The Farnsworth Invention

Author: Aaron Sorkin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780573662867

Category: Inventions

Page: 101

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"It's 1929. Two ambitious visionaries race against each other to invent a device called "television." ... Who will unlock the key to the greatest innovation of the 20th century: the ruthless media mogul, or the self-taught Idaho farm boy?"--P. [4] of cover.
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Conquering Innovation Fatigue

Overcoming the Barriers to Personal and Corporate Success

Author: Jeffrey Lindsay,Cheryl A. Perkins,Mukund Karanjikar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470502570

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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This practical guide reveals the nine major “fatigue factors” that can block the path to innovation success, along with solutions to energize innovation. Original advances in innovation practice and new case studies are applied to guide inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, universities, and even policy makers in conquering innovation fatigue. Cost-effective solutions include guidance on intellectual assets, dealing with disruptive innovation, and driving innovation using the “Horn of Innovation” and “Circuit of Innovation” models. A surprising view of DaVinci as an engine of open innovation is presented. Throughout the book, a unique aspect is exploring the journey of innovators, including corporate employees and entrepreneurs, at the often-overlooked personal level using the metaphor of immigrants in a strange land to identify barriers and solutions.
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The Stage Manager's Toolkit

Templates and Communication Techniques to Guide Your Theatre Production from First Meeting to Final Performance

Author: Laurie Kincman

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1135905088

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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As a Stage Manager, you are responsible for organizing rehearsals, running performances, and keeping everyone and everything on track and in sync. To do the job well, you need to be a communication wizard—able to collect a wide range of details and share them as effectively as possible. The Stage Manger’s Toolkit is more than another overview book which generalizes how to be a Stage Manager. It presents the day-to-day duties in detail—discussing not only what to do but also why. Focusing on communication best practices, the book explores objectives, paperwork, and the questions that need to be asked in order to ensure a smooth production whether on Broadway, at a university, or somewhere in between. Introduces strategies for sharing information both in person and in writing Explores how document design can enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your reports, charts, and lists Contains principles for web-based information sharing as well as hard-copy paperwork Provides customizable paperwork templates on the accompanying website, allowing you to put the ideas to work on your own show Other features: Organized based on the chronology of a typical theatre production: pre-production work, rehearsals, the tech period, performances, and post-production duties. In each section, the book outlines the objectives for the stage manager and the communication techniques that will ensure success. Provides examples of paperwork a stage manager commonly works with, including variations for plays and musicals, shortcuts for shows on an abbreviated time table, and strategies for maintaining consistency and legibility. The book highlights differences the stage manager may encounter when working on professional and academic productions.
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The Leadership Illusion

The Importance of Context and Connections

Author: T. Hall,K. Janman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230246702

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 180

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This book is about the "leadership illusion"; the habit of writers, researchers and leaders, when considering causes of success or failure, to focus mainly on the individual and often the context but rarely both. This book argues that context and individual are inextricably linked and we first must make sense of the context in which leaders operate.
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The Master Switch

The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

Author: Tim Wu

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 0857892126

Category: Social Science

Page: 300

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The Internet Age: on the face of it, an era of unprecedented freedom in both communication and culture. Yet in the past, each major new medium, from telephone to satellite television, has crested on a wave of similar idealistic optimism, before succumbing to the inevitable undertow of industrial consolidation. Every once free and open technology has, in time, become centralized and closed; as corporate power has taken control of the 'master switch.' Today a similar struggle looms over the Internet, and as it increasingly supersedes all other media the stakes have never been higher. Part industrial expos, part examination of freedom of expression, The Master Switch reveals a crucial drama - full of indelible characters - as it has played out over decades in the shadows of global communication.
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Category: Theater

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Prize Fight

The Race and the Rivalry to be the First in Science

Author: Morton Meyers, M.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1137000562

