Process Dynamics and Control

Author: Dale E. Seborg,Duncan A. Mellichamp,Thomas F. Edgar,Francis J. Doyle, III

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470128674

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 514

View: 7494

This third edition provides chemical engineers with process control techniques that are used in practice while offering detailed mathematical analysis. Numerous examples and simulations are used to illustrate key theoretical concepts. New exercises are integrated throughout several chapters to reinforce concepts. Up-to-date information is also included on real-time optimization and model predictive control to highlight the significant impact these techniques have on industrial practice. And chemical engineers will find two new chapters on biosystems control to gain the latest perspective in the field.
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Process Dynamics and Control

Author: Nageshwar Govind Das

Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120344051


Page: 328

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Process Dynamics and Control

Modeling for Control and Prediction

Author: Brian Roffel,Ben Betlem

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470058773

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 560

View: 9710

Offering a different approach to other textbooks in the area, this book is a comprehensive introduction to the subject divided in three broad parts. The first part deals with building physical models, the second part with developing empirical models and the final part discusses developing process control solutions. Theory is discussed where needed to ensure students have a full understanding of key techniques that are used to solve a modeling problem. Hallmark Features: Includes worked out examples of processes where the theory learned early on in the text can be applied. Uses MATLAB simulation examples of all processes and modeling techniques- further information on MATLAB can be obtained from Includes supplementary website to include further references, worked examples and figures from the book This book is structured and aimed at upper level undergraduate students within chemical engineering and other engineering disciplines looking for a comprehensive introduction to the subject. It is also of use to practitioners of process control where the integrated approach of physical and empirical modeling is particularly valuable.
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Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120349938

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 824

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This book is a sequel to the text Process Dynamics and Control (published by PHI Learning). The objective of this text is to introduce frontier areas of control technology with an ample number of application examples. It also introduces the simulation platform PCSA (Process Control System Analyzer) to include senior level worked out examples like multi-loop control of exothermic reactor and distillation column. The textbook includes discussions on state variable techniques and analysis MIMO systems, and techniques of non-linear systems treatment with extensive number of examples. A chapter has been included to discuss the industrial practice of instrumentation systems for important unit operation and processes, which ends up with the treatment on Plant-wide-control. The two state-of-the-art tools of computer based control, Micro-controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), are discussed with practical application examples. A number of demonstration programs have been offered for basic conception development in the accompanying CD. It familiarizes students with the real task of simulation by means of simple computer programming procedure with sufficient graphic support, and helps to develop capability of handling complex dynamic systems. This book is primarily intended for the postgraduate students of chemical engineering and instrumentation and control engineering. Also it will be of considerable interest to professionals engaged in handling process plant automation systems. KEY FEATURES • Majority of worked out examples and exercise problems are chosen from practical process applications. • A complete coverage of controller synthesis in frequency domain provides a better grasp of controller tuning. • Advanced control strategies and adaptive control are covered with ample number of worked out examples.
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Process Dynamics, Modeling, and Control

Author: Babatunde Ayodeji Ogunnaike,Willis Harmon Ray

Publisher: Topics in Chemical Engineering

ISBN: 9780195091199

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1260

View: 6978

This text offers a modern view of process control in the context of today's technology. It provides the standard material in a coherent presentation and uses a notation that is more consistent with the research literature in process control. Topics that are unique include a unified approach to model representations, process model formation and process identification, multivariable control, statistical quality control, and model-based control. This book is designed to be used as an introductory text for undergraduate courses in process dynamics and control. In addition to chemical engineering courses, the text would also be suitable for such courses taught in mechanical, nuclear, industrial, and metallurgical engineering departments. The material is organized so that modern concepts are presented to the student but details of the most advanced material are left to later chapters. The text material has been developed, refined, and classroom tested over the last 10-15 years at the University of Wisconsin and more recently at the University of Delaware. As part of the course at Wisconsin, a laboratory has been developed to allow the students hands-on experience with measurement instruments, real time computers, and experimental process dynamics and control problems.
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Process dynamics and control

Author: George David Shilling

Publisher: N.A


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 260

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An Introduction to Process Dynamics and Control

Author: Thomas W. Weber

Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780894643019

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 434

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Author: Dale Seborg,Thomas F Edgar & Duncan Mellichamp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9788126508341


Page: 734

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About The Book: This long-awaited second edition of Dale Seborg, Thomas Edgar, and Duncan Mellichamp's Process Dynamic and Control reflects recent changes and advances in process control theory and technology. The authors have added new topics, and enhanced the presentation with a large number of new exercises and examples, many of which utilize MATLAB and Simulink.
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Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 812034846X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 784

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Primarily intended as a textbook for the undergraduate students of chemical engineering, it introduces students to fundamental principles in system dynamics and control. This book bridges the conceptual gap by using a number of examples from physical as well as from different facets of human experience. The text introduces the concepts of State variable techniques and MIMO systems. An indigenously developed simulation platform for open and closed loop simulation has been introduced for analysis and design of dynamic processes. All the topics in this text are supported by quite a number of worked out and exercise problems. The Accompanying CD with this book includes a number of computer programs to verify the results obtained during the open and closed loop dynamic studies. It also contains a number of Demonstration Programs exposes concepts of process dynamics and the CD exposes various control through extensive use of animated graphics. Key Features This text guides students to: • Model and simulate the behaviour of first, second and higher order dynamical systems. • Design and tune feedback and feedforward controllers, and obtain a hands-on experience in doing this via simulation. • Configure and analyze control loops for stability and performance.
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Instructor's Manual for Process Dynamics, Modeling, and Control

Author: Babatunde A. Ogunnaike

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195119374

Category: Chemical process control

Page: 456

View: 5437

The Instructor's Manual contains worked out solutions to 230 of the 256 problems in Ogunnaike and Ray, Process Dynamics, Modeling, and Control (published November 1994). It is to be distributed gratis to adopters of the text and to qualified professors who are seriously considering adopting the text and have requested it.
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Dynamics and Control of Machines

Author: V.K. Astashev,V.I. Babitsky,M.Z. Kolovsky

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540637226

Category: Computers

Page: 233

View: 3293

Basic models and concepts of machine dynamics and motion control are presented in the order of the principal steps of machine design. The machine is treated as a coupled dynamical system, including drive, mechanisms and controller, to reveal its behavior at different regimes through the interaction of its units under dynamic and processing loads. The main dynamic effects in machines are explained. The influence of component compliances on accuracy, stability and efficiency of the machines is analyzed. Methods for decreasing internal and external vibration activity of machines are described. The dynamic features of digital control are considered. Special attention is given to machines with intense dynamic behavior: resonant and hand-held percussion ones. Targeted to engineers as well as to lecturers and advanced students.
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Process dynamics estimation and control

Author: A. Johnson,Institution of Electrical Engineers

Publisher: Inspec/Iee


Category: Science

Page: 171

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