Deep Blue

Poems from the Pacific

Author: Yvonne Blomer

Publisher: Caitlin Press

ISBN: 9781987915532

Category: Poetry

Page: 192

View: 8441

New poetry written by prize-winning BC poets, musicians, and artists, anthologized by Victoria's city poet-laureate. While in the world of politics there are still climate change deniers, the poets watch the warming seas, the dying birds slicked in oil, the whales, the jellies, the sea otters and the octopus. They stand, as close to the shore as possible, watch the slow turning tide. In this collection of poems from the coast of B.C., California, Washington State, to Alaska and as far away as Auckland, New Zealand and as far back as early 19th century Japan these poems explore our connection to the Pacific, what we know and don't know, how we've already changed the shore and the sea and what we fear losing. Poets in this anthology include John Barton, Brian Brett, Bruce Cockburn, Lorna Crozier, Brenda Hillman, Gary Geddes, Steven Heighton, Patrick Lane, Arleen Par�, Melanie Siebert, Ann Simpson, Rob Taylor, Patricia Young, Jan Zwicky and many more. In Refugium, editor Yvonne Blomer explores her deep concern with our sixth extinction and how stoic humans are continuing to wreak damage on the planet and her oceans.
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The Broken Face

Author: Russell Thornton

Publisher: Harbour Publishing

ISBN: 1550178458

Category: Poetry

Page: N.A

View: 5437

The poems in The Broken Face explore a sacramental, imaginative vision within contexts of crime, perception, memory and love. In this collection, Russell Thornton returns to the vital themes of intimacy and family, loss, fear and hope, bringing to each poem the essential quality of a myth or incantation. Reverent and revealing, within those familiar relationships he ushers in a connection with something transcendent: “A man has come floundering late in the night / to stand alone at the shore of a sleeping infant’s face.” The poems capture life at the periphery, whether describing homelessness or incarceration, or even the universal experiences of aging and mortality, love and fear of love, all of which bring the speaker into a detached yet energized state of watching and waiting: “the door that was my grandfather into our passing lives / will arrive at a house where each of us is his own door / that opens on our first selves, fundamental together.” With intense lyricism, Thornton displays a mastery of craft so complete as to be nearly invisible. While stunningly beautiful, his imagery is also in such complete service to the deeper emotional resonance of each poem that it feels inevitable, and contributes to making the collection deeply moving.
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Rain Shadow

Author: Nicholas Bradley

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 1772123897

Category: Poetry

Page: 144

View: 3050

Rain Shadow is a collection of poetry that explores the fraught relationship between the natural world and humans yearning to connect with something greater than themselves. The poems range through destabilized lives and landscapes, fathoming presence and absence, transformation and oblivion. They outline the major questions of our time as the poet crisscrosses western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Witty, playful, serious, and heartsore, Rain Shadow seeks to understand the space in which people and nature are inextricably entwined. I walk like a bear— I have a bear’s gait— but the gate to the bear’s mind is closed. —from “The Bear and the Wind”
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All Our Wild Wonder

Author: Sarah Kay

Publisher: Hachette Books

ISBN: 0316386642

Category: Poetry

Page: 48

View: 3255

From renowned poet Sarah Kay, a single volume poem perfect for teachers and mentors. All Our Wild Wonder is a vibrant tribute to extraordinary educators and a celebration of learning. The perfect gift for the mentors in our lives, this charming, illustrated poem reminds us of the beauty in, and importance of, cultivating curiosity, creativity, and confidence in others.
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Born Out of This

Author: Christine Lowther

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781927575550


Page: 206

View: 7628

BORN OUT OF THIS, Christine Lowther's first collection of essays, follows her journey from the unutterable loss of her mother to the discovery of her own poetic voice through deep reflection and her intimate connection to the coastal rainforest. Lowther looks back on her mother's poetry and activism. She recalls the day the police arrested her father, and the indifferent beauty surrounding that life-changing moment. Tumbling through the years that follow, Lowther searches for her ownidentity-foster homes, punk rock concerts, activism and wanderings in Europe fill her hours but leave her searching. Ultimately she is drawn back to the forests and coast of her home. With remarkable poetic vision, Chris weaves her words and her mother's poetry into the landscape, until language and land are inseparable. She describes the waning days of spawning salmon: "barely submerged, the dark grey still-living move slowly among the dead, except for sudden splashes, bursts of energy, pinnacles of desperation." Nothing is simple in this dense, temperate jungle, and even this routine tragedy renews: "This landscape of gore nourishes and fertilizes the trees and berry bushes." With over twenty years of poetic devotion to Clayoquot Sound, Christine Lowther entrances readers through the stunning vividness of her writing, profound reflections on our place in the natural world and its ultimate indifference to us: "We ... humans stand between forest and ocean like acupuncture needles, feeling the world pulsing with its endless cycles." Steeped in the immense beauty of the coastal rainforest, this indifference is strangely reassuring.
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Poetic Inquiry

