The Anatomy of Riding

Author: Sara Wyche

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781861266248

Category: Pets

Page: 158

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Explores the relationship between horse and rider.
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The New Anatomy of Rider Connection

Structural Balance for Rider and Horse

Author: Mary Wanless

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570768255

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Modern rider biomechanics begins by explaining fascia--the "Cinderella" of body tissues. Until recently, fascia was ignored by science, consigned to its apparent role as the body's "packing material." However, research now shows that, in reality, this biological fabric is what links muscles into functional chains. In this eye-opening book, rider biomechanics pioneer Mary Wanless explores the characteristics of the body's fascia and why understanding how it works not only improves a rider's balance and coordination, but also enhances "feel," since fascia contains many more sensory nerves than muscles. These register the forces that pull on an area, and thus a "fascial net" under tension creates a wellspring of strength and sensation. By learning to access and rebalance your own fascial net, your stability, skill, and feel will be significantly improved, helping you become a quieter, more effective rider.--
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Understanding the Horse's Legs

Author: Sara Wyche

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781861263476

Category: Medical

Page: 144

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In this follow-up to her best-selling Understanding the Horse's Back, Sara Wyche turns her attention to the legs. Although often taken for granted, it is self-evident that healthy, strong legs are essential for successful riding, whether for leisure or in competition. Topics covered included the anatomy of the horse's legs; likely problems from hooves, joints and bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments; causes of lameness; and advice on care and treatment including homoeopathic and alternative remedies.
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Understanding the Horse's Back

Author: Sara Wyche

Publisher: Crowood Press (UK)


Category: Medical

Page: 142

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This is a unique guide to understanding the horse's back—how it works, what can go wrong and why, how to recognize problems, and how to prevent them, making it an essential handbook for all owners and riders. Topics covered include the basic anatomy of the horse's back; sources and causes of problems; recognizing pain in the horse; professional diagnoses and therapies; orthodox and complementary treatments; rehabilitation and recovery; remedial exercise and training; and "back-friendly” riding and management.
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Anatomie eines Soldaten

Author: Harry Parker

Publisher: Benevento

ISBN: 3710950104

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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45 Gegenstände, 1 unvergessliche Geschichte Captain Tom Barnes leitet einen Einsatz der britischen Armee, als er auf eine Landmine tritt. Zwei einheimische Jungen werden in den Konflikt hineingezogen, kaum ahnend, was dort geschieht. Auf allen Seiten verändert Gewalt das Leben von Grund auf. In diesem ungewöhnlichen Roman erzählen die Gegenstände des Krieges: Turnschuhe, Soldatenstiefel, Helm, ein paar Dollar, eine Drohne, ein Fahrrad, ein militärischer Orden, ein Glas Bier, eine Schneeflocke, medizinisches Gerät und eine Landmine. Anatomie eines Soldaten ist bewegend, aufwühlend und visionär: über den Krieg, tiefe Wunden und das Überleben. "Eine Tour de Force. In seinem brillanten und verführerischen Roman entblößt Harry Parker die geheimen Kräfte des Krieges. Diese Seiten sind gefährlich, aber sie enthalten Mitgefühl und Trauer. Man kann sich nur wundern, dass Menschen sich das gegenseitig antun. Der Krieg wird hier durch die Lupe betrachtet, aber ist doch völlig real." Nadeem Aslam
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Reiten aus der Körpermitte

Perfektion im Sattel

Author: Sally Swift

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783275017959


Page: 254

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Denn Pferde lügen nicht

Neue Wege zu einer vertrauten Mensch-Pferd-Beziehung

Author: Mark Rashid

Publisher: Kosmos

ISBN: 3440138690

Category: Pets

Page: 224

View: 6877

Der so oft propagierten „Dominanz“ gegenüber dem Pferd setzt Mark Rashid das Prinzip des „sanften Führers“ entgegen. Ihm schließen sich die Pferde freiwillig an, weil sie seinen Fähigkeiten vertrauen und sich in seiner Gegenwart wohl fühlen. Wie man diese erstrebenswerte Position einnehmen kann, zeigt Mark Rashid anhand vieler konkreter Fallbeispiele.
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Tuning Your Horse

