The Changing Constitution

Author: Jeffrey L. Jowell,Dawn Oliver,Colm O'Cinneide

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 019870982X

Category: Law

Page: 420

View: 2190

Since its first edition in 1985, The Changing Constitution has cemented its reputation for providing concise, scholarly and thought-provoking essays on the key issues surrounding the UK's constitutional development, and the current debates around reform. The eighth edition of this highly successful volume is published at a time of accelerated constitutional change. This collection of essays brings together fourteen expert contributors to offer an invaluable source of material and analysis for all students of constitutional law and politics. Itclarifies the scope of the powers exercised by central, developed and local governments within the UK, and the relationship between Britain, the EU and other regional and international legal systems. Online Resource Centre: This book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes a "library" of web links, and a timeline of key dates in British legal and political history.
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Changing Constitution

Author: Kevin Harrison

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748626662

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 4409

This textbook provides an introduction to the topical subject of constitutional change in Britain. It considers the historical origins of the constitution but its main focus is on recent reforms and their likely impact. The key theme running throughout the book is the debate as to whether the constitution has undergone a revolutionary transformation or has gradually evolved.
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The English Judges

Their Role in the Changing Constitution

Author: Robert Stevens

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 1841134953

Category: Law

Page: 209

View: 3846

Robert Stevens examines the political influences on the English judiciary and the influence the judiciary has had on politics during the 20th-century to ascertain what needs to be done to maintain its effectiveness in the 21st-century.
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The Politics of Judicial Independence in the UK's Changing Constitution

Author: Graham Gee,Robert Hazell,Kate Malleson,Patrick O'Brien

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316240533

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 9521

Judicial independence is generally understood as requiring that judges must be insulated from political life. The central claim of this work is that far from standing apart from the political realm, judicial independence is a product of it. It is defined and protected through interactions between judges and politicians. In short, judicial independence is a political achievement. This is the main conclusion of a three-year research project on the major changes introduced by the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, and the consequences for judicial independence and accountability. The authors interviewed over 150 judges, politicians, civil servants and practitioners to understand the day-to-day processes of negotiation and interaction between politicians and judges. They conclude that the greatest threat to judicial independence in future may lie not from politicians actively seeking to undermine the courts, but rather from their increasing disengagement from the justice system and the judiciary.
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Konstitutionalisierung des englischen Verwaltungsrechts

Einfluss des Human Rights Act auf den ›judicial review‹

Author: Benjamin Schirmer

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3862340406

Category: Law

Page: 475

View: 9946

Vor dem Hintergrund der englischen Verfassungsreformen seit 1997 beleuchtet die Arbeit die Auswirkungen des Human Rights Act 1998 auf die verwaltungsgerichtliche Kontrolle, die sich wesentlich im Verfahren des judicial review manifestiert. Anhand der Fragestellung der Konstitutionalisierung widmet sich der Autor zunächst dem Aspekt der Subjektivierung des Verwaltungsrechtsschutzes und dem Einfluss der Garantie von Grundrechten auf die Kontrolldichte und die verfassungsrechtliche Legitimierung des judicial review. Die Arbeit mündet in Überlegungen, ob sich mit dem Human Rights Act eine Rechtsordnung herausgebildet hat, in der diesem Verfassungsgesetz mit seiner erstmaligen gesetzlichen Anerkennung von Grundrechten im englischen Recht ein höherrangiger Status zukommt.
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Gesellschaftlicher Konstitutionalismus in der Globalisierung

Author: Gunther Teubner

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518772805

Category: Law

Page: 291

View: 8902

Nicht zuletzt durch eine Reihe von öffentlichen Skandalen wurde in den letzten Jahren die »Neue Verfassungsfrage« aufgeworfen. Menschenrechtsverletzungen durch multinationale Unternehmen, Korruption im Medizin- und Wissenschaftsbetrieb, Bedrohung der Meinungsfreiheit durch private Intermediäre im Internet, massive Eingriffe in die Privatsphäre durch Datensammlung privater Organisationen und mit besonderer Wucht die Entfesselung katastrophaler Risiken auf den weltweiten Kapitalmärkten – sie alle werfen Verfassungsprobleme im strengen Sinne auf. Ging es früher um die Freisetzung der politischen Machtenergien des Nationalstaats und zugleich um ihre wirksame rechtsstaatliche Begrenzung, so geht es nun darum, ganz andere gesellschaftliche Energien zu diskutieren und in ihren destruktiven Konsequenzen wirksam zu beschränken. Konstitutionalismus jenseits des Nationalstaats – das heißt zweierlei: Die Verfassungsprobleme stellen sich außerhalb der Grenzen des Nationalstaats in transnationalen Politikprozessen und zugleich außerhalb des institutionalisierten Politiksektors in den »privaten« Sektoren der Weltgesellschaft.
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Issues in Medical Law and Ethics

