Twelve Steps to Spiritual Awakening

Enlightenment for Everyone

Author: Herb K.

Publisher: Capizon Publishing

ISBN: 1619845296

Category: Self-Help

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Herb K., who is also the author of "Twelve Step Guide to Using the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book", continues sharing his insights to the Twelve Steps by explaining the how and why, using his own experience along with traditional and universal spiritual wisdom. This book illuminates a path from the dark world of alcoholism and brokenness to a life of peace, purpose and fulfillment. Herb K. leads Twelve Step workshops, retreats and teaches spirituality and recovery throughout the U.S. and the world.
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Twelve Steps to Spiritual Awakening

Enlightenment for Everyone

Author: K. Herb

Publisher: Capizon Pub

ISBN: 9780965967242

Category: Self-Help

Page: 321

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Herb K., author of Twelve Step Guide to Using the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, continues sharing his insights to the Twelve Steps by explaining the how and why, using his own experience along with traditional and universal spiritual wisdom. This book illuminates a path from the dark world of alcoholism and brokenness to a life of peace, purpose and fulfillment.
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Practicing the Here and Now

Being Intentional with Step 11

Author: Herb K

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1616497610

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

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With Practicing the Here and Now: Being Intentional with Step 11, you’ll learn to use prayer and meditation to work all the steps, so you can make contact with the Higher Power in a way that is yours and yours alone. Step Eleven Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out. How do we unlock and experience the teachings of Step Eleven? Herb K. helps us realize that working—and living—this vital recovery “maintenance Step” doesn’t have to be as challenging as commonly thought. With Practicing the Here and Now, you’ll find guidance on using prayer and meditation to help you be present throughout each day, staying in contact with your Higher Power for ongoing inspiration and sustenance. By opening the connection to your Higher Power with what Herb K. calls “Intentional Consciousness,” prayer and meditation can help you fully experience the cumulative power of the Twelve Steps to deepen and sustain your recovery journey.
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7 Steps to Master Any Spiritual Awakening

Secret Proven Method Founded on Spiritual Guidance to Get Results Every Single Time

Author: Necole Livingston

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982201622

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 212

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World-renowned spiritual guidance expert, new-age thought leader Necole Livingston brings to light the secret spiritual code of life that every human being has at their disposal and the ability to master every single spiritual awakening one will ever have. From the moment one realizes she is experiencing a world colored with such ethereal vibrancy, her existence then transforms her human into a state of panic and confusion. While standing within a timeless paradigm, the shift that is occurring is felt by every single pixel of her entire being. Time stands still, yet the world keeps moving. As the veil is lifted, she is exposed to her life from the outside in and the inside out at the same exact moment of timelessness as she is still within her now. It is that very moment that same human will become aware that they are indeed a soul within a body and the life they have been living is getting ready to transform with overwhelming significance, yet unsettling and surreal calm. This book allows the reader their own private passage directly into their own paradoxical journey to actively engage and willingly participate in this thing that is happening to them called spiritual awakening. The best-selling enlightenment author skillfully helps the reader cultivate their own strategic approach to their awakening by applying the step-by-step, proven methods carefully outlined in this creative, interactive, priceless spiritual toolbox. With each invaluable moment, the reader experiences breakthroughs while controlling their own magnificent transformation, mind, body, spirit. The game changer to their own destiny has begun.
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Evolutionary Enlightenment

Author: Andrew Cohen

Publisher: SelectBooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1590792297


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2012 Awakening

Choosing Spiritual Enlightenment Over Armageddon

Author: Sri Ram Kaa,Kira Raa

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 156975182X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 268

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Twelve-Step Guide to Using the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Personal Transformation: The Promise of the Twelve-Step Process

Author: Herb K.

