A Manual for Wildlife Radio Tagging

Author: Robert Kenward

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 0124042422

Category: Nature

Page: 311

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Replaces the author's 1987 publication, Wildlife radio tagging as the standard text in the field.
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Wildlife radio tagging

equipment, field techniques and data analysis

Author: Robert Kenward

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nature

Page: 222

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This book is a general guide to radio tracking and activity monitoring with pulsed-signal radio tags. The most elementary tags are used to find the animal so that it can be watched, captured or monitored in other ways. Tags can also have their pulses modulated by a variety of simple sensor sub-circuits to telemeter temperature, posture, movement, compass orientation and other aspects of animal activity. The text follows a sequence designed to guide the novice user through all aspects of radio tagging from the planning of a project and the choice of equipment, through field techniques to data analysis. There are details on tag construction and mounting both externally and by implantation. This book will be invaluable to scientists in all branches of ecology and wildlife research, both in showing ways in which radio tagging can be of use and in giving practical details on how to use this technology.
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Research Techniques in Animal Ecology

Controversies and Consequences

Author: Luigi Boitani,Todd Fuller

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231501390

Category: Science

Page: 464

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The present biodiversity crisis is rife with opportunities to make important conservation decisions; however, the misuse or misapplication of the methods and techniques of animal ecology can have serious consequences for the survival of species. Still, there have been relatively few critical reviews of methodology in the field. This book provides an analysis of some of the most frequently used research techniques in animal ecology, identifying their limitations and misuses, as well as possible solutions to avoid such pitfalls. In the process, contributors to this volume present new perspectives on the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Research Techniques in Animal Ecology is an overarching account of central theoretical and methodological controversies in the field, rather than a handbook on the minutiae of techniques. The editors have forged comprehensive presentations of key topics in animal ecology, such as territory and home range estimates, habitation evaluation, population viability analysis, GIS mapping, and measuring the dynamics of societies. Striking a careful balance, each chapter begins by assessing the shortcomings and misapplications of the techniques in question, followed by a thorough review of the current literature, and concluding with possible solutions and suggested guidelines for more robust investigations.
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress

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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author: Library of Congress

Publisher: N.A


Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress

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Carnivore Ecology and Conservation

A Handbook of Techniques

Author: Luigi Boitani,Roger A. Powell

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191625345

Category: Science

Page: 528

View: 2480

Animals that must hunt and kill for at least part of their living are inherently interesting to many people and the role that carnivores play in biological communities attract interest from ecologists and conservation biologists. Conflicts with human activities stimulate continual debates about the management of carnivore populations, and throughout the world people seek workable solutions for human/carnivore coexistence. This concise yet authoritative handbook describes research methods and techniques for the study and conservation of all terrestrial carnivore species. Particular attention is paid to techniques for managing the human/carnivore interface. Descriptions of the latest methodologies are supported by references to case studies, whilst dedicated boxes are used to illustrate how a technique is applied to a specific land cover type, species, or particular socio-economic context. The book describes the most recent advances in modelling the patterns of animal distributions, movements, and use of land cover types, as well as including the most efficient methods to trap, handle, and mark carnivores. Carnivores are biogeographically diverse and whilst extensive scientific research has investigated many aspects of carnivore biology, not all species have been equally covered. This book is unique in its intention to provide practical guidance for carrying out research and conservation of carnivores across all species and areas of the world.
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Master of Survival

Author: Kevin Hansen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199884722

Category: Nature

Page: 248

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Bobcat: Master of Survival tells the story of the most adaptable and resilient wild feline in the world. While half the wild cat species worldwide are in danger, the bobcat is thriving, even expanding its range in North America. Why are bobcats flourishing when so many other wild felines are advancing towards extinction? The book explains how scientists apply the latest in wildlife research technology to probe this diminutive predator's habits and behavior. The reader is invited inside the bobcat's world to see how they hunt, kill prey, raise their young, coexist with humans, and deftly navigate the endless obstacles to survival. The bobcat is both the most studied and the most exploited wild feline in the world. Millions have been killed for the fur trade. They were the focus of major controversy in the 1970s that transformed international conservation of wild felines. The book discusses how economics and politics play a far greater role in bobcat management and conservation than does science. Bobcat is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on the natural history and management of bobcats to appear in 40 years.
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Analysis of Wildlife Radio-Tracking Data

Author: Gary C. White,Robert A. Garrott

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080926576

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 383

View: 894

With the substantial advances in the miniaturization of electronic components, wildlife biologists now routinely monitor the movements of free-ranging animals with radio-tracking devices. This book explicates the many analytical techniques and computer programs available to extract biological information from the radio tracking data. Presentation of software programs for solving specific problems Design of radio-tracking studies Mechanics of data collection Estimation of position by triangulation Graphic presentation of animal migration, dispersal, fidelity, and association Home range estimation, habitat utilization, and estimation of survival rates and population size
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Ski Trails and Wildlife

