Reclaiming the Land

The Resurgence of Rural Movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Author: Sam Moyo,Paris Yeros

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.

ISBN: 1848137656

Category: Political Science

Page: 432

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Rural movements have recently emerged to become some of the most important social forces in opposition to neoliberalism. From Brazil and Mexico to Zimbabwe and the Philippines, rural movements of diverse political character, but all sharing the same social basis of dispossessed peasants and unemployed workers, have used land occupations and other tactics to confront the neoliberal state. This volume brings together for the first time across three continents - Africa, Latin America and Asia - an intellectually consistent set of original investigations into this new generation of rural social movements. These country studies seek to identify their social composition, strategies, tactics, and ideologies; to assess their relations with other social actors, including political parties, urban social movements, and international aid agencies and other institutions; and to examine their most common tactic, the land occupation, its origins, pace and patterns, as well as the responses of governments and landowners. At a more fundamental level, this volume explores the ways in which two decades of neoliberal policy - including new land tenure arrangements intended to hasten the commodification of land, and new land uses linked to global markets -- have undermined the social reproduction of the rural labour force and created the conditions for popular resistance. The volume demonstrates the longer-term potential impact of these movements. In economic terms, they raise the possibility of tackling immiseration by means of the redistribution of land and the reorganisation of production on a more efficient and socially responsible basis. And in political terms, breaking the power of landowners and transnational capital with interests in land could ultimately open the way to an alternative pattern of capital accumulation and development.
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Reclaiming the Land

Rethinking Superfund Institutions, Methods and Practices

Author: Gregg Macey,Jonathan Z. Cannon

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 038748857X

Category: Science

Page: 305

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Nearly thirty years after creation of the most advanced and expensive hazardous waste cleanup infrastructure in the world, this book provides a much-needed lens through which the Superfund program should be assessed and reshaped. Focusing on the lessons of adaptive management, it explores new concepts and tools for the cleanup and reuse of contaminated sites, and for dealing with the uncertainty inherent in long-term site stewardship.
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Reclaiming the Land

God’s Formula for Revival

Author: Rusty Kuhn

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1490814787

Category: Religion

Page: 112

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It doesn’t take the most spiritually discerning person among us to see that we stand in desperate need of revival within our land. We see churches in drastic decline, leading to moral decay and opening wide the door for the devourer to enter in and destroy our families and community. The sole purpose of this book is to see the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ rise to its full potential, call by seeking the face of God, and see this land reclaimed in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ. In Reclaiming the Land, Pastor Rusty Kuhn has clearly outlined God’s formula for revival that God has given in II Chronicles 7:14. Reclaiming the Land unfolds the biblical principle that if you plan and promote your agenda, bestowing glory and honor upon yourself rather than Jesus, the hand of God’s blessings will not fall. However, as demonstrated in this book through the principles of God’s Word, if we choose to pursue God’s way for His glory, His promise will be kept: “Then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” In Reclaiming the Land you will discover the prayer that God heard; the signs of the need of revival; the knowledge that we are saved with a holy calling; the need of humility for His honor; the power of prayer; the blessings of seeking His face; the need of honoring his presence; and the end result of doing things God’s way.
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Reclaiming the Land

What It's All about

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Reclamation of land

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Reclaiming Contaminated Land

Author: T. Cairney

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401165041

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 260

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Chemically contaminated land has only recently been recognized as an immediate or long-term potential hazard, and published guidance on how to tackle such land has been sparse. Indeed much of the available technical work emphasizes the risks and dangers, rather than indicating safe and economical strategies of reclamation. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the important aspects of land reclamation. Its basic aim is to dispel the myths that have become associated with the subject and to indicate methods and strategies that can be used for safe and economical reclamation. The authors concentrate on the more important facets of reclamation and indicate where advice and information is more or less certain. As in any newly developed field there are still uncertainties and, for this reason, not all the chapters contain equivalent amounts of detail. All the authors have expertise in the field of land reclamation, and differences in emphasis between authors reflect the present state of the subject. Overall, the book emphasizes that contaminated land can be reclaimed safely provided that sufficient attention is paid to detail and that the proposed end use of the land is appropriate and based on a detailed knowledge of the site.
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Reclaiming paradise