Publisher: Capizon Pub

ISBN: 9780965967228

Category: Self-Help

Page: 129

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For members of any twelve-step fellowship, this book provides a simple and clear guide to the instructions for working the steps as outlined in A.A.'s Big Book. It reveals, in easy to understand language, the process for working each step, so that the reader can experience the Twelfth Step promise of a spiritual awakening.
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Awakening the Buddha Within

Eight Steps to Enlightenment

Author: Lama Surya Das

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780385530989

Category: Religion

Page: 432

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Lama Surya Das, the most highly trained American lama in the Tibetan tradition, presents the definitive book on Western Buddhism for the modern-day spiritual seeker. The radical and compelling message of Buddhism tells us that each of us has the wisdom, awareness, love, and power of the Buddha within; yet most of us are too often like sleeping Buddhas. In Awakening the Buddha Within, Surya Das shows how we can awaken to who we really are in order to lead a more compassionate, enlightened, and balanced life. It illuminates the guidelines and key principles embodied in the noble Eight-Fold Path and the traditional Three Enlightenment Trainings common to all schools of Buddhism: Wisdom Training: Developing clear vision, insight, and inner understanding -- seeing reality and ourselves as we really are. Ethics Training: Cultivating virtue, self-discipline, and compassion in what we say and do. Meditation Training: Practicing mindfulness, concentration, and awareness of the present moment. With lively stories, meditations, and spiritual practices, Awakening the Buddha Within is an invaluable text for the novice and experienced student of Buddhism alike. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The One Year Manual

Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

Author: Israel Regardie

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1609254945

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 96

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This twelve-month manual brings the serious student of consciousness to an ongoing awareness of unity. Dr. Regardie revised this edition (originally published as Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment) to progress from the physical disciplinesof body-awareness, relaxation, and rhythmic breathing, through concentration, developing will, mantra-practice, to the ultimate awareness that All is God.
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The Untethered Soul (EasyRead Edition)

Author: Michael A. Singer


ISBN: 1458727351

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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The chapters of this book are nothing but mirrors for seeing your ''self'' from different angles. And though the journey we are about to embark on is an inner one, it will draw upon every aspect of your life. The only requirement asked of you is the willingness to honestly look at yourself in the most natural, intuitive manner. Remember, if we are seeking the root of ''self,'' what we are actually seeking is you. As you read through these pages, you will find that you know much more than you thought you did about some very deep subjects. The fact is, you already know how to find yourself; you have just gotten distracted and disoriented. Once refocused, you will realize that you not only have the ability to find yourself, you have the ability to free yourself. Whether you choose to do so or not is entirely up to you. But upon completion of your journey through these chapters, there will be no more confusion, no more lack of empowerment, and no more blaming others. You will know exactly what must be done. And should you choose to devote yourself to the ongoing journey of self-realization, you will develop a tremendous sense of respect for who you really are. It is only then that you will come to appreciate the full depth of meaning in the advice: ''This above all: to thine own self be true.'' ---- Introduction
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How to Be Ultra Spiritual

12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority

Author: JP Sears

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1622038223

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 264

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Welcome to the Glorious Grandeur of Ultra Spirituality In case you haven’t noticed, the New Age has become the Old Age. But don’t recycle your crystals just yet! His Enlightenedness JP Sears is ushering in the Newer Age, blinding us with the dawn-like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality. How to Be Ultra Spiritual presents Ultra Spiritual JP’s none-of-a-kind guidance, so you can better yourself through teachings on: • Competitive spirituality—the Ultra Spiritual foundation that the rest of your Ultra Spiritual path rests on • Why burying your feelings alive makes you thrive • Dreaming up your awakening—how to engineer your carefully contrived spiritual narrative • Rigidly yogic yoga—the moisture-filled cloud formation that drops rain upon your river so your flow can flow • Following the light to the greener spiritual pastures of veganism • He-ness, financial levity, deathliness, and other qualities of the quality guru • Mindfullessness—all of the fullness of mindfulness with none of the mind • Merciless meditation—the most effective way to become more meditative (and, duh, more spiritual) • Accessing the forces of critical nonjudgment • Using plant spirit medicine to experience a degree of enlightenment that you aren’t enlightened enough to experience without the spirit who lives inside its particular vegetation • Humbleness, and how to employ it in the most superior sense of the word With How to Be Ultra Spiritual, His Enlightenedness JP Sears brings the heart and soul of ancient spirituality back to life with a progressive aggression, replacing the diluted uselessness of modern spirituality with the waaay more spiritual wisdom of Ultra Spirituality. See if you can keep up . . .
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Five Steps to Enlightenment

