Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447206932

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 64

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Including a chronicle of his first mescaline experience, a trailer-park confrontation and ending with an unnaturally poignant love story, Screwjack is an exhilarating collection of short stories. As Thompson puts it in his introduction, the three stories here ‘build like Bolero to a faster & wilder climax that will drag the reader relentlessly up a hill, & then drop him off a cliff . . . That is the Desired Effect.’ Amid all the hilarity, Hunter S. Thompson proves just how brilliant a prose stylist he really is. Screwjack is salacious, unsettling, and brutally lyrical. ‘Hunter Thompson elicits the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victoria’s funeral’ William F Buckley ‘There are only two adjectives writers care about anymore, brilliant and outrageous, and Hunter S. Thompson has a freehold on both of them’ Tom Wolfe
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A Text Book of Theory of Machines

Author: J. S. Brar,R. K. Bansal

Publisher: Firewall Media

ISBN: 9788170084181

Category: Machinery

Page: 1131

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Mechanical Experiments and Workshop Practice

Author: G S Sawhney

Publisher: I. K. International Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9380026757

Category: Mechanical engineering

Page: 373

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The book is meant for first year BE/B.Tech. students and addresses the course curriculum in Mechanical Experiments and Workshop Practice. The book explains theory and methodology of performing experiments about: " Mechanics " Strength of Materials " Materials Science The book also includes: " IC Engines " Steam Engines " Boilers " Steam Turbines " Water Turbines and Pumps Manufacturing processes and workshop experiments are included in workshop practice which cover: " Machining " Welding " Metal forming " Casting " Carpentry and Plumbing Key Features: " It provides a large number of diagrams for easy understanding of tools and equipment. " A large number of viva and objective type questions are also given.The concepts and principles of working of various common mechanical machinery such as bi-cycle, motorcycle, lift, escalator, hovercraft, aircraft, helicopter, jet engine and rocket have been explained. Similarly the constructional details and principles of working of commonly used household appliances such as desert cooler, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, ceiling fan, tubelight and iron box have been included.
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Design of Machine Elements

Author: V. B. Bhandari

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780070681798

Category: Machine design

Page: 934

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This hallmark text on Machine Design almost covers the entire syllabus of all Indian Universities and Polytechnics. Each chapter is written in a simple, crisp and logical way, explaining the theoretical considerations in design of machine elements. The language is lucid and easy to understand yet precisely scientific. It covers the topics in entirety meaning thereby that for a particular topic, all the facets associated with it have been dealt in a very methodical and logical manner.
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Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783936738155


Page: 58

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Author: Thompson Hunter

Publisher: Giunti

ISBN: 8858779800

Category: Fiction

Page: 63

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Nel 1991 Hunter Thompson pubblicò un’edizione a tiratura limitatissima (poco più di trecento copie) di Screwjack, un sottile volume con tre racconti svitati e originali. I volumi divennero velocemente oggetto di culto per collezionisti. Tre storie scorrette, folli ed esagerate che ci restituiscono il Gonzo nel pieno della sua follia creativa. “Mescalito” è la cronaca visionaria di un’attesa in un albergo di Los Angeles sotto l’effetto di droghe. “Morte di un poeta” racconta della visita alla casa-roulotte di un amico e della fine violenta di un rapporto fatto di improvvisi scatti. “Screwjack” regala i dettagli osceni della scappatella erotico sentimentale tra lo stesso Thompson e il suo gatto nero.
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Machine Drawing

Author: N. D. Junnarkar

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131706787

Category: Electronic books

Page: 552

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Refractory Engineering and Kiln Maintenance in Cement Plants

Author: J.P. Saxena

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9788188305001

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 312

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This book deals with two important areas that directly affect kiln availability for production. These two aspects decide if the cement plant would make profit or loss during the year. At the moment there is no book that deals with these aspects. The literature on these subjects is scattered and the totality of the subject is missing. The book Refractory Engineering and Kiln Maintenance in Cement Plants is an utmost requirement for the Cement Industry and would fulfil the needs of the Cement Industry all over the world. It has brought out various developments of refractory with the changing technological scenario. The contents is totally comprehensive in every respect and has been planned in such a way that starting from Changing Phases of Kiln Systems and Choice of Refractories, Improving the Kiln Up-time, there are also important chapters on Inspection, Storage and Packing of Refractories, Refractory Management, Kiln Maintenance with a bonus of a glossary of the technical terms. The book will serve as a handbook for production managers, production engineers, Kiln operators, refractory engineers, maintenance managers, purchase engineers, inventory engineers, warehouse officers and storekeepers.
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Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120326118

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 596

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Primarily intended for undergraduate students of all engineering disciplines, this comprehensive and up-to-date text strives to meet the long-felt need for a single book that covers Engineering Mechanics as well as Strength of Materials. The text is organized in three parts. Parts I and II provide an easily understandable presentation of the theory along with systematic application of the principles of statics and dynamics to engineering problems. Part III covers the basic topics in strength of materials in a clear, simple, direct fashion that uses an abundance of examples to clarify principles.
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Organizational Maintenance Manual

Turret for Tank, Combat, Full-tracked, 105-mm Gun, M60A1 Rise, (2350-00-116-9765) and M60A1 (Rise Passive), (2350-01-059-1503).

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Tanks (Military science)

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Mechanics Magazine

Author: John I Knight

Publisher: N.A



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Power Transmission Design

Author: N.A

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Category: Power transmission

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Category: Transportation

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