The Rise of Western Power

A Comparative History of Western Civilization

Author: Jonathan Daly

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441118519

Category: History

Page: 464

View: 945

The West's history is one of extraordinary success; no other region, empire, culture, or civilization has left so powerful a mark upon the world. The Rise of Western Power charts the West's achievements-representative government, the free enterprise system, modern science, and the rule of law-as well as its misdeeds-two frighteningly destructive World Wars, the Holocaust, imperialistic domination, and the Atlantic slave trade. Adopting a global perspective, Jonathan Daly explores the contributions of other cultures and civilizations to the West's emergence. Historical, geographical, and cultural factors all unfold in the narrative. Adopting a thematic structure, the book traces the rise of Western power through a series of revolutions-social, political, technological, military, commercial, and industrial, among others. The result is a clear and engaging introduction to the history of Western civilization.
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The Rise of Western Christendom

Triumph and Diversity, A.D. 200-1000

Author: Peter Brown

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118338847

Category: History

Page: 712

View: 1556

This tenth anniversary revised edition of the authoritative texton Christianity’s first thousand years of history features anew preface, additional color images, and an updated bibliography.The essential general survey of medieval European Christendom,Brown’s vivid prose charts the compelling and tumultuous riseof an institution that came to wield enormous religious and secularpower. • Clear and vivid history of Christianity’srise and its pivotal role in the making of Europe • Written by the celebrated Princeton scholar whooriginated of the field of study known as ‘lateantiquity’ • Includes a fully updated bibliography and index
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Go West, Young Women!

The Rise of Early Hollywood

Author: Hilary Hallett

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520953681

Category: History

Page: 326

View: 1060

In the early part of the twentieth century, migrants made their way from rural homes to cities in record numbers and many traveled west. Los Angeles became a destination. Women flocked to the growing town to join the film industry as workers and spectators, creating a "New Woman." Their efforts transformed filmmaking from a marginal business to a cosmopolitan, glamorous, and bohemian one. By 1920, Los Angeles had become the only western city where women outnumbered men. In Go West, Young Women, Hilary A. Hallett explores these relatively unknown new western women and their role in the development of Los Angeles and the nascent film industry. From Mary Pickford’s rise to become perhaps the most powerful woman of her age, to the racist moral panics of the post–World War I years that culminated in Hollywood’s first sex scandal, Hallett describes how the path through early Hollywood presaged the struggles over modern gender roles that animated the century to come.
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Crime and the Rise of Modern America

A History from 1865–1941

Author: Kristofer Allerfeldt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136821538

Category: History

Page: 264

View: 6487

In Crime and the Rise of Modern America, Kristofer Allerfeldt studies the crimes, criminals, and law enforcement that have contributed to a uniquely American system of crime and punishment from the end of the Civil War to the eve of World War II to understand how the rapidly-changing technology of transportation, media, and incarceration have affected the criminal underworld. In ten thematic chapters, Crime and the Rise of Modern America turns to the outlaws of the iconic West and the illegal distilleries of Prohibition, the turn-of-the-century immigrants, and the conmen who preyed on the people of the Promised Land, to examine how crime and America both changed, defining each other.
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Historians Debate the Rise of the West

Author: Jonathan Daly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317681703

Category: History

Page: 200

View: 9273

How and why did Europe rise to world pre-eminence? Providing an overview of this central historical conundrum of modern times, Historians Debate the Rise of the West enables students to grasp major scholars’ evaluations of the biggest picture of all: how Western civilization fits into modern world history. Most historians who write in this area subscribe to a combination of interpretations set forward by scholars of the field, like David Landes, Jared Diamond or Kenneth Pomeranz. But it is often difficult to understand the position they are coming from, and for readers to understand clearly how Europe made the transition from merely one of many developing civilizations to the world’s first industrial power. In this volume, Jonathan Daly introduces us to the main interpretations of Europe’s rise that have been proposed over the past half-century and presents the views of these historians and schools of scholarship, advocating for each point of view and letting each author speak for him or herself through the inclusion of brief textual selections. Also included are interesting biographical details for each scholar, as well as a list of further reading for each chapter and a collection of maps. An ideal introduction for students of world history.
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The Military Revolution, Military Innovation and the Rise of the West, 1500-1800

Author: CTI Reviews

Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

ISBN: 1478439882

Category: Education

Page: 35

View: 1283

Facts101 is your complete guide to The Military Revolution, Military Innovation and the Rise of the West, 1500-1800. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.
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The Rise of British West Africa