Author: Derek Morgan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135340986

Category: Law

Page: 304

View: 6784

Thirty years ago, English jurist Patrick Devlin wrote: "Is it not a pleasant tribute to the medical profession that by and large it has been able to manage its relations with its patients ... without the aid of lawyers and law makers". Medical interventions at the beginnings and the endings of life have rendered that assessment dated if not defeated. This book picks up some of the most important of those developments and reflects on the legal and social consequences of this metamorphosis over the past ten years, and will be of interest to students of law, sociology and ethics who want a considered and critical introduction to, and reflection on, key issues in these pivotal moments of human life.
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Constitutional Change in the EU

From Uniformity to Flexibility?

Author: Gráinne De Búrca,Joanne Scott

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 1841131032

Category: Law

Page: 372

View: 7664

This collection of essays seeks to examine the apparent and gradual shift in the paradigm of European Union governance, from one emphasizing the importance of uniformity and harmonization, to one which embraces a substantial degree of flexibility and differentiation.
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The British Constitution: Continuity and Change

A Festschrift for Vernon Bogdanor

Author: Matt Qvortrup

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1782251944

Category: Law

Page: 212

View: 9696

Vernon Bogdanor once told The Guardian that he made 'a living of something that doesn't exist'. He also quipped that the British Constitution can be summed up in eight words: 'Whatever the Queen in Parliament decides is law.' That may still be the case, yet in many ways the once elusive British Constitution has now become much more grounded, much more tangible and much more based on written sources than was previously the case. It now exists in a way in which it previously did not. However, though the changes may seem revolutionary, much of the underlying structure remains unchanged; there are limits to the changes. Where does all this leave the Constitution? Here constitutional experts, political scientists and legal practitioners present up-to-date and in-depth commentaries on their respective areas of expertise. While also a Festschrift in honour of Vernon Bogdanor, this book is above all a comprehensive compendium on the present state of the British Constitution. 'The new constitutional politics has spawned a new constitutional scholarship. This stimulating collection, skilfully put together by Matt Qvortrup, works both as a welcome snapshot of where we are now and as an expert audit, from specialists in law, history and political science, of the deeper issues and of the complex dynamics of continuity and change in the ongoing refashioning of Britain's constitutional architecture.' Kevin Theakston, Professor of British Government, University of Leeds 'The highly distinguished team of scholars assembled by Matt Qvortrup has produced a deeply thought-provoking collection on the profound constitutional changes that have occurred in the UK over the last twenty years. A book worthy of reaching a very wide readership.' Roger Scully, Professor of Political Science, Cardiff University 'Vernon Bogdanor understands like few others the connections between history, politics and institutions - and that is what makes him such an authority on the British system of government.' The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister 'I think Vernon's guiding principle at Brasenose was to treat all his students as if they might one day be Prime Minister. At the time, I thought this was a bit over the top, but then a boy studying PPE at Brasenose two years beneath me became Prime Minister.' Toby Young, The Spectator
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The English Constitution

Myths and Realities

Author: Ian Ward

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 1841134317

Category: History

Page: 213

View: 5079

The English Constitution addresses two burning contemporary and complementary questions; one regarding the so-called English "question", the changing identities of England and English-ness, and a second regarding the changing shape of the Anglo-British constitution. It is suggested that there are both internal and external pressures that are driving the reformation of our constitutional order. There are internal pressures of decay, even corruption, and popular apathy, and there are external pressures brought to bear by the geopolitical challenges of the new world order and the new Europe. The present "project" of constitutional reform inaugurated by the present government is supposed to reflect these pressures. This book challenges this assumption, arguing that a far more radical re-constitution is required, involving: deeper institutional reforms (the most pressing being the abrogation of monarchy, and the established Church); geopolitical reforms to recast the devolutionary settlement and redefine English regionalism; and perhaps most importantly, conceptual reform, reform that will embrace the need to rebalance the constitution and to promote greater accountability and democracy. It is intended that the book will provide a stimulating text for both academics and students, advancing a series of original ideas on a subject of considerable contemporary interest. Along the way it discusses most of the major topics, institutions and debates which are ordinarily addressed in public law courses, and equivalents in non-law disciplines.
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Contemporary China and the Changing International Community

