The Archaeology of Personhood

An Anthropological Approach

Author: Chris Fowler

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415317221

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

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Bringing together a wealth of research in social and cultural anthropology, philosophy and related fields, this is the first book to address the contribution that an understanding of personhood can make to our interpretations of the past Applying an anthropological approach to detailed case studies from European prehistoric archaeology, the book explores the connection between people, animals, objects, their societies and environments and investigates the relationship that jointly produces bodies, persons, communities and artefacts. The Archaeology of Personhood examines the characteristics that define a person as a category of being, highlights how definitions of personhood are culturally variable and explores how that variation is connected to human uses of material culture.
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Dress as Social Relations

An interpretation of Bushman dress

Author: Vibeke Maria Viestad

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1776141938

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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The Human Body in Early Iron Age Central Europe

Burial Practices and Images of the Hallstatt World

Author: Katharina Rebay-Salisbury

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351998722

Category: History

Page: 332

View: 4306

Identities and social relations are fundamental elements of societies. To approach these topics from a new and different angle, this study takes the human body as the focal point of investigation. It tracks changing identities of early Iron Age people in central Europe through body-related practices: the treatment of the body after death and human representations in art. The human remains themselves provide information on biological parameters of life, such as sex, biological age, and health status. Objects associated with the body in the grave and funerary practices give further insights on how people of the early Iron Age understood life and death, themselves, and their place in the world. Representations of the human body appear in a variety of different materials, forms, and contexts, ranging from ceramic figurines to images on bronze buckets. Rather than focussing on their narrative content, human images are here interpreted as visualising and mediating identity. The analysis of how image elements were connected reveals networks of social relations that connect central Europe to the Mediterranean. Body ideals, nudity, sex and gender, aging, and many other aspects of women’s and men’s lives feature in this book. Archaeological evidence for marriage and motherhood, war, and everyday life is brought together to paint a vivid picture of the past.
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The British National Bibliography

Author: Arthur James Wells

Publisher: N.A


Category: English literature

Page: N.A

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Cremation and the Archaeology of Death

Author: Jessica Cerezo-Román,Anna Wessman,Howard Williams

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198798113


Page: 368

View: 317

This collection brings together leading experts and new voices in the study of death in the human past. The book explores the rich range of archaeological evidence shedding light on the use of cremation from prehistory to the present day.
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Material turn: Feministische Perspektiven auf Materialität und Materialismus

Author: Imke Leicht,Christine Löw,Nadja Meisterhans,Katharina Volk

Publisher: Verlag Barbara Budrich

ISBN: 3847404067

Category: Political Science

Page: 205

View: 8744

Das Thema Materialität wird innerhalb feministischer Forschungen in den letzten Jahren erneut diskutiert. Vor dem Hintergrund des material turn widmet sich der Band aktuellen Auseinandersetzungen mit Materialität und Materialismus. Dabei sollen zum einen bestehende Konfliktfelder zwischen Diskurs und Materialität sowie Struktur, Handlungsfähigkeit und Subjektivität aus feministischer Perspektive aufgezeigt werden. Zum anderen strebt der Band an, Potenziale einer verbindenden Perspektive auf 'neue' und 'alte' Konzeptionen von Materialität und Materialismen innerhalb feministischer Theorien und Praxen kritisch auszuloten.
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Body Parts and Bodies Whole

Changing Relations and Meanings

Author: Katharina Rebay-Salisbury,Marie Louise Stig Sørensen,Jessica Hughes

Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 148

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This volume grew out of an interdisciplinary discussion held in the context of the Leverhulme-funded project 'Changing Beliefs in the Human Body', through which the image of the body in pieces soon emerged as a potent site of attitudes about the body and associated practices in many periods. Archaeologists routinely encounter parts of human and animal bodies in their excavations. Such fragmentary evidence has often been created through accidental damage and the passage of time - nevertheless, it can also signify a deliberate and meaningful act of fragmentation. As a fragment, a part may acquire a distinct meaning through its enchained relationship to the whole or alternatively it may be used in a more straightforward manner to represent the whole or even act as stand-in for other variables. This collection of papers puts bodily fragmentation into a long-term historical perspective. The temporal spread of the papers collected here indicates both the consistent importance and the varied perception of body parts in the archaeological record of Europe and the Near East. By bringing case studies together from a range of locations and time periods, each chapter brings a different insight to the role of body parts and body wholes and explores the status of the body in different cultural contexts. Many of the papers deal directly with the physical remains of the dead body, but the range of practices and representations covered in this volume confirm the sheer variability of treatments of the body throughout human history. Every one of the contributions demonstrates that examining how the human body is divided into pieces or parts can give us deeper insights into the beliefs of the particular society which produced these practices and representations.
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Theorising tenure

