The Double Helix

A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA

Author: James D. Watson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743219171

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 9755

The classic personal account of Watson and Crick’s groundbreaking discovery of the structure of DNA, now with an introduction by Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind. By identifying the structure of DNA, the molecule of life, Francis Crick and James Watson revolutionized biochemistry and won themselves a Nobel Prize. At the time, Watson was only twenty-four, a young scientist hungry to make his mark. His uncompromisingly honest account of the heady days of their thrilling sprint against other world-class researchers to solve one of science’s greatest mysteries gives a dazzlingly clear picture of a world of brilliant scientists with great gifts, very human ambitions, and bitter rivalries. With humility unspoiled by false modesty, Watson relates his and Crick’s desperate efforts to beat Linus Pauling to the Holy Grail of life sciences, the identification of the basic building block of life. Never has a scientist been so truthful in capturing in words the flavor of his work.
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The Annotated and Illustrated Double Helix

Author: James D. Watson,Alexander Gann,Jan Witkowski

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476715491

Category: Science

Page: 345

View: 9977

In his 1968 memoir, The Double Helix (Readers Union, 1969), the brash young scientist James Watson chronicled the drama of the race to identify the structure of DNA, a discovery that would usher in the era of modern molecular biology. After half a century, the implications of the double helix keep rippling outward; the tools of molecular biology have forever transformed the life sciences and medicine. The Annotated and Illustrated Double Helix adds new richness to the account of the momentous events that led the charge.
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The Path to the Double Helix

The Discovery of DNA

Author: Robert Olby

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486166597

Category: Science

Page: 560

View: 4939

Written by a noted historian of science, this in-depth account traces how Watson and Crick achieved one of science's most dramatic feats: their 1953 discovery of the molecular structure of DNA.
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The Double Helix

Author: James Watson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1780225024

Category: Science

Page: 192

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The story of the most significant biological breakthrough of the century - the discovery of the structure of DNA. 'It is a strange model and embodies several unusual features. However, since DNA is an unusual substance, we are not hesitant in being bold' By elucidating the structure of DNA, the molecule underlying all life, Francis Crick and James Watson revolutionised biochemistry. At the time, Watson was only 24. His uncompromisingly honest account of those heady days lifts the lid on the real world of great scientists, with their very human faults and foibles, their petty rivalries and driving ambition. Above all, he captures the extraordinary excitement of their desperate efforts to beat their rivals at King's College to the solution to one of the great enigmas of the life sciences.
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Maurice Wilkins: The Third Man of the Double Helix

An Autobiography

Author: Maurice Wilkins

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191578142

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 314

View: 6358

The Nobel Prize for the discovery of the structure of DNA was given to three scientists - James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins. It was the experimental work of Wilkins and his colleague Rosalind Franklin that provided the clues to the structure. Here, Wilkins, who died in 2004, gives us his own account of his life, his early work in physics, the tensions and exhilaration of working on DNA, and his much discussed difficult relationship with his colleague Rosalind. This is a highly readable, and often moving account from a highly distinguished scientist who played one of the key roles in the historic discovery of the molecule behind inheritance.
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The Double Helix and the Law of Evidence

Author: David H. Kaye

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674054110

Category: Law

Page: 352

View: 5057

Bridging law, genetics, and statistics, this book is an authoritative history of the long and tortuous process by which DNA science has been integrated into the American legal system. In a history both scientifically sophisticated and comprehensible to the nonspecialist, David Kaye weaves together molecular biology, population genetics, the legal rules of evidence, and theories of statistical reasoning as he describes the struggles between prosecutors and defense counsel over the admissibility of genetic proof of identity. Combining scientific exposition with stories of criminal investigations, scientific and legal hubris, and distortions on all sides, Kaye shows how the adversary system exacerbated divisions among scientists, how lawyers and experts obfuscated some issues and clarified others, how probability and statistics were manipulated and misunderstood, and how the need to convince lay judges influenced the scientific research. Looking to the future, Kaye uses probability theory to clarify legal concepts of relevance and probative value, and describes alternatives to race-based DNA profile frequencies. Essential reading for lawyers, judges, and expert witnesses in DNA cases, "The Double Helix and the Law of Evidence" is an informative and provocative contribution to the interdisciplinary study of law and science.
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The Third Man of the Double Helix