Using Music for Training and Therapy

Author: Sara Wyche

Publisher: Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781861269379

Category: Pets

Page: 144

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"Riding in tune" depends on a rider having a highly developed sense of rhythm, distinguishing a walk from a trot or a trot from a canter. In a world where our ears are constantly assailed by noise, it's easy for our natural sense of rhythm to become distorted, making it difficult to "hear" the rhythm of the horse and to avoid perpetuating faults, which can ultimately result in multilimbed lameness.Tuning Your Horse shows how the use of music in training can help to reeducate certain aspects of hearing to restore the rider's inner sense of rhythm, which can have far-reaching, beneficial effectsnot just on the horse's performance in the dressage arena but on his overall well-being. Music calms, animates, and controls; it is a gadget-free way of encouraging horse and rider to go forward while at the same time helping them to stay in balance.
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Horse Riding in the 21st Century

Discover the Route to Your Success

Author: M. S. Avis Senior

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780992766542


Page: 212

View: 7666

Over the years techniques in riding, training and the general handling of horses have changed as we become more aware and open to how our horses think and feel. However, we still do not always get it right due to two vital failings: we do not take the time to consider that the horse's anatomy is not designed to carry the weight of a rider and saddle on his back, nor are the interdental spaces in the mouth cavity intended to accommodate any type of bit. The realisation creates a dilemma - do we ride without a bit? Should we consider not riding at all? Further questions then arise; if the horse's anatomy is not designed for our enjoyment, is it possible that evasion and disobedience are actually discomfort, pain, confusion, and even fear related? It is a fact that our aids, our gadgets, and we can become artillery against the horse in an instant due to our lack of understanding of them and of the anatomy of the horse. 'Horse Riding in the 21st Century' - a revised edition of the author's previous work - is an essential guide to a more holistic approach in the riding and general handling of the horse, that will allow you to remain in the saddle with a far deeper knowledge and empathy as you discover the route to your success.
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Das Gymnasium des Pferdes

Author: Gustav Steinbrecht

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783861273578


Page: 240

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Petronius and the Anatomy of Fiction

Author: Victoria Rimell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139436250

Category: History

Page: N.A

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Petronius' Satyricon, long regarded as the first 'novel' of the Western tradition, has always sparked controversy. It has been puzzled over as a strikingly modernist riddle, elevated as a work of exemplary comic realism, condemned as obscene and repackaged as a morality tale. This reading of the surviving portions of the work shows how the Satyricon fuses the anarchic and the classic, the comic and the disturbing, and presents readers with a labyrinth of narratorial viewpoints. Dr Rimell argues that the surviving fragments are connected by an imagery of disintegration, focused on the pervasive Neronian metaphor of the literary text as a human or animal body. Throughout, she discusses the limits of dominant twentieth-century views of the Satyricon as bawdy pantomime, and challenges prevailing restrictions of Petronian corporeality to material or non-metaphorical realms. This 'novel' emerges as both very Roman and very satirical in its 'intestinal' view of reality.
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The Anatomy of Journey

A Soulquest

Author: Rohit K Nalluri

Publisher: Rohit K Nalluri

ISBN: 1310566534

Category: Travel

Page: 252

View: 3122

The Anatomy of Journey is a soul-quest, an essay into the secrets of nature, a journey into the mystic heights of Ladakh and into the depths of the mind. It is a narrative about four restless, young men, looking for adventure on the road. The novel follows their epic motorcycle road trip from Bangalore to Ladakh, over a total distance of six thousand kilometers and spanning fifteen days. The bikers discover an entire new world, riding from Delhi to Chandigarh to Manali to Leh - the capital of Ladakh. They cross five mountain passes, visit a beautiful, blue, mountain lake, and end up on what some call the highest motor-able road in the world, on one of the highest mountain passes - Khardung La [18,300 ft]. This is a journey into the romance of the Indian Himalayas, into the cold whispers of the Kullu valley, into the ancient trading route that connects Manali to Leh to Tibet and then to China over the Karakoram Pass. This is also a journey into the mind and spirit, into questions that are difficult to answer. It is a journey into long, unbroken silences. The readers will discover, as did the riders, that the elevation of mountains cause elevations in thought, and this elevation is sought and pursued as relentlessly as the open road. Through these and many other smaller journeys, the reader is invited to question their understanding of life, of what it has come to mean, of what we have been taught it means, of what we have been forced into believing. A fresh new perspective is born from these wanderings, and this perspective allows us - the reader and the rider - to question the anatomy of various things, including the journey itself. Come join us on this expanding walkabout, a pilgrimage into the very heart of mountains and rivers, and delve into the sinless seduction that only nature provides. This book, these words, these glimpses into the soul of everything will uplift, enchant and enthrall. All I ask is for you to spend a wonderful afternoon upon the motorcycle of the mind. I promise I am leaning into the curve of the blind road with you.
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The Anatomy of Édouard Beaupré

