The Soul of DNA

Author: Jun Tsuji

Publisher: Llumina Press

ISBN: 9781595262066

Category: Medical

Page: 164

View: 5776

The Soul of DNA recounts, for the first time, the role of Sister Miriam Michael Stimson, OP, in the discovery of the DNA double helix.
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The DNA of the Soul

A Book about Previous Lives and Awareness in the Now

Author: Annica Frantz; Annalena Mellblom

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452576378

Category: Religion

Page: 156

View: 8376

“I felt curious. If this really was possible, what else could be found in this memory bank that I do not know about and that furthermore characterizes my present life. Here was really something to explore.” Do you believe in a previous life? Do you not believe in a previous life? Regardless of your answer, you will greatly enjoy accompanying Annica Frantz and Annalena Mellblom on their journeys into the DNA of the soul. Let yourself be inspired by their knowledge, insights and experiences. Several of the authors’ clients share accounts of significant changes that have happened in their lives since they dared to take a look into the past with the help of hypnosis and channeling their limitations. Past life-therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to heal emotionally and physically. What is there in your life that does not work as well as you would like it to? The DNA of the Soul gives you keys to a new consciousness, creating freedom and calm in your present life. With the help of clear and practical exercises, this book will help you to understand that you are the one with the power and capacity to shape your life. We invite you to see the master in yourself.
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Discover Your Soul's DNA, Experience the Soul of The World

Author: Natalie Zeituny

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780999228401

Category: Philosophy

Page: 242

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This book introduces the deep experiences, vivid visions and clear transmissions that streamed through my psyche for seven years that I later came to call ensoulment. Ensoulment culminated in the inception of a profound model explaining how the universe comes into being through us. Are you ready to live your soul's DNA and fulfill your destiny?
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Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience

Author: DD Dr Patti Diamondlady Diamond,Patti Diamond


ISBN: 1411651561

Category: Religion

Page: 482

View: 2572

We are but One Step from Spiritual Oneness Just One Step..... Will you choose to take just this One Step? Come Step Into ~ Living LIFE consciously ~ Aware, awake, and within Divine Free Choice Living LIFE within all inclusive inner wisdom ~ As this wisdom is alive because it is with you and within you! Living LIFE Multi~Dimensionally ~ In-tuned with the energetic, physical, spiritual, cosmic, esoteric, and Divine Multi~Dimensions of All That Is that comprises our Life Experience Living LIFE within a resonance of Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, Peace, and Bliss continuously and harmoniously Come Step Into the Spiritual Oneness Soul that you ARE! Welcome!....... Welcome to the Spiritual Oneness that resides within you and that you ARE!
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The Soul of Nature

Author: Herb Cohen

Publisher: A Spiritual Evolution Press

ISBN: 0982232306


Page: 132

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"The Soul of Nature" reveals the compatibility between science and faith. The universe is viewed as a continuum of matter and energy in which all living creatures and especially human beings are wholly integrated. Faith is an expression of the need to experience this sense of belonging. Science is approaching the realization of a living universe. Individual human beings need to be more inwardly harmonious, than most of us are, to experience this connectedness with the whole of existence. The evolution debate is used as the issue revealing our harsh divisions, and points our way toward a possible reconciliation, which requires our own evolution in the direction of inner harmony.
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The Power of Soul

The Way to Heal, Rejuvenate, Transform, and Enlighten All Life

Author: Zhi Gang Sha

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416589104

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

View: 4199

Outlines a program that fuses Eastern and Western medicine and philosophies to counsel readers on how to bolster health and longevity while promoting personal success, in a guide that explains the importance of having a healthy soul in order to enable physical well-being. 125,000 first printing.
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The Soul Code for Women

The Sacred Art of Story Healing to Activate the DNA of Wealth

Author: Carla Hall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781539713913