Enchantment of Place

Author: Pauline Sameshima,Alexandra Fidyk,Kedrick James

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781622731220

Category: Poetry

Page: 384

View: 7347

In the tradition of a decade of bi-annual gatherings of the International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry, this volume serves as the fifth refereed symposium anthology. Enchantments of Place celebrates poetry and poetic voices--theorizing and exploring poetic inquiry as an approach, methodology, and/or method for use in contemporary research practices. Poetic inquiry has increased in prominence as a legitimate means by which to collect, assimilate, analyze, and share the results of research across many disciplines. With this collection, we hope to continue to lay the groundwork internationally, for researchers, scholars, graduate students, and the larger community to take up poetic inquiry as a way to approach knowledge generation, learning, and sharing. This volume specifically works to draw attention to the ancient connection between poetry and the natural world with attention to broadening the ecological scope and impact of the work of poetic inquirers.
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Poems of the Pacific

Author: Guy Selwin Allison

Publisher: N.A


Category: American poetry

Page: 48

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Sugar Ride

Cycling from Hanoi to Kuala Lampur

Author: Yvonne Blomer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781926794396

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 250

View: 2519

Blomer takes you into Southeast Asia by bicycle with her husband Rupert, their two companion-like bikes and her experiences cycling over 4000km through 4 countries over three months with the little devil she takes everywhere, her type 1 diabetes. A travel memoir, Sugar Ride explores the love of cycling and the roads it can pull you up, down and along while detailing the experience of having type 1 diabetes and the literal ride of sugar that daily injections of insulin, food and exercise create. Part loves story, part true cycling adventure and part dance with the body's strengths and weaknesses, Sugar Ride is an exploration of past adventures and how to feel about those experiences in the present.
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Helmet For My Pillow [Illustrated Edition]

Author: Robert Leckie

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 1786252031

Category: History

Page: 480

View: 7551

Includes over 220 photos, maps and plans following Robert “Lucky” Leckie’s Pacific War with the 1st Marine Division “Here is one of the most riveting first-person accounts ever to come out of World War II. Robert Leckie enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in January 1942, shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In Helmet for My Pillow we follow his odyssey, from basic training on Parris Island, South Carolina, all the way to the raging battles in the Pacific, where some of the war’s fiercest fighting took place. Recounting his service with the 1st Marine Division and the brutal action on Guadalcanal, New Britain, and Peleliu, Leckie spares no detail of the horrors and sacrifices of war, painting an unvarnished portrait of how real warriors are made, fight, and often die in the defense of their country. From the live-for-today rowdiness of marines on leave to the terrors of jungle warfare against an enemy determined to fight to the last man, Leckie describes what war is really like when victory can only be measured inch by bloody inch. Woven throughout are Leckie’s hard-won, eloquent, and thoroughly unsentimental meditations on the meaning of war and why we fight. Unparalleled in its immediacy and accuracy, Helmet for My Pillow will leave no reader untouched. This is a book that brings you as close to the mud, the blood, and the experience of war as it is safe to come.”-Print Ed.
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The Medicine of Place

Author: J. Vincent Hansen

Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud

ISBN: 9781682010709

Category: Photography

Page: 176

View: 2719

"In The Medicine of Place, the reserved, spartan poetry of J. Vincent Hanson mixes seamlessly with the deep-hued photographs of everyday objects by Chuck Norwood. The result is an earthy and sweat-scented homage to old-fashioned hard work and the beauty to be found in the minutia of a life well-lived and a place well-loved."--Publisher description.
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100 Love Notes

