The Boy Who Set Fire to the Bible

Author: Carl Daoust

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780993958304


Page: 478

View: 6843

A mysterious child with uncanny abilities.A deadly threat to dominant religions. A prey to merciless secret organizations. An unimaginable origin that unfolds within the bowels of Hell. Theon E. Rex is no ordinary boy. Discovered as an infant in a symbol-riddled well near Manor Clos Luc, Leonardo Da Vinci's former residence, he soon manifests extraordinary powers ranging from the stunning to the devastating, attracting the attention of the Vatican and other powerful organizations bent on exploiting or destroying him. Terrified the secret behind his mysterious origins would reduce biblical doctrine to ashes and crush his empire, the Pope himself orders his death.Even Satan has designs on Theon. Hell's fury descends upon him as the Dragon Lord whisks the boy-prodigy to his infernal realm, determined to weaponize him and bring destruction and desolation to the Kingdom of Heaven...and to Earth. Of all the Echoes--restored human souls--roaming Heaven and Hell, Leonardo Da Vinci comes to Theon's aid, helped by Satan's crossbred daughter and other unlikely allies. A frantic race ensues across Hell and into Heaven, in hopes of finding a cure to Theon's explosive curse. But a misguided God swears the boy will not cross Heaven's borders. What they discover about his origins, no one--neither Da Vinci nor even God himself--could have imagined.Main Cast of Characters:* Theon E. Rex, hero and boy prodigy* FBI agent Cameron Rex and wife Sarah, Theon's adoptive parents* Leonardo Da Vinci, famed painter and inventor* Akara, Satan's young estranged daughter* Tholen of the Kalidrone, a race deformed beyond belief, alienated from God* Amadeo Da Verdi, ex-Templar Knight and agent of the Vatican* NASA Director Bill Adams, Mars Exploration program* Cardinal Pierre Nadeau, double agent* Doctor George Lapierre and Maurice Lefoux, members of the Priory of Sion* U.S. President Karl Armstrong* Pope Benvenuto, born Carsten Maximilian Reiniger* Young Nostradamus* King Deus, Lord God* Maitraya, God's Holy Spirit* Jesus Christ* Maria Magdalena* Mary, mother of Jesus* Satan, Dragon Lord* Archangels Michael and Gabriel* Adolph Hitler, former leader of the Third Reich and mass murderer
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Full Gospel, Fractured Minds?

Author: Rick M. Nañez

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310862116

Category: Religion

Page: 270

View: 8539

Do you sometimes feel you have to check your intellect at the church door, leaving reason behind to embrace the Christian faith? Do you hunger for a “full gospel” that includes the mind as well as heart and Spirit? Full Gospel, Fractured Minds? challenges charismatic and Pentecostal believers to discover the power of a well-maintained mind—a mind on fire—to match a heart on fire and to create a life that operates within the full counsel of God . Nañez shows how human reason helps us understand and interpret God’s Word as well as defend the gospel. He shows what the Bible teaches about the mind, and explores the backgrounds of nineteenth-century and modern culture, anti-intellectualism, Pentecostal history and beliefs, and popular misconceptions about human intellect in relation to the Christian faith. Full Gospel, Fractured Minds? helps men and women practice a Christian faith that reflects the whole person and the full gospel. “Rick Nañez calls Pentecostals and charismatics to seek a balance between mind and Spirit. This book will stir you to seek all that God has for you.” —From the Foreword by Stanley M. Horton, PhD
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CEB Common English Bible with Apocrypha - eBook [ePub]

Author: Common English Bible,

Publisher: Common English Bible

ISBN: 1609260856

Category: Bibles

Page: N.A

View: 2657

Take a fresh look at the Bible while you experience a new translation. The Common English Bible is relevant, readable, and reliable. The result is a new version that the typical reader or worshipper is able to understand. 115 leading biblical scholars from 22 faith traditions and 77 reading specialists in 13 denominations worked on this translation. Contains Apocrypha books.
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CEB Common English Bible - eBook [ePub]

