When Hell Came to Texas

Author: Robert Vaughan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 147671584X

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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When Hell Freezes Over

A Novel

Author: Darrien Lee

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451694814

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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The unforgettable characters from the bestseller What Goes Around Comes Around are back -- in a smashingly suspenseful tale of love, trust, and the secrets that can make or break our lives. The dashingly handsome Keaton Lapahie has watched many of his friends do the one thing he has vowed he will never do: get married. His plan is to enjoy his retirement, open a restaurant, and remain a bachelor for life. But when he is unexpectedly put on mandatory medical leave, he decides to visit his sister and her family...not realizing fate is about to take him on a trip -- not just out of town, but toward his own heart. In Philadelphia, Keaton is reacquainted with Dr. Meridan St. John, his sister's pediatrician. Meridan is seemingly the perfect woman -- smart, bold, and beautiful. Why can't Keaton attract her attention? He soon learns that Meridan is haunted by something in her past -- and though Keaton can read her better than anyone else, he cannot figure out the cause of her nightmares and fears. Things become even more complicated when Jacob, her jealous childhood friend, arrives in Philadelphia and threatens to expose all the dark secrets of her past. Worried that Keaton will not believe she was innocent in her situation, she does the only thing she can...run. Thus, Keaton must decide -- does he follow her, and get to the truth, or does he leave the woman he loves to her own dark nightmares? Penetrating in language and powerful in meaning, When Hell Freezes Over is a remarkable story about how accepting the past is the only way to make a future.
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The Wild History of Hell Hole and the Rubicon Country 1848 to 1948

El Dorado and Placer Counties California

Author: Guy Nixon (Redcorn)

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477139753

Category: History

Page: 132

View: 6942

"Includes a survey of the historic Mule Train trails of the region, with analysis of each section's history and its potential recreational opportunities for equestrians, sportsmen and prospectors."
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Lone Star

A History of Texas and the Texans

Author: T. R. Fehrenbach

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497609704

Category: History

Page: 792

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The definitive account of the incomparable Lone Star state by the author of Fire & Blood: A History of Mexico. T. R. Fehrenbach is a native Texan, military historian and the author of several important books about the region, but none as significant as this work, arguably the best single volume about Texas ever published. His account of America's most turbulent state offers a view that only an insider could capture. From the native tribes who lived there to the Spanish and French soldiers who wrested the territory for themselves, then to the dramatic ascension of the republic of Texas and the saga of the Civil War years. Fehrenbach describes the changes that disturbed the state as it forged its unique character. Most compelling is the one quality that would remain forever unchanged through centuries of upheaval: the courage of the men and women who struggled to realize their dreams in The Lone Star State.
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Tears from Heaven: Voices from Hell

The Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty as Seen Through the Eyes of the Victims of Violent Crime and Death Row Inmates Throughout America.

Author: Diane Robertson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469721903

Category: Political Science

Page: 418

View: 6922

In Tears From Heaven; Voices From Hell capital punishment issues are discussed from the viewpoint of the victims of violent crime and from those condemned to die on America's death rows. Explore the pros and cons of this controversial issue from those who have experienced the pain first hand: victims and death row inmates.
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Dancing My Way Through Hell!


Author: Gene Shirley Richey

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460236815

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 296

View: 3413

Her mother sternly said, “Gene! Stop that tap dancing right now! You’re going to dance your way to hell!” The first half of her life surely felt that way – three sexual assaults, two abusive husbands, three children for whom she was the sole provider. Nevertheless, during that same period of her life, Gene and her violin went on a summer tour with young Billy Graham. She was also given a TV contract with the original Hank Williams Band in Montgomery, Alabama, as twin fiddler. DANCING MY WAY THROUGH HELL! focuses on life struggles and a forgiving spirit which was the key to bringing Gene through those experiences in six states from coast to coast and leading her to an amazing future.
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Trouble in Texas

Author: John Mayer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469160005

Category: Fiction

Page: 307

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Weather in San Antonio can be anywhere from nasty to fantastic, but this day was better than fantastic as Johnny Devreau walked toward the cattle barns. The weather reminded him of some nice days he had seen in Hawaii, only cooler. He was at the Joe Freeman Coliseum for the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, an annual ten-day affair. It seemed everyone, male and female, young and old, was wearing the same thingLevis, cowboy boots, and a western-style shirtand most had a western-style hat. This was standard everyday wear for Devreau. The Saturday rodeo matinee was just over, and the standing room crowd was spilling out of the coliseum in every which direction, or so it seemed. It made getting to where Devreau wanted to be slowgoing.
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A Paradise Built in Hell

