Uas Pilot Log Expanded Edition

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Logbook for Drone Pilots & Operators

Author: Droneprep

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781512129021


Page: 112

View: 1730

The UAS Pilot Log Expanded Edition takes your flight recording experience to the next level. Building on the success of droneprep's standard pilot log, this Expanded Edition incorporates pilot feedback and testing results to maximize the routine operations for pilots and operators of unmanned aircraft systems and drones. This log book captures all the elements contained in droneprep's standard log book but offers additional and expanded tools to enhance your flying and record keeping experience. Using this logbook, pilots will be able to distill complex procedures and note taking with simple, easy-to-understand entry pages that can be maintained by any drone operator, regardless of skill level or experience. Added spacing, graphs, notational areas, and commentary fields make this Expanded Edition a flexible and powerful record that will serve as both a tool to enhance the flight experience and a superb record of exactly what happened on the day of each flight. The UAS Pilot Log, Expanded Edition, is one of the first flight logs uniquely designed for the needs of drone operators. After extensive research into record keeping and processes maintained by expert operators, droneprep designed this log book system specifically for pilots and operators of unmanned aircraft systems and drones to plan and track critical flight details. As FAA and other government regulations evolve, the UAS Pilot Log will help keep you on top of your record keeping activities. Seamlessly designed to be useful and relevant, this logbook distills complex procedures and processes with simple, easy-to-understand entry pages that can be maintained by any drone operator, regardless of skill level or experience. The result is a flexible yet powerful record that will serve as both a tool to enhance your flying experience and a superb record of exactly what happened on the day of your flight.
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Drone Operator's Logbook

Author: Jonathan Rupprecht

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519653604


Page: 118

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Federal Aviation Regulations, COA, & Section 333 Exemption Compliant. This logbook has been specifically designed to be compliant with 14 CFR 61.51, Section 333 exemptions, and COA logbook requirements. Easy COA Reporting. If you have MULTIPLE aircraft, this will NOT work. Buy one logbook for each drone. The FAA requires that commercial operators who have 333 exemptions and "blanket" COA's to file monthly reports. It is EXTREMELY annoying to log all this information and then send it in via email. If you have one drone per logbook, do not have any takeoff or landing damage, equipment malfunctions, or lost link events, you could simply make scans of the pages for the month and email them into the FAA. The COA's say, "number of flights (per location, per aircraft)" & "total aircraft operational hours[.]" The columns only support one aircraft; however, recreational flyers could list multiple aircraft because they are currently not required to report. Disclaimer: Current FAA "blanket" COAs say "must submit the following information" and do not explicitly say scans are acceptable. The FAA could issue guidance in the future further clarifying the mode of report (text in email vs. scan in email). It is up to YOU to keep up to date on this. The FAA or Law Enforcement Can Request Your Logbook. 14 C.F.R. § 61.51(i) says, "Persons must present their pilot certificate, medical certificate, logbook, or any other record required by this part for inspection upon a reasonable request by" the FAA, an authorized representative from the National Transportation Safety Board, or any Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer. If your electronic logbook is on your device, do you really want to give law enforcement or the FAA your device? Furthermore, how are you to get the data off that device? Insurance. When you apply for insurance, they will ask you to fill out a form that is going to ask for all sorts of information. A logbook will assist you in filling out the form so you can receive the most accurate quote. Marketing. Showing a completed logbook to a potential customer is a great marketing point. Like the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," a good logbook is worth a thousand flights. You can quickly demonstrate your flight experience by flipping through the pages. Furthermore, a well-kept and orderly logbook gives the impression that you are a professional. Required in Other Countries. Other countries such as South Africa require the drone logbook to be in paper. Paper is the current industry standard. Going for a Certificate/Rating. Individuals can use this logbook to apply their experience towards UAS certificates / ratings. While the FAA is still working on creating certificates and ratings, you can prepare for the future by logging everything now. Less Cumbersome. If you are marketing to a potential client, you can scan pages of your logbook and send it to them. It is more cumbersome to get the data off a phone or website. Very Little Problems. What happens if your phone is stolen, water damaged, battery dies, or there is poor cell phone signal? Paper does not need a cell signal or batteries. No Data Theft. You don't have to worry about data theft like you would with a website or an app. Fidelity. Electronic logbooks can be changed while pen and paper is permanent.
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Author: Michael L. Rampey

Publisher: Parhelion Aerospace Gmbh

ISBN: 9783033058088

Category: Transportation

Page: 138

View: 3759

The UAV Pilot Logbook records flight data from 1000 flights for rotary, fixed-wing and lighter-than-air (LTA) UAV operations. Ground training courses taken, exams passed and any flight training received can also be recorded. The size of the book is convenient for carrying during flight operations. The hardcover provides valuable durability.
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Drone / Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Log