Author: Common English Bible

Publisher: Common English Bible

ISBN: 1609260848

Category: Bibles

Page: 1216

View: 635

Take a fresh look at the Bible while you experience a new translation. The Common English Bible is relevant, readable, and reliable. The result is a new version that the typical reader or worshipper is able to understand. 115 leading biblical scholars from 22 faith traditions and 77 reading specialists in 13 denominations worked on this translation.
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Calmet's Great Dictionary of the Holy Bible

Historical, Critical, Geographical, and Etymological ... : with an Ample Chronological Table of the History of the Bible, Jewish Calendar, Tables of the Hebrew Coins, Weights and Measures ... : Revised, Corrected, and Augmented, with an Entirely New Set of Plates

Author: Augustin Calmet

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bible

Page: N.A

View: 9808

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Salvation on the Small Screen?

24 Hours of Christian Television

Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber

Publisher: CPG

ISBN: 1596271949

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 3343

From a seminarian and stand-up comic—an “enlightening and entertaining” look at celebrity televangelists, cash, and couch-potato redemption (AJ Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically). On an average day, the largest religious broadcast channel is a “divine” presence in more than 50 million households. Holding court on the political issues of the day are such figures as Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, and Jesse Duplantis. Yet many people have little concept of what kind of faith happens there—apart from performing miracles and selling books. A casual viewer flipping past the channel is likely to think, “I haven’t the faintest clue what’s going on,” or “That church doesn’t seem like my church at all,” or even, “Wow, so that’s what happened to Kirk Cameron.” To better understand the message of religious television, Lutheran seminarian Nadia Bolz-Weber spent 24 hours immersing herself in the phenomenon with guest viewers including a rabbi, a Unitarian minister, and her eight-year-old daughter. Augmented by a running count of all of the biblical verses used and total cost of various donations solicited and products shilled through the day, the author chronicles this hugely influential part of America’s religious landscape that is unfamiliar to many. And she never changed channels once. The result is “laugh-out-loud, hysterically funny, and also extraordinarily poignant—we need more theology done like this.” (Dr. Douglas Gay, Lecturer in Practical Theology, University of Glasgow, Scotland). “Turn off your TV and read this book. It's enlightening and entertaining and it doesn't emit any radiation whatsoever.” —AJ Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically
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Biblical Folklore

Author: Daniel Vincent

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 9788180693823

Category: Bible

Page: 328

View: 9053

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NIV, Essentials Study Bible, eBook

Easily Grasp the Fundamentals of Scripture through Lenses from 6 Bestselling NIV Resources

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310430216

Category: Bibles

Page: 1856

View: 2602

"Looking for the ultimate study Bible? The NIV Essentials Study Bible combines the best features of our six most popular Bibles. It’s designed to help you easily understand and interpret God’s Word, then apply it to your life. This Bible includes great study tools to help you unpack and discover Scripture. Features such as Q&A, detailed in-text study notes, timelines, photos and charts answer your questions, while helpful devotional insights shed new light on familiar passages. Biblical character profiles help you get to know the people of the Bible on a deeper level. Helpful notes are structured into a variety of “lenses” that shine a unique light on Scripture. As you study, you’ll find the ones that best speak to your heart, mind, and spirit. These unique lenses offer different approaches to studying God’s word. - Flyover Lens: Start each book with the big picture. These easy-to-read introductions from the popular Essential Bible Companion help you start each book with a general understanding of the context. - Unpack Lens: Looking for help understanding and interpreting Bible passages? These study notes from the well-loved NIV Study Bible offer valuable insight into the context and meaning behind the words. - Dig Deep, Look Close Lens: Articles and photos from the NIV Archaeological Study Bible bring Bible times to life. Go back in time with fascinating historical and archaeological discoveries. - Q & A Lens: Tackle your tough questions with thoughtful excerpts from the beloved NIV Quest Study Bible. Questioning is an important part of learning. - People Lens: You’ve heard the names before, but what do you really know about the characters within the pages of the Bible? Excerpts from the popular NIV Student Bible introduce you to 100 significant people in the Bible. - Guided Tour Lens: Helpful excerpts from the NIV Student Bible give context and explanation along the way. - Insight Lens: Notes from the NIV Student Bible point out interesting facts and shed light on verses you might have questions about. - Reflect and Respond Lens: These excerpts from the award-winning Great Rescue NIV Bible will help recap what you’ve read. Take a moment to reflect and digest each section as you walk through the sweeping narrative of the Bible. Tailor your journey through Scripture to the way you study best with the NIV Essentials Study Bible. It’s like six awesome resources in one. Order your copy today and take your study to the next level. This Bible offers a biblical perspective on the following topics: Angels, Creation, Evangelism, Ecology, Faith, Eternal Life, Church, Family, Forgiveness, God's love, God's will, Growing with God, Guilt, Holy Spirit, Idolatry, Immigration, Jesus’ life, Jesus’ miracles, Jesus’ fulfillment of prophecy, Judgment, Leadership, Marriage, Miracles, Money, Pagan gods, Parenting, Poverty, Prayer, Prophecy, Reliability of Scripture, Satan, Sanctification, Suffering, Temple, Warfare, Wealth, Women, YHWH, and more."
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Emancipation Betrayed

