Umbrella Man

Author: Willow Rose

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542542746


Page: 490

View: 4131

If you like Stranger Things - you will love this! In your dream, no one can hear you scream When the body of the teenage boy, Julian Long, is discovered in the Green Swamps of Florida, the citizens of Bushlake know the city will never be the same again. Julian was popular, loved by all, and the circumstances of his death are more than strange. What secrets is the boy in the swamps hiding? Stephanie Boulder has returned to the town after fifteen years to take care of her grandmother, who is terminally ill. She writes for the local paper, and as soon as she starts digging into the story of Julian Long, she discovers secrets deep within the town's history. Secrets so cruel, so profoundly buried, uncovering them will put her life in grave danger. What if dreams were not just dreams? Would you dare to sleep again? Desperate for answers, Stephanie embarks on a journey that spans beyond her beliefs, heading towards a terrifying nightmare, trying to figure out who the Umbrella Man is. Umbrella Man is a page-turning supernatural thriller from the Queen of Scream, Willow Rose. It is fast paced and packed with suspense. This is one book you don't want to miss. Scroll up and grab a copy today.
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The Umbrella Man (Beneath the Surface)

Beneath the Surface

Author: Francis Graham

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722915315


Page: 238

View: 3708

This is a boy who looses both parents. He has no choice but to go to boarding school, but its not any boarding school, its a school of friendship, love and magic. Read for yourself what will happen to this young boy....
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Author: Will Self

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802193811

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 6345

"A brother is as easily forgotten as an umbrella."—James Joyce, Ulysses Radical and uncompromising, Umbrella is a tour de force from one of England’s most acclaimed contemporary writers, and Self’s most ambitious novel to date. Moving between Edwardian London and a suburban mental hospital in 1971, Umbrella exposes the twentieth century’s technological searchlight as refracted through the dark glass of a long term mental institution. While making his first tours of the hospital at which he has just begun working, maverick psychiatrist Zachary Busner notices that many of the patients exhibit a strange physical tic: rapid, precise movements that they repeat over and over. One of these patients is Audrey Dearth, an elderly woman born in the slums of West London in 1890. Audrey’s memories of a bygone Edwardian London, her lovers, involvement with early feminist and socialist movements, and, in particular, her time working in an umbrella shop, alternate with Busner’s attempts to treat her condition and bring light to her clouded world. Busner’s investigations into Audrey’s illness lead to discoveries about her family that are shocking and tragic.
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Dark Streets of Whitechapel

A Jack The Ripper Mystery

Author: R. Barri Flowers

Publisher: R. Barri Flowers

ISBN: 1466119616

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3571

Modern day criminologist and Ripperologist and bestselling author R. Barri Flowers delivers a heart-pounding historical thriller in DARK STREETS OF WHITECHAPEL, featuring arguably the most infamous and elusive murderer of them all--19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper. In 1888 in New York City, the search for a killer of prostitutes comes to an end with the capture of Doctor Jack Lewiston, a respected surgeon and madman. But before he can go to trial, Jack escapes from custody and flees the country to London, England. Brought out of retirement to track him down is ex-NYC homicide detective-criminologist Henry Marboro. In charge of the original investigation into the “Ripper Murders,” Henry lost his objectivity when his younger sister was one of Jack’s victims. Ultimately his obsession to find the killer cost him his career, his wife, and some time in a hospital for alcohol treatment. Now on a renewed mission, Henry must find Jack Lewiston and bring him back to America--dead or alive--hopefully before more prostitutes become the victims of the serial killer. In the process, Henry develops an attraction for a mysterious and beautiful American nurse, Loraine Broderick, who lives in London. Unfortunately, Jack also has his sights set on her as a target of his madness in addition to ladies of the night streetwalking in Whitechapel in London’s East End. REVIEWS OF DARK STREETS OF WHITECHAPEL “It gets no better than this! R. Barri Flowers has written another thriller guaranteed to hold onto its readers! It was so gripping that I forgot to breathe a couple of times!” -- Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews “A compelling and powerful account of Jack the Ripper.... Flowers has captured the sights and sounds of New York City and London’s East End in 1888.... The action is fast paced; the suspense building to a peak to the finale.” -- Barbara Buhrer of
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Trading Lives