Complete Logbook for the Professional Or Hobbyist Drone and Uas Pilot with Technical Journey Log

Author: John A. Van Houten, III

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530024575


Page: 226

View: 5269

Unmanned Aircraft System / Drone Flight and Technical Journey Log (Blue Edition) Also available in other colors on Amazon just search for "drone log pink," blue, red, green, yellow, black, orange, purple, maroon, tan, war eagle, or roll tide/ Complete Logbook and Technical Journey Log for the Professional or Hobbyist Drone UAS Pilot It is important for you to capture your flight hours and any maintenance activities you perform as part of your flight operations. Under the FAA Part 107 ruleset governing the use of commercial and recreational small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), a component of pilot / aircraft operation is accurate recording of pilot flight hours and platform maintenance. This log book has been designed to facilitate your safe operation and assist you in following current AMA and FAA best practices. The Logbook is divided into two major sections: Flight Logs and Technical Journey Logs Flight Logs are primarily used to capture your plan, equipment, mission information, safety checks, flight conditions, and of course your actual flight hours. After each mission, you will total your flight hours and add previous mission flight hours, to obtain your rolling total airtime. Technical Journey Logs are primarily used to capture any flight anomalies, defects, or maintenance issues along with any corrective actions to resolve or mitigate the problem and return your aircraft to airworthiness standards. Logbook supports 175 flight Missions and 875 individual flights Technical Journey Log / Fault correction section with support for over 75 maintenance action records Detailed Instruction section provides instructions on how to properly fill out the log entries and how to document flights, and document aircraft platform maintenance FAA Considerations Section Helpful Online Resources Section
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Safety Risk Management for the Next Evolution of Flight

Author: Harrison G. Wolf

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 131547140X

Category: Transportation

Page: 172

View: 7226

This book is an everything-included approach to understanding drones, creating an organization around using unmanned aircraft, and outlining the process of safety to protect that program. It is the first-of-a-kind safety-focused text book for unmanned aircraft operations, providing the reader with a required understanding of hazard identification, risk analysis, mitigation, and promotion. It enables the reader to speak the same language as any civil aviation authority, and gives them the toolset to create a safety risk management program for unmanned aircraft. The main items in this book break down into three categories. The first approach is understanding how the drone landscape has evolved over the last 40 years. From understanding the military components of UAS to the standards and regulations evolution, the reader garners a keen understanding of where we came from and why it matters for moving forward. The second approach is in understanding how safety risk management in aviation can be applied to drones, and how that fits into the regulatory and legislative environment internationally. Lastly, a brief synopsis of the community landscape for unmanned aircraft is outlined with interviews from important leaders and stakeholders in the marketplace. Drones fills a gap in resources within the unmanned aircraft world. It provides a robust understanding of drones, while giving the tools necessary to apply for a certificate of authorization, enabling more advanced flight operations for any company, and developing safety risk management tools for students and career professionals. It will be a mainstay in all safety program courses and will be a required tool for any and all individuals looking to operate safely and successfully in the United States.
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Ultimate Uas / Drone Pilot Logbook

Safety Checklist, Flight Logbook, Repair Logbook, & Maintenance Logbook

Author: Ty Justice

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781535059466


Page: 164

View: 5530

GET THE ULTIMATE UAS / DRONE PILOT LOGBOOK TODAY! Whether you are a hobbyist, thinking about getting a certification or exemption or if you're already Part 107, 333 exempt or blanket COA, this logbook was made for you. Logging your flights is an essential part of being a responsible drone pilot. If you're considering getting a professional use certification or insurance, logged time establishes eligibility for certificates and ratings. If this is just for personal use, choose what you want to log and keep records to prove your safety history in case of an incident. Detailed logging is a great way to protect yourself and your equipment. Use the checklist to make sure you never skip an important step that could cause damage to your equipment or worse, cause damage to you, other people or other people's property. Impress future clients by showing them you have the experience required to do the job. Fill out as much or as little as you need for your use. Everything you need, all-in-one Logbook includes: Flight Safety Checklists Flight Logs Repair Logs Maintenance Logs Never forget to check your safety checklists again! Just ask other UAS pilots that have been doing this for a while and they will tell you that most of their costly mistakes could have been avoided by following a pre-flight checklist. Why this logbook? Easy to use while meeting the new FAA regulations regarding commercial UAS pilots (107, 333 & COA) 5.5x8.5 format, not the big and bulky US letter size that many logbooks come in today For professional/commercial pilots! For hobbyist pilots! For training pilots! All-in-one logbook contains all you will need to log Attractive and easy to use! Impress potential clients by showing them your thorough logs and past jobs! Meets FAA guidelines for reporting Use it to document your experience for insurance premium quotes - let them know you have the skills & knowledge to keep it safe! No batteries required! No expensive monthly costs! Safety Checklists includes seven safety checklists: Prep - Before you leave Pre-flight Controller Pre-flight Aircraft Pre-flight System Pre-flight Camera Take-Off Post-flight Landing lists All in one design! Order today and log it all with the Ultimate UAS / Drone Pilot Logbook!
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The Professional Uav Pilot's Flight Time and Maintenance Logbook