Page: 288

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It is the year 2016 and Women are awakening from a very painful and long sleep. I have chosen to introduce this book to speak to you about several experiences I have encountered over my lifetime. In each experience, I found myself playfully creating the next step in my evolution. Believing there is surely more to life than what I have been taught, I began to explore the depth of meaning behind words and how they are applied in the lives of women who stay in an illusion that poverty is somehow real. In the book "The Secret" we learned that thoughts are things and that we can create our reality by changing our thoughts. In the book "Think and Grow Rich" we are taught that we can think and grow rich by nurturing ideas. In "The Science of Getting Rich", the illusive "Certain Way" is not actually revealed to us. The Soul Code for Women is about the Science of Wealth, The Biology of Abundance and The Secrets hidden in the DNA. Yes, it's deep. For several years, I have wondered how genetics play a role in my life's choices; today I teach you a new law. The law of patterns is a practical process to help you see with your eyes, how behaviors and reaction to thoughts have carried themselves into your current life. The Law of Patterns reveals outside stimuli impact your physical body and shift your DNA structure. You are not just the result of your parent's DNA per new Scientific research and philosophy on epigenetics. Many times, I wondered what the tingling inside of my tummy was at the hint of danger, or the anxiety I felt continuously for no apparent reason at all. My intuition collided with my reasoning faculties many times over the course of my life. As such, I roamed in a state of sleepy confusion.
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Beyond Cell Memory

Messages from Creator on Origin, Purpose, and Use of DNA and Cell Memory

Author: Grace J. Scott

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462037127

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 1445

In 2002, author Grace J. Scott began to receive channeled material from the beyond and to publish the results. This latest book of such material was delivered by souls selected by Creator to deliver His message—that He is the origin of all that is—to the world. All of creation began with a cell of Creator, and this single individual cell of His energy contains an exact copy of His DNA and cell memory. That is how we are all connected—how we are all one. Beyond Cell Memory presents the channeled material in simple language so that all who read it may understand such mysteries as how souls and bodies were created. As humans evolved physically, our form, size, and intellect were enhanced by beings of higher intellect and spiritual vibration from other universes; these same beings are now surrounding and protecting Earth. Famous people—Dr. Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Edgar Cayce—channeled material that covers dreams, homosexuality, abortion, and suicide. Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei channeled material that suggests that DNA and cell memory connect us to souls of other universes and the Creator of all that is. What we, as souls, do on our planet is known by and impacts other planets containing souls. Each soul contains DNA and cell memory from Creator, and this same soul exists regardless of the number of lives lived. With imminent cataclysmic Earth changes, we must learn how to clear our cell memory of trauma.
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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 148363602X

Category: Poetry

Page: 70

View: 1807

The actual Alchemical Metaphysical Tablets and Esoteric-Transcendental Artwork Images have to be perceived with an open mind and total lack of inherited prejudice. The written words contain cryptogrammic-gnostic meanings that will unlock the subconscious mind of the Seeker for Eternal Truth and penetrate into the very marrow of the Individuated Consciousness-Soul Unit. The Etheric Winds of Destiny from the City of Shamballah of Agartha are already blowing and entering through the Gates of the East this world of unspoken Darkness, Suffering, Cruelty, Illusion, Madness, and Evilhood. At the end of this century, the conscious Duality of Existence will begin to shift to the Oneness in the beating hearts of the Old Incarnated Souls. They are those who will guide the peoples of the coming Sixth Race of Man after the prophesized Apocalypse (the cosmic and earthly cataclysm of the nuclear World War Three). There are no mesmeric powers in the words of the Tablets and images of the Transcendental Christogramic artworks. And yet, their invisible vibrations will permeate and adapt to the beating heart of the ones that are hungry for spiritual food. The misleading thoughts and feelings of the Present will become the memories of the Past, while the future will descend into the Flesh of our Present. The uttering and reading of the alphabetical words of the Alchemical Tablets will unite the one´s mind with the flaming Inner Fire of the Soul. That is the beginning of the flesh-and-blood Legacy of the Flame of the Ages, the forgotten Mission of your ancestors, the Immortals of Attlan. They begot themselves throughout the Aeons of Creation from the Flower of Life of Ammenti. They were not born. They implanted the Primordial Seed of countless Star-Races into the ground of Space-Time of All-Aeons of Creation. Their Kings-Priests of Divine Wisdom were the Manus of the Yore of Times. Their Priestesses and High Priestesses of the Inner Sun were the Daughters of the Lotus-Flower of Life of Ammenti of the Cosmic Mother-Stars. Alike many races from other countless galactic worlds of the Mother-Stars, we are the main-stream progeny of the Immortals of Attlan. The Noble Ancestors of Attlan were the originators of the esoteric sciences of Alchemy, Metaphysics, Cosmogony, Yoga, Transcendental Space-Time Reading, Astral Levitation, and Sacred Vision (Perception) of the Third Eye that have been perpetuated throughout Aeons and Eras of Creation. They were the Enlightened Knowers of the Great Mysteries dwelling in our invisible Inner Being, the microcosms-Image of the Infinite-Eternal Universe-Creation. All the Religions and Philosophies of the Ages have blossomed and grown out of their Gnostic Tree of Life planted in the Cycles of Consciousness of Creation. The Atlanteans, one of the last Aeonian Descendants of the Immortals of Attlan, could perceive through the Past and Future, throughout all the begotten and un-begotten Eternities of Existence until the end of the present Creation-Universe. The Ancient Ones of Attlan initiated and perpetuated the Mystical Rituals whose creational purpose was and is the development and evolution of the Individuated Mind-Soul-Consciousness of the Being of Man. The Mystical-Alchemical Rituals contain the essential Inner Knowing, the Gnostic Essence of the Laws of Creation, Space, Consciousness, Soul-Spirit, Purity of Life, Incarnation, Cosmic Forces, Divine Elements, and Spheres of Life. The containing Tablets, Tablets-Prayers, and Transcendental-Esoteric Artwork Images are the humble beginning of the Mystical Rituals delivered during the long-time ESO-EXO-TERIC communication with the Higher Beings of Light during the practice of Cosmic Yoga and Sacred Visions (Perceptions) of the Third Eye (Sixth Astral Sphere of Life) of our Inner Selves. The etheric gemstones of the lyric Tablets and Esoteric Christogramic Images reveal the Mysteries of the Infinite Creation, Spirit, and Ensouled Flesh. According to the Aeonian
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The Soul of the Matter

