Riches of the Forest

Food, Spices, Crafts, and Resins of Asia

Author: Citlalli López Binnqüist,Patricia Shanley

Publisher: CIFOR

ISBN: 9793361182

Category: Forest plants

Page: 116

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Riches of the Rain Forest

An Introduction to the Trees and Fruits of the Indonesian and Malaysian Rain Forests

Author: Wendy Veevers-Carter

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195889895

Category: Nature

Page: 103

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Even to a botanist, the rain forests of the tropics consist of a bewildering variety of plants and plant forms, most of them woody and tall and therefore bearing their flowers and fruits discretely out of sight in the dense, high canopy. Animal and bird life is arboreal, heard but not often seen, while the insects, fungi and bacteria at work are specialized studies in themselves. In this eminently readable book, the author brings together an interesting collection of vignettes on plant and animal life in the rain forests of Malaysia and Indonesia -- the richest in numbers of species in the world. Each plant chosen exemplifies some aspect of the wonderful web of rain forest life. Evolving and proliferating through millions of years, the complex interrelationships of a rain forest can be admired -- or destroyed -- by human beings, but never replaced. The author cogently illustrates the basic principles of rain forest ecology, which in its intricate complexity makes of any rain forest a wonder of the natural world, and uses examples throughout to develop a passionate plea for conservation. The book is elegantly illustrated with color plates drawn by Mohamed Anwar of the Bogor Herbarium and line drawings by the author herself.
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Americans and Their Forests

A Historical Geography

Author: Michael Williams

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521428378

Category: History

Page: 624

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Dr Williams begins by exploring the role of the forest in American culture: the symbols, themes, and concepts - for example, pioneer woodsman, lumberjack, wilderness - generated by contact with the vast land of trees. He considers the Indian use of the forest, describing the ways in which native tribes altered it, primarily through fire, to promote a subsistence economy.
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Soil Conservation and Silviculture

Author: N.A

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080869919

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 396

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This book deals with the conservation and improvement of the forest soil. Much emphasis is placed on the use of vegetation in soil conservation afforestation. The first part of the book focuses on the issues of soil erosion and methods of erosion control, in particular the protection of agricultural and forest soils. The main types and manifestations of erosion, (mainly water and wind erosion), are specified and described. Different erosion factors are shown in detail, including the possibilities of qualitative and quantitative determination. Special attention is paid to the precipitation-to-runoff relationships and information on these factors is used for erosion analysis. A detailed review of the regularities of water and wind erosion and the possibilities of the modelling thereof is also presented. In the second part of the book the main emphasis is on the management and control of the destructive action of torrents. Other topics covered include gully control and stabilization, the increase in landslides and management of landslide areas. Students of agriculture specialising in soil improvement will welcome this book, as will all readers interested in the conservation of the forest environment.
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Breakfast Of Biodiversity

The Political Ecology of Rain Forest Destruction

Author: John Vandermeer,Ivette Perfecto

Publisher: Food First Books

ISBN: 0935028455

Category: Nature

Page: 207

View: 7801

The continuing devastation of the world’s tropical rain forest affects us all—spurring climate change, decimating biodiversity, and wrecking our environment’s resiliency. Millions of worried people around the world want to do whatever it takes to save the forest that is left. But halting rain forest destruction means understanding what is driving it. In Breakfast of Biodiversity, John Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto insightfully describe the ways in which such disparate factors as the international banking system, modern agricultural techniques, rain forest ecology, and the struggles of the poor interact to bring down the forest. They weave an alternative vision in which democracy, sustainable agriculture, and land security for the poor are at the center of the movement to save the tropical environment.
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The Ideals of Empire

Political and Economic Thought, 1903 - 1913

Author: Sir Vincent Caillard

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415194679

Category: Fiscal policy

Page: 288

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This set focuses on the influential economic and political commentators who saw weaknesses in the infrastructure of the British Empire at the turn of the twentieth century. Dubbed Idealists of Empire, they saw that the British Empire seemed to have no governing principles, no structure and no guiding ideals. Sir John Seeley's famous quote of 1883 sums up this view: 'we seem to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind'. The mission of the idealists was to find an Imperial solution to this problem. The idealists of Empire documented their findings as they looked more systematically at the Empire's external challenges and internal workings, in terms of politics, economics and strategy. The texts published in this collection represent their most important contributions to the early twentieth-century debate on the fate of the Empire.
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Affairs of West Africa