Author: Brian Halliday

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781978436398


Page: 100

View: 1660

Drones: The Professional UAV Pilot's Flight Time and Maintenance Logbook were designed to allow UAV pilots to quickly compile all flight and maintenance information in an accessible format. Within the logbook you will find all the tables clear and simple to both fill in and understand. There is a walkthrough of each logbook page type explaining how to correctly fill it in. The Maintenance Record includes checks to be made prior/post each flight as well as a section dedicated to scheduled, annual maintenance and tables for recording any maintenance actions taken. Drones: The Professional UAV Pilot's Flight Time and Maintenance Logbook finishes with the UAV Battery Maintenance Log. UAV batteries usually have a limited amount of charges as recommended by the supplier and you must record how many times you charge any given battery in order to avoid any lack in functionality. Staying up to date with your log book will ensure you're practicing good airman-ship as well as demonstrating a professional mind-set that will be evident through your UAV piloting skill-set and high quality results.
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Drones in Society

Exploring the Strange New World of Unmanned Aircraft

Author: Ron Bartsch,James Coyne,Katherine Gray

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 131540964X

Category: Law

Page: 170

View: 3825

The integration of drones into society has attracted unprecedented attention throughout the world. The change, for aviation, has been described as being equally as big as the arrival of the jet engine. This book examines the issues that surround this change, for our society and the legal frameworks that preserve our way of life. Drones in Society takes the uninitiated on a journey to understand the history of drones, the present day and the potential future in order to demystify the media hype. Written in an accessible style, Drones in Society will appeal to a broad range of interested readerships, among them students, safety regulators, government employees, airspace regulators, insurance brokers and underwriters, risk managers, lawyers, privacy groups and the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) industry generally. In a world first, this book is a light and interesting read; being both relatable and memorable while discussing complex matters of privacy, international law and the challenges ahead for us all.
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The Standard UAS Operator Log

Author: Asa

Publisher: Standard Pilot Logbooks

ISBN: 9781619542839

Category: Transportation

Page: 104

View: 8138

The Standard UAS Operator Log provides record-keeping for flight operations of small and large unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remote-control aircraft (R/C), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), and drones. It meets the needs of civilian, military, hobbyists, and professional operators alike so that critical flight details can be tracked. The logbook has sufficient room for more than 300 flights with space to record the equipment details, location, aircraft category, flight conditions, type of operating time, number of takeoff/launch and landing/recovery, and the total duration of the flight. The remarks area provides space to note the mission, crew, control method (such as RC, first person view or RPV and autonomous), battery number and configuration or other information to correlate to the flight controller mission logs. It also includes a summary page for owner/operator (such as contact details, certificates and ratings, and recurrency training), a briefing/academic instruction log, a page for equipment and hours flown, and initial and recurrent training endorsements.
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The Professional Drone Pilot's Manual

Author: Brian Halliday

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781978442658


Page: 52

View: 8686

The best selling series Drones begins with the first book in the series Drones: The Professional Drone Pilot's Manual. Drones are everywhere, we all love them. Professional drones operators have a lot to consider before starting their commercial drone project, there's even more to consider when the time comes to prepare for your first contract. That's why I wrote this book. When I first set out on my journey to become a professional drone pilot I had little guidance, I learnt things the hard way but you don't have to. Drones; The Professional Pilot's Manual was written with the aim of providing prospective pilots all the knowledge I wish someone had given me when I first started out. In this book you will learn about; Different types of drones The varying ways drones are used in commercial projects Authoring Flight Reference Cards Your Operating Safety Case Rules and Regulations Generating Clients Quality Control Flight Tips Drones: The Professional Pilot's Manual is the first of a series of short books that together will cover every aspect of the world of drones and their limitless application. Please enjoy.
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Practical Aviation Law

Author: J. Scott Hamilton

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics

ISBN: 9781560277637

Category: Law

Page: 382

View: 7048

This text is a guide to aviation law for managers, pilots, mechanics, aircraft owners, air traffic controllers, air safety investigators, or others involved in aviation as a profession or hobby. It provides the basic knowledge and perspective to understand how the legal system works in relation to aviation. Helps readers recognize and avoid common legal pitfalls, and be able to discern when they need to call a lawyer. It provides a foundation to a complex field of law. Contains frequent examples, many drawn from the author's experience in practice. The fifth edition has been updated and expanded to reflect statutory and regulatory changes.
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Drone Pilot Log, Training and Maintenance Record

Made in Accordance with FAA Standards for Commercial Drone Surveyance and Mapping Photography