Toward Snow Country Restoration

Author: Eric Burr

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466946148

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 260

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Snow sports are usually the first step to learning about snow country wildlife, which is only as safe as knowledgeable people want it to be. Unfortunately knowledge is too often lacking, and skiing is perceived as detrimental too wildlife. Reality is that skiing in all its many forms, from ski lift resorts to far flung Scandinavian style ski touring, holds the keys to wildlife conservation and restoration. No amount of litigation can change this basic fact of life, although the Mineral King Case (from the Supreme Court of the United States) certainly changed the legal landscape for all environmental litigation. Mineral King's near miss at becoming another ski lift avalanche disaster area preceded Early Winters, another almost ski lift area which shares the honor of being a Supreme Court case, and is the last chapter of this book. Olympic National Park is the other ski history explored, so that the National Parks are given equal emphasis with America's National Forests and Canada's Crown Lands. An extensive bibliography also includes many electronically available sources. The language is not technical and no prior experience with either skiing or wildlife is presumed. The book is primarily written for both skiing and wildlife enthusiasts, who may not know much about each other. It is intended as a peace offering to hopefully prevent future ski wars and unnecessary trips through the legal system. That effort could be better spent restoring wildlife and the life support system of our circumpolar boreal forest.
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Wired Wilderness

Technologies of Tracking and the Making of Modern Wildlife

Author: Etienne Benson

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801899287

Category: Science

Page: 264

View: 6212

Scholars of and researchers involved in wildlife management will find this history both fascinating and revealing.
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Kenai River salmon--a unique resource in south-central Alaska

Author: Carl V. Burger,David B. Wangaard,Richard L. Wilmot,U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Research and Development

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nature

Page: 14

View: 3996

A summary of technical information for non-technical readers describing the salmon of the Kenai River.
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Fisch kaputt

vom Leerfischen der Meere und den Konsequenzen für die ganze Welt

Author: Charles Clover

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783570500569


Page: 446

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Fish, Fur & Feathers

Fish and Wildlife Conservation in Alberta 1905-2005

Author: Federation of Alberta Naturalists,Fish and Wildlife Historical Society

Publisher: Nature Alberta

ISBN: 9780969613473

Category: Fishes

Page: 418

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Zoo Animal and Wildlife Immobilization and Anesthesia

Author: Gary West,Darryl J. Heard,Nigel Caulkett

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118792866

Category: Medical

Page: 968

View: 1372

Zoo Animal and Wildlife Immobilization and Anesthesia, SecondEdition is a fully updated and revised version of the firstcomprehensive reference on anesthetic techniques in captive andfree-ranging wildlife. Now including expanded coverage ofavian and aquatic species, this exhaustive resource presentsinformation on the full range of zoo and wildlife species. Coveringtopics ranging from monitoring and field anesthesia to CPR andeuthanasia, the heart of the book is devoted to 53 species-specificchapters providing a wealth of information on little-known andcommon zoo and wildlife animals alike. In addition to new species chapters, the new edition brings a newfocus on pain management, including chronic pain, and moreinformation on species-specific physiology. Chapters on airwaymanagement, monitoring, emergency therapeutics, and fieldprocedures are all significantly expanded as well. This update toZoo Animal and Wildlife Immobilization and Anesthesia is aninvaluable addition to the library of all zoo and wildlifeveterinarians.
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Wildlife of Nepal

A Study of Renewable Resources of Nepal Himalayas

Author: N.A

Publisher: Steven Simpson Books

ISBN: 9789993359029

Category: Natural history

Page: 720

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Taxomony, Ecology, Techniques, and Management : Proceedings of the Second International Martes Symposium

Author: Provincial Museum of Alberta

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9780773253704

Category: Science

Page: 474

View: 470

In 1995, the University of Alberta hosted The Second International Martes Symposium, an event that brought together scientists to discuss the state of knowledge about mammals of the genus Martes, which includes martens, fishers, and sables. Martes: Taxonomy, Ecology, Techniques, and Management is the proceedings of this symposium and is comprised of 31 technical papers on diverse aspects of these small carnivores. The papers highlight research findings and the importance of the genus Martes to naturalists, zoologists, wildlife managers and foresters. This book is a useful reference for researchers and members of the public interested in discovering more about the habits and conservation of martens, fishers, and sables.
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Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution

Author: Barbara Ann Block,Ernest Donald Stevens,William S. Hoar

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780123504432

Category: Nature

Page: 468

View: 8953

This book is a multidisciplinary volume that overviews the most recent literature covering the physiology, biomechanics, evolution, and ecology of tunas. It examines critical areas of molecular and organismal physiology, phylogeny, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Recently developed techniques for electronic tagging of fish are presented. The book covers all aspects of tuna biology, from metabolism and cardiovascular research to reproductive biology. * Contains a comprehensive review of tuna biology * Provides a synthesis of archival and pop-up satellite tag technology in tunas * Covers the phylogenetics of modern tunas * Includes color plates on morphology, physiology, ecology, and oceanography
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