Towards a New History for the Egyptian Old Kingdom

Perspectives on the Pyramid Age

Author: Peter Der Manuelian,Thomas Schneider

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004301895

Category: History

Page: 540

View: 7640

These conference papers from a one-day international Egyptology symposium at Harvard University (April 26, 2012) consider questions of kingship, religion, art, economics, and old and new archaeological excavations at the Giza Pyramids and beyond (3rd millennium BCE).
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The Old Kingdom Cemetery at Tehna

The Tombs of Nikaiankh I, Nikaiankh II and Kaihep

Author: Elizabeth M. Thompson

Publisher: Australian Center for Egyptology

ISBN: 9780856688652

Category: History

Page: 102

View: 8685

The early Old Kingdom tombs at Tehna are cut into the eastern escarpment bordering the Nile, some 12kms north of Minya in Upper Egypt. The cemetery consists of more than 15 rockcut tombs, 3 of which are illustrated and described in this first volume of the site. Complete with detailed colour illustrations and line drawings, the book records the wall scenes, sculpture, architecture, finds and a translation of inscriptions including a rare legal document in the tomb of Nikaiankh I.
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Medicine, Healing and Performance

Author: Effie Gemi-Iordanou,Stephen Gordon,Robert Matthew,Ellen McInnes

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 1782971580

Category: Medical

Page: 176

View: 2985

Whether it is the binding of shattered bones or the creation of herbal remedies, human agency is a central feature of the healing process. Both archaeological and anthropological research has contributed much to our understanding of the performative aspects of medicine. The papers contained in this volume, based on a session conducted at the 2010 Theoretical Archaeology Conference, take a multi-disciplinary approach to the topic, addressing such issues as the cultural conception of disease; the impact of gender roles on healing strategies; the possibilities afforded by syncretism; the relationship between material culture and the body; and the role played by the active agency of the sick.
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The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia

A New Beginning for the Middle East

Author: John Curtis,Neil MacGregor,Irving L. Finkel

Publisher: British Museum Publications Limited

ISBN: 9780714111872

Category: History

Page: 144

View: 9490

The Cyrus Cylinder is one of the most famous objects to have survived from the ancient world. The Cylinder was inscribed in Babylonian cuneiform on the orders of the Persian King Cyrus the Great (559−530BC) after he captured Babylon in 539BC. It is often referred to as the first bill of human rights as it appears to permit freedom of worship throughout the Persian Empire and to allow deported people to return to their homelands. It is valued by people all around the world as a symbol of tolerance and respect for different peoples and different faiths, so much so that a copy of the cylinder is on display in the United Nations building in New York.This catalogue is being published in conjunction with the first ever tour of the object to the United States, along with sixteen other objects from the British Museum's collection. The book discusses how these objects demonstrate the innovations initiated by Persian rule in the Ancient Near East (550 BC−331 BC), a prime example being a gold plaque from the Oxus Treasure with the representation of a priest that shows the spread of the Zoroastrian religion. The book offers a new authoritative translation of the Cyrus Cylinder by Irving Finkel and the publication of two fragments of a cuneiform tablet that show how the Cyrus Cylinder was most probably a proclamation and not just a foundation deposit.
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Lives of the Ancient Egyptians

Author: Toby A. H. Wilkinson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500051481

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 4244

Traces the history of Egypt as reflected in the lives of one hundred key figures, encompassing important rulers, government officials, and defenders, in an illustrated chronicle that offers additional insight into the history and culture of the Nile Valley.
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The Coronation Chair and Stone of Scone

