Religion and Cultural Memory

Ten Studies

Author: Jan Assmann,Rodney Livingstone

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804745239

Category: Religion

Page: 222

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In ten brilliant essays, Jan Assmann explores the connections between religion, culture, and memory. Building on Maurice Halbwachs's idea that memory, like language, is a social phenomenon as well as an individual one, he argues that memory has a cultural dimension too. He develops a persuasive view of the life of the past in such surface phenomena as codes, religious rites and festivals, and canonical texts on the one hand, and in the Freudian psychodrama of repressing and resurrecting the past on the other. Whereas the current fad for oral history inevitably focuses on the actual memories of the last century or so, Assmann presents a commanding view of culture extending over five thousand years. He focuses on cultural memory from the Egyptians, Babylonians, and the Osage Indians down to recent controversies about memorializing the Holocaust in Germany and the role of memory in the current disputes between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East and between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.
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Religion and Media

Author: Hent de Vries,Samuel Weber

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804734974

Category: Religion

Page: 649

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The latter part of the twentieth century saw an explosion of new media that effected profound changes in human categories of communication. At the same time, a "return to religion" occurred on a global scale. The twenty-five contributors to this volume—who include such influential thinkers as Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy, Talal Asad, and James Siegel—confront the conceptual, analytical, and empirical difficulties involved in addressing the complex relationship between religion and media. The book's introductory section offers a prolegomenon to the multiple problems raised by an interdisciplinary approach to these multifaceted phenomena. The essays in the following part provide exemplary approaches to the historical and systematic background to the study of religion and media, ranging from the biblical prohibition of images and its modern counterparts, through theological discussion of imagery in Ignatius and Luther, to recent investigations into icons and images that "think" in Jean-Luc Marion and Gilles Deleuze. The third part presents case studies by anthropologists and scholars of comparative religion who deal with religion and media in Indonesia, India, Japan, South Africa, Venezuela, Iran, Poland, Turkey, present-day Germany, and Australia. The book concludes with two remarkable documents: a chapter from Theodor W. Adorno's study of the relationship between religion and media in the context of political agitation (The Psychological Technique of Martin Luther Thomas' Radio Addresses) and a section from Niklas Luhmann's monumental Die Gesellschaft der Gesellschaft (Society as a Social System).
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Religion und kulturelles Gedächtnis

zehn Studien

Author: Jan Assmann

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 9783406565908

Category: Memory

Page: 256

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Through a commanding view extending over 5,000 years, Jan Assmann explores the connections between religion, culture and memory in ten essays.
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Philosophy and the Turn to Religion

Author: Hent de Vries

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801859953

Category: Philosophy

Page: 475

View: 7536

This study argues that a turn to religion in philosophy anticipates and accompanies this development in the contemporary world. It addresses the necessity for a philosophical thinking that situates itself both close to and at the farthest remove from traditional manifestations of the religious
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Cultural Memories in the Roman Empire

Author: Karl Galinsky,Kenneth Lapatin

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606064622

Category: Art

Page: 376

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Memory studies — one of the most vibrant research fields of the present day — brings together such diverse disciplines as art and archaeology, history, religion, literature, sociology, media studies, and neuroscience. In scholarship on ancient Rome, studies of social and cultural memory complement traditional approaches, opening up new horizons as we contemplate the ancient world. The fifteen essays presented here explore memory in the Roman Empire, addressing a wide spectrum of cultural phenomena from a range of approaches. Ancient Rome was a memory culture par excellence and memory pervades all aspects of Roman culture, from literature and art to religion and politics. This volume is the first to address the cultural artifacts of Rome through the lens of memory studies. An essential guide to the material culture of Rome, this book brings important new concepts to the fore for both scholars of the ancient world and those of social and cultural memory throughout human history.
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Die Realität der Massenmedien

Author: Niklas Luhmann

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658177381

Category: Social Science

Page: 143

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Das Buch mit seinem berühmt gewordenen Diktum "Was wir über unsere Gesellschaft, ja über die Welt, in der wir leben, wissen, wissen wir durch die Massenmedien" analysiert aus systemtheoretischer Sicht die heutige Mediengesellschaft.
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Religion and Violence

Philosophical Perspectives from Kant to Derrida

Author: Hent de Vries

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801867682

Category: Philosophy

Page: 443

View: 2136

Does violence inevitably shadow our ethico-political engagements and decisions, including our understandings of identity, whether collective or individual? Questions that touch upon ethics and politics can greatly benefit from being rephrased in terms borrowed from the arsenal of religious and theological figures, because the association of such figures with a certain violence keeps moralism, whether in the form of fideism or humanism, at bay. Religion and Violence: Philosophical Perspectives from Kant to Derrida's careful posing of such questions and rearticulations pioneers new modalities for systematic engagement with religion and philosophy alike.
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Mediation, Remediation, and the Dynamics of Cultural Memory