The Autobiography of Maurice Wilkins

Author: Maurice Wilkins

Publisher: Peterson's

ISBN: 9780198606659

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 274

View: 9984

Maurice Wilkins shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Francis Crick and James Watson for the discovery of the double helical structure of DNA. A physicist, he worked with John Randall in the late 1930s on the development of radar, moving to the USA during World War II to work on the Manhattan project. After the War he joined Randall at King's College London and with Rosalind Franklin began an investigation into the structure of DNA. The story of Rosalind's work onthe project, and her bitterness with Maurice for having given her data to Watson and Crick without her permission, is a well-known one, and has recently been brought once again into the spotlight by Brenda Maddox's biography (published in 2002). Now, for the first time, Maurice Wilkins tells his side of the story, showing that it is not as simple as it has sometimes been portrayed.
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The Double Helix Structure of DNA

Author: R. N. Albright

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1477718095

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 80

View: 1029

This unique look at the study of DNA goes beyond the science and explores the lives of four great scientists: James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin. It was through their complex personal interactions and their devotion to the science that led to breakthroughs surrounding the structure of DNA and our modern understanding of genetics. Readers can learn that science is not about one individual and his or her discoveries, but is the work of many. Numerous scientific breakthroughs can be attributed to competition and rivalry.
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The Double Helix

Technology and Democracy in the American Future

Author: E. Wenk

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781567504309

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 235

View: 6950

Whoever controls technology controls the future. While that prospect stings, it has a bright side. America's preeminence stems from a remarkable intertwining of technology and democracy. The Constitutions set the course. Technology provided the means. As we recognize that technology is about power, physical, economic and political, business is facilitated but principles of liberty and justice may be at risk. This book examines causes and offers remedies to strengthen self-government and restore politics as the public life of a people.
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Hunting the Double Helix

How DNA is Solving Puzzles of the Past

Author: Anna Meyer

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781741141078

Category: DNA

Page: 232

View: 1180

Stories about the way DNA is increasingly being used to reveal important, fascinating, and sometimes quirky facts about unsolved murders, deadly diseases, mysterious disappearances, animals that have long been extinct, and even human origins.
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Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften

I: Die Antike

Author: Olaf Breidbach

Publisher: Springer Spektrum

ISBN: 9783642418457

Category: Science

Page: 397

View: 8698

Die Grundlagen und Voraussetzungen unserer modernen Wissenschafts- und Wissenskonzeptionen wurden in der Antike gelegt. Dieser erste Band einer Geschichte der Naturwissenschaft macht das Gefüge der uns heute leitenden, uns ausrichtenden und auch der von uns verdrängten Konzeptionen in seinen wesentlichen historischen Schritten erkennbar. Stufen der Problembearbeitung und des Problemverstehens werden in ihren jeweils eigenen Horizonten beschrieben und in den daraus folgenden Anregungen und den dabei immer wieder neu eingestellten Rahmenbedingungen dargestellt. Die hier erzählte Genese unserer Wissenschaftskultur setzt mit den ersten Versuchen einer Systematisierung von Wissen ein, der Notation der Zahlen, und führt über den Vorderen Orient, Griechenland und Rom bis in die Spätantike.​
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From Biotechnology to Genomes

The Meaning of the Double Helix

Author: Philippe Goujon

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814492957

Category: Science

Page: 808

View: 2540

Aimed at scientists and non-specialised readers alike, this book retraces the source of national and international biotechnology programmes by examining the origins of biotechnology and its political and economic interpretation by large nations. With a foreword by André Goffeau, who initiated the European Yeast Genome Project, the book describes the achievements of the first genetic and physical maps, as well as the political and scientific genesis of the American Human Genome Project. Following these advances, the author discusses the European biotechnology strategy, the birth and implementation of European biotechnology programmes and the yeast genome project. After a detailed description of scientific policy and administrative, technical and scientific achievements, the principal stages of the yeast project and its major benefits are discussed. This enables the reader to obtain a panoramic view of this developing discipline at the dawn of the twenty-first century, as well as a better knowledge of the means deployed at international level. The conclusion gives a very detailed account of the genesis and early stages of this new scientific and technological field called genomics which appears to be a key component of modern industry. By using an epistemological analysis, the conclusion poses the problem of a new representation of life and critically appraises the limitations and deficiencies. Contents:The Invention of BiotechnologyPolitical Interpretations of Biotechnology and the Birth of the First Research ProgramsThe Foundations of the Heralded RevolutionAttack on the Genomes: The First Genetic and Physical MapsThe Human Genome Project and the International Sequencing ProgramsEuropean Biotechnological Strategy and Sequencing the Yeast GenomeThe Decryption of LifeConclusion: The Dreams of Reason or the New Biology's Dangerous LiaisonsDreams or Nightmares? Man Reasoned out by His Genes Readership: Students, professors, science historians, science policymakers, physicians and those in the biotechnology industry. Keywords:Genome Sequence;Genetics;European Commission;Biotechnology;Human Genomes Project;Scientific Policy;Yeast;Genetic Maps;Microbiology;Physical Mapping;Ethics
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Untangling the double helix

