’s influence on other filmmakers in Hong Kong and around the world. The Sensuous Cinema of Wong Kar-wai will appeal to all who are interested in authorship and aesthetics in film studies, to scholars in Asian studies, media and cultural studies, and to anyone with an interest in Hong Kong cinema in general, and Wong’s films in particular. “In this carefully written study, Gary Bettinson offers a critical assessment not only of the stylistic features of Wong Kar-wai’s films but also of the scholarship that has developed around them. Arguing against the facile culturalism that tends to dominate such scholarship, this book does full justice to Wong’s cinematic methods in a series of impressively well-informed and informative readings.” —Rey Chow, Duke University
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Wong Kar-Wai: Auteur of Time

Author: Stephen Teo

Publisher: British Film Institute

ISBN: 9781844570287

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 191

View: 9832

This, the first book-length study of Hong Kong cult director Wong Kar-wai, provides an overview of his career and in-depth analyses of his seven feature films to date. The study also takes an intriguing look at Wong's commercials for the likes of Motorola, BMW, and Lacoste and at his music video for DJ Shadow. Stephen Teo probes Wong's cinematic and literary influences--from Martin Scorsese and Alfred Hitchcock to Manuel Puig and Haruki Murakami--yet shows how Wong transcends them all. This comprehensive and thoroughly accessible study confirms Wong's position as the star of the Hong Kong-global nexus and as a postmodern exemplar of world cinema.
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Wong Kar-wai's Ashes of Time

Author: Wimal Dissanayake

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9622095844

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

View: 6691

Ashes of Time, by the internationally acclaimed director Wong Kar-wai, has been considered to be one of the most complex and self-reflexive of Hong Kong films. Loosely based on the stories by renowned martial arts novelist Jin Yong, Wong Kar-wai has created a very different kind of martial arts film, which invites close and sustained study.This book presents the nature and significance of Ashes of Time, and the reasons for its being regarded as a landmark in Hong Kong cinema. Placing the film in historical and cultural context, Dissanayake discusses its vision, imagery, visual style, and narrative structure. In particular, he focuses on the themes of mourning, confession, fantasy, and kung fu movies, which enable the reader to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the film.
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Wong Kar-wai


Author: Silver Wai-ming Lee,Micky Lee

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1496812859

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 228

View: 4622

Fans and critics alike perceive Wong Kar-wai (b. 1958) as an enigma. His dark glasses, his nonlinear narrations, and his high expectations for actors all contribute to an assumption that he only makes art for a few high-brow critics. However, Wong's interviews show this Hong Kong auteur is candid about the art of filmmaking, even surprising his interlocutors by suggesting his films are commercial and made for a popular audience. Wong's achievements nevertheless feel like art-house cinema. His third film, Chungking Express, introduced him to a global audience captivated by the quick and quirky editing style. His Cannes award-winning films Happy Together and In the Mood for Love confirmed an audience beyond the greater Chinese market. His latest film, The Grandmaster, depicts the life of a kung fu master by breaking away from the martial arts genre. In each of these films, Wong Kar-wai's signature style--experimental, emotive, character-driven, and timeless--remains apparent throughout. This volume includes interviews that appear in English for the first time, including some that appeared in Hong Kong magazines now out of print. The interviews cover every feature film from Wong's debut As Tears Go By to his 2013 The Grandmaster.
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A Companion to Wong Kar-wai

Author: Martha P. Nochimson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118424247

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 648

View: 3045

Contains 26 essays addressing numerous topics including intertextuality, transnationality, gender representation, repetition, the use of music, color, and sound, depiction of time and space in human affairs, and Wong's portrayal of violence.
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Edward Yang

Author: John Anderson

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252029936

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 128

View: 4604

Having largely given up on a career in film, Edward Yang had been working as a computer engineer for several years when he saw Herzog's Aguirre, Wrath of God. Inspired to return to film, Yang, along with a handful of other filmmakers including the great Hou Hsiao_hsien, went on to found the Taiwanese New Wave of the early 1980s. Film critic John Anderson's Edward Yang offers a comprehensive overview of the work of the writer-director--already considered one of the most important filmmakers of the past twenty years--from his breakthrough feature That Day, on the Beach to the epic Yi-Yi. Rooted in questions about what it means to be Taiwanese, Yang's films reveal the complexity of life within the island's patchwork culture. Anderson identifies the key narrative strategies, formal devices, moral vision, and sociopolitical concerns shot through Yang's films. He explains what makes these films so distinctive by pinpointing the specific qualities of Yang's style and outlook. John Anderson is the chief film critic for Newsday. He also writes for the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, Film Comment, Billboard, Washington Post, The Nation, and more. He is the author of the book Sundancing: Hanging Out and Listening In at America's Most Important Film Festival. A volume in the Contemporary Film Directors series
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In the Mood for Love