A Story

Author: Sarah Kathryn York

Publisher: Coteau Books

ISBN: 1550504770

Category: Beaupré, Joseph-Édouard

Page: 206

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"The Willow Bunch Giant, Edouard Beaupré, was a celebrity circus giant, sideshow strongman, Metis cowboy, and family man. He spoke five languages and led an extraordinary life. That life began in Western Canada, in a time on the cusp of change. When he died in 1904, at just 23 years old, his 8'4" body was displayed in storefront windows, and then suddenly vanished. For years, it was submitted to experiments at the University of Montreal, and the promise to bury Edouard forgotten. It is also the story of an anatomist with a rare disease, whose only cure is buried in the secrets of Edouard's shrinking corpse. His strange obsession with the giant leads him deeper into Edouard's life, and the mystery of the man behind the legend...." --Author's website.
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Anatomy of Dressage

Author: Heinrich Schusdziarra,Volker Schusdziarra,Reina Abelshauser

Publisher: Trafalgar Square

ISBN: 9780939481699

Category: Pets

Page: 144

View: 8394

Only with a working knowledge of human anatomy can a rider fully understand the instructions given for correct position in the saddle and explanations of the movements. Originally published in Germany and previously published in English as Anatomy of Riding, Anatomy of Dressage presents a clear overview of anatomy as it relates to riding, written for the layman. Working from this anatomical perspective, the authors, who in addition to being father and son are also medical doctors, discuss the individual requirements of riding theory. Many of their conclusions may be surprising to readers, such as the notion that it is physically impossible to "brace the lower back" as we are so often advised by instructors. An absolutely fascinating read, Anatomy of Dressage is required reading for the USDF's Instructor Certification program.
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The Anatomy of Freedom

Feminism in Four Dimensions

Author: Robin Morgan

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497678099

Category: Social Science

Page: 385

View: 6012

The classic of feminist vision by one of its greatest writers, with a new preface by the author With the advent of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, physics and our world changed forever. In The Anatomy of Freedom, Robin Morgan shows us how the empowerment of women—half of humanity—will have the same transformative power for society that e=mc2 had for the physical world. This is not simply another feminist treatise. Morgan looks beyond the women’s movement as a crucial struggle for equal rights; she sees this process as the fundamental motor for freeing both women and men, and as a necessity for the survival of sentient life and of the planet itself. She explains and demystifies theoretical physics in accessible terms and, astonishingly, uses it as a prism through which to view the equation of relationships and gender, while going deep into the subconscious and plumbing the roots of passion. At the same time, she makes vital connections between these internal realities and global issues of the environment, economics, and family. There has perhaps never been a book more daring. The Anatomy of Freedom shows a master at her peak.
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Natural horse-man-ship

Author: Pat Parelli

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783891180938


Page: 223

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Therapeutic Riding Programs

Instruction and Rehabilitation: A Handbook for Instructors and Therapists on Riding with the Disabled Person

Author: Margaret L. Galloway

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medical

Page: 637

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Practical Steps in Rehabilitating Your Horse

Author: Sara Wyche

Publisher: Crowood Press (UK)

ISBN: 9781847971692

Category: Medical

Page: 128

View: 4699

Aimed at novice to advanced riders this resource looks at the therapies available and the practical steps owners can take to ensure their horse's rehabilitation is successful Many horses and ponies suffer injuries to their muscles, joints, and ligaments, which tend to be poorly diagnosed, yet eventually prove to be incapacitating. The animals are taken out of work for months, then brought back into work hoping that time has cured them, and later sold on as less-than-sound, retired, or sent to the great pasture in the sky. This guide argues that the rehabilitation process must be a series of local steps and helps carers to know which procedures to implement and roughly how long it will take for the horse to respond, as well as how to measure their expectations, know the pitfalls of each therapy available, and take charge of their emotions. Everybody can achieve an improvement if their horse or pony suffered an injury, or needs help to recover from surgery, if they have a better understanding of what they are trying to achieve. This book offers an in-depth look at the causes and effects of lameness, how compensatory mechanisms can get in the way of diagnosis, how to find the root of the problem, and what to do about it.
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