"Mimicking the Universe"

Das Verhältnis der Lyrik zur 'Realität' bei Simon Armitage

Author: Cornelius Hoffmann

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3643127162

Category: English poetry

Page: 350

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Concepts of the Universe

Author: Paul W. Hodge

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780070291324

Category: Cosmology

Page: 125

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Across the Universe

Author: Beth Revis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101486085

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 448

View: 5110

Book 1 in the New York Times bestselling trilogy, perfect for fans of Battlestar Gallactica and Passengers! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO SURVIVE ABOARD A SPACESHIP FUELED BY LIES? Amy is a cryogenically frozen passenger aboard the spaceship Godspeed. She has left her boyfriend, friends--and planet--behind to join her parents as a member of Project Ark Ship. Amy and her parents believe they will wake on a new planet, Centauri-Earth, three hundred years in the future. But fifty years before Godspeed's scheduled landing, cryo chamber 42 is mysteriously unplugged, and Amy is violently woken from her frozen slumber. Someone tried to murder her. Now, Amy is caught inside an enclosed world where nothing makes sense. Godspeed's 2,312 passengers have forfeited all control to Eldest, a tyrannical and frightening leader. And Elder, Eldest's rebellious teenage heir, is both fascinated with Amy and eager to discover whether he has what it takes to lead. Amy desperately wants to trust Elder. But should she put her faith in a boy who has never seen life outside the ship's cold metal walls? All Amy knows is that she and Elder must race to unlock Godspeed's hidden secrets before whoever woke her tries to kill again.
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Life in the Universe

From the Miller Experiment to the Search for Life on other Worlds

Author: Joseph Seckbach,Julian Chela-Flores,Tobias Owen,FRANCOIS Raulin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402023712

Category: Science

Page: 387

View: 5803

closetoStockholm,StanleyMillergavetheopeninglectureofaconferenceontheMol- ularEvolutionofLife. OnapictureItook,asaco-arrangeroftheseevents,Stanleyisseen approachinginhisusual,modestway,morefocussedonscienti?cdiscussionthanonthe camera. Last but not least, I shall tell you the true story about when we learned that Stanley isanenthusiasticenvironmentalist,inthebestsenseoftheword. About25yearsago,in Stockholm, Stanley, my wife and I strolled in the King's Garden. Its elmtrees were full 7 J. Seckbach et al. (eds. ), Life in the Universe,7–8. C 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. 8 of young people who, some even spending nights in the trees, prevented the authorities from removing the elmtrees, by ax and saw. Also Stanley signed a petition to save the elmtrees—andtheyweresaved! Stanley, I believe that your greatness as a scientist and as a friend must be linked to the many facets of your wonderful personality. We much look forward to your lecture. THE BEGINNING OF CHEMICAL EVOLUTION EXPERIMENTS Recollections and Perspectives 1 2 3 S. L. MILLER , J. L. BADA , and A.
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Poetry of the Universe

Author: Robert Osserman

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0307790584

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 1299

In the bestselling literary tradition of Lewis Thomas's Lives of a Cell and James Watson's The Double Helix, Poetry of the Universe is a delightful and compelling narrative charting the evolution of mathematical ideas that have helped to illuminate the nature of the observable universe. In a richly anecdotal fashion, the book explores teh leaps of imagination and vision in mathematics that have helped pioneer our understanding of the world around us.
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Our Place in the Universe

Author: Norman K. Glendenning

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9812708308

Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 1957

Our Place in the Universe tells the story of our world, formation of the first galaxies and stars formed from great clouds containing the primordial elements made in the first few minutes; birth of stars, their lives and deaths in fiery supernova explosions; formation of the solar system, its planets and many moons; life on Earth, its needs and vicissitudes on land and in the seas; finally exoplanets, planets that surround distant stars. Interspersed in the text are short pieces on some of those who revealed these wonders to us. It is written in a very authoritative and readable form and contains more than 100 color prints of the marvelous galaxies, and nebula that have been taken from space-based and land-based telescopes carried by NASA missions, the European Space Agency, the European Southern Laboratory in Chile and many other sources.
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History of the Universe

Author: Wyken Seagrave

Publisher: Penny Press Ltd

ISBN: 1871281245

Category: Reference

Page: N.A

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Images of the Universe

Author: Carole Stott

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521424196

Category: Science

Page: 237

View: 6615

Articles written by amateur and professional astronomers discuss such topics as the first one second of the universe, the Milky Way, our surrounding planets, and when and how our universe was created
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God, Or Balance in the Universe

Author: Jay Thomas Willis

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 0741436418

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 104

View: 3339

Out of our tendency to believe in something bigger than ourselves, we created an all-powerful God, this God is supposed to be capable of supplying all of our needs. It is considered here that this God in the Bible is a myth handed down through fables, folklores and allegories. There is no supernatural God, only a Balance in the Universe, this balance keeps the Universe in perfect motion, and supplies all the necessary resources needed for this magnificient creation to continue. We will reach our ultimate development when we learn to believe and trust in each other.
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All about the universe