Author: Tony Rayns

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1844578763

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 3224

Set in Hong Kong, Singapore and Cambodia in the 1960s, Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love (2000) is a film that luxuriates in the feeling of being in love – without ever turning into a love story. Its central characters, Mr Chow and Mrs Chan, are tenants in next-door apartments in Hong Kong who discover that their respective spouses are having an affair. Both of them have promiscuous colleagues at work, but they struggle to make sense of their partners' behaviour – and to control their growing feelings for each other. Hailed by the press as 'the consummate unconsummated love story of the new millennium', this film about desire repressed has become a firmly established classic of the twenty-first century. In his sharp and revealing analysis of In the Mood for Love, Tony Rayns draws on his considerable expertise in East Asian cinema and on his proximity to Wong Kar Wai and his colleagues at Jet Tone during the film's long and complicated genesis. He delivers a personal and highly original commentary on the film and its production, complete with privileged insights into Wong's idiosyncratic working methods and influences. The book also places the film in the context of Wong's other work, with sidelights on its place in Hong Kong cinema as a whole. This special edition features original cover artwork by Jimmy Turrell.
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Wong Kar Wai

Author: Jean-Marc Lalanne

Publisher: Dis Voir


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 128

View: 1427

With films such as As Tears Go By, Days of Being Wild, Chungking Expressand Ashes of Time, Kar-Wai has been at the forefront of Hong Kong cinema. On the surface, Kar-Wai follows the rules, presenting the usual fare of car chases, explosions and sex, but in fact his films are much deeper. His characters live and die on the fringe of acceptance and existence, in a nebulous grey area between good and almost evil. Wong-Kai has managed to invent an art that refuses the affluence of the West: by sticking his guns (and knives, fists and chains), this film director has created a bridge between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.
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Wong Kar-wai's Happy Together

Author: Jeremy Tambling

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9622095887

Category: Social Science

Page: 140

View: 3177

Wong Kar-wai's controversial film, Happy Together, was released in Hong Kong just before the handover of power in 1997. The film shows two Chinese gay men in Buenos Aires and reflects on Hong Kong's past and future by probing masculinity, aggression, identity, and homosexuality. It also gives a reading of Latin America, perhaps as an allegory of Hong Kong as another post-colonial society. Examining one single, memorable, and beautiful film, but placing it in the context of other films by Wong Kar-wai and other Hong Kong directors, this book illustrates the depth, as well as the spectacle and action, that characterizes Hong Kong cinema. Tambling investigates the possibility of seeing Happy Together in terms of 'national allegory', as Fredric Jameson suggests Third World texts should be seen. Alternatively, he emphasizes the fragmentary nature of the film by discussing both its images and its narrative in the light of Borges and Manuel Puig. He also looks at the film's relation to the American road movie and to the history of the tango. He poses questions how emotions are presented in the film (is this a 'nostalgia film'?); whether the masculinity in it should be seen negatively or as signs of a new hopefulness about Hong Kong's future; and whether the film indicates new ways of thinking of gender relationships or sexuality.
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Author: クリストファー ドイル

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9784795280694

Category: Photography, Artistic

Page: 151

View: 9559

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Tsai Ming-liang and a Cinema of Slowness

Author: Song Hwee Lim

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press


Category: History

Page: 217

View: 2393

This is the first dedicated study of all of Tsai Ming-Liangs feature length films to date. One of contemporary cinemas most distinctive filmmakers, Tsais films are typically slow paced and minimalist in plot, dialogue and characterization, full of static long takes with very little happening within the shots. Rather than provide a chronological survey of Tsais films, the book is theorized through the concept of slowness. It examines the two filmic elements, sights and sound, through detailed analysis of Tsais use of stillness and silence, it also situates Tsais filmmaking in the context of a trend in contemporary cinema toward slowness, by directors as diverse as Abbas Kiarostami, Bela Tarr, and Aleksandr Sokurov. The author argues that slowness in cinema can be seen as a response to the increasing pace of mainstream films as well as to the unstoppable speed of a postmodern world compressed in time and space.
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A Circle of Sisters

