The Universal Pattern Within History

Interdisciplinary Development Symmetry Used to Envision the Historical Past and Future

Author: Rachamim Dayan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462842773

Category: History

Page: 680

View: 7896

This book is a work of synthesis, which argues that an all-encompassing blueprint governs the evolution of all parts of our universe. In its first half, it discerns interdisciplinary symmetry in the early development of history and six other disciplines. It then uses this discovery to formulate testable predictions about the form and content of later history. In its second half, the book attempts to verify these intimations of our more recent past and to envision the human future that lies ahead. Contents INTRODUCTION.................................................................. 13 Part I EARLY HISTORY 1. PERIOD 0 THE HOMINOIDS......................................... 19 2. PERIOD 1 THE PALEOLITHIC ECONOMY.................... 43 3. PERIOD 1 THE PALEOLITHIC SUPERSTRUCTURE...... 64 4. A METAPHORICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE PALEOLITHIC PERIOD......................................... 72 5. PERIOD 2 THE NEOLITHIC ECONOMY......................... 84 6. PERIOD 2 THE NEOLITHIC SUPERSTRUCTURE........... 96 7. A METAPHORICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE NEOLITHIC PERIOD............................................ 102 8. PERIOD 3 THE BRONZE AGE SUPERSTRUCTURE...... 110 9. PERIOD 3 THE BRONZE AGE ECONOMY.................... 119 10. A METAPHORICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE BRONZE AGE.. 134 Part II INTERDISCIPLINARY DEVELOPMENT SYMMETRY Early Supernatural Development 11. SUPERNATURAL PERIOD 1 THE TOTEM BASE........ 149 12. SUPERNATURAL PERIOD 1 THE TOTEM SUPERSTRUCTURE................................. 163 13. A METAPHORICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE TOTEM PERIOD.................................................. 168 14. SUPERNATURAL PERIOD 2 THE MOTHER GODDESS BASE................................... 172 15. SUPERNATURAL PERIOD 2 THE MOT
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A History of the British Cavalry

Volume 4: 1899-1913

Author: Lord Anglesey

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1473815010

Category: History

Page: 565

View: 5669

This book describes the history of the British cavalry in detail, running up to World War I.
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Roberto Esposito

Biopolitics and Philosophy

Author: Inna Viriasova,Antonio Calcagno

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438470363


Page: 296

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Analyzes key concepts and arguments in the work of one of Europe’s leading philosophers. One of Europe’s leading philosophers, Roberto Esposito has produced a considerable body of work that continues to have a significant impact on political science, sociology, literature, and philosophy. This volume offers both a comprehensive introduction to and critical explanation of Esposito’s political thought and key concepts from his oeuvre. The contributors address aspects of his growing corpus such as the impolitical, community, immunity, the impersonal, affirmative biopolitics, justice, life, the third person, and the body. In addition, they highlight Esposito’s reading and interpretation of classical political thinkers, including Hobbes, Machiavelli, Vico, Arendt, and Kant. The book explores applications of Esposito’s philosophy to issues in international relations, post-colonialism, literature, science, technology, and philosophical and artistic practice, bringing Esposito into dialogue with important social-political concerns. “To my knowledge there are no other books—in Italian or English—that attempt to provide a critical introduction to Esposito’s works and an engagement with his works in fields outside of political science and philosophy. This volume is an important first.” — Rhiannon Noel Welch, author of Vital Subjects: Race and Biopolitics in Italy
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The Age of Analogy

