Selena, Latinos, and the Performance of Memory

Author: Deborah Paredez

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822390892

Category: Social Science

Page: 284

View: 2814

An outpouring of memorial tributes and public expressions of grief followed the death of the Tejana recording artist Selena Quintanilla Pérez in 1995. The Latina superstar was remembered and mourned in documentaries, magazines, websites, monuments, biographies, murals, look-alike contests, musicals, drag shows, and more. Deborah Paredez explores the significance and broader meanings of this posthumous celebration of Selena, which she labels “Selenidad.” She considers the performer’s career and emergence as an icon within the political and cultural transformations in the United States during the 1990s, a decade that witnessed a “Latin explosion” in culture and commerce alongside a resurgence of anti-immigrant discourse and policy. Paredez argues that Selena’s death galvanized Latina/o efforts to publicly mourn collective tragedies (such as the murders of young women along the U.S.-Mexico border) and to envision a brighter future. At the same time, reactions to the star’s death catalyzed political jockeying for the Latino vote and corporate attempts to corner the Latino market. Foregrounding the role of performance in the politics of remembering, Paredez unravels the cultural, political, and economic dynamics at work in specific commemorations of Selena. She analyzes Selena’s final concert, the controversy surrounding the memorial erected in the star’s hometown of Corpus Christi, and the political climate that served as the backdrop to the touring musicals Selena Forever and Selena: A Musical Celebration of Life. Paredez considers what “becoming” Selena meant to the young Latinas who auditioned for the biopic Selena, released in 1997, and she surveys a range of Latina/o queer engagements with Selena, including Latina lesbian readings of the star’s death scene and queer Selena drag. Selenidad is a provocative exploration of how commemorations of Selena reflected and changed Latinidad.
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No Boundaries

Transnational Latino Gangs and American Law Enforcement

Author: Tom Diaz

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472034685

Category: History

Page: 360

View: 6756

An alarming report on Latino crime gangs and the efforts of U.S. law enforcement to contain them
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This Side of Skin

Author: Deborah Parédez

Publisher: Wings Press (TX)


Category: Poetry

Page: 68

View: 5685

Julia Alvarez says that "This Side of Skin is full of poems that get under your skin and work their magic. Her voice is smart, full of surprises, a blending of old myths with new meanings, Latina rhythms and a USA American beat, Spanish and English. These are powerful mixtures... I will be listening for her poems for years."
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Struggles & Protests in 21st Century USA

Author: Iris Morales

Publisher: Red Sugarcane Press

ISBN: 9780996827645

Category: Social Science

Page: 230

View: 686

Latinas: Struggles & Protests in 21st Century USA is a collection of poetry and prose reflecting on women's experiences and the relationship between gender and social change. It examines inequities as women but also by class, race, ethnicity, and immigration status, and reveals Latina perspectives on important contemporary sociopolitical issues.
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Dissonant Divas in Chicana Music

The Limits of la Onda

Author: Deborah R. Vargas

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816673160

Category: Music

Page: 313

View: 5462

Explores the resounding musical performances of Mexican American women such as Chelo Silva, Eva Ybarra, Eva Garza, and Selena within Tejano/Chicano music
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Latino/a Literature in the Classroom

Twenty-first-century approaches to teaching

Author: Frederick Luis Aldama

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317933982

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 380

View: 7853

In one of the most rapidly growing areas of literary study, this volume provides the first comprehensive guide to teaching Latino/a literature in all variety of learning environments. Essays by internationally renowned scholars offer an array of approaches and methods to the teaching of the novel, short story, plays, poetry, autobiography, testimonial, comic book, children and young adult literature, film, performance art, and multi-media digital texts, among others. The essays provide conceptual vocabularies and tools to help teachers design courses that pay attention to: Issues of form across a range of storytelling media Issues of content such as theme and character Issues of historical periods, linguistic communities, and regions Issues of institutional classroom settings The volume innovatively adds to and complicates the broader humanities curriculum by offering new possibilities for pedagogical practice.
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Chicana Feminisms