American women photograph the land

Author: Gretchen Garner,Tweed Museum of Art

Publisher: N.A


Category: Photography

Page: 64

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Reclaiming Your Land

Transformed Through the Word of God

Author: Shari Lordi

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512790079

Category: Religion

Page: 146

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“As I was approaching my mid-forties, I was as weary and broken as a human being could be. “ Living in bondage for several years, had taken its toll on me. I was barely existing. Although the Spirit of God was always with me, I was unable to gain a breakthrough until I finally, and totally, surrendered “ALL” to the Lord Jesus Christ. When I let go of everything, regardless of what the outcome could or would be, was when the miraculous began to take place and happen in my life. The Holy Spirit used simple and practical elements in nature to impart deep and life changing revelation into my soul. One of the most powerful breakthroughs I received, was given to me through the revelation of the metamorphosis process that butterflies go through. It was through that journey that the blinders began to slowly fall off. Born into a fallen world, we must have a transformation experience through the redemption and shed blood of Jesus Christ. Just as the butterfly goes through that very painful transition from what was to what is to be, “from the old man to the new creation,” we as children of God must also go through this process. Liberation is beautiful and so worth the process. Remember, once a caterpillar transforms from crawling on the ground to a beautiful butterfly soaring through the air, he can never go back. He is a new creation. Not a perfect creation but a new creation. You can be Free!!! Jesus really does love You.
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Reclaiming disturbed lands

Author: Darrell Brown,Richard Hallman,Equipment Development Center (Missoula, Mont.)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 91

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From Defence to Development

Redirecting Military Resources in South Africa

Author: Penny MacKenzie

Publisher: IDRC

ISBN: 1552501515

Category: Social Science

Page: 277

View: 1970

Remember the global peace dividend - the budget surpluses that were supposed to result from the raising of the Iron Curtain and the end of the arms race? As war-torn societies in the Middle East, Latin America, and parts of Africa found peace and began building democratic societies, governments were supposed to use the money they once spent on the military to better meet basic human needs. But has it happened?
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Tracking the White Rabbit

A Subversive View of Modern Culture

Author: Lyn Cowan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135453756

Category: Psychology

Page: 152

View: 1482

Since its beginning, depth psychology has attempted to change the status quo of individual and cultural life by probing beneath surface appearances. Lyn Cowan explores a number of subjects, considering what possible meanings and implications for change might lie behind the conventional attitudes toward such subjects as: * Abortion * Gender and sexuality * Language * Memory * Melancholy The author puts forward the argument that, although "psychology" and "subversion" are not usually thought of as belonging together, they should be. Such a view, presented clearly with humour and insight, offers a way to think differently about usual things, and yield fresh meaning to some of the pressing dilemmas of our time and how we as individuals may respond to them.
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Reclaiming the Commons

Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town

Author: Brian Donahue

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300089127

Category: Nature

Page: 352

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A lively account of a community working to combat suburban sprawl, and how it discovers how to live responsibly on the land.
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Re-conceiving Property Rights in the New Millennium

Towards a New Sustainable Land Relations Policy

Author: Ben Chigara

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136656243

Category: Law

Page: 256

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This book constitutes volume two of a two volume examination of development community land issues in Southern Africa. Following from volume one Southern African Development Community Land Issues, this book considers the possibility of a new, sustainable land relations policy for Southern African Development Community States (SADC) that are currently mired up in land disputes that have become subject of domestic, regional and international tribunals. Chigara demonstrates that land relations in the SADC have always been, and will perhaps remain, a matter for constitutional regulation. Because constitutional laws are distinctive from other laws only by constitutional design, legal contests appear to be the least likely means for settlement in the sub-region. Only human rights inspired policies, that respond to the call for social justice by acknowledging both the current and the underlying contexts to the disputes, hold the most potential to resolve these disputes. The book recommends efficient pedagogical counter-apartheid-rule psychological distortions regarding the significance of human dignity (PECAPDISH) as a pre-requisite and corollary to the dismantling of the salient physical legacy of apartheid-rule in affected SADC States. The book shows that PECAPDISH’s potential and benefits would be enormous. The book will be of interest to students and researchers of Property and Conveyancing Law, Human Rights Law, and Land Law.
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Crisis in the Camp