Author: Hyong Yi

Publisher: Lorimer Press

ISBN: 9780996188401

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 9949

The initial version of Hyong Yi's 100 Love Notes launched on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina on November 21, 2015. To honor his wife, Catherine Zanga, on the one-year anniversary of her death from ovarian cancer, Hyong and his two young children gave strangers 100 handwritten love notes, notes that chronicled Hyong and Catherine s life together, from their first meeting, to dating, marriage, children, and her death, which came far too soon. NBC and ABC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and the The Today Show covered the story. So did Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Someecards, Collective Evolution, Yahoo News,, and many other online news sources. Media around the world the Toronto Star, Sky News (U.K.), Yahoo Canada, Huffington Post UK, Global News Canada,, News India, Korean Evening News, UTBC (South Korea),, Dailylife (Australia) picked up the story as well. Surprised by the magnitude of interest, Yi realized that the notes had greater purpose, and he commissioned 17 artists to illustrate his three-line poems. The resulting art runs the gamut from watercolor, to pen and ink, mosaic, and collage; from traditional paintings to digital compositions "
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The City, Not Long After

Author: Pat Murphy

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480483184

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

View: 7546

A chilling postapocalyptic novel of hope, despair, art, and war from the Nebula and Philip K. Dick Award–winning author of The Falling Woman. A plague wiped out most of the population, but some have been spared. In San Francisco, those who were left—painters, writers, dreamers—began rebuilding the city in their image: a society based on art, community, and peace. But not everyone has the same pacifist ideals. When a mysterious young woman, Jax, appears in San Francisco, she brings disturbing news. There’s a power-hungry man, a general, moving across California, annexing cities and rebuilding his own version of America, willing to destroy anyone who stands in his way. His sights are set on the Golden Gate Bridge, and his army will soon descend, bringing guns, determination, and violence. If Jax and her allies are to survive, they’ll have to defend themselves with nothing more than their creativity—and the soul of a city that refuses to be dominated. Drawing comparisons to the mind-bending work of Gabriel García Márquez, this lush and thought-provoking dystopian novel is an examination of human spirit, for better or worse, and a magical journey into what it means to survive.
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The Autobiography of a Yaqui Poet

Author: Refugio Savala

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816506286

Category: History

Page: 228

View: 7611

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The Plumed Serpent

Author: David Herbert Lawrence

Publisher: Booklassic

ISBN: 6155573948

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 4646

The Plumed Serpent was written in the year 1926 by David Herbert Lawrence. This book is one of the most popular novels of David Herbert Lawrence, and has been translated into several other languages around the world. This book is published by Booklassic which brings young readers closer to classic literature globally.
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This Isn't the Apocalypse We Hoped for

Author: Al Rempel

Publisher: Caitlin Press

ISBN: 9781927575086

Category: Poetry

Page: 70

View: 9499

How do we navigate a world of fast-food joints, big-box stores and traffic jams, where people grandstand in the deli and homeless men announce the end of the world through slats in the sky Where the cumulative result of our lifestyle is a gyre of garbage and plastic in the North Pacific? Al Rempel's 'This Isn't the Apocalypse We Hoped For 'addresses this concern with humility and compassion, as it takes us above the trees in a sky canoe and into the city, asking us to receive each kindness and press it close, while we journey across this earth we've inherited with the tilt and skew of athletes."
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Poems by Wayne Kaumualii Westlake (1947-1984)

Author: Wayne Westlake

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824830679

Category: Poetry

Page: 275

View: 4091

In an all-too-brief life and literary career, Wayne Kaumualii Westlake (1947 1984) produced a substantial body of poetry. He broke new ground as a poet, translated Taoist classical literature and Japanese haiku, interwove perspectives from his Hawaiian heritage into his writing and art, and published his work locally, regionally, and internationally. Westlake was born on Maui and raised on the island of O ahu, where he attended Punahou School, and later the University of Oregon. He earned his B.A. in Chinese studies at the University of Hawai i. At the time of his tragic death in 1984, Westlake was at the height of his poetic career. Unfortunately, the only collection of his poems available at the time was a 32-page, limited edition chapbook independently published by a small press. The present volume, long overdue, includes nearly two hundred of Westlake s poems most unavailable to the public or never before published. "
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Whale in the Door