A Critical Reader

Author: Gabriela F. Arredondo

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822331414

Category: Social Science

Page: 391

View: 4161

DIVAn anthology of original essays from Chicana feminists which explores the complexities of life experiences of the Chicanas, such as class, generation, sexual orientation, age, language use, etc./div
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Beyond El Barrio

Everyday Life in Latina/o America

Author: Adrian Burgos,Frank Guridy

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814768008

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 4869

Freighted with meaning, “el barrio” is both place and metaphor for Latino populations in the United States. Though it has symbolized both marginalization and robust and empowered communities, the construct of el barrio has often reproduced static understandings of Latino life; they fail to account for recent demographic shifts in urban centers such as New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles, and in areas outside of these historic communities. Beyond El Barrio features new scholarship that critically interrogates how Latinos are portrayed in media, public policy and popular culture, as well as the material conditions in which different Latina/o groups build meaningful communities both within and across national affiliations. Drawing from history, media studies, cultural studies, and anthropology, the contributors illustrate how despite the hypervisibility of Latinos and Latin American immigrants in recent political debates and popular culture, the daily lives of America’s new “majority minority” remain largely invisible and mischaracterized. Taken together, these essays provide analyses that not only defy stubborn stereotypes, but also present novel narratives of Latina/o communities that do not fit within recognizable categories. In this way, this book helps us to move “beyond el barrio”: beyond stereotype and stigmatizing tropes, as well as nostalgic and uncritical portraits of complex and heterogeneous range of Latina/o lives.
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Salsa Crossings

Dancing Latinidad in Los Angeles

Author: Cindy García

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822378299

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 4941

In Los Angeles, night after night, the city's salsa clubs become social arenas where hierarchies of gender, race, and class, and of nationality, citizenship, and belonging are enacted on and off the dance floor. In an ethnography filled with dramatic narratives, Cindy García describes how local salseras/os gain social status by performing an exoticized L.A.–style salsa that distances them from club practices associated with Mexicanness. Many Latinos in Los Angeles try to avoid "dancing like a Mexican," attempting to rid their dancing of techniques that might suggest that they are migrants, poor, working-class, Mexican, or undocumented. In L.A. salsa clubs, social belonging and mobility depend on subtleties of technique and movement. With a well-timed dance-floor exit or the lift of a properly tweezed eyebrow, a dancer signals affiliation not only with a distinctive salsa style but also with a particular conceptualization of latinidad.
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Dangerous crossroads

popular music, postmodernism, and the poetics of place

Author: George Lipsitz

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 9781859840351

Category: Music

Page: 192

View: 2893

An intelligent survey of world music's inter-cultural fusions. In a wild tour across the globe, touching down in Havana, Port-au-Prince, Kingston, Budapest, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, George Lipsitz explores the fusion of immigrant and mainstream cultures displayed in world music, including rap, jazz, reggae, zouk, bhangra, juju, swamp pop, and Puerto Rican bugalu and Chicago punk.
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Time Slips

Queer Temporalities, Contemporary Performance, and the Hole of History

Author: Jaclyn Pryor

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810135329

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

View: 3097

This bold book investigates how performance can transform the way people perceive trauma and memory, time and history. Jaclyn I. Pryor introduces the concept of "time slips," moments in which past, present, and future coincide, moments that challenge American narratives of racial and sexual citizenship. Framing performance as a site of resistance, Pryor analyzes their own work and that of four other queer artists—Ann Carlson, Mary Ellen Strom, Peggy Shaw, and Lisa Kron—between 2001 and 2016. Pryor illuminates how each artist deploys performance as a tool to render history visible, trauma recognizable, and transformation possible by laying bare the histories and ongoing systems of violence woven deep into our society. Pryor also includes a case study that examines the challenges of teaching queer time and queer performance within the academy in what Pryor calls a post-9/11 “homeland” security state. Masterfully synthesizing a wealth of research and experiences, Time Slips will interest scholars and readers in the fields of theater and performance studies, queer studies, and American studies.
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Remixing Reggaetón