The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster

Author: Rebecca Solnit

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101459010

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

View: 7093

A startling investigation of what people do in disasters and why it matters Why is it that in the aftermath of a disaster? whether manmade or natural?people suddenly become altruistic, resourceful, and brave? What makes the newfound communities and purpose many find in the ruins and crises after disaster so joyous? And what does this joy reveal about ordinarily unmet social desires and possibilities? In A Paradise Built in Hell, award-winning author Rebecca Solnit explores these phenomena, looking at major calamities from the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco through the 1917 explosion that tore up Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. She examines how disaster throws people into a temporary utopia of changed states of mind and social possibilities, as well as looking at the cost of the widespread myths and rarer real cases of social deterioration during crisis. This is a timely and important book from an acclaimed author whose work consistently locates unseen patterns and meanings in broad cultural histories.
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Lone Star Rising

The Texas Rangers Trilogy

Author: Elmer Kelton

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1429912758

Category: Fiction

Page: 704

View: 9073

In 1999, with Forge's publication of The Buckskin Line, Elmer Kelton launched a series of novels on the formative years of the Texas Rangers. In Texas Justice, the first three of these critically acclaimed books are now brought together in a single volume. In The Buckskin Line, Kelton introduces the red-haired boy captured by a Comanche war party after the massacre of his family. Rescued by Mike Shannon, a member of a Texas "ranging company" protecting settlers from Indian raids, the boy known as Rusty is adopted by the Shannon family. In 1861, Mike Shannon is ambushed and killed, and Rusty follows in his footsteps and joins the Rangers. In the throes of the coming War Between the States, Rusty searches for the Confederates who lynched his adoptive father and awaits meeting the Comanche warrior who killed his family two decades past. At the end of the Civil War, Rusty Shannon is thrown adrift when the Rangers are disbanded, and makes his way to his home on the Red River, where he hopes to marry the girl he left behind, Geneva Monahan. But as Badger Boy, the second novel of the saga, unfolds, Geneva has married another man in Rusty's absence. Faced with this betrayal, he must contend with the hate-filled Confederate and Union soldiers infesting Texas and with the continuing Indian raids against innocent settlers. Rusty's own childhood captivity returns to haunt him when he rescues Andy, a white child called Badger Boy by his Comanche captors. In The Way of the Coyote, Andy rides with Rusty Shannon as the Rangers are re-formed in postwar turmoil. With Texas overrun with outlaws, disenfranchised Confederate veterans, nightriders, and marauding Comanche bands, Rusty tries to resume his pre-war life. When his friend Shanty, a freed slave, is burned out of his home by Ku Klux Klan and Rusty's own homestead is confiscated by a murderous band of thugs, he must follow perilous trails before he can put the war and its aftermath behind him. Texas Justice is not only a masterful re-creation of the early years of the Texas Rangers, it is vintage Elmer Kelton, the undisputed master of the Western story. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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Eleven Days in Hell

Author: William T. Harper

Publisher: University of North Texas Press

ISBN: 1574411802

Category: Social Science

Page: 346

View: 2563

Annotation "The 1974 Fred Gomez Carrasco prison siege at Huntsville, TX.".
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The Patriarch of Hamilton Hill

Author: Cynamon Tea

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469102331

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 80

View: 5409

Simeon J.Hamilton (Papa Sim) lived an exemplified life as a fisherman on a small island in the Caribbean and left an indelible legacy for generations.His Faith took him through a terrifying tragedy at sea to a testimony of triumph. His Love for families and friends was etched in every word and deed and gave purpose to his life. His Courage gave many hope and his Wisdom was light to those whose vision was clouded by circumstances.
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Korea Spells Hell

Author: Robert L. Zoeller

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462862528

Category: Fiction

Page: 77

View: 6717

This is the story of an individual from the time of going into the service during the Korean War and the experiences had during that time. A journal recording events of that time, some of these events will cause the reader to smile and maybe even laugh aloud; other events may be to sadden them and to maybe feel some of the pain felt by those that this writing may depict. The Korean War is said to be the forgotten war, but it will never be forgotten by those that were in it or the friends and families of those that didnt return or those that carry wounds, and missing parts of their body or maimed by this terrible time. These are the reminders they will never forget. For these are the reminders of the so called Forgotten War. This book is therefore dedicated to all service men and women past, present, and future with the special thanks to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
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North to the San Luis Valley