Category: Science

Page: 272

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We often think of scientists as dispassionate and detached, nobly laboring without any expectation of reward. But scientific research is much more complicated and messy than this ideal, and scientists can be torn by jealousy, impelled by a need for recognition, and subject to human vulnerability and fallibility. In Prize Fight , Emeritus Chair at SUNY School of Medicine Morton Meyers pulls back the curtain to reveal the dark side of scientific discovery. From allegations of stolen authorship to fabricated results and elaborate hoaxes, he shows us how too often brilliant minds are reduced to petty jealousies and promising careers cut short by disputes over authorship or fudged data. Prize Fight is a dramatic look at some of the most notable discoveries in science in recent years, from the discovery of insulin, which led to decades of infighting and even violence, to why the 2003 Nobel Prize in Medicine exposed how often scientific objectivity is imperiled.
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The Addams Family (Songbook)

Vocal Selections (Vocal Line with Piano Accompaniment)

Author: Marshall Brickman,Rick Elice

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 1458439569

Category: Music

Page: 112

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(Vocal Selections). Based on the macabre cartoon Charles Addams created in 1938 for The New Yorker , this Broadway musical was nominated for multiple awards in 2010, including two Tony nods. Our songbook features vocal lines with piano accompaniment for 14 fantastic tunes by Andrew Lippa: The Addams Family Theme * Crazier Than You * Happy/Sad * In the Arms * Just Around the Corner * Let's Not Talk About Anything Else but Love * Live Before We Die * The Moon and Me * Morticia * One Normal Night * Pulled * Waiting * What If * When You're an Addams.
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The Hollywood Reporter

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Publisher: N.A


Category: Motion pictures

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The Best Plays Theater Yearbook 2007-2008

Author: Jeffrey Eric Jenkins

Publisher: N.A


Category: Drama

Page: 577

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Covers plays produced in New York, theater awards, details of productions, prizes, people, and publications, as well as the editors' choices of the ten best plays.
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The New Criterion

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Arts, American

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Intellectual Property Law for Engineers and Scientists

Author: Howard B. Rockman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471697398

Category: Law

Page: 511

View: 8889

An excellent text for clients to read before meeting with attorneysso they'll understand the fundamentals of patent, copyright, tradesecret, trademark, mask work, and unfair competition laws. This is not a "do-it-yourself" manual but rather a readyreference tool for inventors or creators that will generate maximumefficiencies in obtaining, preserving and enforcing theirintellectual property rights. It explains why they need to securethe services of IPR attorneys. Coverage includes employment contracts, including the ability ofengineers to take confidential and secret knowledge to a new job,shop rights and information to help an entrepreneur establish anon-conflicting enterprise when leaving their prior employment. Sample forms of contracts, contract clauses, and points toconsider before signing employment agreements are included. Coverage of copyright, software protection, and the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act (DMCA) as well as the procedural variancesin international intellectual property laws and procedures.
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Scientists, Inventors, and Tinkerers: The Discoveries and Inventions as Precursors that Led to Philo Farnsworth's Invention of Television

Author: Donald Ray Schwartz

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1599428849


Page: N.A

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Scientists, Inventors, and Tinkerers is a monograph relating in linear fashion the discoveries and inventions in electricity, electronics, wireless, and mass communications that led to the inventor Philo Farnsworth having all necessary to realize his own moment of discovery-- by inventing one of the most influential of inventions, the television. The work includes a parallel discussion of the invention of lip-synchronization talking motion pictures, as both innovations, TV and Talkies, occurred in the same year.
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The Boy Genius and the Mogul