Author: David Dietz

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers


Category: Science

Page: 144

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The Universe

Visions and Perspectives

Author: N. Dadhich,Ajit K. Kembhavi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792362104

Category: Medical

Page: 346

View: 2558

This volume contains a number of essays by experts in areas of theoretical physics and astrophysics including cosmology, classical and quantum gravity, string theory and relativistic astrophysics. It will provide the reader with excellent reviews of current research in these frontier areas. Several of the essays emphasise alternative views of the Universe by leading astronomers and physicists who are known for their pioneering contributions. The volume is dedicated to Professor Jayant Narlikar, who has concerned himself with fundamental issues in cosmology and gravitation theory over a long and distinguished research career.
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Understanding the Universe

Author: N.A

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434955974


Page: N.A

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Measuring the Universe

The Cosmological Distance Ladder

Author: Stephen Webb,Professor of Australian Studies Stephen Webb

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781852331061

Category: Science

Page: 342

View: 3728

Recounts the mathematical reasoning which was used to calculate first the size of the earth, then the solar system, and so on up to the universe.
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The Origin and Evolution of the Universe

Author: Ben Zuckerman,Matthew Arnold Malkan

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763700300

Category: Science

Page: 152

View: 4058

The study of the origin and evolution of the universe encompasses many of the most fascinating questions in science. What is our place in the universe? How did everything in it get started, from galaxies and stars, to planets and people? And what does the future hold, for our star, and our universe? Recently, scientists have made remarkable advances in providing concrete answers to these profound questions. The new technologies of observational astronomy, with its ground- and space-based gamma-ray, X-ray, ultraviolet, infrared and radio telescopes, is truly producing a new golden age of discovery. This book presents the excitement of these new discoveries in the larger context of cosmic evolution. The distinguished contributors are leading researchers at the cutting edge of these fields, and they also excel in explaining these subjects to the broader public. They offer the latest insights into these rapidly advancing fields, covering the origin and evolution of the universe, the chemical elements, galaxies, the evolution of stars, planets, and biological life. Essential physical concepts are clearly and carefully explained at the introductory college level. Related concepts from chemistry, geology, and biology are organized and integrated into the discussions. An extensive glossary is provided, and mathematical detail has been deliberately kept simple, to make the chapters accessible to anyone with an appreciation of science. The result is stimulating exploration of the frontiers of modern science that will intrigue both amateurs and professionals.
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Star Marshal - Police in the Universe

Author: Uwe H. Sültz

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 373922617X

Category: Fiction

Page: 88

View: 3148

Die Hüter des Gesetzes im Universum, die Star Marshals, sorgen im 25. Jahrhundert für Recht und Ordnung. Vom Mars Hauptquartier, dem STAR MARSHAL OFFICE, aus, werden sie mit ihren Polizei-Raumschiffen eingesetzt. Was passieren kann, wenn jemand einem Schwarzen Loch zu nahe kommt, was das Omnium ist, wenn man einen Zeit-Sprung in den Wilden Westen erlebt, wie man einen Revolver aus 1880 zu einer High-Tech-Waffe umbaut und was es mit dem hochexplosiven Krysilium auf sich hat, das alles erfahren Sie in diesem Science-Fiction-Western.
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Pathways to the Universe

Author: Sir Francis Graham-Smith,Sir Bernard Lovell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521320047

Category: Science

Page: 239

View: 3112

Explains how to become an astronomer, looks at the types of telescopes being used to study the universe, and discusses the moon, planets, comets, the sun, supernovas, galaxies, and pulsars
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A Universe of Atoms, An Atom in the Universe

Author: Mark P. Silverman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387954370

Category: Computers

Page: 417

View: 1365

This is a book of essays describing some of the strange systems that Silverman has investigated over the years, systems whose properties or behavior are surprising not only to the general reader but in some cases even to the seasoned physicist. A sort of personal odyssey in physics, the book uses little mathematics, and anyone with a little college physics will be able to read it with pleasure.
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Intricate Maze of the Universe

Author: Tajeco

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438913508

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 108

View: 1187

Intricate Maze of the Universe is the second published book by author Tajeco. His first book, Infinite Floetry, was released in 2001. This new book is a continuation of the first, consisting of poetry, lyrics, observations, social commentary, and imaginative word play. Intricate Maze of the Universe captures the highlights from Tajeco's unpublished books #5 through #8, written between January 8, 2001, and July 13, 2008. Tajeco believes we should not distance ourselves mentally or spiritually from other people on this planet, simply because we live in different apartments, houses, towns, cities, states, countries, or continents. Here we are, on our Earth, part of our Sun's solar system, in the Milky Way Galaxy, among billions of galaxies in this vast amount of space. Journey into the depths of your mind, and take your time, as you make your way through the Intricate Maze of the Universe.
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