Science and Literature between the Darwins

Author: Devin Griffiths

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421420775

Category: Science

Page: 352

View: 5203

Erasmus Darwin and his grandson, Charles, were the two most important evolutionary theorists of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain. Although their ideas and methods differed, both Darwins were prolific and inventive writers: Erasmus composed several epic poems and scientific treatises, while Charles is renowned both for his collected journals (now titled The Voyage of the Beagle) and for his masterpiece, The Origin of Species. In The Age of Analogy, Devin Griffiths argues that the Darwins’ writing style was profoundly influenced by the poets, novelists, and historians of their era. The Darwins, like other scientists of the time, labored to refashion contemporary literary models into a new mode of narrative analysis that could address the contingent world disclosed by contemporary natural science. By employing vivid language and experimenting with a variety of different genres, these writers gave rise to a new relational study of antiquity, or "comparative historicism," that emerged outside of traditional histories. It flourished instead in literary forms like the realist novel and the elegy, as well as in natural histories that explored the continuity between past and present forms of life. Nurtured by imaginative cross-disciplinary descriptions of the past—from the historical fiction of Sir Walter Scott and George Eliot to the poetry of Alfred Tennyson—this novel understanding of history fashioned new theories of natural transformation, encouraged a fresh investment in social history, and explained our intuition that environment shapes daily life. Drawing on a wide range of archival evidence and contemporary models of scientific and literary networks, The Age of Analogy explores the critical role analogies play within historical and scientific thinking. Griffiths also presents readers with a new theory of analogy that emphasizes language's power to foster insight into nature and human society. The first comparative treatment of the Darwins’ theories of history and their profound contribution to the study of both natural and human systems, this book will fascinate students and scholars of nineteenth-century British literature and the history of science.
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The Cambridge History of Japan

Author: John Whitney Hall,Kozo Yamamura,Delmer M. Brown,Marius B. Jansen,Donald H. Shively,Peter Duus,William H. McCullough

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521223546

Category: History

Page: 736

View: 7998

Survey of the historical events and developments in medieval Japan's polity, economy, society and culture.
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Great Themes of Scripture: Old Testament

Author: Richard Rohr

Publisher: Franciscan Media

ISBN: 0867160853

Category: Religion

Page: 136

View: 653

“You are about to set out on a great adventure!” Richard Rohr told his original listeners when The Great Themes of Scripture talks were recorded for St. Anthony Messenger Press in 1973. This first volume offers newcomers to the Hebrew Scriptures a feel for their overall religious themes. But for all readers this book uniquely sounds the call of the Lord and invites response in a way that will touch lives as deeply as Rohr's original talks.
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Historiae Mundi

Studies in Universal History

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1472519809

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 3043

"Universal History" is a type of history that attempts to explain the world beyond the immediate surroundings of the author. It reflects a desire to synthesise the mass of written and oral knowledge about the past and to introduce a systematic interpretation. The purpose of this collection is to re-examine the notion of Universal Historiography with a focus on its appearance in the Greek and Roman world and on the legacy that ancient authors offered to later generations. Fifteen new essays by a diverse set of international scholars tackle questions of definition, and illustrate the diversity of its forms, structures, themes and analyses. The collection explores the historical and intellectual contexts which gave rise to universalist thought, and its reputation and reception in antiquity and beyond. This book will appeal to those interested in Graeco-Roman historiography, and those with an interest in the Arabic, Early Christian and modern reception of ancient historiography.
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The Bible & Literature

Theology and Dialogue

Author: Elizabeth Boyle ,Carol Dempsey

Publisher: Orbis Books

ISBN: 1608335542

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

View: 5824

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Die Erneuerung der heidnischen Antike - Kulturwissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Geschichte der Europäischen Renaissance