Author: Eric Stoffle

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780998291819


Page: 348

View: 5745

JOHN KELLY was gravely injured by a road-side bomb in Iraq during his last tour. His daughter wants to carry on his legacy and become a soldier, too. As Jamie Kelly wrestles with leaving her father and stepmother to pursue her dream, she learns a friend she hasn't associated with in years is in serious trouble. In her efforts to help her friend, Jamie uncovers long-buried secrets that threaten to shred the very fabric of her existence. She may be young, but she is driven to do the right thing. Doing the right thing sometimes has unintended results. Jamie dreams of becoming an Army Ranger and following in her father's footsteps. She is confident and a skilled martial artist whose favorite weapons are knives. After training with her friend and mentor, Mario Parris, she relies on her skills to investigate a crime that happened before she was born but has just now come full circle.Life may not have been perfect before, but how will Jamie Kelly deal with the life-altering secrets in Trading Lives?
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Children of The Fog

Author: Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Publisher: Imajin Books

ISBN: 0986631086

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 2019

* International & National Bestseller with over 200,000 copies sold worldwide YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO MAKE A DECISION: Let A Kidnapper Take Your Child, Or Watch Your Son Die. Choose! Sadie O'Connell is a bestselling author and a proud mother. But her life is about to spiral out of control. After her six-year-old son Sam is kidnapped by a serial abductor, she nearly goes insane. But it isn't just the fear and grief that is ripping her apart. It's the guilt. Sadie is the only person who knows what the kidnapper looks like. And she can't tell a soul. For if she does, her son will be sent back to her in "little bloody pieces". When Sadie's unfaithful husband stumbles across her drawing of the kidnapper, he sets into play a series of horrific events that sends her hurtling over the edge. Sadie's descent into alcoholism leads to strange apparitions and a face-to-face encounter with the monster who abducted her son--a man known only as...The Fog. *CHILDREN OF THE FOG has a unique tie-in to Tardif`s newest thriller, SUBMERGED. “Tardif spins mystery, suspense, and horror into a page-turning morsel in Children of the Fog.” ―USA Today bestselling author Jean Rabe
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Author: Will Self

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802192408

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9460

May 4th, 1970. A week earlier President Nixon has ordered American ground forces into Cambodia to pursue the Vietcong. By the end of the day four students will be shot dead by the National Guards in the grounds of Kent State University. On the other side of the Atlantic, it's a brilliant sunny morning after an April of heavy rain, and at the "Concept House" therapeutic community he has set up in the London suburb of Willesden, maverick psychiatrist Dr Zack Busner has been tricked into joining a decidedly ill advised LSD trip with several of its disturbed residents. Five years later, sitting in a nearby cinema watching Steven Spielberg's Jaws, Busner realizes the true nature of the events that transpired on that dread-soaked day, when a survivor of the worst disaster in the US Navy's history - the sinking of the USS Indianapolis - came face-to-face with the British Royal Air Force observer on the Enola Gay's mission to bomb Hiroshima. Set a year before the action of his Booker-shortlisted Umbrella, Will Self's new novel Shark continues its exploration of the complex relationship between human psychopathology and human technological progress; and like Umbrella, weaves together multiple narratives across several decades of the twentieth century to produce a fiendish tapestry depicting the state we're trapped in.
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The Blue Umbrella

A Novel

Author: Mike Mason

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9780781403559

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 448

View: 4756

When Zac Sparks's mother dies, he's sent to live in Five Corners with his cruel old Aunties. It isn't long before Zac knows something strange is going on. Five Corners is populated with weird characters—a midget butler, a girl who doesn't speak, a blind balloon seller, a mysterious singer, and the Aunties' father, Dada. Zac's first encounter with Dada is so terrifying that he faints dead away. The one bright spot is Sky Porter, a friendly soul who encourages Zac and shows him kindness. But Sky isn't what he seems either, and when Zac learns Sky's amazing secret he sees that this wonderful man may have a very dark side as well. Discovering that Dada is an evil magician who is intent on stealing the ultimate treasure, Zac knows that many lives are at stake, including his own.
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Author: Will Self