A Thriller

Author: Bruce Buff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501141880

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 9158

A scientist’s claim that he’s found the secrets of the universe’s origin encoded in DNA sparks a race against time to uncover the truth in this fast-paced thriller of science and faith, power and murder, loss and redemption. Former government cyber-intelligence analyst Dan Lawson receives a call from his estranged friend Stephen Bishop, a renowned geneticist, who claims to have discovered astounding information encoded within DNA, including proof of God’s existence. He wants Dan’s help to protect his findings and continue his work. His daughter Ava’s life may well depend on it. When Stephen is found dead under dubious circumstances, Dan investigates and discovers that the search for a cure for Ava may have driven Stephen to desperate alliances. With the help of Dr. Trish Alighieri, Ava’s pediatrician, Dan gets closer to finding out the truth about what may be hidden in our DNA—and what that could mean for humanity. But he and Trish aren’t the only ones trying to get their hands on Stephen’s findings. Cunning and powerful forces vie for access to the data that promises to unlock the secrets of life. It’s a race against time as Dan and Trish tackle some of the biggest questions humanity faces: Who are we? How did we get here? What’s our destiny? And can the human soul survive science’s conquest of nature? Ultimately, Dan isn’t sure whether he, and the world, is better off not knowing...
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Upgrading the Operating System of the Soul

A Manual of Quantum Sufism

Author: Donald E. Weiner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465320698

Category: Religion

Page: 151

View: 6461

Each soul enables a unique means of knowledge and evolution, not only for our self but also for the unique aspect of the divine being with which each of us has a never-ending relationship. This book describes methods of spiritual transformation integrating wisdom from Sufism, including the teachings of Ibn Arabi, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan with findings from modern science. Spirituality is presented as more than a vertical relationship with God. As we awaken to our potentialities, the purpose of life shifts to a process of consciously participating in the ongoing creation and evolution of the One Being that we are each part of. This book by Don Weiner, so filled with love and many manifestations of mature soul consciousness, was a thorough delight to read. This is a wonderful pioneering exploration of the vast, unseen realms of that larger reality within which our own physical reality, spacetime, is comfortably nested. For the human species to expand its perspective of nature and ultimately fashion a workable and reliable science of these little understood realms, works such as this one need to be broadly read and treasured. - William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Stanford University Professor Emeritus With the acumen of a scientist and the intuition of a mystic, Don Weiner guides the reader through myriad, seldom perceived realms of mystery and grace. - Pirzade Zia Inayat-Khan
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The Drama of DNA

Narrative Genomics

Author: Karen H. Rothenberg JD, MPA,Lynn Wein Bush PhD, MS, MA

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199373159

Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 6149

Through the use of dramatic narratives, The Drama of DNA brings to life the complexities raised by the application of genomic technologies to health care and diagnosis. This creative, pedagogical approach shines a unique light on the ethical, psychosocial, and policy challenges that emerge as comprehensive sequencing of the human genome transitions from research to clinical medicine. Narrative genomics aims to enhance understanding of how we evaluate, process, and share genomic information, and to cultivate a deeper appreciation for difficult decisions encountered by health care professionals, bioethicists, families, and society as this technology reaches the bedside. This innovative book includes both original genomic plays and theatrical excerpts that illuminate the implications of genomic information and emerging technologies for physicians, scientists, counselors, patients, blood relatives, and society. In addition to the plays, the authors provide an analytical foundation to frame the many challenges that often arise.
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DNA of the Spirit, Volume 1