Author: Aby Moritz Warburg

Publisher: SEVERUS Verlag

ISBN: 3863471709

Category: History

Page: 522

View: 5994

In seiner Leidenschaft zu Literatur und Historik gab Aby Warburg bereits im zarten Alter von 13 Jahren seine Verpflichtung, als ltester Sohn die Bankgesch fte der Familie zu bernehmen, an seinen j ngeren Bruder Max ab. Im Gegenzug verlangte er nur, dass dieser ihm zeitlebens jeden B cherwunsch finanzierte. Warburg studierte gegen den Willen seiner Familie Kunstgeschichte, Geschichte und Arch ologie und erforschte den Einfluss der Antike auf die europ ische Renaissance. Lag hierauf sein Hauptaugenmerk, so war er auch auf anderen Gebieten stets der Forschung und Wissenschaft verpflichtet, wie seine Aufzeichnungen ber die Hopi-Indianer in den USA belegen. In diesem Band ist die erste H lfte aller von Warburg verfassten wissenschaftlichen Aufs tze, festgehalten. Aby Warburg (1866-1929) war Nachk mmling einer j dischen Bankiersfamilie. Er lebte in Hamburg, Florenz und den USA. Neben seinen eigenen Publikationen ist sein gr ter Nachlass die kulturwissenschaftliche Warburg Bibliothek, welche im Zuge der Machtergreifung der Nazis 1933 nach London verschifft wurde und auch heute noch zur Universit t London geh rt.
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A Protestant Vision

William Harrison and the Reformation of Elizabethan England

Author: G. J. R. Parry

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521522182

Category: History

Page: 360

View: 5731

This book sets an Elizabethan intellectual's worldview in the broader context of European Protestant thought.
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Essays on historicism

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 67

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Married to a Daughter of the Land

Spanish-Mexican Women and Interethnic Marriage in California, 1820-1880

Author: Maria Raquel Casas

Publisher: University of Nevada Press

ISBN: 9780874177787

Category: History

Page: 261

View: 9520

Until recently, most studies of the colonial period of the American West have focused on the activities and agency of men. Now, historian Maria Raquel Casas examines the role of Spanish-Mexican women in the development of California. She finds that, far from being pawns in a male-dominated society, Californianas of all classes were often active and determined creators of their own destinies, finding ways to choose their mates, to leave unsatisfactory marriages, and to maintain themselves economically. Using a wide range of primary and secondary sources in English and Spanish, Casas unveils a picture of women's lives in these critical decades of California's history. She shows how many Spanish-Mexican women negotiated the precarious boundaries of gender and race to choose Euro-American husbands, and what this intermarriage meant to the individuals involved and to the larger multiracial society evolving from Californias's rich Hispanic and Indian past. Casas's discussion ranges from California's burgeoning economy to the intimacies of private households and ethnically mixed families. Here we discover the actions of real women of all classes as they shaped their own identities. Married to a Daughter of the Land is a significant and fascinating contribution to the history of women in the American West and to our understanding of the complex role of gender, race, and class in the Borderlands of the Southwest.
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A New History of German Literature

Author: David E. Wellbery,Judith Ryan,Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674015036

Category: History

Page: 1004

View: 3602

The revolutionary spirit that animates the culture of the Germans has been alive for at least twelve centuries, far longer than the dramatically fragmented and reshaped political entity known as Germany. German culture has been central to Europe, and it has contributed the transforming spirit of Lutheran religion, the technology of printing as a medium of democracy, the soulfulness of Romantic philosophy, the structure of higher education, and the tradition of liberal socialism to the essential character of modern American life. In this book leading scholars and critics capture the spirit of this culture in some 200 original essays on events in German literary history. Rather than offering a single continuous narrative, the entries focus on a particular literary work, an event in the life of an author, a historical moment, a piece of music, a technological invention, even a theatrical or cinematic premiere. Together they give the reader a surprisingly unified sense of what it is that has allowed Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Luther, Kant, Goethe, Beethoven, Benjamin, Wittgenstein, Jelinek, and Sebald to provoke and enchant their readers. From the earliest magical charms and mythical sagas to the brilliance and desolation of 20th-century fiction, poetry, and film, this illuminating reference book invites readers to experience the full range of German literary culture and to investigate for themselves its disparate and unifying themes. Contributors include: Amy M. Hollywood on medieval women mystics, Jan-Dirk Müller on Gutenberg, Marion Aptroot on the Yiddish Renaissance, Emery Snyder on the Baroque novel, J. B. Schneewind on Natural Law, Maria Tatar on the Grimm brothers, Arthur Danto on Hegel, Reinhold Brinkmann on Schubert, Anthony Grafton on Burckhardt, Stanley Corngold on Freud, Andreas Huyssen on Rilke, Greil Marcus on Dada, Eric Rentschler on Nazi cinema, Elisabeth Young-Bruehl on Hannah Arendt, Gordon A. Craig on Günter Grass, Edward Dimendberg on Holocaust memorials.
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Human Rights