A Ranger Goes North

Author: Archie Roy

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434912973

Category: Fiction

Page: 66

View: 855

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Between Hell and Texas

Author: Dusty Richards

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786029196

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 3888

Texas Tough. Arizona Bound. With blood and tears, Chet Byrnes built a life in Texas, only to have it shattered by an ill-fated cattle drive and two deadly family feuds. Spurned by the woman he loves, Chet sets off for new territory. The journey won't come cheap. And Ready For Any Fight That Comes. Chet leads the Byrnes family across New Mexico into a harsh, haunting land. His long lost brother Cagle, after 15 years living among the Comanche, reappears. So does the family's blackest black sheep. Then, amidst old grudges and new battles, Chet picks up the trail of a killer he desperately wants to bring to justice. The reward is a hearty welcome to Arizona. The risk: dying before he can meet the one woman who'd make it all worthwhile. . . "Nobody spins a better western tale. If you want to read how real cowboys lived and worked, then you must read a Dusty Richards novel." --Mike Kearby "Dusty Richards writes. . .with the flavor of the real West." --Elmer Kelton "Dusty Richards is the embodiment of the old west." --Storyteller Magazine
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Texas Born

Author: Diana Palmer

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 146034054X

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 9728

Their love was born in Texas… Gabriel Brandon had been her hero ever since she was a girl and he'd rescued her, an orphan, from sure ruin. And Michelle Godrey had loved him forever, the mysterious rancher with the dark eyes, her protector and guardian angel. Now she'd blossomed into a woman. But could Michelle ever cast aside the shadows that lingered between them? Could she show Gabriel that their Lone Star love was true? "Palmer's latest entry in her Long, Tall Texans series is an intriguing story that blurs the line between good and evil…the romance between the main characters builds nicely with some gentle humor, and the moral dilemmas they face are believable and engrossing." —RT Book Reviews on Protector
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Hell-Bent For Music

The Life of Pee Wee King

Author: Wade Hall

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813159547

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 5269

Pee Wee King's birth on February 18, 1914, into a Milwaukee working-class Polish family named Kuczynski was hardly an indicator that he would grow up to become a pioneer and superstar of country and western music. Certainly no one in the Polish-German community of his youth could have foreseen his influence on the direction of American popular music or his enduring fame on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Even Pee Wee King himself is incredulous at the unlikely twists and turns of his life and career. Pee Wee King is best remembered today as the co-writer of the most popular country music song of all time, The Tennessee Waltz. He is just as important, however, for his vital role in expanding the horizons, and the market potential, of country and western music. He took the polka and waltz rhythms of his youth, mixed them with the sounds of the big bands of the thirties and forties, and flavored it all with the balladry and moods of the Western cowboy. He combined this new sound with folk and country traditions rooted in places like Louisville, Knoxville, and Nashville. The result was a smooth, listenable, danceable, up-to-date sound that has become the most popular form of music in the United States. Recipient of numerous awards, including induction into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame, Pee Wee King has been one of the most important figures in country music for over sixty years. Told in King's own voice and words, this biography, based on many hours of taped conversations, is the first account of King's incredible life and career. Featuring a star-studded cast of characters from the history of music -- Eddy Arnold, Minnie Pearl, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, Gene Autry, Patti Page, and many others -- this memorable book is a must-read for any fan of country music.
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The Rock of Hell

Author: Kay Hassan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465305564

Category: Fiction

Page: 329

View: 6564

It is not a personal story, it is a war novel, displaying the memories of a thousand American soldiers lived in the darkness of the war with me. It is the memories of the war time, the unlivable moments that they shared together, with all personal ruptures midst fatal disputes of locals, along with the world of myth, religion and unique quality of the mens raw nature, where all key aspects of misbehaviors explode .
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The 1939 Texas Aggies

The Greatest Generations Greatest Team

Author: Mickey Herskowitz

Publisher: Halcyon Press Ltd.

ISBN: 1931823391

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 263

View: 6890

THE 1939 TEXAS AGGIES details the incredible story of the 1939 national football champions, the Texas A&M Aggies. From a program on the verge of being eliminated in 1934, award-winning sports writer Mickey Herskowitz describes the stunning climb to greatness the Aggies experienced in 1939, with a near repeat in 1940. Led by a former baseball player, Homer Norton, the Texas Aggies recruited a remarkable collection of young men, including John Kimbrough, Marion Pugh, Marshall Foch Robnett, and Tommie Vaughn. Under Norton's leadership, he forged them into a team still revered in Aggieland. This masterful story of the national champions includes a game-by-game account of the 1939 and 1940 seasons, player bios, rare photographs, and interviews with surviving team members.
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Between Hell and Texas

Author: Ralph Cotton

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101650842

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 9979

HE CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN After Cray Dawson helps bring down the Talbert Gang, he gains the reputation of a shootist. But Cray doesn’t consider himself a gunfighter. All he wants to do is mosey on home to Somos Santos, Texas, and get back to chasing dogies. Trouble is, Somos Santos has changed since Cray last walked its dusty streets. There’s a new sheriff in town by the name of Lematte, and the only law he keeps is his own. With an army of vicious outlaws riding shotgun as deputies, Lematte has the town under his thumb—until Cray decides to make the most of his bad reputation…
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