Author: Astrid Erll,Ann Rigney

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110204444

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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The specific concern of this collection is linking the use of media to the larger socio-cultural processes involved in collective memory-making. The focus rests in particular on two aspects of media use: the basic dynamics of mediation and remediation . The key questions are: What role do media play in the production and circulation of cultural memories? How do mediation, remediation and intermediality shape objects and acts of cultural remembrance? How can new, emergent media redefine or transform what is collectively remembered?"
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Religion and Public Memory

A Cultural History of Saint Namdev in India

Author: Christian Lee Novetzke

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231512562

Category: Religion

Page: 336

View: 7851

Namdev is a central figure in the cultural history of India, especially within the field of bhakti, a devotional practice that has created publics of memory for over eight centuries. Born in the Marathi-speaking region of the Deccan in the late thirteenth century, Namdev is remembered as a simple, low-caste Hindu tailor whose innovative performances of devotional songs spread his fame widely. He is central to many religious traditions within Hinduism, as well as to Sikhism, and he is a key early literary figure in Maharashtra, northern India, and Punjab. In the modern period, Namdev appears throughout the public spheres of Marathi and Hindi and in India at large, where his identity fluctuates between regional associations and a quiet, pan-Indian, nationalist-secularist profile that champions the poor, oppressed, marginalized, and low caste. Christian Lee Novetzke considers the way social memory coheres around the figure of Namdev from the sixteenth century to the present, examining the practices that situate Namdev's memory in multiple historical publics. Focusing primarily on Maharashtra and drawing on ethnographies of devotional performance, archival materials, scholarly historiography, and popular media, especially film, Novetzke vividly illustrates how religious communities in India preserve their pasts and, in turn, create their own historical narratives.
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Minimal Theologies

Critiques of Secular Reason in Adorno and Levinas

Author: Hent de Vries

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801880179

Category: Philosophy

Page: 720

View: 3286

Vries (modern European thought, Johns Hopkins U. and philosophy, U. of Amsterdam) revised a 1989 first edition and changed its title slightly into Theologie im pianissimo & zwischen Rationalit t und Dekonstrucktion, for which no publication data is cited. In addition to correcting errors, updating references and notes, and smaller revisions, he has
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Practicing Religion in the Age of the Media

Explorations in Media, Religion, and Culture

Author: Stewart M. Hoover,Lynn Schofield Clark

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231505213

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 6051

Increasingly, the religious practices people engage in and the ways they talk about what is meaningful or sacred take place in the context of media culture—in the realm of the so-called secular. Focusing on this intersection of the sacred and the secular, this volume gathers together the work of media experts, religious historians, sociologists of religion, and authorities on American studies and art history. Topics range from Islam on the Internet to the quasi-religious practices of Elvis fans, from the uses of popular culture by the Salvation Army in its early years to the uses of interactive media technologies at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Beit Hashoah Museum of Tolerance. The issues that the essays address include the public/private divide, the distinctions between the sacred and profane, and how to distinguish between the practices that may be termed "religious" and those that may not.
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Die Religion

Author: Jacques Derrida,Gianni Vattimo

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518120491


Page: 250

View: 5927

Mit Beitragen von Eugenio Trías, Aldo Giorgio Gargani, Vincenzo Vitielo, Maurizio Ferraris, Hans-Georg Gadamer
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Eugenics and Education in America

Institutionalized Racism and the Implications of History, Ideology, and Memory

Author: Ann Gibson Winfield

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9780820481463

Category: Education

Page: 195

View: 5958

Education in America was designed to organize, classify, and sort students according to a definition of ability and human worth provided by a racialized scientism known as eugenics – an ideology whose ultimate goal was the establishment of a superior White race. Eugenicists targeted entire ethnic groups, the urban poor, rural «White trash,» the sexually «deviant,» Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Asians, Latino/as, and anyone who did not fit with the pseudo-scientifically established «superior» Nordic race. Education leaders, complaining of children of «worm-eaten stock,» established an enduring system to organize and sort students according to perceived societal worth. In exposing and addressing eugenics’ place in our educational system, this book provides a groundbreaking addition to, and exceptional correction of, the history of curriculum in America.
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Traveling spirit masters

Moroccan Gnawa trance and music in the global marketplace

Author: Deborah Anne Kapchan

Publisher: Wesleyan Univ Pr

ISBN: 9780819568519

Category: History

Page: 325

View: 3757

The sacred and musical phenomenon of trance
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Martyrdom and Memory