Author: Edmund Dene Morel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317727487

Category: History

Page: 382

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First published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Robin Hood

Author: Nick Rennison

Publisher: Oldcastle Books

ISBN: 1842436376

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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Robin Hood is England's greatest folk hero. Everyone knows the story of the outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Nick Rennison's highly entertaining book begins with the search for the historical Robin. Was there ever a real Robin Hood? Rennison looks at the candidates who have been proposed over the years, from petty thieves to Knights Templar, before moving on to examine the many ways in which Robin Hood has been portrayed in literature and on the screen.
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Towards Wellbeing

Monitoring Poverty in Kutai Barat, Indonesia

Author: Christian Gönner

Publisher: CIFOR

ISBN: 9791412103

Category: Kutai Barat (Indonesia : Kabupaten)

Page: 93

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Looking for Longleaf

The Fall and Rise of an American Forest: Easyread Large Edition

Author: Lawrence S. Earley


ISBN: 1442996978

Category: Nature

Page: 652

View: 2060

Covering 92 million acres from Virginia to Texas, the longleaf pine ecosystem was, in its prime, one of the most extensive and biologically diverse ecosystems in North America. Today these magnificent forests have declined to a fraction of their original extent, threatening such species as the gopher tortoise, the red-cockaded woodpecker, and the Venus fly-trap. Lawrence S. Earley explores the history of these forests and the astonishing biodiversity within them, drawing on extensive research and telling the story through first-person travel accounts and interviews with foresters, ecologists, biologists, botanists, and landowners. The compelling story Earley tells here offers hope that with continued human commitment, the longleaf pine might not just survive, but once again thrive.
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Mysteries of the Rain Forest

Author: N.A

Publisher: Readers Digest

ISBN: 9780762101108

Category: Nature

Page: 160

View: 2856

An illuminating travelogue, packed with up-close pictures of strange and wonderful creatures and fascinating facts of environmental science. 160 pages with over 250 photos and illustrations. Includes amazing animals, lush and exotic plant life and tours of distinctive tropical communities around the globe.
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Environmental Ethics and Forestry

A Reader

Author: Peter C. List

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781566397858

Category: Nature

Page: 364

View: 4236

During the past twenty-five years, North American forestry has received increasingly vigorous scrutiny. Critics including the environmentalists, environmental scientists, representatives of public interest groups, and many individual citizens have expressed concerns about forestry's basic assumptions and methods, as well as its practical outcomes. Criticism has centered on such issues as the exploitation of forests for timber production, the reduction and fragmentation of old-growth habitats, the destruction of biodiversity, the degradation of grasslands through grazing practices, lack of government attention to recreation facilities, silvicultural methods like clearcutting and the use of herbicides and pesticides, the exportation of industrial forestry techniques to other parts of the world, and the use of public monies to provide services for private resource companies, as in the creation of logging roads.This rising tide of public scrutiny has led many foresters to suspect that their "contract" with society to manage forests using their best professional judgment has been undermined. Some of these professionals, as well as some of their critics, have begun to reexamine their old beliefs and to look for new ways of practicing forestry. Part of this reflective process has entailed new directions in environmental ethics and environmental philosophy.This reader brings together some of the new thinking in this area. Here students of the applied environmental and natural resource sciences, as well as the interested general reader, will discover a rich sampling of writings in environmental ethics and philosophy as they apply to forestry. Readings focus on basic ethical systems in forestry and forest management, philosophical issues in forestry ethics, codes of ethics in forestry and related natural resource sciences such as fisheries science and wildlife biology, Aldo Leopold's land ethic in forestry, ethical advocacy and whistleblowing in government resource agencies, the ethics of new forestry, ecoforestry, and public debate in forestry, as well as ethical issues in global forestry such as the responsibilities of forest corporations, environmentalists, and individual wood consumers. The volume contains materials from the founders of forestry ethics, such as Bernhard Fernow, Giford Pinchot, John Muir, and Aldo Leopold; from such organizations as the Society of American Foresters, the Wildlife Society, the American Fisheries Society, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, and the Ecoforesters group, in addition to the writings by a variety of well-known environmental philosophers and foresters, including Holmes Rolston, Robin Attfield, Lawrence Johnson, Michael McDonald, Paul Wood, James E. Coufal, Raymond Craig, Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Jeff DeBonis, Jim L. Bowyer, Alasdair Gunn, Doug Daigle, Alan G. McQuillan, Stephanie Kaza, Alan Drengson, Duncan Taylor, and Kathleen Dean Moore.
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Bodhisattvas of the Forest and the Formation of the Mahayana