Author: Mark Aspa

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781500218591

Category: Self-Help

Page: 174

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Mark Aspa's core teaching is that we are already the perfect Self, we have been this perfect Self from birth and will be until death and beyond. We simply have to realise it! As we follow the path of Self-enlightenment, a journey of unsurpassed joy unfolds. The awareness of the temporarily hidden, but ever-present inner dimension of peace and joy reveals itself to our heart. To aid this realisation, you will find many practical lessons to help you feel at peace and kindle your joy. You will be inspired to think and feel and act in new ways, as you discover the sweetness of the fountain of love within. You simply have to follow the directions and watch as a new world of understanding takes birth in you. The book portrays the five steps to attain the highest aim in life, which is to know who we really are. You will come to know the answers to these often neglected questions: What is my true self? What is the meaning of life? What is my life purpose? Why is this universe here? 'I can guarantee that in time you will find the answers and know your peaceful Self, because I and many others have done so - and I know that you are Divine. With inspiring teaching, advice how to pray and meditate, positive thinking and visualisation exercises, scientific research and humourous anecdotes, make Five Steps to Enlightenment your guide to a happier, more peaceful and confident you!'
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The Twelve Steps for Everyone

Who Really Wants Them

Author: Jerry Hirschfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1592859372

Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

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This compassionate, insightful book is an adaptation of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous for anyone seeking a practical path to spiritual and emotional freedom. This classic Twelve Step book has sold more than one half-million copies to date. A caring adaptation of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous for anyone seeking a practical path to spiritual and emotional freedom. This compassionate, insightful book is written in the language of the heart, and is used by both lay people and professionals.
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Breathing Under Water

Spirituality and the Twelve Steps

Author: Richard Rohr

Publisher: Franciscan Media

ISBN: 1616361573

Category: Religion

Page: 152

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The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is America's most significant and authentic contribution to the history of spirituality, says Richard Rohr. He makes a case that the Twelve Steps relate well to Christian teaching and can rescue people who are drowning in addiction and may not even realize it. To survive the tidal wave of compulsive behavior and addiction, Christians must learn to breathe under water and discover God's love and compassion. In this exploration of Twelve Step spirituality, Rohr identifies the Christian principles in the Twelve Steps, connecting The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous with the gospel. He draws on talks he has given for over twenty years to people in recovery and those who counsel and live with people with addictive behavior. Rohr offers encouragement for becoming interiorly alive and inspiration for making one's life manageable for dealing with the codependence and dysfunction (sin) rampant in our society.
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Spiritual Enlightenment:: The Damnedest Thing

Book One of The Enlightenment Trilogy

Author: Jed McKenna

Publisher: Wisefool Press

ISBN: 0980184827

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

View: 8343

A MASTERPIECE of illuminative writing, Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing is mandatory reading for anyone following a spiritual path. Part exposé and part how-to manual, this is the first book to explain why failure seems to be the rule in the search for enlightenment, and how the rule can be broken. :: Book One of Jed McKenna's Enlightenment Trilogy. Contains Bonus Material.
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A Spiritual Awakening to Love & Weight Loss

Author: Habib Sadeghi

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480475211

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 300

View: 5168

“Dr. Sadeghi is the doctor who has changed my life. This book will change yours.” —Gwyneth Paltrow In his latest book, Dr. Habib Sadeghi provides a compassionately based, scientifically sound approach to the missing ingredient in the weight-loss recipe: self-love. You’ll learn that real self-love is far more than an ethereal concept. It’s a tangible evolutionary force that will create changes in your life that can only be described as miraculous. Did you know that the electromagnetic power of the heart is five thousand times stronger than that of the brain? That’s the power of your love, and you’ll learn how to harness its healing energy by taking one simple step. You’ll discover the exciting emerging science of epigenetics and that fat is not all in the family. You’ve never been doomed by your genes and have far more control over your weight than you ever realized. Most importantly, this program was created, from compassion and experience, by someone who has been there. You’ll be amazed and inspired as Dr. Sadeghi shares how this program created a profound healing in his own life. So prepare yourself for a revelation that combines the latest science with spiritual nutrition for a quantum weight-loss program that serves up a satisfying portion of real soul food. Take the journey to discover where the answers have been all along . . . within. All proceeds from Within will be donated to Roots of Empathy, University of Santa Monica and Healing Institute of Beings.
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A Skeptic's Guide to the 12 Steps

