John Dee's Conversations with Angels

Cabala, Alchemy, and the End of Nature

Author: Deborah E. Harkness

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521622288

Category: History

Page: 252

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This book is about Elizabethan England's most famous 'scientist' or natural philosopher John Dee and his 'conversations with angels'.
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The Complete Enochian Dictionary

A Dictionary of the Angelic Language As Revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley

Author: Donald C Laycock,Edward Kelly,Dr John Dee

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781578632541

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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In 1581, Dr. John Dee, an advisor in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, began a series of experiments intended to explore the ability to contact the spirit world. With Edward Kelley acting as the medium in these experiments, Dee was able to record these communications as they were transmitted in Enochian -- the language of the angels. Donald Laycock has thoroughly analyzed the work of Dee and Kelley. In this volume, he recounts the history of their experiments. The rest of the work consists of a pronunciation guide for the twenty-one letters, significant to untangling both the meaning and the derivation of the messages handed down from Dee and Kelley, and a basic Enochian-English/English-Enochian dictionary. The result is a fascinating linguistic and magical mystery story, integral to any study of the Enochian tradition. Stephen Skinner's lucid Preface sets the tone and historical context for today's readers.
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Enochian Vision Magick

An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Mr. John Dee and Edward Kelley

Author: Lon Milo DuQuette

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781609250133

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 296

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Dr. John Dee (1527-1608) was one of the greatest minds of the Elizabethan Age, and his system of angelic communication was the result of the most dramatic magical operation ever recorded. It has survived to become the cornerstone of the modern ceremonial magician’s practice. In 1582 Dee and his clairvoyant partner Edward Kelley made magical contact with a number of spiritual entities who identified themselves as angels -- the same that communicated with Adam, Enoch, and the patriarchs of the Old Testament. Over the next three years they revealed to Dee and Kelley three distinct magical systems of vision magick. The third and last of these incorporated a series of "calls" to be recited in an angelic language in order to raise the consciousness of the magician to a level where angelic contact is possible. Best-selling author and magician, Lon Milo DuQuette, who has practiced Dee’s system for over twenty-five years, has seized upon elements of the original Dee material overlooked by adepts of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, and other modern magicians, and brought them to light in Enochian Vision Magick>/i>. DuQuette offers the expert and novice alike the practical means by which they can become attuned in the same simple step-by-step manner that first prepared Dee and Kelley. There has never been a book on Enochian magick like this one.
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The Queen’s Conjuror: The Life and Magic of Dr. Dee

Author: Benjamin Woolley

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 000740106X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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A spellbinding portrait of Queen Elizabeth’s conjuror – the great philosopher, scientist and magician, Dr John Dee (1527–1608) and a history of Renaissance science that could well be the next ‘Longitude’.
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John Dee's Five Books of Mystery

Original Sourcebook of Enochian Magic

Author: John Dee,Joseph H. Peterson

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781578631780

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 479

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Discovered in a hidden compartment of an old chest long after his death, the secret writings of John Dee, one of the leading scientists and occultists of Elizabethan England, record in minute detail his research into the occult. Dee concealed his treatises on the nature of humankind's contact with angelic realms and languages throughout his life, and they were nearly lost forever. In his brief biography of John Dee, Joseph Peterson calls him a "true Renaissance man"? detailing his work in astronomy, mathematics, navigation, the arts, astrology, and the occult sciences. He was even thought to be the model for Shakespeare's Prospero. All this was preparation for Dee's main achievement: five books, revealed and transcribed between March 1582 and May 1583, bringing to light mysteries and truths that scholars and adepts have been struggling to understand and use ever since. These books detail his system for communicating with the angels, and reveal that the angels were interested in and involved with the exploration and colonization of the New World, and in heralding in a new age or new world order. While Dee's influence was certainly felt in his lifetime, his popularity has grown tremendously since. His system was used and adapted by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and subsequently by Aleister Crowley. This new edition of John Dee's Five Books of Mystery is by far the most accessible and complete published to date. Peterson has translated Latin terms and added copious footnotes, putting the instructions and references into context for the modern reader.
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The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee

Author: Geoffrey James

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781609258207

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 232

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Based on the transcriptions of Dr. John Dee, the famous Elizabethan scientist and magus, The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee is the translation of the original material received from direct Angelic contact. In 1852 Dee and his partner Edward Kelly, while gazing into a crystal stone, began to see and hear angels. These beings desired to re-establish the true art of magic, which had been lost due to man’s wickedness and ignorance. The true magical art, these beings claimed, would bestow superhuman powers upon its practitioners, change the political structure of Europe, and herald the coming of the Apocalypse. Dee believed this research would greatly benefit mankind and documented all of the channeled information into a series of manuscripts and workbooks. Author Geoffrey James presents here the direct translation of the core of the channeled material itself, framed in a historical context, with authority and integrity.
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John Dee and the Empire of Angels

Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World

Author: Jason Louv

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620555905

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 560

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A comprehensive look at the life and continuing influence of 16th-century scientific genius and occultist Dr. John Dee • Presents an overview of Dee’s scientific achievements, intelligence and spy work, imperial strategizing, and his work developing methods to communicate with angels • Pieces together Dee’s fragmentary Spirit Diaries and examines Enochian in precise detail and the angels’ plan to establish a New World Order • Explores Dee’s influence on Sir Francis Bacon, modern science, Rosicrucianism, and 20th-century occultists such as Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and Anton LaVey Dr. John Dee (1527-1608), Queen Elizabeth I’s court advisor and astrologer, was the foremost scientific genius of the 16th century. Laying the foundation for modern science, he actively promoted mathematics and astronomy as well as made advances in navigation and optics that helped elevate England to the foremost imperial power in the world. Centuries ahead of his time, his theoretical work included the concept of light speed and prototypes for telescopes and solar panels. Dee, the original “007” (his crown-given moniker), even invented the idea of a “British Empire,” envisioning fledgling America as the new Atlantis, himself as Merlin, and Elizabeth as Arthur. But, as Jason Louv explains, Dee was suppressed from mainstream history because he spent the second half of his career developing a method for contacting angels. After a brilliant ascent from star student at Cambridge to scientific advisor to the Queen, Dee, with the help of a disreputable, criminal psychic named Edward Kelley, devoted ten years to communing with the angels and archangels of God. These spirit communications gave him the keys to Enochian, the language that mankind spoke before the fall from Eden. Piecing together Dee’s fragmentary Spirit Diaries and scrying sessions, the author examines Enochian in precise detail and explains how the angels used Dee and Kelley as agents to establish a New World Order that they hoped would unify all monotheistic religions and eventually dominate the entire globe. Presenting a comprehensive overview of Dee’s life and work, Louv examines his scientific achievements, intelligence and spy work, imperial strategizing, and Enochian magick, establishing a psychohistory of John Dee as a singular force and fundamental driver of Western history. Exploring Dee’s influence on Sir Francis Bacon, the development of modern science, 17th-century Rosicrucianism, the 19th-century occult revival, and 20th-century occultists such as Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and Anton LaVey, Louv shows how John Dee continues to impact science and the occult to this day.
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The Essential Enochian Grimoire

An Introduction to Angel Magick from Dr. John Dee to the Golden Dawn

Author: Aaron Leitch

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738740268

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 384

View: 2514

Discover how to perform Enochian magick with a straightforward guide that shows just what to do. The Essential Enochian Grimoire is an easy-to-read manual that’s light enough to carry in a magickal circle yet provides all the details you need to perform the ceremonies. Impeccably researched and clearly organized, this book is the definitive primer on a topic that has captivated esotericists for centuries. Explore the history of Enochian cosmology, the angels and the spirits of the system, the temple setup, and the making and usage of the tools. Learn the secrets of John Dee’s classical Enochian system as well as the modern system developed by the Golden Dawn. Practice the rituals of the new and the old . . . and summon the angels who guard the gates of heaven. Praise: “Aaron Leitch has done a remarkable job of clarifying the Enochian system for the benefit of both beginners and advanced magicians alike. You will not find a better introduction to Enochian magick anywhere.”—Chic and Tabatha Cicero, Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and co-authors of The Essential Golden Dawn “In the complex and often confusing world of Enochian magick, Aaron Leitch has accomplished the seemingly impossible by bringing clarity and precision while never oversimplifying or speaking down to the reader.”—Donald Michael Kraig, author of Modern Magick “An indispensable addition to any Enochian magician’s bookshelf.”—Frater Yechidah, author of Enochian Magic in Theory
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The Voynich Manuscript

The Complete Edition of the World' Most Mysterious and Esoteric Codex

Author: N.A

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

ISBN: 9781786780775

Category: Voynich manuscript

Page: 240

View: 3721

The Voynich Manuscript is an extensively illustrated codex featuring cosmological and astrological diagrams interwoven with detailed herbal illustration, relating both to the magical and alchemic view of the universe. It is written in a strangely beautiful cryptographic script.
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Egyptian Oedipus