The Hidden History of Black Organizing and White Violence in Florida from Reconstruction to the Bloody Election of 1920

Author: Paul Ortiz

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520239463

Category: History

Page: 382

View: 1670

The struggle of black Floridians to create the first statewide civil rights movement against Jim Crow is documented in this examination of African-American politics and culture during the period between the end of slavery and the 1920 election.
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Tree of Life Bible

The Gospels

Author: Messianic Jewish Family

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768490146

Category: Religion

Page: 460

View: 8261

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Passing by the Dragon

The Biblical Tales of Flannery O'Connor

Author: J. Ramsey Michaels

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621895599

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 1756

This book attempts a close reading of the fiction of Flannery O'Connor, story by story, with one eye on her use of the Bible, and her view of the Bible in relation to her own work. After introductory chapters on O'Connor's markings in her own Roman Catholic Bible, her book reviews in diocesan newspapers, and her impatience with her wayward readers, Michaels looks first at her two novels, Wise Blood and The Violent Bear It Away, and then at seventeen of her short stories from her two collections, A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Everything That Rises Must Converge. Michaels takes notice of O'Connor's explicit references to the Bible (or Bibles) in her stories, and looks more particularly to the ways in which the stories are driven at least in part by specific biblical texts. Among the themes that emerge are alienation or displacement, what it means to be "good," the relation between body and spirit and between the Old Testament and the New, issues of race and gender, and above all what O'Connor once called "the action of grace in territory held largely by the devil."
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The Rescue and Achievement of Refugee Scholars

The Story of Displaced Scholars and Scientists 1933–1952

Author: N. Bentwich

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401177481

Category: History

Page: 107

View: 3404

This little book has been written at the suggestion of the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning. That body was the successor of the Academic Assistance Council which was formed in 1933 by heads of British Universities and learned Societies to assist scholars and scientists and investigators "who, on grounds of religion, political opinion or race, were unable to carryon their work in their own country". They were, at the time of the formation of the Society, particularly, but not exclusively, refugees from Nazi oppression, and deprived of their academic posts on one of these grounds. But they soon embraced refugees from other tyrannies. The British example was followed by similar efforts in many countries. The National and International effort, initiated in 1933 on behalf of academic freedom, is still far from completed. For the persecution of free thought and research has become an endemic ill of our time, and calls for a continuous activity of the free Universities. The major task, however, of saving for science and scholar ship the victims of Nazi persecution has been accomplished, and most of the academic societies which were formed in the Thirties to take up the challenge have been dissolved. It seems opportune then to place on record this effort of cultural soli darity for the displaced scholars, and the contribution which has been made to the world's intellectual life by those who were rescued.
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God, Gender and the Bible

Author: Deborah Sawyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134686382