DNA entanglement and the action of the DNA topoisomerases

Author: James C. Wang

Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Pr


Category: Science

Page: 233

View: 3469

Written by the man who discovered the first topoisomerase, this book covers the history of the DNA entanglement problem and explains how topoisomerases perform their magic in the cell and serve as therapeutic targets. Includes appendices and an index.
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In Search of the Double Helix

Quantum Physics and Life

Author: John Gribbin,John R. Gribbin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780140248135

Category: DNA.

Page: 369

View: 3520

Molecular biology is one of the great modern sciences. Headline-making developments in cloning, genetic engineering and the fight against disease all stem from the breakthrough in the 1950s and 60s of the identification of the molecule of life, DNA. This book sets out to tell the entire story of evolution: from Darwin to DNA and beyond, giving full credit to the role of quantum physics in our modern understanding of life itself, including human life.
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Values Education and Quality Teaching

The Double Helix Effect

Author: Terence Lovat,Ron Toomey

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402099622

Category: Education

Page: 172

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Some revision of public schooling history is necessary to challenge the dominant mythology that public schools were established on the grounds of values-neutrality. In fact, those responsible for the foundations of public education in Australia were sufficiently pragmatic to know that its success relied on its charter being in accord with public sentiment. Part of the pragmatism was in convincing those whose main experience of education had been through some form of church-based education that state-based education was capable of meeting the same ends. Hence, the documents of the 1870s and 1880s that contained the charters of the various state and territory systems witness to a breadth of vision about the scope of education. Beyond the standard goals of literacy and numeracy, education was said to be capable of assuring personal morality for each individual and a suitable citizenry for the soon-to-be new nation. As an instance, the NSW Public Instr- tion Act of 1880 (cf. NSW, 1912), under the rubric of “religious teaching”, stressed the need for students to be inculcated into the values of their society, including understanding the role that religious values had played in forming that society’s legal codes and social ethics. The notion, therefore, that public education is part of a deep and ancient heritage around values neutrality is mistaken and in need of se- ous revision. The evidence suggests that public education’s initial conception was of being the complete educator, not only of young people’s minds but of their inner character as well.
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Unravelling the Double Helix

Author: Gareth Williams

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

ISBN: 9781474609357


Page: 528

View: 5525

Unravelling the Double Helix covers the most colourful period in the history of DNA, from the discovery of 'nuclein' in the late 1860s to the landmark publication of James Watson's The Double Helix in 1968. These hundred years included the advent of the Nobel Prize, antibiotics, X-ray crystallography and the atom bomb as well as two devastating world wars - events which are strung along the narrative thread of DNA like beads on a necklace. The story of DNA is a saga packed with awful mistakes as well as brilliant science, with a wonderful cast of heroes and villains. Surprisingly, much of it is unfamiliar. The elucidation of the double helix was one of the most brilliant gems of twentieth-century science, but some of the scientists who played crucial roles have been airbrushed out of history. Others were plunged into darkness when the spotlight fell on James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin. Watson and Crick solved a magnificent mystery, but Gareth Williams shows that their contribution was to click into place the last few pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle assembled over several decades.
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Genes, Girls and Gamow

Author: James D. Watson

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019164742X

Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 7171

In 1953 Watson and Crick discovered the double helical structure of DNA and Watson's personal account of the discovery, The Double Helix, was published in 1968. Genes, Girls and Gamow is also autobiographical, covering the period from when The Double Helix ends, in 1953, to a few years later, and ending with a Postscript bringing the story up to date. Here is Watson adjusting to new-found fame, carrying out tantalizing experiments on the role of RNA in biology, and falling in love. The book is enlivened with copies of handwritten letters from the larger than life character George Gamow, who had made significant contributions to physics but became intrigued by genes, RNA and the elusive genetic code. This is a tale of heartbreak, scientific excitement and ambition, laced with travelogue and '50s atmosphere.
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