Early Christian Culture Making

Author: Elizabeth Castelli

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 023150344X

Category: Religion

Page: 360

View: 7152

Martyrs are produced, Elizabeth Castelli suggests, not by the lived experience of particular historical individuals but by the stories that are later told about them. And the formulaic character of stories about past suffering paradoxically serves specific theological, cultural, or political ends in the present. Martyrdom and Memory explores the central role of persecution in the early development of Christian ideas, institutions, and cultural forms and shows how the legacy of Christian martyrdom plays out in today's world. In the pre-Constantinian imperial period, the conflict between Roman imperial powers and the subject Christian population hinged on competing interpretations of power, submission, resistance, and victory. This book highlights how both Roman and Christian notions of law and piety deployed the same forms of censure and critique, each accusing the other of deviations from governing conventions of gender, reason, and religion. Using Maurice Halbwachs's theoretical framework of collective memory and a wide range of Christian sources—autobiographical writings, martyrologies and saints'lives, sermons, art objects, pilgrimage souvenirs, and polemics about spectacle—Castelli shows that the writings of early Christians aimed to create public and ideologically potent accounts of martyrdom. The martyr's story becomes a "usable past" and a "living tradition" for Christian communities and an especially effective vehicle for transmitting ideas about gender, power, and sanctity. An unlikely legacy of early Christian martyrdom is the emergence of modern "martyr cults" in the wake of the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School. Focusing specifically on the martyr cult associated with one of the victims, Martyrdom and Memory argues that the Columbine story dramatically expresses the ongoing power of collective memory constructed around a process of rendering tragic suffering redemptive and meaningful. In the wake of Columbine and other contemporary legacies of martyrdom's ethical ambivalence, the global impact of Christian culture making in the early twenty-first century cannot be ignored. For as the last century's secularist hypothesis sits in the wings, "religion" returns to center stage with one of this drama's most contentious yet riveting stars: the martyr.
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Media and Memory

Author: Joanne Garde-Hansen

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748688889

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 2563

Covers the variety of complex ways that media engage with memory.
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The Lure of Images

A History of Religion and Visual Media in America

Author: David Morgan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780415409155

Category: History

Page: 308

View: 5496

David Morgan explores the cultural marketplace of public representation, showing how American religionists have made special use of visual media to instruct the public, to practice devotion and ritual, and to form children and converts. Examples include: studying Jesus as an American idol; Jewish kitchens and Christian Parlors; Billy Sunday and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Uncle Tom's Cabin and the anti-slavery movement. This unique perspective reveals the importance of visual media to the construction and practice of sectarian and national community in a nation of immigrants old and new, and the tensions between the assimilation and the preservation of ethnic and racial identities. As well as the contribution of visual media to the religious life of Christians and Jews, Morgan shows how images have informed the perceptions and practices of other religions in America, including New Age, Buddhist and Hindu spirituality, and Mormonism, Native American Religions and the Occult. - Publisher.
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Locating the Past / Discovering the Present

Perspectives on Religion, Culture, and Marginality

Author: David Gay,Stephen R. Reimer

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 088864499X

Category: Art

Page: 203

View: 8359

This collection examines the production and recreation of religious ideas and images in different times and locations, achieving a comparative perspective on the transmission of religious influences. The essayists look at contact and conflict between insiders and outsiders, centres and margins, Jews and Christians, Slavs and Greeks, and ancient ritual behaviours and modern television broadcasting, as part of the negotiation of new identity positions, relationships, and accommodations. The book combines the disciplines of literary studies, cultural studies, art history, religion, history, and critical theory, making it an important resource to a range of scholars as well as non-specialists.
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Shakespeare in the Romanian Cultural Memory

Author: Monica Matei-Chesnoiu

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838640814

Category: Drama

Page: 272

View: 3045

This book, with a foreword by Arthur F. Kinney, covers the majorissues of the stage history and translation in the negotiation betweenRomanian culture and Shakespeare, raising questions about what aShakespeare play becomes when incorporated in a different andallegedly liminal culture. The study reflects the growingcross-fertilization of approaching Shakespeare in Romaniantranslations, productions, literary adaptations, and criticism, looking atthe way in which Romania's collective cultural memory is constructed, re-examined, and embedded in the adoption of Shakespeare in certainperiods. While it posits the problematics in the historical developmentof Shakespeare's presence in Romanian culture, the study gives adetailed history of the translations and productions of the plays, focusing on the most significant aspects of their literary, social, andpolitical appropriation over the past two centurie
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