Author: Dave T. Gentry

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1609577574

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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Crisis in the Camp is the latest work by author Dave Gentry—a veteran mentor who has ministered to Christian leaders and their families for decades—offering a bold look at the condition of the church and suggesting solutions for what troubles it. This treatment of the church and the state of its leaders is a startling wake-up call to all those who will listen and learn to discern the signs of trouble. Hope and help are offered in the face of daunting challenges and readers are reminded to return to the radical ways of Jesus Christ.
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Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good

Author: Heather Menzies

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 155092558X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 4036

An engaging and intimate journey of personal and political discovery.
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Reclaiming a Plundered Past

Archaeology and Nation Building in Modern Iraq

Author: Magnus T. Bernhardsson

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292749031

Category: Social Science

Page: 348

View: 362

The looting of the Iraqi National Museum in April of 2003 provoked a world outcry at the loss of artifacts regarded as part of humanity's shared cultural patrimony. But though the losses were unprecedented in scale, the museum looting was hardly the first time that Iraqi heirlooms had been plundered or put to political uses. From the beginning of archaeology as a modern science in the nineteenth century, Europeans excavated and appropriated Iraqi antiquities as relics of the birth of Western civilization. Since Iraq was created in 1921, the modern state has used archaeology to forge a connection to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and/or Islamic empires and so build a sense of nationhood among Iraqis of differing religious traditions and ethnicities. This book delves into the ways that archaeology and politics intertwined in Iraq during the British Mandate and the first years of nationhood before World War II. Magnus Bernhardsson begins with the work of British archaeologists who conducted extensive excavations in Iraq and sent their finds to the museums of Europe. He then traces how Iraqis' growing sense of nationhood led them to confront the British over antiquities law and the division of archaeological finds between Iraq and foreign excavators. He shows how Iraq's control over its archaeological patrimony was directly tied to the balance of political power and how it increased as power shifted to the Iraqi government. Finally he examines how Iraqi leaders, including Saddam Hussein, have used archaeology and history to legitimize the state and its political actions.
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Heart Treasures

Author: Jerry Smith

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595228852

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

View: 2954

Jerry Smith writes from nearly half a century of struggle and discovery in understanding the concepts laid out so simply and so practically in this material. His college speech teacher said he would never make it as a public speaker. Yet, he illustrates how the concepts in Heart Treasures enabled him to speak to thousands of different audiences in thirty years of ministry. The Powerword Concepts revealed in Heart Treasures will help the reader to: · Understand the prevalence and power of words. · Properly activate “heart words” with the explosive trigger of faith. · Understand the real meaning of the “heart,” “prayer,” “faith,” and “God’s will.” · Realign heart words for success and blessing.
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Reclaiming the American West

Author: Alan Berger

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 9781568983622

Category: Architecture

Page: 223

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There are over 200,000 abandoned mines covering hundreds of thousands of acres in the western United States. Seen from the air, they create surreal, haunting, yet somehow beautiful landscapes of mind-boggling scale. But these scarred landscapes are only temporary: by law, mining companies are required to reclaim them, and the process of renewal exposes many physical, philosophical, technological, environmental, political, regulatory, and ethical issues. Using aerial photography, maps, designs, charts, and analyses, Alan Berger provides a colorful and insightful overview of the possibilities-and dangers-of converting these altered landscapes. Reclaiming the American West covers the historical background and policy, as well as representational, technical, and design challenges presented by working with these enormous toxic sites, many of which have been converted into landscapes of extraordinary beauty. In addition, the book gives us an unprecedented vantage point above the sublime landscapes.
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