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 0802189393

Category: Fiction

Page: 624

View: 5860

Published to rave reviews in the United Kingdom, Phone tells the story of two men: Zack Busner and Jonathan De’Ath. Busner is a psychiatrist who has made his name through his unorthodox treatment of psychological damage, such as giving the controversial drug L-DOPA to patients ravaged by encephalitis, or administering LSD to World War II PTSD-sufferers. But now Busner’s own mind is fraying: Alzheimer’s is shredding his memory and his newest possession is a shiny smartphone given to him by his introverted grandson Ben. Meanwhile, Jonathan De’Ath, aka “the Butcher,” is an MI6 man who remains a mystery even to those closest to him, be it his washed-up old university lecturer father, his jumbling-bumbling mother, his hippy-dippy brothers, his spooky colleagues or multitudinous lovers. All of De’Ath’s acquaintances apply the “Butcher” epithet to him, and perhaps there is only one person who thinks of him with tenderness, a man he keeps top secret, encrypted in the databanks of his steely mind: Colonel Gawain Thomas, husband, father, highly-trained tank commander, and Jonathan De’Ath’s long-time lover. As Busner’s mind totters and Jonathan and Gawain’s affair teeters, they come to face the interconnectedness of all lives, online and off, while an irritating phone continues to ring... ring... ring...
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Our Man in Havana

Author: Graham Greene,Clive Francis

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1783192674

Category: Drama

Page: 118

View: 6365

Jim Wormold, an under-employed vacuum cleaner salesman living in 1950s Cuba, is struggling to pay for his teenage daughter’s increasingly extravagant lifestyle. So when the British Secret Service asks him to become their ‘man in Havana’ he can’t afford to say no. There’s just one problem...he doesn’t know anything! To avoid suspicion, he begins to recruit nonexistent sub-agents, concocting a series of intricate fictions. But Wormold soon discovers that his stories are closer to the truth than he could have ever imagined... In Clive Francis’ adaptation, Graham Greene’s classic satirical novel becomes a wonderfully funny and fast-moving romp.
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End of Eternity 2

Chasing Eternity

Author: Loretta Lost

Publisher: Loretta Lost


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 2894

Carmen Winters has already lost so much. Now, she is beyond terrified as she stands to lose the one thing that gave her hope for a better future. She knows that she can pull through her physical and psychological difficulties, if only someone would stand by her. But with her father and sister occupied with their own struggles in another state, she has no family she can lean on. Her only options are to turn to Brad, a ruthless lawyer mainly concerned with dollar signs, or Owen, a kind doctor with a jealous and spiteful long-term girlfriend. With or without help from the frustrating men in her life, Carmen will have to find the strength inside herself to carry on. She must make one final journey to say goodbye to her husband once and for all, and lay the past to rest forever. But when Carmen uncovers startling information about what really led to her husband's death, everything changes...
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The Broken Bridge

Author: Philip Pullman

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 1524765023

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 224

View: 7477

At 16, Ginny finds that her love of painting connects her to the artistic Haitian mother she never knew and eases the isolation she feels as the only mixed-race teen in her Welsh village. When she learns she has a half-brother by her father's first marriage, her world is shattered. Ginny embarks on a quest for the truth that will allow her to claim her artistic heritage--and face her father.
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The Obsidian Club

Author: Tami Egonu

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530244614


Page: 282

View: 6925

WELCOME TO THE WARPED WORLD OF COLT Joaquin Colt is young and happy to appear just like millions of other Londoners who inhabit 21st century mania. Except appearances are only surface deep. Submerged in a hectic lifestyle that suits him, one in which he is a successful photographer working for trendy travel publications (a golden ticket that opens many doors, especially women's), no amount of distractions or shallowness can hide a much deeper and disturbing truth - his belief that he is cursed. Ordered by his agent to take a short break before his next big assignment, Joaquin drives to the lakes and immediately regrets his decision. Lost, he checks into the last room available at Credence Valley Hotel and has no idea of its horrific history or his major part in its fate. Intrigued by its owner and mysterious guests, their reasons for being there shatters his reality and Joaquin discovers his nightmares are more dreadful than any curse ... real or imagined. *Please note that the language/spelling of this novel is English (UK)* **WARNING! Contains some vulgarity**"
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The White Umbrella

Author: Brian Sewell

Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher

ISBN: 9781567926248


Page: 160

View: 9197

Originally published: London: Quartet Books Limited, 2015.
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Author: Anne Mcaneny