Alice Kipling, Georgiana Burne-Jones, Agnes Poynter and Louisa Baldwin

Author: Judith Flanders

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393052107

Category: History

Page: 392

View: 1678

The MacDonald sisters started life in the lower-middle classes, denied the advantages of education and the expectation of social advancement. Yet, as wives and mothers, they connected a famous painter, a president of the Royal Academy, a prime minister, and the uncrowned poet laureate of the Empire.
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The Politics of the Police

Author: Robert Reiner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199283397

Category: Law

Page: 319

View: 6682

This fourth edition of Robert Reiner's popular and highly-acclaimed text contains substantial revisions, to take into account the recent and profound changes in the law, policy and organisation of policing.
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The Sweet Hereafter

Author: Russell Banks

Publisher: Vintage Books Canada

ISBN: 067697094X

Category: Community life

Page: 257

View: 9379

Following a tragic schoolbus accident, high-profile lawyer Mitchell Stephens descends upon a small town. With promises of retribution and a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of the grieving community, Stephens begins his investigation into the details of the crash. But beneath the town's calm, he uncovers a tangled web of lies, deceit and forbidden desires that mirrors his own troubled personal life. Gradually, we learn that Stephens has his own agenda, and that everyone has secrets to keep.
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The Films in My Life

Author: François Truffaut

Publisher: Diversion Books

ISBN: 1626813965

Category: Art

Page: 287

View: 9573

An icon. A rebel. A legend. The films of Francois Truffaut defined an exhilarating new form of cinema for moviegoers the world over. Before Francois Truffaut was a great director, he was a critic who stood at the vanguard, pioneering an innovative way to view movies and to write about the cinematic arts. Now, for the first time in eBook, the legendary director shares his own words, as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time examines the art of movie-making through engaging and deeply personal reviews about the movies he loves. Truffaut writes extensively about his heroes, from Hitchcock to Welles, Chaplin to Renoir, Bunuel to Bergman, Clouzot to Cocteau, Capra to Hawks, Guitry to Fellini, sharing analysis and insight as to what made them film legends, and how their work led Truffaut and his fellow directors into classics like THE 400 BLOWS, JULES AND JIM, and the French New Wave Movement. Articulate and candid, THE FILMS IN MY LIFE is for everyone who has sat in a dark movie theater and dreamed. "Truffaut brings the same intelligence and grace to the printed page that he projects onto the screen. THE FILMS IN MY LIFE provides a rare knowledgeable look at movies and moviemaking." —NEWSDAY
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Reading the Everyday

Author: Joe Moran

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134372167

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

View: 7032

In an ever-growing field of study, this is a major contribution to one of the key areas in cultural studies and cultural theory – the spaces, practices and mythologies of our everyday culture. Drawing on the work of such continental theorists as Henri Lefebvre, Michel de Certeau, Marc Augé and Siegfried Kracauer, Joe Moran explores the concrete sites and routines of everyday life and how they are represented through political discourse, news media, material culture, photography, reality TV shows, CCTV and much more. Unique in his focus of the under-explored, banal aspects of everyday culture, including office life, commuting, traffic and mass housing, Moran re-evaluates conventional notions of everyday life in cultural studies, and shows that analysing such ‘boring’ phenomena can help make sense of cultural and social change. This book is interdisciplinary in its approach and covers many different areas including visual culture, cultural geography, material culture, and cultural history as well as the key areas of cultural studies and sociology. Students from all these subjects will find this clearly written and lively work an invaluable study resource.
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Orpheus Descending

A Play in Three Acts

Author: Tennessee Williams

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

ISBN: 9780822208655

Category: Drama

Page: 83

View: 7356

THE STORY: As The New York Times describes, The play tells of a woman storekeeper and a handsome, guileless youth who comes in off the highway. A guitar-player, he is a rural Orpheus who descends to rescue his love--not in Hades, precisely,
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