Sexuality, Gender, and the Law

Author: William N. Eskridge,Nan D. Hunter

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 1571

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Eskridge and Hunter's Sexuality, Gender and the Law provides detailed information on the sexuality, gender, and the law. It covers the rapidly developing field of transgender law as well as federal court developments in the areas of same-sex sexual harassment, discrimination against transgendered persons as gender discrimination, and pregnancy discrimination and legally defining gender. Specific court decisions on custody, sexual orientation discrimination in jury selection, and gender identity are included and there is an appendix with an annotated list of the best web sites for research on issues of sexuality and gender law.
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Sexuality, Gender, and the Law 2016

Author: William Eskridge, Jr.,Courtney Joslin,Nan Hunter

Publisher: Foundation Press

ISBN: 9781634605243


Page: N.A

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Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies

Author: Timothy Murphy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135942412

Category: Reference

Page: 748

View: 8765

The Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies surveys the field in some 470 entries on individuals (Adrienne Rich); arts and cultural studies (Dance); ethics, religion, and philosophical issues (Monastic Traditions); historical figures, periods, and ideas (Germany between the World Wars); language, literature, and communication (British Drama); law and politics (Child Custody); medicine and biological sciences (Health and Illness); and psychology, social sciences, and education (Kinsey Report).
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Sexual Identity Law in Context

Cases and Materials

Author: Shannon Gilreath

Publisher: West Group


Category: Law

Page: 816

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Battered Women and the Law

Author: Clare Dalton,Elizabeth M. Schneider

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 1137

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This book takes as its operating premise that violence against women is prevalent throughout the world, that intimate violence is an important aspect of the broader problem of violence against women, and that the legal system has a crucial part to play in combating all forms of violence against women.
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Women and the Law

A Bibliographical Survey of Legal and Quasi-legal Materials with Special Reference to Commonwealth Caribbean Jurisdictions and Including Relevant Commonwealth Caribbean Legislation and Case Material

Author: Joan A. Brathwaite

Publisher: University of West Indies Press

ISBN: 9789766400699

Category: History

Page: 347

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Constructing Sexualities

Readings in Sexuality, Gender, and Culture

Author: Suzanne LaFont

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: 9780130096616

Category: Social Science

Page: 406

View: 8873

Designed to introduce readers to a broad range of relevant ideas and theories and to encourage critical thinking on a variety of sexuality and gender topics, this collection of articles, classic and current, addresses the relationships between sexuality, gender, and culture. The readings include descriptions of variations in sexual and gender ideologies, expressions of sexuality, gender diversity, and global issues. Gay rights, transgendered movements, intersexed awareness, female genital mutilation, male circumcision, AIDS, sex tourism, and the explosion on the internet are all current issues addressed.
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Women and the Law

Author: Judith G. Greenberg,Martha Minow,Dorothy E. Roberts

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 1083

View: 5084

The Second Edition of Frug's Women and the Law integrates cases with theoretical readings by feminists, social scientists, historians, and legal scholars. Organized around three central topics of work, family, and body, the book reflects a multiplicity of feminist stances and critiques.
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Gay Rights

Author: Rachel Kranz,Tim Cusick

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438125496

Category: Gay rights

Page: 369

View: 5201

Provides an overview of issues related to gay rights, including history, terminology, biographical information on important individuals, and a complete annotated bibliography.
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Sex Equality