History, Archaeology and Conservation

Author: Warwick Rodwell

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 178297153X

Category: Art

Page: 320

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Constructed in 1297?1300 for King Edward I, the Coronation Chair ranks amongst the most remarkable and precious treasures to have survived from the Middle Ages. It incorporated in its seat a block of sandstone, which the king seized at Scone, following his victory over the Scots in 1296. For centuries, Scottish kings had been inaugurated on this symbolic ‘Stone of Scone’, to which a copious mythology had also become attached. Edward I presented the Chair, as a holy relic, to the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey, and most English monarchs since the fourteenth century have been crowned in it, the last being HM Queen Elizabeth II, in 1953. The Chair and the Stone have had eventful histories: in addition to physical alterations, they suffered abuse in the eighteenth century, suffragettes attached a bomb to them in 1914, they were hidden underground during the Second World War, and both were damaged by the gang that sacrilegiously broke into Westminster Abbey and stole the Stone in 1950. It was recovered and restored to the Chair, but since 1996 the Stone has been exhibited on loan in Edinburgh Castle. Now somewhat battered through age, the Chair was once highly ornate, being embellished with gilding, painting and coloured glass. Yet, despite its profound historical significance, until now it has never been the subject of detailed archaeological recording. Moreover, the remaining fragile decoration was in need of urgent conservation, which was carried out in 2010?12, accompanied by the first holistic study of the Chair and Stone. In 2013 the Chair was redisplayed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Coronation of HM The Queen. The latest investigations have revealed and documented the complex history of the Chair: it has been modified on several occasions, and the Stone has been reshaped and much altered since it left Scone. This volume assembles, for the first time, the complementary evidence derived from history, archaeology and conservation, and presents a factual account of the Coronation Chair and the Stone of Scone, not as separate artefacts, but as the entity that they have been for seven centuries. Their combined significance to the British Monarchy and State – and to the history and archaeology of the English and Scottish nations – is greater than the sum of their parts. Also published here for the first time is the second Coronation Chair, made for Queen Mary II in 1689. Finally, accounts are given of the various full-size replica chairs in Britain and Canada, along with a selection of the many models in metal and ceramic which have been made during the last two centuries.
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The Cover Letter Book

Your definitive guide to writing the perfect cover letter

Author: James Innes

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 027377669X

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 4446

In a competitive job market, first impressions are vital. To get an interview you’re going to have to stand out and a well-executed cover letter is vital to ensure that you do not fall at the first hurdle. This book takes you through all the essential rules and high impact strategies to ensure your cover letter makes you stand out from the crowd. It takes a detailed look at the fifteen most common cover letter mistakes to ensure you do not make the errors that the competition will be, and covers everysituation from email and fax to speculative letters, career-development letters and advert-response letters.
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Business and Technical Communication

An Annotated Guide to Sources, Skills, and Samples

Author: Sandra E. Belanger,Susan Lee Kendall,Toby Leigh Matoush

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313308727

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 321

View: 2843

By combining research sources with an annotated bibliography this reference title locates the sources that offer practical solutions to business and technical communication problems.
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Experiencing Power, Generating Authority

Cosmos, Politics, and the Ideology of Kingship in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

Author: Jane A. Hill,Philip Jones,Antonio J. Morales

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 1934536644

Category: History

Page: 480

View: 803

Experiencing Power, Generating Authority offers a cross-cultural comparison of the cosmic ideology and political structure of kingship in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
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All Things to All Cultures

Paul Among Jews, Greeks, and Romans

Author: Mark Harding

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802866433

Category: Religion

Page: 406

View: 3367

All Things to All Cultures sets Paul in his first-century context and illuminates his interactions with Jews, Greeks, and Romans as he spread the gospel in the Mediterranean world. In addition to exploring Paul's context and analyzing his letters, the book has chapters on the chronology of Paul's life, the text of the Pauline letters, the scholarly contributions to our understanding of Paul over the last 150 years, and the theology of the Pauline corpus. There is no comparable introduction to Paul that integrates the Jewish, Greek, and Roman influences on him and the letters that make up a substantial portion of the New Testament. Contributors: Mike Bird Cavan Concannon David Eastman Chris Forbes Mark Harding Tim Harris Jim Harrison Paul McKechnie Brent Nongbri Ian Smith Murray Smith Larry Welborn
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Toca Life Doodle Book (Toca Boca)

Author: Golden Books

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 1524770787

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

View: 552

Boys and girls of all ages will love Toca Boca's Toca Life Doodle Book, which features hilarious full-color interiors, over 1,000 stickers, posters, reusable stickers, and play scenes! Welcome to Toca Life, where anything and everyone is welcome! Use your imagination to fill the pages of this doodle book with stylish patterns, cool designs, and oodles of creative doodles! Don't forget to be silly--and that there are NO rules in Toca Life! Doodle what you would flush down the toilet, or draw what you think Silly Burger would put on his buns! Toca Boca app players or any boys and girls ages 6 to 9 will love this book, which features full-color interiors, reusable stickers and play scenes, plus a double-sided poster! Happy doodling!
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Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition

Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools

Author: Omari Bouknight,Scott Shrum

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 160163644X

Category: Study Aids

Page: 320

View: 7656

The MBA has rapidly become the world’s most desired degree, with graduates of top business schools landing six-figure pay packages in private equity, high-tech, investment banking, and management consulting. As a result, the competition for admission into select programs is fierce; some schools admit less than 10 percent of applicants. This third edition of Your MBA Game Plan includes even more sample essays and resumes from successful applicants, fresh insight on 35 leading business schools from around the world, and advice specifically tailored to international applicants. It will show you how to: Select target schools and highlight the personal characteristics and skill sets they seek Navigate the “GMAT or GRE?” question Assess your own candidacy with the objective eye of an MBA admissions officer Craft compelling essays and resumes that highlight your most salient attributes and make you stand out to the admissions committee Avoid the mistakes that ruin thousands of applicants’ chances each year Perform flawlessly during your admissions interviews
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Medieval Christian and Manichaean Remains from Quanzhou (Zayton)