A Political and Cultural Critique

Author: Makau Mutua

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812236538

Category: Political Science

Page: 252

View: 3456

Based on extensive fieldwork, "Women of Fes" shows how Moroccan women create their own forms of identity through work, family, and society. The book also examines how women's lives are positioned vis-a-vis globalization, human rights, and the construction of national identity.
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The Nature of Social Laws

Machiavelli to Mill

Author: Robert Brown

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521338295

Category: Philosophy

Page: 284

View: 7787

This volume is a study of the development of the idea that human social behaviour is governed by laws comparable to the laws of natural science. The author sets out to provide a clear account of the arguments put forward from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries about the nature and possibility of social laws. Although analytical rather than historical in approach, the discussions are always informed by a knowledge of the relevant context and sufficient detail is provided to characterise the views in question accurately. The critical expositions of the views are presented elegantly and succinctly, in a way which reveals their bearing on the problems involved - problems which are still the subject of lively debate today. The book, which is written with great clarity and balance, will be of interest to students and specialists in the history of ideas, philosophy, law, religion and the histories and methodologies of the different social sciences.
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The Cognitive Revolution in Western Culture

Author: Don LePan

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781551110813

Category: History

Page: 370

View: 1502

Why are the plots of Shakespeare and his contemporaries so different from those of his predecessors? This book argues that the answer is in part that certain forms of expectation were largely undeveloped in the medieval period. More broadly, it suggests that many of the causal and temporal thought processes that are second nature to us operated very differently or had not been developed in the minds of most medieval people. And conversely, it suggests that other mental faculties (such as the ability to respond to some of the elemental appeal of poetry) may have become dulled by the post-renaissance rationalist emphasis in our culture. In addition to drawing on a broad range of etymological and literary evidence (from the 10th century Gnomic verses to 16th-century drama) the book delves into medieval history, and draws many anthropological parallels. This is a significant study in the nature of narrative and an important investigation into the mental and cultural worlds of Shakespeare and his predecessors.
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A History of the British Cavalry 1816-1919


Author: George Charles Henry Victor Paget Marquis of Anglesey

Publisher: Secker & Warburg


Category: History

Page: 566

View: 8487

After mixed results in the Boer War and the disastrous Cavalry Maneuvers of 1903, this period saw major attempts at re-organizing and re-equipping the cavalry for modern war.
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Hemispheric American Studies

Author: Caroline F. Levander,Robert S. Levine

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813543878

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 366

View: 5336

This landmark collection brings together a range of exciting new comparative work in the burgeoning field of hemispheric studies. Scholars working in the fields of Latin American studies, Asian American studies, American studies, American literature, African Diaspora studies, and comparative literature address the urgent question of how scholars might reframe disciplinary boundaries within the broad area of what is generally called American studies. The essays take as their starting points such questions as: What happens to American literary, political, historical, and cultural studies if we recognize the interdependency of nation-state developments throughout all the Americas? What happens if we recognize the nation as historically evolving and contingent rather than already formed? Finally, what happens if the "fixed" borders of a nation are recognized not only as historically produced political constructs but also as component parts of a deeper, more multilayered series of national and indigenous histories? With essays that examine stamps, cartoons, novels, film, art, music, travel documents, and governmental publications, Hemispheric American Studies seeks to excavate the complex cultural history of texts and discourses across the ever-changing and stratified geopolitical and cultural fields that collectively comprise the American hemisphere. This collection promises to chart new directions in American literary and cultural studies.
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