Author: Catharine A. Mackinnon

Publisher: Foundation Press

ISBN: 9781609304560


Page: 1982

View: 2925

Sex Equality, third edition, comprehensively updates and analyzes the legal doctrine and social concept of sex equality in theoretical, comparative, international, historical, and social scientific context. Together with the relative situation of women and men, detailed attention is given throughout to racism, the treatment of Native peoples, economic class, sexual orientation, and transgender status. Centered on U.S. legal cases, the book maps and interrogates the traditional approach to sex discrimination based on sameness and difference and develops a theory of substantive equality based on hierarchy as well. Materials on race, work, education, athletics, and pregnancy are included. An updated chapter on burdens of proof equips the litigator with basic technical tools in critical perspective. Expanding sex equality concepts, including arguments gaining increasing recognition, the law of the family, rape, sexual harassment in work and education, gay and lesbian rights, reproductive issues including abortion and surrogacy, prostitution, and pornography are thoroughly explored in light of contemporary cultural, legal, and transnational developments and controversies. This volume provides detailed information on inequality between the sexes, an expert grasp of the legal and conceptual tools of sex equality in its manifold dimensions, and visions of future possibilities. This stimulating, flexible, up-to-the-minute treatment of a rapidly expanding and changing area--one of the most frequently litigated--provides an accessible basis for courses in law schools and undergraduate colleges by a widely recognized leading expert in the field.
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Die Schande von Missoula

Vergewaltigung im Land der Freiheit

Author: Jon Krakauer

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492973353

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 480

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Die meisten Vergewaltiger kannten ihre Opfer vorher, wodurch die Strafverfolgung und die gerichtliche Suche nach der Wahrheit oft komplex und undurchsichtig ist und die vergewaltigten Frauen ein zweites Mal traumatisiert werden. In seinem neuen Buch beschäftigt sich Jon Krakauer mit Vergewaltigungsfällen in der amerikanischen Universitätsstadt Missoula. Minutiös und doch einfühlsam skizziert er die Ereignisse, die eine ganze Gesellschaft an der Frage nach Recht und Unrecht, Wahrheit und Lüge verzweifeln lassen, er spricht mit den Beschuldigten und den Opfern und schildert packend, wie schmerzhaft die Suche nach Gerechtigkeit und Sühne bei Gericht sein kann.
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Das Ende der Männer

und der Aufstieg der Frauen

Author: Hanna Rosin

Publisher: ebook Berlin Verlag

ISBN: 3827076307

Category: Social Science

Page: 400

View: 5116

Ist die jahrtausendealte Herrschaft des Patriarchats am Ende? Noch nicht, sagt Hanna Rosin, doch die massiven Veränderungen der Berufswelt und des Bildungssystems haben eine Dynamik in Gang gesetzt, die das Verhältnis zwischen den Geschlechtern nachhaltig verändert. So scheinen viele Anforderungen der modernen Dienstleistungsgesellschaft – Flexibilität, soziale Intelligenz, Kommunikationsfähigkeit – eindeutig Frauen in die Hände zu spielen, während Männer oft von den Umwälzungen überfordert sind. Hanna Rosin zeigt – frei von ideologischen Prämissen –, wie sich heute das Leben von Männern und Frauen unterscheidet, wie sehr sich die Art und Weise geändert hat, wie heute gearbeitet, gelernt, zusammengelebt wird. Differenziert und mit vielen konkreten Beispielen gelingt es Rosin, die Chancen und Schattenseiten des »weiblichen Jahrhunderts« in den Blick zu nehmen. "Das Ende der Männer" ist keine feministische Streitschrift, keine Prophezeiung, sondern eine messerscharfe, weitsichtige Diagnose.
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Sex Discrimination and the Law

History, Practice, and Theory

Author: Barbara Allen Babcock

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 9780316074889

Category: Law

Page: 1514

View: 9375

This extensive revision provides timely coverage of feminist litigation/legislation and feminist legal theory so your students can help clients address today's exploding gender law issues. The book begins with a chapter on constitutional history and doctrine and moves to employment discrimination, reproduction, family, rape, pornography, and prostitution. To place issues in context, each chapter interweaves: -- the statutes, regulations, and court decisions of the law in question -- a comprehensive selection of excerpts from the writings of many feminist legal theorists -- extensive historical background -- important interdisciplinary material from sociology, psychology, and economics -- discussions of the similarities and dissimilarities of women of different races, ethnicities, classes, and sexual orientation -- litigative and legislative strategies -- the addition of major feminist theoretical work -- provocative questions for class discussions, suggested course outlines, and other teaching aids
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Women and the Law, 1996