Author: Claude George

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136963294

Category: History

Page: 468

View: 4734

First Published in 1967. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Rise and Fall of the West

Author: N.A

Publisher: Matt Buttsworth

ISBN: 0987062808


Page: N.A

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Die Geburt der modernen Welt

Eine Globalgeschichte 1780-1914

Author: Christopher A. Bayly

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593404885

Category: History

Page: 650

View: 8093

Christopher Baylys weltumspannender Blick auf das Agieren der Staaten, die vielfältigen Ausprägungen von Gesellschaftsordnungen, Religionen und Lebensweisen zeigt auf verblüffende Weise, wie eng schon im 19. Jahrhundert die Entwicklung Europas mit dem Geschehen in den anderen Erdteilen verknüpft war. »Ein mutiger Wurf, der geeignet ist, eingefahrene Sichtweisen aufzubrechen.« Johannes Willms, Süddeutsche Zeitung »Dieses Werk schafft ein neues Geschichtsbild; wie viele Bücher können das schon von sich behaupten?« Frankfurter Rundschau Ausgezeichnet als "Historisches Buch des Jahres" der Zeitschrift DAMALS Ausgezeichnet von H-Soz-u-Kult als "Das Historische Buch 2007" in der Kategorie "Entangled History"
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The Rise of Music in the Ancient World, East and West

Author: Curt Sachs

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486466612

Category: Music

Page: 324

View: 6471

An eminent scholar explores the evolution of music, from the ecstatic singing of early civilizations to the development of more structured styles in Egypt, East Asia, Rome, and other regions.
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The Role of the Arab-Islamic World in the Rise of the West

Implications for Contemporary Trans-Cultural Relations

Author: Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230393217

Category: Political Science

Page: 241

View: 8585

This book takes a fascinating look at the role of the Arab-Islamic world in the rise of the West. It examines the cultural transmission of ideas and institutions in a number of key areas, including science, philosophy, humanism, law, finance, commerce, as well as the Arab-Islamic world's overall impact on the Reformation and the Renaissance.
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Western Civilization in World History

Author: Peter N. Stearns

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134374747

Category: History

Page: 144

View: 611

Western civilization and world history are often seen as different, or even mutually exclusive, routes into historical studies. This volume shows that they can be successfully linked, providing a tool to see each subject in the context of the other, identifying influences and connections. Western Civilization in World History takes up the recent debates about the merits of the well-established 'Western civ' approach versus the newer field of world history. Peter N. Stearns outlines key aspects of Western civilization - often assumed rather than analyzed - and reviews them in a global context.
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The Rise of the New West

The History of a Region in Confederation

Author: John F. Conway

Publisher: James Lorimer & Company

ISBN: 1459406249

Category: History

Page: 400

View: 6861

This one-volume history chronicles a 150-year history of dramatic changes in fortune and attitudes in western Canada. From the Riel Rebellions and the Winnipeg General Strike to the founding of the CCF, Social Credit, and Reform parties, Canada's West has always been a hotbed of political, social, and economic change. In the early twentieth century those calls for change emanated from the left as farmers and workers fought for social and economic justice. In the past two decades, the protests and calls for change emanated from the right as the region gained a new role for itself in Canada. This history chronicles the rise and fall of such figures as Grant Devine, Bill Vander Zalm, Glen Clark, Roy Romanow, Stockwell Day, and Lorne Calvert -- and the emergence of Stephen Harper and the federal Conservatives. It describes how the West, the political wellspring of progressive changes over the years, has been transformed into the bastion of the right, culminating in the virtual annihilation of the NDP in Saskatchewan, the cradle of social democracy in Canada. This is the updated fourth edition of John Conway's classic book originally published under the titleThe West.
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The Rise of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Western Africa, 1300–1589

Author: Toby Green

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139503588

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 8177

The region between the river Senegal and Sierra Leone saw the first trans-Atlantic slave trade in the sixteenth century. Drawing on many new sources, Toby Green challenges current quantitative approaches to the history of the slave trade. New data on slave origins can show how and why Western African societies responded to Atlantic pressures. Green argues that answering these questions requires a cultural framework and uses the idea of creolization - the formation of mixed cultural communities in the era of plantation societies - to argue that preceding social patterns in both Africa and Europe were crucial. Major impacts of the sixteenth-century slave trade included political fragmentation, changes in identity and the re-organization of ritual and social patterns. The book shows which peoples were enslaved, why they were vulnerable and the consequences in Africa and beyond.
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The Poor and the Perfect