Category: History

Page: 192

View: 8368

Deborah Sawyer discusses this crucial yet unresolved question in the context of contemporary and postmodern ideas about gender and power, based on fresh examination of a number of texts from Hebrew and Christian scripture. Such texts offer striking parallels to contemporary gender theories (particularly those of Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler), which have unravelled given notions of power and constructed identity. Through the study of gender in terms of its application by biblical writers as a theological strategy, we can observe how these writers use female characters to undermine human masculinity, through their 'higher' intention to elevate the biblical God. God Gender and the Bible demonstrates that both maleness and femaleness are constructed in the light of divine omnipotence. Unlike many approaches to the Bible that offer hegemonist interpretations, such as those that are explicitly Christian or Jewish, or liberationist or feminist, this enlightening and readable study sustains and works with the inconsistencies evident in biblical literature.
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NIV, The Chronological Study Bible, eBook

Author: Thomas Nelson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1401680135

Category: Bibles

Page: 1664

View: 5443

The Chronological Study Bible presents the text of the New International Version in chronological order - the order in which the events actually happened - with notes, articles, and full-color graphics that connect the reader to the history and culture of Bible times and gives the reader a dramatic, "you are there" experience. Features include full-color illustrations of places, artifacts, and cultural phenomena, contextual articles that connect Biblical times and world history and culture, daily life notes, time panels and charts that show the flow of Biblical history, and in-text and full-color maps. Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles Chronological Study Bibles sold to date: More than 400,000 Thomas Nelson Bibles is a proud supporter of World Vision in eradicating poverty and preventable deaths among children. Learn more and discover what you can do at
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The One Year Men of the Bible

365 Meditations on the Character of Men and Their Connection to the Living God

Author: James Stuart Bell

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781414362311

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 4978

The Bible is filled cover to cover with stories of God's interactions with men, and their interactions with one another. This work is a collection of those stories that offer examples of how to live--and how not to live.
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MEV Bible Thinline Reference

Modern English Version

Author: Passio

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1629982180

Category: Bibles

Page: 1184

View: 5034

The Beauty of the Past with Clarity for Today This Thinline Reference Bible is small, lightweight, and perfect for your Bible study, reading, and devotions. Beautiful and easy to carry, it is ideal for use at home or at church and includes study tools such as: Cross-references Parallel references Concordance Words of Jesus in red Four-color maps Clear. Reverent. Accurate.
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Author: Kate Kilmer-Jackson

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1490730648

Category: Fiction

Page: 806

View: 6077

Manito is a fictional trilogy about a house and piece of land that were cursed in the late 1700's by a female Shaman who was raped and murdered as she isolated herself for child birth. The land becomes the sight of a homestead that changes hands several times until the early 1800's when the Hudson family becomes the inhabitants of the house. The Hudson family is plagued by repeated tragedies while living in the home and the line ends in a double suicide in the mid-1900's. The house eventually becomes the home of the Bowman family who must set about to solve the mystery of the house and land and prevent the death of their own child at the hands of the Manito.
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Church and Stage in Victorian England

Author: Richard Foulkes

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521453202

Category: Drama

Page: 263

View: 4286

This 1997 book explores the process of reconciliation between the Church of England and the theatre during the reign of Queen Victoria.
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The Rage Against God

How Atheism Led Me to Faith

Author: Peter Hitchens

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310412595

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 3109

Here, for the first time, in his new book The Rage Against God, Peter Hitchens, brother of prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens, chronicles his personal journey through disbelief into a committed Christian faith. With unflinching openness and intellectual honesty, Hitchens describes the personal loss and philosophical curiosity that led him to burn his Bible at prep school and embrace atheism in its place. From there, he traces his experience as a journalist in Soviet Moscow, and the critical observations that left him with more questions than answers, and more despair than hope for how to live a meaningful life.With first-hand insight into the blurring of the line between politics and the Church, Hitchens reveals the reasons why an honest assessment of Atheism cannot sustain disbelief in God. In the process, he provides hope for all believers who, in the words of T. S. Eliot, may discover “the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
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