A History of the Papacy During the Period of the Reformation

Author: Mandell Creighton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108041108

Category: History

Page: 402

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This five-volume work by Mandell Creighton (1843-1901) was first published between 1882 and 1894. Volume 5 (1894) describes the beginnings of humanism and the different strands of the Reformation movement in Germany, emphasising the role of Luther and the reaction of the papacy to him.
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Systematische Bibliographie der Hethitologie 1915-1995, zusammengestellt unter Einschluss der einschlägigen Rezensionen (3 vols.)

Author: Vladimír Soucek,Jana Siegelová

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004305033

Category: Reference

Page: N.A

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The people of the Hittites (ca. 1700-1200 B.C.) have been the object of serious study for more than eighty years now. Consequently our knowledge of these Indo-European Anatolians has grown at an enourmous pace. One may therefore rigthly conclude that the flow of scholarly literature in monographs, journal articles, Festschriften etc. has reached a point where hardly any scholar can claim an overview anymore. This systematic bibliography of Hittitology covers the scholarly production from 1915-1995. The authors have aimed at exhaustiveness for Hittitologists. As Hittitology can not be isolated from the studies of adjacent contemporary (Anatolian) peoples, also relevant important contributions on for example the Chatti, Churrites, Luwians and other cultures have been taken into account. The work is divided into nine chapters: 1. General (Reference Works, Festschrifte, Congresses, etc.); 2. Archaeology, Anthropology, Collections; 3. Script, Epigraphy; 4. Language and Philology, Ethnic Groups; 5. Geography; 6. Social Relations; 7. History; 8. Religion; 9. Cultural History. With geographical index and an index of authors and reviewers. 'A reliable bibliography is one of the basic elements for every serious library.' The Systematische Bibliographie der Hethitologie 1915-1995 was compiled by Vladimir Sou_ek and Jana Siegelova, and originally published with cooperation of the Prague Narodni Museum. The work is distributed exclusively by Brill and has been incorporated in the series Handbook of Oriental Studies 1.
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The New York Review

Author: Caleb Sprague Henry,Joseph Green Cogswell

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bibliography

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A History of the "new Mathematics" Movement and Its Relationship with Current Mathematical Reform

Author: Angela Lynn Evans Walmsley

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761825128

Category: Education

Page: 158

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A History of the 'New Mathematics' Movement and its Relationship with Current Mathematical Reform provides a history of the 'new mathematics' movement of the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s in the United States and relates it to current mathematics curricular reform. The history of the 'new math' education movement is explained in terms of the general curriculum in schools, the mathematics curriculum, the teaching standards, and the pedagogical techniques used. A complete analysis of the history of the 'new math' movement was accomplished by separately investigating major and minor 'new math' projects. In conjunction, the aftermath of the 'new math' movement is explained providing suggestions as to why this movement is often seen as having failed. A short history of reform from the 1970s to the present is provided. Finally, the book compares the 'new mathematics' movement with the current mathematics reform movement led by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
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Writing as a Learning Tool

Integrating Theory and Practice

Author: Päivi Tynjälä,L. Mason,K. Lonka

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401007403

Category: Education

Page: 219

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This book is an outstanding account of the current state of using writing in service of learning. It presents psychological and educational foundations of writing across the curriculum movement and describes writing-to-learn practices implemented at different levels of education. It provides concrete applications and ideas about how to enhance student learning by means of writing. It is useful for educators, curriculum developers, psychologists, cognitive scientists, writing researchers, and teachers.
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Die Lebenden reparieren


Author: Maylis de Kerangal

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518740547

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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Simon lebt, jedenfalls schlägt sein Herz noch. Doch die Ärzte stellen den klinischen Tod des Neunzehnjährigen fest. Simons Eltern müssen nun entscheiden, ob sie seine Organe zur Spende freigeben wollen, ob ein anderer mit Simons Organen weiterleben darf. In einer rasanten Folge von emotional aufwühlenden Szenen erzählt Die Lebenden reparieren von einem Tod mitten im Leben und der vielleicht schwersten Entscheidung, die Eltern treffen müssen. Ein spannender und bewegender Roman, der erschüttert und zugleich tröstet. »Ein Roman, der buchstäblich unter die Haut geht.« Wolfgang Schneider, Deutschlandradio Kultur »Ein spannender, anrührender, ein wichtiger Roman.« Niklas Bender, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung »So also ist gloriose Literatur. Kein Journalismus, kein Film käme auch nur in die Nähe jener Zone, in der sie sich bewegt ...« Peter Praschl, Die Welt
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Almost a Lifetime

A True Story

Author: Eva Vary

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595317030

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 260

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An unusual life story of an immigrant, who lived through World War II, went to school under Stalin in Budapest. She studied chemical engineering and married a fellow engineer. After a short, happy marriage came the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and she escaped to Austria, pregnant, without her husband. Mother came to help and baby arrived in refugee camp. They started a new life in California, making progress from factory worker, to chemist, to graduate student, while raising daughter as single parent with mother's help. Job opportunity offered on East Coast enabled her to climb up on pioneering female management track to high levels in an international chemical company. An inspirational story with reflections and insight into both historical world changes and the American success story from the perspective of a successful first generation leader and woman.
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In Search of America's Past

Learning to Read History in Elementary School

Author: Bruce VanSledright

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807741922

Category: Education

Page: 189

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Offers alternatives to conventional textbook learning for history students, describing the use of in-depth historical projects and investigations that result in better retention of knowledge.
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International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy

Second Edition

Author: Alan S. Bellack,Michel Hersen,Alan E. Kazdin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461305233

Category: Psychology

Page: 908

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It is particularly gratifying to prepare a second edition of a book, because there is the necessary impli cation that the first edition was well received. Moreover, now an opportunity is provided to correct the problems or limitations that existed in the first edition as well as to address recent developments in the field. Thus, we are grateful to our friends, colleagues, and students, as well as to the reviewers who have expressed their approval of the first edition and who have given us valuable input on how the revision could best be structured. Perhaps the first thing that the reader will notice about the second edition is that it is more extensive than the first. The volume currently has 41 chapters, in contrast to the 31 chapters that comprised the earlier version. Chapters 3, 9, 29, and 30 of the first edition either have been dropped or were combined, whereas 14 new chapters have been added. In effect, we are gratified in being able to reflect the continued growth of behavior therapy in the 1980s. Behavior therapists have addressed an ever-increasing number of disorders and behavioral dysfunctions in an increasing range of populations. The most notable advances are taking place in such areas as cognitive approaches, geriatrics, and behavioral medicine, and also in the treatment of childhood disorders.
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Harry Elmer Barnes, learned crusader

the new history in action

Author: Arthur Goddard

Publisher: Ralph Myles Pub


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 884

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Teaching and Learning History in Elementary Schools

Author: Jere E. Brophy,Bruce VanSledright

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807736074

Category: Education

Page: 290

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In clear, concise language, this book deals with fundamental issues that must be addressed if teachers are to construct coherent and powerful history curricula, including: What are the purposes and goals that different types of teachers establish for their history teaching?, and What do children know and think about history, and what are the teaching implications for our schools? This book represents a major advance in developing a knowledge base about children’s historical learning and thinking that applies to history teaching some of the principles involved in teaching for understanding and conceptual change teaching, methods that have been so successful in other school subjects.
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