The Rise of Learning in the Franciscan Order, 1209–1310

Author: Neslihan Şenocak

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801464714

Category: History

Page: 296

View: 3383

One of the enduring ironies of medieval history is the fact that a group of Italian lay penitents, begging in sackcloths, led by a man who called himself simple and ignorant, turned in a short time into a very popular and respectable order, featuring cardinals and university professors among its ranks. Within a century of its foundation, the Order of Friars Minor could claim hundreds of permanent houses, schools, and libraries across Europe; indeed, alongside the Dominicans, they attracted the best minds and produced many outstanding scholars who were at the forefront of Western philosophical and religious thought. In The Poor and the Perfect, Neslihan Şenocak provides a grand narrative of this fascinating story in which the quintessential Franciscan virtue of simplicity gradually lost its place to learning, while studying came to be considered an integral part of evangelical perfection. Not surprisingly, turmoil accompanied this rise of learning in Francis’s order. Şenocak shows how a constant emphasis on humility was unable to prevent the creation within the Order of a culture that increasingly saw education as a means to acquire prestige and domination. The damage to the diversity and equality among the early Franciscan community proved to be irreparable. But the consequences of this transformation went far beyond the Order: it contributed to a paradigm shift in the relationship between the clergy and the schools and eventually led to the association of learning with sanctity in the medieval world. As Şenocak demonstrates, this episode of Franciscan history is a microhistory of the rise of learning in the West.
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The Rise of Professional Society

England Since 1880

Author: Professor Harold Perkin,Harold Perkin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134416814

Category: History

Page: 632

View: 2891

The Rise of Professional Society lays out a stimulating and controversial framework for the study of British society, challenging accepted paradigms based on class analysis. Perkins argues that the non-capitalist "professional class" represents a new principle of social organization based on trained expertise and meritocracy, a "forgotten middle class" conveniently overlooked by classical social theorists.
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Latin American Writers and the Rise of Hollywood Cinema

Author: Jason Borge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135891680

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 222

View: 9705

This book analyzes the initial engagement with Hollywood by key Latin American writers and intellectuals during the first few decades of the 20th century. The film metropolis presented an ambiguous, multivalent sign for established figures like Horacio Quiroga, Alejo Carpentier and Mário de Andrade, as well as less renowned writers like the Mexican Carlos Noriega Hope, the Chilean Vera Zouroff and the Cuban Guillermo Villarronda. Hollywood’s arrival on the scene placed such writers in a bind, as many felt compelled to emulate the "artistry" of a medium dominated by a nation posing a symbolic affront to Latin American cultural and linguistic autonomy as well as the region’s geopolitical sovereignty. The film industry thus occupied a crucial site of conflict and reconciliation between aesthetics and politics.
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The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan

Right-wing Movements and National Politics

Author: Rory McVeigh

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816656193

Category: History

Page: 244

View: 6965

In The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan, Rory McVeigh provides a revealing analysis of the broad social agenda of 1920s-era KKK, showing that although the organization continued to promote white supremacy, it also addressed a surprisingly wide range of social and economic issues, targeting immigrants and, particularly, Catholics, as well as African Americans, as dangers to American society.
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The Rise of Conservation in South Africa

Settlers, Livestock, and the Environment 1770-1950

Author: William Beinart

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199541221

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 456

View: 4140

This book traces debates about environmental degradation in successive eras of South African history. It offers a reinterpretation of South Africa's economic development, and of aspects of the Cape colonial and South African states. It expands the understanding of English-speaking South Africans and their role both as farmers and as protagonists of conservationist ideas. It paints an evocative picture of the post-conquest Karoo, analysing the impact ofself-consciously progressive farmers and officials in their attempts to secure private property, curtail transhumance and kraaling, control animal diseases, enhance water supplies, eradicate jackals, destroy alien weeds such as the prickly pear, and combat drought. It concludes by analysing conservationistinterventions in the African areas, and di
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Diasporic Chineseness After the Rise of China

Communities and Cultural Production

Author: Kam Louie,Julia Kuehn,David M. Pomfret

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 0774825936

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 252

View: 4044

As China rose to its position of global superpower, Chinese groups in the West watched with anticipation and trepidation. In this volume, international scholars examine how artists, writers, filmmakers, and intellectuals from the Chinese diaspora represented this new China to global audiences. The chapters, often personal in nature, focus on the nexus between the political and economic rise of China and the cultural products this period produced, where new ideas of nation, identity, and diaspora were forged.
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