Author: Fdsmp

Publisher: FCB Books

ISBN: 9781682043134


Page: N.A

View: 1333

Log and maintenance book for drone pilots. Book was made in accordance with FAA standards. We have 4x6 and 8x11 size of logbook. Please search for our other editions. Join our facebook group for news. https: //
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Remote Pilot Test Prep - UAS

Study and Prepare - Pass Your Test and Know What Is Essential to Safely Operate an Unmanned Aircraft - From the Most Trusted Source in Aviation Training

Author: ASA Test Prep Board

Publisher: Test Prep

ISBN: 9781619544703

Category: Study Aids

Page: 152

View: 9825

Trade Paperback + PDF eBook version: Trade paperback book comes with code to download the eBook from ASA's website. Flying a drone as a "remote pilot-in-command” for non-hobby operations requires a "Remote Pilot Certificate” issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You must successfully complete the FAA Knowledge Exam to earn a remote pilot certificate with a "small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS)” rating. This book is your key -- ASA’s Remote Pilot Test Prep is the best resource for successful test-taking and safe small UAS operations. This book is a comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the remote pilot certificate ("Unmanned Aircraft General - Small") FAA Knowledge Exam. Rely on the time-proven and dependable ASA Test Prep Series to prepare for your exam; the rating requirements for the certificate are explained in detail and test material is expertly organized into chapters based on subject matter. This topical study promotes understanding and aids recall to provide an efficient study guide. Topics covered are FAA regulations, the National Airspace System, weather, loading and performance, and operations. This book is particularly helpful for drone operators interested in earning a remote pilot certificate, for Remote Pilot Aircraft (RPA) applicants, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) training programs preparing applicants for FAA exams, self-study readers interested in learning more about commercial unmanned aircraft operations, and existing (manned aircraft) pilots who want to learn more about the drone and UAS operations sharing the National Airspace System. Included are instructional text and illustrations, questions, answer stems, correct answers, explanations and references for further study. When you’re done studying, you can then take up to 5 practice tests with ASA’s online simulated testing program at no additional cost (codes are provided to enter at the ASA practice-test website).
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The Complete Guide to Drones

Author: Adam Juniper

Publisher: Ilex Press

ISBN: 9781781573075


Page: 144

View: 4682

The only thing growing faster than the drone market is the amount of misinformation about them. Almost overnight popular drones like the instantly reconginsable DJI Phantom have created a billion-dollar industry, with a foothold in everything from movie-making to the toy market. This book shows you everything there is to know about drones/multicopters/UAVs (including what really is the correct term for them) in plain, jargon-free English. Find out how they work, how to fly them, how to choose the right drone for you, how to take amazing photos and videos from above and more. The text is accompanied with clear illustrations and brand-new photography. Also included is a complete step-by-step project to build your own modestly-priced drone - great as a first step into the world of drones; fun for one, perfect as an educational project for parent and child. In addition there is a layman's guide to the crucial legal issues around drone flying, and there is an accompanying website with video clips and commmunity links. This book is all you need to take to the skies!
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Their Many Civilian Uses and the U.S. Laws Surrounding Them.

Author: Jonathan Rupprecht

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781502805522

Category: Drone aircraft

Page: 142

View: 7463

This book has 402 citations and was last updated on February 10, 2015. The media has been buzzing about Amazon's announcement of their plans to use drones to deliver packages to customers. Soon after Amazon made their announcement, DHL and UPS followed with their own drone delivery announcements. Google has also become interested in drones as evidenced by their purchase of Titan Aerospace. These activities have caused many people to wonder what is going on with integration which is why I wrote this book. This book was written to be a useful resource for hobbyists, lawyers, businessmen, or anyone wanting to know what is going on legally to integrate what are called unmanned aircraft, "drones," or remotely piloted aircraft into the United States' airspace. While many individuals have been talking about the Fourth Amendment concerns with unmanned government aircraft (public unmanned aircraft), this book does not focus on those privacy concerns. This book will give an overview about unmanned aircraft and then explore their uses. Finally, this book will dive into the statutes, regulations, and policy statements surrounding unmanned aircraft.
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Experiments Manual for use with Electronic Principles

Author: Patrick Hoppe,David Bates,Albert Malvino

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 1259200167

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

View: 7532

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Aircraft Systems

Author: David A. Lombardo

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780070386051

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 304

View: 9061

Offers a fully illustrated and complete systems presentation of single-engine and light-twin engine aircraft; includes in-flight troubleshooting techniques-system by system; how to approach covers aircraft maintenance, fuel systems, electrical systems to deicing, and anti-deicing systems and more; translated into Spanish.
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Manual of Air Traffic Services

Author: Civil Aviation Authority

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780117928848


Page: 470

View: 9064

6th edition (February 2015)
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