Athanasius Kircher and the Secrets of Antiquity

Author: Daniel Stolzenberg

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226924149

Category: History

Page: 307

View: 4836

A contemporary of Descartes and Newton, Athanasius Kircher, S. J. (1601/2–80), was one of Europe’s most inventive and versatile scholars in the baroque era. He published more than thirty works in fields as diverse as astronomy, magnetism, cryptology, numerology, geology, and music. But Kircher is most famous—or infamous—for his quixotic attempt to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs and reconstruct the ancient traditions they encoded. In 1655, after more than two decades of toil, Kircher published his solution to the hieroglyphs, Oedipus Aegyptiacus, a work that has been called “one of the most learned monstrosities of all times.” Here Daniel Stolzenberg presents a new interpretation of Kircher’s hieroglyphic studies, placing them in the context of seventeenth-century scholarship on paganism and Oriental languages. Situating Kircher in the social world of baroque Rome, with its scholars, artists, patrons, and censors, Stolzenberg shows how Kircher’s study of ancient paganism depended on the circulation of texts, artifacts, and people between Christian and Islamic civilizations. Along with other participants in the rise of Oriental studies, Kircher aimed to revolutionize the study of the past by mastering Near Eastern languages and recovering ancient manuscripts hidden away in the legendary libraries of Cairo and Damascus. The spectacular flaws of his scholarship have fostered an image of Kircher as an eccentric anachronism, a throwback to the Renaissance hermetic tradition. Stolzenberg argues against this view, showing how Kircher embodied essential tensions of a pivotal phase in European intellectual history, when pre-Enlightenment scholars pioneered modern empirical methods of studying the past while still working within traditional frameworks, such as biblical history and beliefs about magic and esoteric wisdom.
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Codex Seraphinianus Thirty-three

Author: Luigi Serafini

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: 0847842134

Category: Art

Page: 396

View: 2779

Presents a surreal art book, redesigned by the author with new illustrations, offering a visual encyclopedia of an unknown world written in an unknown language.
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The Voynich Manuscript: an Elegant Enigma

Author: M. E. D'Imperio

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781479146024


Page: 150

View: 4143

The reader may well wonder, "What still another paper on the Voynich manuscript?" So much has been written already on that most studies, most curious, and most mysterious manuscript upon which so many researchers have exhausted their faculties in vain. As a relatively recent newcomer to the ranks of Voynich manuscript research, the author retraced the steps of all his predecessors, rediscovering their sources, repeating their experiments, growing excited over the same promising leads that excited them, and learning only later that all these things have already been tried and had failed, often several times. The author does not wish to imply that he regrets any of his efforts. In fact, he little suspected, when he was first introduced to the problem of the Voynich manuscript at Brigadier Tiltman's lecture in November 1975, that he would spend all his spare time for the next year on an intellectual and spiritual journey spanning so many centuries and ranging over so many aspects of art, history, philosophy, and philology. The fact remains that, in spite of all the paper that other have written about the manuscript, there is no complete survey of all the approaches, ideas, background information and analytic studies that have accumulated over the nearly fifty-five years since the manuscript was discovered by Wilfrid M. Voynich in 1912. Most of the papers have been written to advance or to refute a particular theory, providing in passing a brief glance at others' efforts, primarily to sweep them out of the way. Much vital information is to be found only in unpublished notes and papers inaccessible to most students. The author felt that it would be useful to pull together all the information that he could obtain from all the sources and present them in an orderly fashion. This monograph is arranged in four main sections. First, the presentation of a survey of all of the basic facts of the problem: the "givens," as it were. Second, coverage of all the primary avenues of attack and the information relevant to each, the external characteristics of the manuscript itself, the drawings, and the text. Third, a survey of the major claims of decipherment and other substantial analytic work carried out by various researchers. Fourth, a sketch of collateral and background topics which seem likely to be useful.
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John Dee's Actions with Spirits (Volumes 1 and 2)

22 December 1581 to 23 May 1583

Author: Christopher Whitby

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113615888X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 1048