Author: Judith G Greenberg,Gerald E. Frug

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781566624398

Category: Social Science

Page: 177

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Gender and Law

Theory, Doctrine, Commentary

Author: Katharine T. Bartlett,Angela P. Harris,Deborah L. Rhode

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 9780735525481

Category: Law

Page: 1337

View: 2698

The third edition of the highly regarded Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine, Commentary continues to offer an approach to the field that reinforces the alternative theoretical frameworks for considering the important legal issues of our time relating to gender. It reaches well beyond the traditional topics of employment, family, and the U.S. Constitution to show how subject matters as diverse as ethics, civil procedure, property law, immigration law and other areas of the law can have a significant gender dimension. The authors make the subject meaningful and memorable through: a balanced approach that emphasizes alternative, often competing, perspectives a statutory appendix for more detail on commonly cited laws effective use of introductory text, cases, cutting-edge feminist scholarship, and notes problems that give students experience in applying theory to real-life situations the integration of material on race, class, gender, and sexual orientation Look for these important changes in the Third Edition of this fully revised casebook: more international material, including human rights issues new co-author Deborah L. Rhode joins an outstanding author team greater emphasis on practical applications of theoretical material increased coverage of marriage and motherhood greater attention to women and poverty new cases on First Amendment right of expression (Boy Scouts of America v. Dale), peer sexual harassment in public schools (Davis v. Monroe County), Violence Against Women Act (US v. Morrison), partial-birth abortion, and reproductive technology For excellent coverage, and for a balanced, comprehensive layout of the field of Gender and Law that develops multiple approaches and perspectives, ranging from traditional formal equality analysis to more radical feminist critiques, you will want to consider Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine, Commentary, Third Edition, by Bartlett, Harris, and Rhode.
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Meine geliebte Welt

Author: Sonia Sotomayor

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406659489

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 349

View: 2105

Aufgewachsen in der Bronx, Puertoricanerin, die Kindheit prekär, der Vater Alkoholiker, die Mutter überfordert – Sonia Sotomayor war es nicht gerade in die Wiege gelegt, eines Tages Richterin am höchsten Gericht der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika zu werden. Mit einem großen Herzen und viel Humor erzählt diese Ausnahmefrau von ihrem Weg, aber nicht um sich dabei auf die Schulter zu klopfen, sondern um anderen Menschen mit ihrer eigenen Geschichte Mut zu machen. Ein hinreißendes, ansteckendes Buch über das Trotzdem und über die – wirklich wichtigen – Dinge des Lebens. „’Nach der Lektüre werden mich die Leser nach menschlichen Kriterien beurteilen’, schreibt Sonia Sotomayor. Wir, die wir in diesem Fall die Jury sind, finden sie einfach unwiderstehlich.“ Washingtonian „Überwältigende und stark geschriebene Memoiren zum Thema Identität und Persönlichkeitsfindung ... Offenherzig, scharf beobachtet und vor allem tief empfunden.“ The New York Times „Eine Frau, die weiß, wo sie herkommt und die die Kraft hat, uns dorthin mitzunehmen.“ The New York Times Book Review
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1997 Supplement to Women and the Law

Author: Judith G. Greenberg,Dorothy E. Roberts,Gerald E. Frug

Publisher: Foundation Pr

ISBN: 9781566625661

Category: Law

Page: 186

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Differenz und Gleichheit

Menschenrechte haben (k)ein Geschlecht

Author: Ute Gerhard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783927164116

Category: Feminism

Page: 373

View: 9060

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Cases and materials on feminist jurisprudence

taking women seriously

Author: Mary Becker,Cynthia Grant Bowman,Morrison Torrey

Publisher: West Group


Category: Law

Page: 926

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