The Cultural Politics of Race in Puerto Rico

Author: Petra R. Rivera-Rideau

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822375257

Category: Music

Page: 240

View: 677

Puerto Rico is often depicted as a "racial democracy" in which a history of race mixture has produced a racially harmonious society. In Remixing Reggaetón, Petra R. Rivera-Rideau shows how reggaetón musicians critique racial democracy's privileging of whiteness and concealment of racism by expressing identities that center blackness and African diasporic belonging. Stars such as Tego Calderón criticize the Puerto Rican mainstream's tendency to praise black culture but neglecting and marginalizing the island's black population, while Ivy Queen, the genre's most visible woman, disrupts the associations between whiteness and respectability that support official discourses of racial democracy. From censorship campaigns on the island that sought to devalue reggaetón, to its subsequent mass marketing to U.S. Latino listeners, Rivera-Rideau traces reggaetón's origins and its transformation from the music of San Juan's slums into a global pop phenomenon. Reggaetón, she demonstrates, provides a language to speak about the black presence in Puerto Rico and a way to build links between the island and the African diaspora.
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The Tide Was Always High

The Music of Latin America in Los Angeles

Author: Josh Kun

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520294408

Category: History

Page: 316

View: 905

"A collection of essays, interviews, and scholarship exploring the often overlooked history of Latin American musicians and music in the shaping of Los Angeles. Featuring a mix of academics, musicians, and journalists, the book listens to the vibrant Latin American soundtracks of Los Angeles, from Hollywood film sets to recording studios, from vaudeville theaters to Sunset Strip nightclubs, and from Carmen Miranda to Perez Prado and Juan Garcia Esquivel."--Provided by publisher.
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Dance and the Hollywood Latina

Race, Sex, and Stardom

Author: Priscilla Peña Ovalle

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813548802

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 178

View: 8182

Dance and the Hollywood Latina asks why every Latina star in Hollywood history began as a dancer or danced onscreen. Introducing the concepts of "inbetween-ness" and "racial mobility" to further illuminate how racialized sexuality and the dancing female body operate in film, this book focuses on the careers of Dolores Del Rio, Rita Hayworth, Carmen Miranda, Rita Moreno, and Jennifer Lopez and helps readers better understand how the United States grapples with race, gender, and sexuality through dancing bodies on screen.
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The Woman in the Zoot Suit

Gender, Nationalism, and the Cultural Politics of Memory

Author: Catherine S. Ramírez

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822388642

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 6085

The Mexican American woman zoot suiter, or pachuca, often wore a V-neck sweater or a long, broad-shouldered coat, a knee-length pleated skirt, fishnet stockings or bobby socks, platform heels or saddle shoes, dark lipstick, and a bouffant. Or she donned the same style of zoot suit that her male counterparts wore. With their striking attire, pachucos and pachucas represented a new generation of Mexican American youth, which arrived on the public scene in the 1940s. Yet while pachucos have often been the subject of literature, visual art, and scholarship, The Woman in the Zoot Suit is the first book focused on pachucas. Two events in wartime Los Angeles thrust young Mexican American zoot suiters into the media spotlight. In the Sleepy Lagoon incident, a man was murdered during a mass brawl in August 1942. Twenty-two young men, all but one of Mexican descent, were tried and convicted of the crime. In the Zoot Suit Riots of June 1943, white servicemen attacked young zoot suiters, particularly Mexican Americans, throughout Los Angeles. The Chicano movement of the 1960s–1980s cast these events as key moments in the political awakening of Mexican Americans and pachucos as exemplars of Chicano identity, resistance, and style. While pachucas and other Mexican American women figured in the two incidents, they were barely acknowledged in later Chicano movement narratives. Catherine S. Ramírez draws on interviews she conducted with Mexican American women who came of age in Los Angeles in the late 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s as she recovers the neglected stories of pachucas. Investigating their relative absence in scholarly and artistic works, she argues that both wartime U.S. culture and the Chicano movement rejected pachucas because they threatened traditional gender roles. Ramírez reveals how pachucas challenged dominant notions of Mexican American and Chicano identity, how feminists have reinterpreted la pachuca, and how attention to an overlooked figure can disclose much about history making, nationalism, and resistant identities.
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To Selena, with Love