land division and identity in later prehistoric Dartmoor, South-West Britain

Author: Helen Wickstead

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Ltd

ISBN: 9781407303116

Category: History

Page: 242

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Tenure describes certain relations between people and material things. It has long been an important theme in archaeology, especially in the interpretation of ancient land division. How do archaeologists approach this subject, and which approaches have the most potential? This monograph explores tenure through analysis of Bronze Age land division on Dartmoor (south-west Britain) . The research has two aims: to develop existing approaches to tenure, and to interpret land division and tenure on Dartmoor during the second millennium BC. The research applies a series of different theories of, and approaches to tenure to data from Dartmoor. Methods used include spatial analysis of land division and settlement patterns, metrological analysis, experimental reconstruction and synthesis of palaeoenvironmental, excavation and artefactual data. The results are used to advance an interpretation of land division and tenure on Dartmoor and to reflect critically on approaches to tenure.
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Early Medieval Mortuary Practices

Author: Sarah Semple,Howard Williams

Publisher: Oxbow Books


Category: History

Page: 350

View: 9310

Volume 14 of the Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History series is dedicated to the archaeology of early medieval death, burial and commemoration. Incorporating studies focusing upon Anglo-Saxon England as well as research encompassing western Britain, Continental Europe and Scandinavia, this volume originated as the proceedings of a two-day conference held at the University of Exeter in February 2004. It comprises of an Introduction that outlines the key debates and new approaches in early medieval mortuary archaeology followed by eighteen innovative research papers offering new interpretations of the material culture, monuments and landscape context of early medieval mortuary practices. Papers contribute to a variety of ongoing debates including the study of ethnicity, religion, ideology and social memory from burial evidence. The volume also contains two cemetery reports of early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries from Cambridgeshire.
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Material Knowledges, Thermodynamic Spaces and the Moloko Sequence of the Late Iron Age (AD 1300-1840) in Southern Africa

Author: Per Ditlef Fredriksen

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited

ISBN: 9781407309798

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 133

View: 3851

Originally presented as: Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Bergen, 2009. Under title: Transformations in clay: material knowledges, thermodynamic spaces and the Moloko sequence of the late Iron Age (AD 1300-1840) in Southern Africa.
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Kultur und praktische Vernunft

Author: Marshall David Sahlins

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518064245


Page: 335

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Mit Haut und Haar


Author: Kathy Reichs

Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag

ISBN: 3641138272

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 1103

Die Arbeit einer echten Anthropologin umgesetzt in hochspannende Fiktion Der Sommer ist brütend heiß in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gerade will Tempe Brennan vor der Hitze in den wohlverdienten Urlaub fliehen, als auf einer verlassenen Farm Überreste von brutal abgeschlachteten Schwarzbären gefunden werden. Doch das ist noch nicht alles. Zwischen den skelettierten Pranken stößt Tempe auf menschliche Knochen und damit auf die Spur von Schmugglern, die mit dem Töten von Wildtieren blutiges Geld verdienen. Wer ihnen zu nahe kommt, muss um sein Leben fürchten. Tempe ermittelt.
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Publisher: N.A


Category: Academic libraries

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The Postclassic Mesoamerican World

Author: Michael Ernest Smith,Frances Berdan

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 382

View: 1232

Thirty-eight chapters by twelve contributors provide a social and cultural analysis of life in ancient Mexico and Central America.
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Tanz ums Grab

Author: Nigel Barley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423127950


Page: 305

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Unparalleled Behaviour

Britain and Ireland During the 'Mesolithic' and 'Neolithic'

Author: Martin P. King

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 684

View: 2836

This detailed study of the Mesolithic and Neolithic in Britain and Ireland examines evidence related to changes in social behaviour. Martin King discusses economic and subsistence data, burial practices, mobility, social order, construction, land clearance and the deposition of artefacts, interpreting this material evidence in social terms. This study concludes that the Mesolithic and Neolithic should be seen as one long-term trend where differences have previously been overplayed in an attempt to bring the Neolithic into line with a more recognisable modern world. Importantly, his approach allows for the identification of human social behaviour which may have no parallels in the modern world.
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