Author: Phillip Z.,Z. Phillip

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing

ISBN: 9780894867224

Category: Self-Help

Page: 252

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How many of us have felt like Phillip Z? He has a staunch belief in the Twelve Steps, yet struggles with the concept of a Higher Power.

In A Skeptic's Guide to the 12 Steps, the author investigates each of the Twelve Steps to gain a deeper understanding of a higher power. He examines what may seem like ""unsettling"" concepts to us including surrendering one's will and life to God, and he encourages us to understand the spiritual journey of recovery despite our skepticism.

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The Method

5 Inquiry Steps to Enlightenment

Author: Kyle Hoobin

Publisher: Simha SAT Publishing

ISBN: 9780994056351


Page: N.A

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FOR THOSE IN THE FINAL STAGES OF AWAKENING Things become much more simplified at the end of the spiritual search... so much so that it's possible to identify key stages that every seeker encounters immediately preceding awakening (enlightenment). So in one sense, these 5 steps have not been invented by me, I have simply segmented the final stages that a seeker of truth encounters when they have reached the end of the spiritual search (for greater clarity and guidance). If you've been on the spiritual path long enough, you've probably reached the conclusion that no technique or practice can wake you up, make you free, or make you enlightened. You will have likely realized that all effort to attain a different state of consciousness can only ever come from a delusional state of consciousness, or false self. So what does one do then when one realizes such a thing? If there's nothing that you can do to set yourself free, then how do you become free? Enter the 5 final steps of self-inquiry. The Method is based upon the understanding that spiritual awakening is not an attainment, but a dissolution. These 5 steps are intended to permanently dissolve the deeply ingrained belief that you can *make* yourself free. If these steps are followed through with utter totality, awakening will be what's left as a byproduct. While no methods 'work' when it comes to awakening, all methods fail... so in a way, any method can be helpful to exhaust the seeker in you. This method has been formed specifically for those who have tried every other method under the sun and are ready for defeat. This method is intended to be the last method. This is the end game my friend, are you ready? Feedback: "Those who are ripe and are exhausted with spiritual seeking and the endless questions of the mind, will find a great resonance with the words herein; and maybe, just maybe, a true catalyst for the final step." - Prof. Kriben Pillay, Author of The Poisons - greed, ill will, delusion Kyle Hoobin is an author and self-inquiry teacher. In April of 2002 Kyle experienced a profound shift in consciousness following a long battle with depression. He now offers support for those seeking authentic freedom in their lives. Kyle's teachings focus on practical and accessible methods of self-inquiry with a focus on finding freedom through direct personal experience. He has distanced himself from conventional lineage based teachings in an effort to establish a more authentic spiritual standard for spiritual seekers. To learn more, visit and take part in Kyle's bi-weekly live streams and his self-inquiry video series.
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Alcoholics Anonymous

The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism

Author: Alcoholics Anonymous

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781258461805


Page: 410

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Dark Night of the Soul

Author: Saint John of the Cross,Wyatt North

Publisher: Wyatt North Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 1622780132

Category: Religion

Page: 250

View: 5484

St. John of the Cross is widely considered one of the most prolific and important poets of his time. In fact, in Spanish poetry, the Spiritual Canticle and Dark Night of the Soul are two of the most important works of all time. He is known for his rich use of symbolism and imagery within his poetry. Dark Night of the Soul is the title of a poem written by 16th-century Spanish poet and Roman Catholic mystic Saint John of the Cross, as well as of a treatise he wrote later, commenting on the poem.
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