Commemorative Edition

Author: Chris Perez

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101580267

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 2336

Chris Perez tells the story of his relationship with music star Selena in this heartfelt tribute. One of the most compelling and adored superstars in Latin music history, Selena was nothing short of a phenomenon who shared all of herself with her millions of devoted fans. Her tragic murder, at the young age of twenty-three, stripped the world of her talent and boundless potential, her tightly knit family of their beloved angel, and her husband, Chris Perez, of the greatest love he had ever known. For over a decade, Chris held on to the only personal thing he had left from his late wife: the touching and sometimes painful memories of their very private bond. Now, for the first time, Chris opens up about their unbreakable friendship, forbidden relationship, and blossoming marriage, which were cut short by Selena’s unforgivable death. Chris’s powerful story gives a rare glimpse into Selena’s sincerity and vulnerability when falling in love, strength and conviction when fighting for that love, and absolute resilience when finding peace and normalcy with her family’s acceptance of the only man she called her husband. While showcasing a side of Selena that has never been disclosed before and clarifying certain misconceptions about her life and death, To Selena, with Love is an everlasting love story that immortalizes the heart and soul of an extraordinary, unforgettable, and irreplaceable icon. Includes exclusive photos!
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Selena's Secret

The Revealing Story Behind Her Tragic Death

Author: María Celeste Arrarás

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476775052

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 4032

The anchorwoman on the top-rated Spanish television magazine reveals details about the life and tragic death of the Latin music superstar, including information about her murderer. Reissue.
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Performing China on the London Stage

Chinese Opera and Global Power, 1759–2008

Author: Ashley Thorpe

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137597860

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 263

View: 5825

This book details the history of Chinese theatre, and British representations of Chinese theatre, on the London stage over a 250-year period. A wide range of performance case studies – from exhibitions and British Chinese opera inspired theatre, to translations of Chinese plays and visiting troupes – highlight the evolving nature of Sino-British trade, fashion, migration, the formation of diaspora, and international relations. Collectively, they outline the complex relationship between Britain and China – the rise and fall of the British Empire, and the fall and rise of China – as it was played out on the stages of London across three centuries. Drawing extensively upon archival materials and fieldwork research, the book offers new insights for intercultural British theatre in the 21st century – ‘the Asian century’.
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Sexy Bodies

The Strange Carnalities of Feminism

Author: Elizabeth Grosz,Elspeth Probyn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134859708

Category: Art

Page: 320

View: 8936

Are bodies sexy? How? In what sorts of ways? Sexy Bodies investigates the production of sexual bodies and sexual practices, of sexualities which are dyke, bi, transracial, and even hetero. It celebrates lesbian and queer sexualities but also explores what runs underneath and within all sexualities, discovering what is fundamentally weird and strange about all bodies, all carnalities. Looking at a pleasurable variety of cultural forms and texts, the contributors consider the particular charms of girls and horses, from National Velvet to Marnie; discuss figures of the lesbian body from vampires to tribades to tomboys; uncover 'virtual' lesbians in the fiction of Jeanette Winterson; track desire in the music of legendary Blues singers; and investigate the ever-scrutinised and celebrated body of Elizabeth Taylor. The collection includes two important pieces of fiction by Mary Fallon and Nicole Brossard. Sexy Bodies makes new connections between and amongst bodies, cruising the borders of the obscene, the pleasurable, the desirable and the hitherto unspoken rethinking sexuality anew as deeply and strangely sexy.
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A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness

Writings, 2000–2010

Author: Cherríe Moraga,Celia Herrera Rodriguez

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822349779

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 250

View: 6811

DIVCollection of essays and poems that address the challenges of being a Chicana, a lesbian, and a feminist in the changing world of the twenty-first century./div
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