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This was originally a two volume set which is now bound as one. Here is presented an investigation of the nature of the earliest extant records of the supposed communication with angels and spirits of John Dee (1527-1608) with the assistance of his two mediums or 'scryers', Barnabas Saul and Edward Kelly. Volume 2 of this work is a transcription of the records in Dee's hand contained in Sloane MS 3188, which has been transcribed only once before, by Elias Ashmole in 1672. Volume 1 is an introduction and thorough commentary to the text which is primarily explaining its many obscurities. The author describes the physical state of the manuscript and its history then continues with a biography of Dee and his scryers and some background to Renaissance occult philosophy. Further chapters address the arguments that the manuscript represents a conscious fraud or a cryptographical exercise and describe the magical system and instruments evolved during the communications or 'Actions'. The last, fascinating chapter examines Dee's motives for believing so strongly in the truth of the Actions and suggests that a principal motive was the conviction, not held by Dee alone, that a new age was about to dawn upon earth.
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John Dee: The World of the Elizabethan Magus

Author: Peter J. French

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134572344

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

View: 7759

First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Secrets of Solomon

Author: Joseph Peterson


ISBN: 1387839497


Page: N.A

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The Practical Angel Magic of Dr. John Dee's Enochian Tables

Tabularum Bonorum Angelorum Invocationes

Author: Stephen Skinner,David Rankine

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited

ISBN: 9780738723518

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 294

View: 2942

Derived from two previously unpublished seventeenth century manuscripts on angel magic, this coveted book contains the final corrected version of John Dee's great tables and an expansion of his most prized book of invocations. Discover what happened to John Dee's most important manuscript, his book of personal angelic invocations, and how it was developed by seventeenth century magicians into a full working magical system. Learn how only a small part of this material reached the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and was suppressed--never appearing in Israel Regardie's monumental work on the Order rituals.
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The Sword and the Crucible. Count Boldizsár Batthyány and Natural Philosophy in Sixteenth-Century Hungary

Author: Dóra Bobory

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443810932

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 245

View: 1095

In the sixteenth century a new type of practitioner emerges in Europe: the aristocrat who not only supports creative activities, but is personally involved in the projects he finances. The courts of noblemen and other wealthy individuals are transformed into new sites of knowledge production where medicinal waters are distilled, exotic plants cultivated, and alchemical experiments pursued. This new fascination with nature, and the wish to explore and exploit its explicit and hidden mechanisms, was an intellectual trend that spread all over Europe, reaching even the easternmost parts of the Habsburg Monarchy. The Hungarian Count Boldizsár Batthyány (c.1542–1590), a powerful aristocrat and formidable warrior, was also a passionate devotee of natural philosophy. His Western Hungarian court was the focal point of an intellectual network which comprised scholars—such as the renowned botanist Carolus Clusius—physicians, book dealers, and fellow aristocrats from Central Europe and used his connections to exchange objects and information. Batthyány’s biography, his extensive correspondence and up-to-date book collection on natural philosophy—especially alchemy, Paracelsian medicine, and botany—reveals that wealth, mobility and intellectual curiosity allowed him to share the enthusiasms of his Western European counterparts, and make the Muses speak even among arms.
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From the Ashes of Angels

The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

Author: Andrew Collins

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1591439043

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 464

View: 7711

Provides convincing evidence that angels, demons, and fallen angels were flesh-and-blood members of a giant race predating humanity, spoken of in the Bible as the Nephilim. • Indicates that the earthly paradise of Eden was a realm in the mountains of Kurdistan. • By the author of Gateway to Atlantis. Our mythology describes how beings of great beauty and intelligence, who served as messengers of gods, fell from grace through pride. These angels, also known as Watchers, are spoken of in the Bible and other religious texts as lusting after human women, who lay with them and gave birth to giant offspring called the Nephilim. These religious sources also record how these beings revealed forbidden arts and sciences to humanity--transgressions that led to their destruction in the Great Flood. Andrew Collins reveals that these angels, demons, and fallen angels were flesh-and-blood members of a race predating our own. He offers evidence that they lived in Egypt (prior to the ancient Egyptians), where they built the Sphinx and other megalithic monuments, before leaving the region for what is now eastern Turkey following the cataclysms that accompanied the last Ice Age. Here they lived in isolation before gradually establishing contact with the developing human societies of the Mesopotamian plains below. Humanity regarded these angels--described as tall, white-haired beings with viperlike faces and burning eyes--as gods and their realm the paradise wherein grew the tree of knowledge. Andrew Collins demonstrates how the legends behind the fall of the Watchers echo the faded memory of actual historical events and that the legacy they have left humanity is one we can afford to ignore only at our own peril.
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