A Study and Translation of the R???rap?laparipr?cch?-s?tra

Author: Daniel Boucher

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 082482881X

Category: Religion

Page: 287

View: 697

Bodhisattvas of the Forest delves into the socioreligious milieu of the authors, editors, and propagators of the Rastrapalapariprccha-sutra (Questions of Rastrapala), a Buddhist text circulating in India during the first half of the first millennium C.E. In this meticulously researched study, Daniel Boucher first reflects upon the problems that plague historians of Mahayana Buddhism, whose previous efforts to comprehend the tradition have often ignored the social dynamics that motivated some of the innovations of this new literature. Following that is a careful analysis of several motifs found in the Indian text and an examination of the value of the earliest Chinese translation for charting the sutra s evolution. The first part of the study looks at the relationship between the bodily glorification of the Buddha and the ascetic career spanning thousands of lifetimes that produced it within the socioeconomic world of early medieval Buddhist monasticism. The authors of the Rastrapala sharply criticize their monastic contemporaries for rejecting the rigorous lifestyle of the first Buddhist communities, an ideal that, for the sutra s authors, self-consciously imitates the disciplines and sacrifices of the Buddha s own bodhisattva career, the very career that led to his acquisition of bodily perfection. Thus, Boucher reveals the ways in which the authors of the Rastrapala authors co-opted this topos concerning the bodily perfection of the Buddha from the Mainstream tradition to subvert their co-religionists whose behavior they regarded as representing a degenerate version of that tradition. In Part 2 Boucher focuses on the third-century Chinese translation of the sutra attributed to Dharmaraksa and traces the changes in the translation to the late tenth century. The significance of this translation, Boucher explains, is to be found in the ways it differs from all other witnesses. These differences, which are significant, almost certainly reveal an earlier shape of the sutra before later editors were inspired to alter dramatically the text s tone and rhetoric. The early Chinese translations, though invaluable in revealing developments in the Indian milieu that led to changes in the text, present particular challenges to the interpreter. It takes an understanding of not only their abstruse idiom, but also the process by which they were rendered from an undetermined Indian language into a Chinese cultural uh_product. One of the signal contributions of this study is Boucher s skill at identifying the traces left by the process and ability to uncover clues about the nature of the source text as well as the world of the principal recipients. Bodhisattvas of the Forest concludes with an annotated translation of the Rastrapalapariprccha-sutra based on a new reading of its earliest extant Sanskrit manuscript. The translation takes note of important variants in Chinese and Tibetan versions to correct the many corruptions of the Sanskrit manuscript. "
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People of the Tropical Rain Forest

Author: Julie Sloan Denslow,Christine Padoch,Curator of the Institute of Economic Botany Christine Padoch

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520062955

Category: Social Science

Page: 231

View: 2883

Looks at the depiction of tropical rain forests in movies and art, discusses government policy, business exploitation, and the future of the rain forest, and describes the lives of forest people in South America, Africa, and Asia
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Unto the Daughters