Author: Sam Lieu

Publisher: Brepols Pub

ISBN: 9782503521978

Category: History

Page: 281

View: 5316

Better known to western medieval travelers as Zayton, Quanzhou in Fujian was China's main port and also the terminus of the Maritime Silk Road. The city was home to a cosmopolitan population especially when China was under Mongol rule (ca. 1280-1368 CE). Italian visitors to and inhabitants of the city included Marco Polo, Odoric of Pordenone and Andrew of Perugia. The city had a significant Christian population, both Catholic and Church of the East (Nestorian), and the nearby town of Jinjiang has to this day in its neighbourhood a Manichaean shrine housing a unique statue of Mani as the Buddha of Light. These religious communities left a wealth of art on stone which first came to light in Mid-Twentieth Century but is still very little known and studied outside China. This volume containing over 200 illustrations (many in full colour) is the work of a team of scholars from Australian universities in collaboration with the major museums in Quanzhou and Jinjiang and is the first major work on this unique material in a western language. The book will be of great interest not only to scholars of Manichaeism and of the Church of the East but also to scholars of East-West contacts under the Mongols.
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Deir El-Grabawi Volume III

The Southern Cliff: the Tomb of Djau/Shemai and Djau

Author: Naguib Kanawati

Publisher: Australian Centre for Egyptology

ISBN: 9780856688553

Category: History

Page: 84

View: 1891

A new complete record of the architecture, scenes and inscriptions in the important tomb of Djau with description and translations. The volume includes studies by M. Schultz and R. Walker of the recently discovered human remains of Djau and a study of mummification techniques by S. Ikram.
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Barron's TOEFL IBT with CD-ROM and MP3 Audio CD, 15th Edition

Author: Pamela J. Sharpe

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9781438076256

Category: Study Aids

Page: 864

View: 3594

Includes seven model TOEFL iBT tests with answer explanations and sample writing and speaking responses, academic skill reviews, and more.The CD-ROM presents iBT versions of the book s 7 TOEFL practice tests plus a bonus TOEFL iBT, and more. The two MP3 CDs contain the audio for all practice exercises and the seven model exams."
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Belief and Cult in Fourth-century Papyri

Author: Malcolm Choat

Publisher: Brepols Pub


Category: History

Page: 217

View: 6826

This study examines the terms and features in the Greek and Coptic documentary papyri from fourth-century CE Egypt which bear on the religious beliefs of their scribes, composers, senders, and recipients. These include onomastics, formulaic expressions, invocations of particular deities, the way the name of God is written, titles of officials, and linguistic choice. Where previous studies have often found predicative criteria and clear-cut boundaries, here a new narrative of the development of late-antique religious vocabulary and scribal practice is found in the ambiguity and the confluence of religious traditions which the papyri reveal. Malcolm Choat lectures and researches in the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre and the Department of Ancient History, at Macquarie University, Sydney. This is the first volume in the series Studia Antiqua Australiensia, produced within the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre, Macquarie University.
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The Cemetery of Meir

The tomb of Pepyankh the Middle

Author: Naguib Kanawati,Effy Alexakis,A. L. Mourad

Publisher: Australian Center for Egyptology

ISBN: 9780856688454

Category: Art

Page: 97

View: 3817

The tomb of Pepyankh-the Middle is completely preserved, containing valuable information on various aspects of the Egyptian provincial administration and on daily life in the Sixth Dynasty. Both burial shafts of the tomb owner and his wife end in beautifully decorated and extremely well preserved burial chambers. This book presents a new record in line drawings and coloured photographs of all architectural and artistic features of the entire chapel and burial apartments.
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The Gold of Honour in New Kingdom Egypt

Author: Susanne Binder

Publisher: Australian Center for Egyptology


Category: Social Science

Page: 356

View: 2414

The "Gold of Honour" is a prestigious reward, mainly in the form of gold collars, which ancient Egyptian officials received from their king. The study analyses the archaeological, iconographic and inscriptional evidence for the reward in the New Kingdom. It explores the reasons why the officials were honoured and how the kings distributed their favours. The Gold of Honour emerges as a status symbol of king-centred, as opposed to role-based, ranking in society.
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