Speed, Distance and Time Tests

Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2Become Ltd

ISBN: 1907558594

Category: Aeronautics

Page: 114

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Over 450 sample speed, distance and time test questions.
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Wards in the Sky

The RAF's Remarkable Nursing Service

Author: Mary Mackie

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750962739

Category: History

Page: 352

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This is the eventful story of the nurses who, since 1918, have worn the gray-blue uniform of the RAF, from World War I to D-Day; through the Falklands, in Bosnia, and on to Afghanistan. These brave professionals dealt with snakes, malaria, desert dust, and Arctic ice. Their main field of expertise is their skill for in-flight nursing, caring for very sick patients while flying back to hospitals in the UK. Over time, the caring, white-veiled "angels" of fond memory have transformed into multi-skilled technicians, female and male, whose work has helped to advance medical knowledge and practice for all of humankind. This book traces their history and brings to life the drama, romance, hardship, and, often, the hilarity, as told in the words of the nurses themselves.
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RAF Airman Tests

Sample Test Questions for the RAF Airman Test

Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2become

ISBN: 9781909229914


Page: 167

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How to pass the RAF Airman Test which forms part of the selection process for joining the Royal Air Force. Contains over 170 pages of sample test questions and advice.
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The Royal Air Force Handbook

The Definitive MoD Guide

Author: N.A

Publisher: Conway

ISBN: 9781857533842

Category: History

Page: 208

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The Royal Air Force Handbook provides the only official definitive guide to the structure of the RAF of today and the future. From the front-line fast-jet forces, tankers, transport and helicopter forces to the training squadrons, Search-And-Rescue squadrons, the RAF Regiment and reserve forces, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Red Arrows aerobatic display team, this is the complete work of reference for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Every aircraft and weapon system is included with a brief background, exhaustive specifications and a colour illustration. The guide also includes details of the future procurement plans of the RAF, including the F35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Hawk 128 as well as future missile systems, and includes colour photographs of RAF operations in the recent conflict in Iraq and elsewhere. Following the attractive format and structure of its successful sister volume The Royal Navy Handbook (Conway, 2003, 0851779522), The Royal Air Force Handbook is the premier resource for the layperson with an interest in the UK's air arm. The definitive guide to the structure and equipment of the RAF of today and tomorrow Details and specifications for every aircraft and weapon in service Full colour illustrations, photographs and plans support the concise text Follows the successful Royal Navy Handbook (Conway, 2003, 0851779522)
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Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy for All

Author: Matt Tweed,Matthew Watkins,Moff Betts

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 0802778992

Category: Mathematics

Page: 416

View: 389

Collects six short illustrated volumes covering topics in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, evolution, and astronomy.
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Armed Forces Tests

Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2Become Ltd

ISBN: 1907558098

Category: Great Britain

Page: 236

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"Expert advice on how to pass Armed Forces selection tests. Includes sample tests for the Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy"--Cover.
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The British Army Guide

Author: Charles Heyman

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 1844156443

Category: History

Page: 231

View: 1543

The British Army Pocket Guide 2008-2009 will be a comprehensive guide to the organization, equipment and tactics of today's British Army. This latest edition incorporates details of all army reorganization and regimental amalgamations plus details of major systems and equipment introduced.
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Army Barb Test Questions

Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2Become Ltd

ISBN: 1907558497


Page: 91

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The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions

A Teaching Casebook

Author: Jessica K. Heriot,Eileen J. Polinger

Publisher: Haworth Press

ISBN: 9780789009197

Category: Education

Page: 474

View: 7325

Use these fascinating first-person accounts to bring real-world problems into the classroom! The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions: A Teaching Casebook is a collection of personal narratives, short stories, and poetry about mental illness and other life-affecting problems, mostly in the context of family life. Each selection is accompanied by questions for discussion; selected reading lists are provided with each chapter. Beginning with problems related to childhood, the stories range through adolescence, adulthood, and old age. This unique book provides students and educators in psychology, social work, and counseling with an in-depth understanding of various mental illnesses and psychosocial problems through the life cycle. Its stories and narratives give students the unique opportunity to experience “from the inside” what it is like to live with an eating disorder or struggle with a compulsion phobia. The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions is more than a teaching tool. These stories are more than thought provoking, more than simply insightful. They are truly fascinating--each a candid, no-holds-barred glimpse into the personal reality of its narrator--and will inspire the kind of discussions that the best courses and instructors are remembered for. Your students will most likely have finished the book before the class has finished discussing the first chapter! With The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions, your students will explore: family relationships under various types of stress how families cope with physical illness what happens to the family when a loved one struggles with mental illness the impact of racial issues the effects of sexual abuse and domestic violence the process of healing from childhood trauma . . . and much more! The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions provides first-hand knowledge of what the loss of a parent to death, mental illness, or alcoholism feels like to the child; of how ”coming out” as a lesbian affects one's life; of the love and frustration of having a mentally handicapped sibling; of what it's like to lose one's memory in old age. No academic description can convey the feelings, meaning, and effects on the individual or family of mental illness or other psychosocial stressors. Only narratives and stories based on direct experience--exactly what you'll find in The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions--can offer this perspective.
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Mechanical Comprehension Tests

Sample Test Questions and Answers

Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2become

ISBN: 9781909229969


Page: 98

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Mechanical Comprehension Test questions and answers to help job applicants prepare for technical selection tests.
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Global Air Power

Author: John Andreas Olsen

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1597977446

Category: History

Page: 560

View: 9323

What influences have shaped air power since human flight became a reality more than a hundred years ago? Global Air Power provides insight into the evolution of air power theory and practice by examining the experience of six of the world’s largest air forces--those of the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Russia, India, and China--and of representative smaller air forces in Pacific Asia, Latin America, and continental Europe. The chapters, written by highly regarded scholars and military leaders, explore how various nations have integrated air power into their armed forces and how they have applied air power in both regular and irregular warfare and in peacetime operations. They cover the organizational, professional, and doctrinal issues that air forces confronted in the past, the lessons learned from victory and defeat, and emerging challenges and opportunities. Further, Global Air Power supplements the traditional military perspective with examinations of the ideological, economic, and cultural factors that give air forces their distinctive characters. Chapters show how the interplay among these internal factors, together with external challenges, determines the structure, role, and effectiveness of air forces. Together, these chapters illuminate universal trends as well as similarities and differences among the world’s air forces. Its combination of military history and sociopolitical analysis makes Global Air Power especially valuable to a broad range of historians, air power specialists, and general readers interested in national defense and international relations.
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The Official British Army Fitness Guide

Author: Sam Murphy,Great Britain: Ministry of Defence (Army)

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 085265118X

Category: Physical fitness

Page: 175

View: 9190

Developed by the Army Physical training Corps, this is the first official guide to getting as fit as a recruit in the British Army and is based on the actual exercises and activities the Army uses to train its soldiers.
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How to Become a Police Special Constable

Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2become

ISBN: 9781907558900


Page: 197

View: 2908

How to become a Police Special Constable is a brand new up-to-date guide that teaches applicants how to successfully pass every stage of the selection process.
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