The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family

Author: Karen Tintori

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429936002

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 7776

Karen Tintori thought she knew her family tree. Her grandmother Josie had emigrated from Sicily with her parents at the turn of the century. They settled in Detroit, and with Josie's nine siblings, worked to create a home for themselves away from the poverty and servitude of the old country. Their descendants were proud Italian-Americans. But Josie had a sister nobody spoke of. Her name was Frances, and at age sixteen she fell in love with a young barber. Her father wanted her to marry an older don in the neighborhood mafia---a marriage that would give his sons a leg up in the mob. But Frances eloped with her barber, and when she returned home a married woman, her fate was sealed. Even eighty years and two generations later, Frances was not spoken of, and her memory was suppressed. Unto the Daughters is a historical mystery and family story that unwraps the many layers of family, honor, memory, and fear to find an honor killing in turn-of-the-century Detroit. Tracing the history and insular world of Italian immigrants back to the old country, Karen Tintori shows what they came from, what they hoped for, and how the hopes and dreams of America fell far short for her great-aunt Frances. "Nearly every family has a skeleton in its closet, an ancestor who "sins" against custom and tradition and pays a double price -- ostracism or worse at the time, and obliteration from the memory of succeeding generations. Few of these transgressors paid a higher price than Frances Costa, who was brutally murdered by her own brothers in a 1919 Sicilian honor killing in Detroit. And fewer yet have had a more tenacious successor than Frances's great-niece, Karen Tintori, who refused to allow the truth to remain forgotten. This is a book for anyone who shares the convinction that all history, in the end, is family history." -Frank Viviano, author of Blood Washes Blood and Dispatches from the Pacific Century "Switching back and forth between rural Sicily and early 20th century Detroit, Unto the Daughters reads like a nonfiction version of the film Godfather II--if it had been told from the point of view of a female Corleone. In exploring her own family's secret history, Karen Tintori gives voice not just to her victimized aunt but to all Italian-American daughters and wives silenced by the power of omerta. Half gripping true-crime story, half moving family memoir, Unto the Daughters is both fascinating and frightening, packed with telling details and obscure folklore that help bring the suffocating world of a Mafia family to life." --Eleni N. Gage, author of North of Ithaka
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The Franconia Gateway

Author: Bruce D. Heald

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738510415

Category: History

Page: 160

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Of the several entrances to the White Mountains, none is more majestic than the Franconia Gateway. The gateway begins in the valley of the Pemigewasset River and reaches through broad meadows, between jagged mountains, alongside quiet pools and cascades of sparkling water, into the wilderness of Franconia Notch and beyond. Altogether, this region contains more historical secrets and hidden treasures than any other part of the White Mountains. The Franconia Gateway opens the way from a new perspective. With nearly one hundred fifty breathtaking views and fascinating stories, this history and guide leads from lore of the Native Americans, explorers, and early entrepreneurs to the logging boom years and the subsequent preservation era on to the days of the artists and poets and, ultimately, the tourists. The journey progresses through the communities of Plymouth, Campton, Thornton, Waterville Valley, Woodstock, and Franconia, and includes all the wonder and mystery of sites such as the Lost River, the Flume, and the Old Man of the Mountain.
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Maximum Mentoring

Author: Francisco I. Victa

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606476785

Category: Religion

Page: 164

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Maximum Mentoring is a powerful guide to the subjects of mentors, protgs, and the key relationships that can help you make the most of your life. You will learn how important it is to have a dynamic mentor in your life. Whether you are a business owner, an athlete, a coach, a pastor, a politician, a mother or a father-this book will teach you the mentoring principles that can catapult you and those you lead to success. You will learn to become the protg every dynamic and influential mentor is looking for. If you are a mentor, you will gain the knowledge on how to take your coaching and leadership to the next level. Using a unique blend of stories, facts, and biblical narratives, Maximum Mentoring reveals the ten key mentoring principles for success in life. It will show you how to: .Plan your goals so that you attract the right mentor .Pursue the people who can help you the most .Overcome the challenges and fears that are holding you back from the right relationships .Take control of your life and disconnect from the people hindering you from success The legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, said, " why you should get up everyday-to teach and be taught." Read this book and start your journey to Maximum Mentoring! Dr. Cisco Victa is a pastor, motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Known for his message of faith and total-life empowerment, Cisco takes audiences by storm with his powerful, practical, and revelation-filled messages and seminars. He earned his doctorate in theology from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida and pastors Calvary Christian Center East in New Hampshire. Cisco lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Kati, and five children, Rhema, Faith, Francisco IV, Malacai, and Gloria-Grace.
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1 & 2 Timothy MacArthur New Testament Commentary Set

Author: John F. MacArthur

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802482686

Category: Religion

Page: 560

View: 2968

This package includes the complete two-volume set of 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy from the MacArthur New Testament Commentary series. The MacArthur New Testament Commentary series continues to be one of today's top-selling commentary series. These commentaries from respected Bible scholar and preacher John MacArthur give a verse-by-verse analysis in context and provide points of application for passages, illuminating the biblical text in practical and relevant ways.
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