The Untold Story of Television

Author: Daniel Stashower

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0767913213

Category: History

Page: 288

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The world remembers Edison, Ford, and the Wright Brothers. But what about Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television, an innovation that did as much as any other to shape the twentieth century? That question lies at the heart of The Boy Genius and the Mogul, Daniel Stashower's captivating chronicle of television's true inventor, the battle he faced to capitalize on his breakthrough, and the powerful forces that resulted in the collapse of his dreams. The son of a Mormon farmer, Farnsworth was born in 1906 in a single-room log cabin on an isolated homestead in Utah. The Farnsworth family farm had no radio, no telephone, and no electricity. Yet, motivated by the stories of scientists and inventors he read about in the science magazines of the day, young Philo set his sights on becoming an inventor. By his early teens, Farnsworth had become an inveterate tinkerer, able to repair broken farm equipment when no one else could. It was inevitable that when he read an article about a new idea -- for the transmission of pictures by radio waves--that he would want to attempt it himself. One day while he was walking through a hay field, Farnsworth took note of the straight, parallel lines of the furrows and envisioned a system of scanning a visual image line by line and transmitting it to a remote screen. He soon sketched a diagram for an early television camera tube. It was 1921 and Farnsworth was only fourteen years old. Farnsworth went on to college to pursue his studies of electrical engineering but was forced to quit after two years due to the death of his father. Even so, he soon managed to persuade a group of California investors to set him up in his own research lab where, in 1927, he produced the first all-electronic television image and later patented his invention. While Farnsworth's invention was a landmark, it was also the beginning of a struggle against an immense corporate power that would consume much of his life. That corporate power was embodied by a legendary media mogul, RCA President and NBC founder David Sarnoff, who claimed that his chief scientist had invented a mechanism for television prior to Farnsworth's. Thus the boy genius and the mogul were locked in a confrontation over who would control the future of television technology and the vast fortune it represented. Farnsworth was enormously outmatched by the media baron and his army of lawyers and public relations people, and, by the 1940s, Farnsworth would be virtually forgotten as television's actual inventor, while Sarnoff and his chief scientist would receive the credit. Restoring Farnsworth to his rightful place in history, The Boy Genius and the Mogul presents a vivid portrait of a self-taught scientist whose brilliance allowed him to "capture light in a bottle." A rich and dramatic story of one man’s perseverance and the remarkable events leading up to the launch of television as we know it, The Boy Genius and the Mogul shines new light on a major turning point in American history. From the Hardcover edition.
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IPTV Security

Protecting High-Value Digital Contents

Author: David H. Ramirez

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470727195

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 252

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Television was one of the inventions that shaped the way society and culture evolved over the second half of the twentieth century. It had the powerful effect of shrinking the world which creating a unified view of how things were. There continues to be an evolution of television and a migration towards a fully interactive and ubiquitous IPTV. IPTV Security describes the science and history behind TV as well as detailed descriptions of all the architectural components that comprise an IPTV environment. It covers subjects logically from the Head End passing through the aggregation network and concluding with the Home End environment. The countermeasures required to ensure the safe operation of the IPTV environment are also examined, including Digital Rights Management technologies, network level security and application level security. IPTV Security defines the security model for an IPTV environment, ensuring that all critical elements are covered and a layered approach to security is implemented. One of the only books available on IPTV Security Provides a comprehensive view of IPTV components along with the associated threats and required countermeasures Detailed descriptions allow readers to understand the technology even if new to the field A complete reference guide to the security aspects of IPTV. This book is ideal for anyone responsible for IPTV security such as security officers and auditors working with internet services and telecommunications providers, phone and cable companies, content owners and security consultants and architects. It will also be of interest to networking and security engineers, software developers, network operators and university lectures and students involved in media, IT and security.
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The Element