A Practical Guide to Reconnecting With Your Divine Blueprint

Author: Rae Chandran

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 1622337530

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

View: 2400

The etheric strands of your DNA are the information library of your soul. They contain the complete history of you, lifetime after lifetime; a record of the attitudes, karma, and emotional predispositions you brought into this lifetime; and a blueprint, or lesson plan, for your self-improvement. Your DNA is also a record of your existence from the moment of your creation as a starbeing to your present incarnation. This information is written in every cell of your body. This is a book about practices you can do and energetic connections you can make to raise your consciousness and activate additional strands of your DNA. These practices can give you further spiritual empowerment, heightened awareness, and deeper connections to the Creator and beings who work from the inner planes to support humanity. CHAPTERS INCLUDE: Mudras for Activating the Twelve Layers of DNAThe History of Human DNAThe Awakening of Crystalline ConsciousnessWorking with Energy to Raise DNA LevelsAuspicious Times for Awakening ConsciousnessHow Ascended Masters Can Assist Your AscensionAngelic Support for DNA ActivationYour Internal Compass: Nature’s Body Intelligence
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Contemporary Creed

Reasonable Pathways Through the Problems of Christian Beliefs and Ethics

Author: John Morris

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1780990790

Category: Religion

Page: 212

View: 5019

Unlike Richard Dawkins, the Revised Edition, Contemporary Creed sees no conflict between evolution and God, faith and modern science. But what sort of God creates a violent universe with a Big Bang almost 14 billion years ago and appears to do little or nothing to prevent built-in suffering and natural disasters like earthquakes, famines, disabled children and cancers? The Christian God leaves a lot unexplained! Some writers give superficial answers whereas Morris — who helps care for his own handicapped grandson — gets to the root of difficulties and succeeds in finding credible pathways through sixty problems of Christian beliefs and ethics. He writes for believers and unbelievers: for Christians like himself who admit their doubts, and for atheists and agnostics interested in life’s big questions. His unusual format of 90% prose and 10% original poetry is entertaining, and the style straightforward everyday language, offering conclusions that are often open-ended, undogmatic. His systematic theology becomes a brief A-Z that may be read in any order for individual Bible study, or by house groups that want a provocative structure for lively discussion.
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DNA of Mathematics

Author: Dr. Mehran Basti

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460239563

Category: Religion

Page: 280

View: 3785

For Dr. Basti, the explanation is straightforward though not simple: "Just as cells have dna, so mathematics has DNA in its structure." After years of research, he decided that his work had to contain a strong philosophical justification in order to stand the test of time. Part memoir and part manifesto, DNA of Mathematics introduces Mehran Basti's readers to both the research he has dedicated his career to and his personal background and beliefs which significantly impact his scientific work.
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The Four

Die geheime DNA von Amazon, Apple, Facebook und Google

Author: Scott Galloway

Publisher: Plassen Verlag

ISBN: 3864705436

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 2225

"Die vier apokalyptischen Reiter" – so bezeichnet Marketing-Guru Galloway Amazon, Apple, Facebook und Google. Diese Tech-Giganten haben nicht nur neue Geschäftsmodelle entwickelt. Sie haben die Regeln des Wirtschaftslebens und die Voraussetzungen für Erfolg neu definiert. In dem respektlosen Stil, der Galloway zu einem der gefeiertsten Wirtschaftsprofessoren der Welt gemacht hat, zerlegt er die Strategien der Vier. Er führt vor, wie sie unsere grundlegenden emotionalen Bedürfnisse mit einer Schnelligkeit und in einem Ausmaß manipulieren, an die andere nicht herankommen. Und er zeigt, wie man die Lehren aus ihrem Aufstieg auf sein eigenes Unternehmen oder seinen eigenen Job anwenden kann. Ob man mit ihnen konkurrieren will, mit ihnen Geschäfte machen oder einfach in der Welt leben will, die von ihnen beherrscht wird – man muss die Vier verstehen.
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My Revision Notes: AQA A2 Religious Studies: Religion and Ethics and Philosophy of Religion