Author: Bih-jaw Lin,James T. Myers

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 9781570030246

Category: History

Page: 396

View: 7284

The global implications of recent changes in Taiwan & Mainland China.
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Die Effektivität des Vergaberechtsschutzes im Vereinigten Königreich

Author: Jan Seeger

Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH

ISBN: 3847102478

Category: Law

Page: 525

View: 7707

English summary: The effectiveness of the European public procurement law is determined in particular by the organization of the national remedies system. Since the requirements of primary and secondary Union law regarding legal protection regularly interact with national constitutional law requirements, the national legislator is challenged in order to guarantee an effective remedies system in the fields of national public procurement law. The study examines to what extent the British legislators meet these challenges. It provides a broad overview and a detailed analysis of the Public and Utilities Contract Regulations 2006, the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012 as well as of the general Civil Procedure Rules and their interpretation by the British courts. Furthermore, relevant preliminary issues such as the standstill obligation are addressed. Finally, structural deficits of public procurement remedies systems are pointed out and possible solutions are presented. German description: Die Wirksamkeit des europaisch determinierten Vergaberechts bestimmt sich nicht zuletzt durch die Ausgestaltung des nationalen gerichtlichen Rechtsschutzes. Weil neben die primar- und sekundarrechtlichen Anforderungen aber regelmassig verfassungsrechtliche Rechtsschutzgewahrleistungen treten, wird der nationale Gesetzgeber durch dieses Zusammenspiel der verschiedenen Rechtsquellen, die gemeinsam den Massstab fur einen effektiven Vergaberechtsschutz bilden, vielfach vor Umsetzungsherausforderungen gestellt. Die Untersuchung geht der Frage nach, inwieweit die britischen Gesetzgeber diesen Herausforderungen gerecht werden. Dazu bietet die Arbeit einen ausfuhrlichen Uberblick und eine detaillierte Analyse der spezialgesetzlichen Regelungen des britischen Vergaberechtsschutzes sowie der allgemeinen prozessrechtlichen Regelungen, samt ihrer Auslegung in der Rechtsprechung. Gleichzeitig werden praxisrelevante Vorfragen wie die Stillhaltepflicht aufgegriffen. Abschliessend werden - gemessen am europa- und verfassungsrechtlichen Massstab - Rechtsschutzdefizite aufgezeigt und Losungswege angeregt.
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Our Changing Constitution

Author: Charles Wheeler Pierson

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465597387


Page: N.A

View: 5587

Citizens of the United States are wont to think of their form of government, a political system based on a written constitution, as something fixed and stable. In reality, it is undergoing a profound change. The idea which constituted its most distinctive feature, and in the belief of many represents America's most valuable contribution to the science of government, is being forgotten. Formed to be "an indestructible Union composed of indestructible states," our dual system is losing its duality. The states are fading out of the picture. The aim of this volume is to point out the change and discuss some of its aspects. A few chapters have already appeared in print. "Our Changing Constitution" and "Is the Federal Corporation Tax Constitutional?" were published in the Outlook. "The Corporation Tax Decision" appeared in the Yale Law Journal. "Can Congress Tax the Income from State and Municipal Bonds?" was printed in the New York Evening Post. All of these have been more or less revised and some new matter has been added.Ê
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Writing Democracy

The Norwegian Constitution 1814-2014

Author: Karen Gammelgaard,Eirik Holmøyvik

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1782385053

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 9113

The Norwegian Constitution is the oldest functioning constitution in Europe. Its bicentenary in 2014 has inspired the analyses in this volume, where contributors focus on the Constitution as a text to explore new ways of analyzing democratic development. This volume examines the framing of the Norwegian Constitution, its transformations, and its interpretations during the last two centuries. The textual focus enables new understandings of the framers' negotiations and decisions on a democratic micro level and opens new international and historical contexts to understanding the Norwegian Constitution. By synthesizing knowledge from different realms - law, social sciences, and the humanities – Writing Democracy provides a model for examining the distinct textual qualities of constitutional documents.
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The Changing Faces of Federalism

Institutional Reconfiguration in Europe from East to West

Author: Sergio Ortino,Mitja Zagar,Vojtech Mastny

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719069963

Category: Political Science

Page: 313

View: 6055

'The Changing Faces of Federalism' provides a rigorous and original view of what will be the future of the European Union.
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The Changing French Political System

Author: Robert Elgie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135267332

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 9970

Examining the nature of the Fifth Republic after its first 42 years, this study looks at the challenges posed by new parties and new expressions of political mobilization. Entrenched policy routines are being undermined by the emergence of new actors and the failure of old paradigms.
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