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780988846906

Category: Fiction

Page: 334

View: 8773

What's a girl to do when her imprisoned brother begs her to delve into their father's sixteen-year-old murder conviction? How about peel back the lies, upend the fairy tales, and roil the populace of Lavitte-a sweet apple of a town with a wormy, festering core? That's what Allison Fennimore chooses. Despite her infamous surname and people's wilted memories, this jaded cynic of a daughter sinks her teeth in and refuses to let go. She can practically taste the bitterness of that long-ago, twisted night when two teenagers died, linked to her father by bad luck and a few strands of rope. Ignoring the dense local atmosphere where image trumps substance and lies become legend, Allison stirs the pot. The more layers she discards, the more elusive the truth becomes. And when a key source of information turns up dead, the dark edges of resentment coil in around her like a slowly tightening noose. As revelations get ugly, Allison may wish she'd never ventured toward the forbidden fruit of truth.
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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Author: Robbie Michaels

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

ISBN: 1613727143

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 200

View: 4619

High school can be some of the best years of life—and some of the toughest. Mark Mitchell's strategy for surviving is to emulate the mighty turtle: pull back inside his protective shell and keep a low profile to avoid trouble. And it works—nobody bothers him. Of course, nobody really knows him, either, even in a town so small it seems like everybody must know everyone else.
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Penguin Minis: the Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780525555742


Page: 576

View: 5396

From John Green, the #1 bestselling author of Turtles All the Way Down "The greatest romance story of this decade." --Entertainment Weekly -Millions of copies sold- #1 New York Times Bestseller #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller #1 USA Today Bestseller #1 International Bestseller TIME Magazine's #1 Fiction Book of 2012 TODAY Book Club pick Now a Major Motion Picture Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten. Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars brilliantly explores the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.
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Fool's Errand

Author: Robin Hobb

Publisher: Voyager

ISBN: 9780007585892

Category: Fantasy fiction

Page: 584

View: 8502

When Assassin's Quest closed, Fitz was living in self-imposed exile. Wracked with pain, he had chosen to discard the magical gifts that had seen him survive the wonders and torments of navigating the legendary city of the Elderlings, and of raising a dragon. Now, in this, the first of a new trilogy, we are returned to the world of the Six Duchies and the lives of those who managed to survive the events of the first Assassin trilogy.Fifteen years have passed and events are about to sweep Fitz out of his quiet backwater life and into the main political current again. Persecution of the Witted has become rampant throughout the Six Duchies despite Queen Kettricken's effort to dampen it. The Witted themselves have begun to strike back. So when 15 Year Old Prince Dutiful disappears, is it only because he is nervous about his betrothal ceremony to an Outislander princess, or has he been taken hostage by the Witted? Worse, is he perhaps another 'Piebald Prince', a Farseer tainted by Wit magic? As the desperate situation worsens, Kettricken has no choice but to summon Fitz to Buckkeep, for who better to track the young prince down than another gifted with the Wit, together with his bonded companion, the wolf Nighteyes?
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To Watch You Bleed

Author: Jordon Greene

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780998391304

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

View: 4099

Dalton Summers is living the American dream. He has a beautiful wife, two kids, a great job, a high-end sports car and a spacious home. But he also has his secrets. On Halloween night Dalton finds himself forced to face those secrets when one phone call threatens to throw his world upside down. The voice is young but raspy as it taunts him, a voice that will stick with Dalton through eternity. "Hurry home Dalton... Before I kill them all." EVERY SIN HAS A PRICE
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Of Darkness and Light

Author: Barry Graham

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781469986456

Category: Fiction

Page: 154

View: 7118

The Bogey Man's sinister chant used to scare the wits out of Gary Scott when he was a five-year-old, growing up in the worst part of Glasgow. But now, nearly twenty years later, he's an experienced, and, he likes to think, hard-nosed journalist. He's far too preoccupied with real life in all its seedy variety to worry about imaginary horrors. So why does he keep being drawn back to the dark closes and crumbling tower blocks of Maryhill? As one bizarre and grisly event succeeds another, as the deaths begin to pile up, Gary realizes that he himself is, somehow, inextricably involved. Then, one night, the Bogey Man arrives under his window.
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