Author: Ken Robinson

Publisher: Edizioni Mondadori

ISBN: 8852030409

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

View: 7680

Esiste un luogo in cui le cose che amiamo e quelle che siamo bravi a fare si ritrovano insieme. Questo luogo dell'anima si chiama "l'Elemento". È essenziale che ciascuno di noi nel corso della vita trovi il proprio elemento, e riesca così a esprimere appieno talento e creatività. Secondo Ken Robinson tutti nasciamo con capacità naturali straordinarie, con cui perdiamo il contatto man mano che cresciamo. Ironicamente, uno dei motivi per cui questo succede è proprio l'istruzione che riceviamo. L¿attuale sistema scolastico sembra fatto apposta per soffocare la nostra creatività. Non ci viene mai data la possibilità di esplorare noi stessi, di capire le nostre reali inclinazioni. E il risultato è che la maggior parte di noi non si renderà mai conto delle proprie capacità e di ciò che potrebbe fare. E questo rappresenta non solo una fonte di sofferenza e frustrazione per ciascuno di noi, ma soprattutto un'enorme perdita per il futuro del mondo in cui viviamo... "Dobbiamo imparare ad apprezzare e a coltivare il talento e i modi diversi in cui si esprime individualmente. Dobbiamo creare ambienti - nelle scuole, nei luoghi di lavoro, negli uffici pubblici - in cui ogni persona sia spinta a sviluppare la propria creatività. Dobbiamo assicurarci che tutti abbiano la possibilità di fare ciò che vorrebbero, di scoprire il proprio Elemento e di scoprirlo a modo loro." The Element è un inno alla strabiliante varietà delle passioni e dei talenti umani, e al nostro straordinario potenziale di crescita ed evoluzione. È un invito a impegnarci attivamente nel presente, l'unico modo per prepararci davvero a un imprevedibile futuro.
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The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame

Author: Daniel H. Wilson,Anna C. Long

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0806535644

Category: Humor

Page: 224

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Muwahahahaha! Dr. Frankenstein. Marie Curie. Dr. Moreau. Captain Nemo. They're the most fascinating minds of all time--and now a science guru has teamed up with an expert in human psychology to coax them out of their laboratories and onto the analyst's couch. Real and fictional, famous and infamous, crazy and just crazily driven, these brilliant men and women exhibit a list of neuroses almost as impressive as their extraordinary accomplishments. At last, you can explore their early fixations, their ambitions, their successes and failures, and the particular quirks that have granted each induction into the Mad Scientist Hall of Fame, including: • Dr. Evil: Megalomaniacal doctor with antisocial personality disorder (and pathological dislike of his own son, Scotty) • Nikola Tesla: Real-life mad scientist with obsessive compulsive disorder (and he talked to aliens) • Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde: Brilliant doctor gone bad, suffering from multiple personality disorder (and a penchant for strong chemical cocktails) • Lex Luthor: Villain and supergenius with manic mood disorder (and premature baldness) Witty, illuminating, and thoroughly entertaining, this one-of-a-kind book offers irrefutable proof that success, super-intelligence, and a mantelpiece full of Nobel prizes is no guarantee of sanity. Praise for Daniel H. Wilson "Daniel H. Wilson and Anna C. Long have made an exhaustive study of the evil mind. It is complete, pulls no punches, and reveals secrets that have hitherto remained hidden. It is for these reasons that I must liquidate them. Great book!" --Mike Myers, aka Dr. Evil from Austin Powers "Forget about John Connor--it's Daniel H. Wilson who is going to save us from the Terminators." --Forbes on How to Survive a Robot Uprising "A tribute to the far-fetched ideas that often drive progress." --Erik Sofge, Popular Mechanics, for Where's My Jetpack?
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How To Audition On Camera: A Hollywood Insider's Guide for Actors

Author: Sharon Bialy

Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers and Cadent Publishing

ISBN: 0884485412

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 144

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First Time in Print Updated and expanded To win a role in a movie or on network or cable TV, you must make a strong first impression in your brief, crucial audition—and the first person you have to impress is the casting director. In How to Audition On Camera, Casting Director Sharon Bialy answers the twenty-five questions actors ask most frequently about how to nail an audition. What is the casting director looking for? If you mess up, can you start over? What is the most common mistake experienced actors make? Should you audition off book or can you look at the page? Should you dress in character? How much can you improvise? Actors—both novice and professional—are often misled by myths and outdated prescriptions. This guide replaces such misinformation with concise and accurate advice from someone who is in the room helping to make the decision on who gets the job. Bialy gets readers started immediately on the road to screen acting success.
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