Author: Richard Gray,Peter Cole

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444182420

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 3953

Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which provides both the key content you need to know and guidance on how to apply it for better grades My Revision Notes: AQA A2 Religious Studies: Religion and Ethics and Philosophy of Religion helps you to stay motivated and focused during your revision - and gives you the opportunity to practise and refine your skills to achieve the best grade in your exam. Breaks down all topics into short sections - easy to read and revise from Exam-style practice questions help confidence with the exam 'Issues arising' section specifically helps prepare for AQA AS RS AO2 questions Concise notes, clear layout and colourful features keep you engaged You can check your learning with the 'test yourself' questions and tick-box design
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Soul DNA the Ultimate Collection

Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose

Author: Jennifer O'Neill

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781477522196

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 406

View: 4361

This is a collection of Amazon Best Sellers! First there was Soul DNA: Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose, then by expanding on two of the chapters in the book, Keys to the Spirit World and The Pursuit of Happiness: 21 Spiritual Rules to Success were both created. These books quickly hit the Amazon Best Sellers list and have been downloaded over 60,000 times in less than two months. They have now been packaged together to create one great book called Soul DNA the Ultimate Collection: Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose. Listed below are the four books that you will find in this “uncut” version.Soul DNA: Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose:What if you were never taught limitations as a child, what would your life be like now? Would it be different? What if you grew up knowing whatever you wanted to accomplish in life would just happen? Simply by putting the intention out into the Universe it would manifest itself into your life. Would you be in a different career? Would you be happier? Sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it? I would like to introduce you to Soul DNA. Built into your Soul DNA is the knowledge of how to bring into your life everything that you desire. In your natural state of existence it is common knowledge. When you read Soul DNA it will open your mind, helping you to understand endless possibilities.Keys to the Spirit World:Not only does “Keys to the Spirit World” teach you what roles Spirit Guides play in your own life, but it also teaches you how to communicate with them yourself. You will learn how to develop your own communication system with spirits and Spirit Guides, as well as develop an understanding of what they are trying to communicate with you right now!Spirit Guides are always trying to communicate with you; many times you just do not have a complete understanding of how this communication system works. There are many forms of spirit communication and it is important for you to find out what particular system works best for you. This will allow you to communicate with your Spirit Guides most effectively.The Pursuit of Happiness: 21 Spiritual Rules to Success:What is the most desired thing sought after in life? It is not money, it is not even love, it is happiness! Everyone is searching for happiness. This book is a mini-course outlining 21 spiritual rules to finding success when you are in “The Pursuit of Happiness.” The book was designed with a specific purpose, as a guide to help you tap into your natural ability to be happy. Everyone has the ability to find happiness in his or her life, yet sometimes you need a road map. “The Pursuit of Happiness” is your spiritual road map. Learn to enjoy the journey!Inspirational Quotes:If you like to receive daily inspirational messages, or like to have angel card readings, or spiritual card readings to receive spiritual messages, you are going to love this book! Now see what messages are waiting for you …
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Ethics and Genetics

A Workbook for Practitioners and Students

Author: Guido de Wert,Roberto Mordacci

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571816009

Category: Medical

Page: 152

View: 455

Genetic information plays an increasingly important role in ourlives. As a result of the Human Genome Project, knowledge ofthe genetic basis of various diseases is growing, withimportant consequences for the role of genetics in clinicalpractice, health care systems and for society at large. In theclinical setting genetic testing may result in a better insightinto susceptibility for inheritable diseases, not only before orafter birth, but also at later stages in life. Besides prenataltesting and pre-conceptional testing, predictive testing hasresulted in new possibilities for the early detection, treatmentand prevention of inheritable diseases. However, not all inheritable diseases that can be predicted onthe basis of genetic information can be treated or cured.Should we offer genetic tests to people for untreatablediseases? Should we test every individual who wants to knowhis or her genetic status? Should we inform family membersabout the results of genetic tests of individuals, even whenthere are no possibilities for treatment? What, in such cases, is the role of the "right-not-to-know"? Should we informfamily members when there is only an increased risk of adisease? This book deals with the ethical issues of clinicalgenetics, as well as ethical issues that arise in geneticscreening, the research of populations, and the use of geneticinformation for access to insurance and the workplace.
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Astonishing Hypothesis

The Scientific Search for the Soul

Author: Francis Crick

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684801582

Category: Medical

Page: 317

View: 9887

Readers will come to appreciate the strength and dignity of Berneta Ringer, a true Western heroine as Doig celebrates his mother's life after finding a cache of her letters, photographs, and childhood writings. It begins with her first winter living in a tent in Montana's Crazy Mountains to the ravages of the Depression on a ranch on Falkner Creek.
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