Author: Pauline Le Bel

Publisher: Caitlin Press

ISBN: 9781987915488

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 216

View: 7319

An exhilarating mix of natural history and personal exploration, Whale in the Door is a passionate account of a woman's transformative experience of her adopted home. For thousands of years, Howe Sound, an inlet in the Salish Sea provided abundant food, shelter, and stories, for the Squamish Nation. After a century of contamination from pulp mills, a chemical factory, and a copper mine, the Sound, a noisy, stinky, polluted place, contained many biologically dead zones. Marine life was severely diminished. But major efforts by the Squamish Nation, governments, and industry has produced dramatic returns of herring, dolphins, porpoises, orcas, and humpbacks. Today, Howe Sound, a spectacular fjord in Vancouver's backyard, is a popular recreation and tourism destination. The recovery, however, is fragile. The Sound is being inundated with proposals for re-industrialization--a controversial liquid natural gas plant, pipelines, super tankers, a gravel mine on a salmon-bearing estuary, and major residential and commercial developments. Pauline Le Bel, a resident of Howe Sound, embarks on a journey of discovery to find out what is special about the Sound, its wild nature and its people, to witness the cultural and spiritual revivals taking place. Her research, her interviews, her travels on the land, the water, the skies of Howe Sound, compel her to abandon antiquated ideas about wilderness and community, and to arrive at a new appreciation for the genius of her home. Whale in the Door invites readers into a story of biological resilience as a community struggles to shape a vision for its future.
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Cries from the Ark

Author: Dan MacIsaac

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781771314701

Category: Poetry

Page: 104

View: 5565

Poetry. A pitch-perfect debut and a call to act in the service of Earth through radiant attention. Humankind, at present, has breached floodgates that have only been breached before in ancient stories of angry gods, or so far back on geologic and biological timelines as to seem more past than past. Against this catastrophic backdrop (at the end of consolations, at the high-water mark), and equipped with a periscopic eye and a sublime metaphorical reach, poet Dan MacIsaac has crowded his debut vessel with sloths and auks, mummified remains and bumbling explorers, German expressionists and Neolithic cave-painters. With the predominant "I" of so many poetic debuts almost entirely absent, Cries from the Ark is catalogue and cartography of our common mortal -- and moral -- lot. "These poems are fecund as black dirt, as carnal and joyous. Each piece is an owl pellet, a concentrate of bone and tuft, of bison, auk and Beothuk. Not since Eric Ormsby's Araby have I read a book so empathic and so glossarily rich. Fair warning, MacIsaac: I'll be stealing words from you for years."--Sharon McCartney "MacIsaac sings a raven's work, sings the guts from our myths, sings our world with the breath that 'for a century/ of centuries / only the wild grass / remembered.' Present but acquainted with antiquity, MacIsaac's instrument is our own breathing as we say these poems of reverence to ourselves." --Matt Rader
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Fast Talking PI

Author: Selina Marsh

Publisher: Auckland University Press

ISBN: 1775580660

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

View: 2515

Winner, 2010 NZSA Jessie Mackay Award for Best First Book of Poetry The judging panel found Marsh’s collection exhilarating: "The poems are sensuous but strong, using lush imagery and clear rhythms and repetitions to power them forward." Touching on the poet’s community, ancestry, influences, and history, this debut collection of poetry lives up to the meaning behind the artist’s name—“writer of tales.” The featured verse is sensuous but strong, using lush imagery, clear rhythms, and repetitions to power it forward. With a unique Pacific lyricism, this compendium is structured in three sections that showcase different strengths, from personal poems and political and historical verse to those already destined to become classics. Fighting against historical injustices and exploring the ideas of identity and story—especially those associated with the afakasi or half-caste experience in a postcolonial world—this compilation will gratify fans of poetry everywhere.
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Floating is Everything

Author: Sheryda Warrener

Publisher: Harbour Publishing

ISBN: 0889710503

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

View: 871

Sheryda Warrener’s second poetry collection touches on the illusion of remaining grounded and a sense of belonging. A retired cosmonaut returns from a record-breaking 438 days in space and attempts to re-immerse himself in the world. One speaker considers reinvention from the top floor of the World’s Tallest building; another, our complicated future from Reykjavik, post-eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. Confessions and aspirations suspend in air. Ghosts float in and out; inheritance and connection are called into question. Morrissey, Cindy Sherman, and Pancho Barnes make cameo appearances. Influence and personal lineage are traced back to the Vikings, demoted Pluto, artists frequenting a Parisian bar. One speaker confides: “Yes, she’s longing to be elsewhere. Just past the sun deck there’s something invisible worth having.” In Floating is Everything, a resolution lies nearly always out of reach.
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