Preparing the Perfect Medical Cv: a Comprehensive Guide for Doctors and Medical Students on How to Succeed in Your Chosen Field

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Author: Helen Douglas,Vivek Sivarajan,Matt Green

Publisher: BPP Publishing

ISBN: 9781445381626

Category: Medical personnel

Page: 160

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A clear and time saving guide which details how to prepare a high quality Medical CV for applicants at all stages of their Medical Careers.
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Preparing the Perfect Medical CV

Author: Helen Douglas,Vivek Sivarajan

Publisher: Arawak publications

ISBN: 1472729528

Category: Medical

Page: 176

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With competition for medical posts at an all-time high, it is vital that your Medical CV stands out over those of your fellow applicants. This comprehensive, unique and easy-to-read guide has been written with this in mind to help prospective medical students, current medical students and doctors of all grades prepare a Medical CV of the highest quality. Whether you are applying to medical school, currently completing your medical degree or are a doctor progressing through your career (foundation doctor, specialty trainee in general practice, surgery or medicine, GP career grade or Consultant) this guide includes specific guidance for applicants at every level. This time-saving and detailed publication explains what selection panels are looking for when reviewing applications at all levels, discusses how to structure your Medical CV to ensure you stand out for the right reasons and explores what information to include, and what not to include, in your CV. The book discusses what to consider when maintaining a portfolio at every step of your career, including for revalidation and relicensing purposes. Examples of high quality CVs are included in the book to illustrate the standards which are required. This unique guide shows you how to prepare your CV for every step of your medical career from pre-Medical School right through to Consultant level. This book will be of value to doctors throughout their careers as they strive to ensure they secure their first choice post every time.
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How to Get a Specialty Training Post

The Insider's Guide

Author: Danny C. G. Lim

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019959080X

Category: Medical

Page: 193

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Each year, thousands of junior doctors apply for highly competitive training jobs in a variety of specialties. Obtaining a training job can be a difficult and stressful process, with some specialties attracting 40 applicants per post. This book helps doctors to improve their chances of getting that highly sought-after post. It is a wide-ranging, accessible guide to the application process, covering every step, from online application to the selection panel. It includes essential tips on career development, interview technique, and specialty-specific advice.
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Succeeding in Your Consultant Medical Interview

A Comprehensive Guide to Interview Question Topics and NHS Issues

Author: Robert Ghosh

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781445382289

Category: Employment interviewing

Page: 500

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A fully updated unique and comprehensive second edition which explores how to prepare fully for the Consultant Medical Interview.
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Effective Communication Skills for Doctors: a Practical Guide to Clear Communication Within a Hospital Environment

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Author: Teresa Parrott,Graham Crook

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781445379562

Category: Communication in medicine

Page: 208

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This clear and easy to read book explores the different communication models that can be used within a healthcare setting and outlines how individuals can develop and improve their communication skills quickly and easily.
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Effective Time Management Skills for Doctors

Author: Sarah Christie

Publisher: M-Y Books Distribution

ISBN: 1906839484

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 156

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"Do you find it difficult to achieve a work-life balance? Would you like to know how you can become more effective with the time you have? With the introduction of the European Working Time Directive, which will severely limit the hours in the working week, it is more important than ever that doctors improve their personal effectiveness and time management skills. This interactive book will enable you to focus on what activities are needlessly taking up your time and what steps you can take to manage your time better. By taking the time to read through, complete the exercises and follow the advice contained within this book you will begin to: Understand where your time is being needlessly wasted Discover how to be more assertive and learn how to say 'No' Set yourself priorities and stick to them Learn how to complete tasks more efficiently Plan better so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy In recent years, with the introduction of the NHS Plan and Lord Darzi's commitment to improve the quality of healthcare provision, there is a need for doctors to become more effective within their working environment. This book will offer you the chance to re-gain some clarity on how you actually spend your time and give you the impetus to ensure you achieve the tasks and goals important to you."
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Obstetric Evidence-Based Guidelines, Second Edition

Author: Vincenzo Berghella

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1841848255

Category: Medical

Page: 286

View: 9541

This book, as well as complementary volume Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines, aims to present the reader with the right information, with appropriate use of proven interventions and avoidance of ineffectual or harmful ones. It also rates the evidential base of the key references. The information is presented in an easy-to-access format by summarizing evidence succinctly and clearly in tables and algorithms. This volume reviews the evidence for best practice in obstetrics. New to this edition: New chapters on Jehovah's Witness patients and preconception care New references that have been assessed and graded in terms of their evidence base Management of all common procedures are included: Ultrasound and screening Caesarean delivery First trimester pregnancy loss Preterm birth Induced labour
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RNA Methodologies

Laboratory Guide for Isolation and Characterization

Author: Robert E. Farrell, Jr.

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128046791

Category: Science

Page: 876

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RNA Methodologies, Fifth Edition continues its tradition of excellence in providing the most up-to-date ribonucleic acid lab techniques for seasoned scientists and graduate students alike. This edition features new material on the exploding field of microRNA as well as the methods for the profiling of gene expression, both which have changed considerably in recent years. As a leader in the field, Dr. Farrell provides a wealth of knowledge on the topic of RNA while also giving readers helpful hints from his own personal experience in this subject area. Beginning with the most contemporary, RNA Methodologies, Fifth Edition, presents the essential techniques to use when working with RNA for the experienced practitioner while at the same time providing images and examples to aid the beginner in fully understanding this important branch of molecular biology. The next generation of scientists can look to this work as a guide for ensuring high productivity and highly representative data, as well as best practices in troubleshooting laboratory problems when they arise. Features new material in miRNA, MIQE guidelines, biomarkers, RNA sequencing, digital PCR and more Includes expanded coverage on quantitative PCR techniques, RNAi, bioinformatics, the role of locked nucleic acids, aptamer biology, PCR arrays, and other modern technologies Presents comprehensive, cutting-edge information covering all aspects of working with RNA Builds from basic information on RNA techniques to in-depth protocols to guidance on how to modify and adjust each step of a particular application Presents multiple avenues for addressing the same experimental goals
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How to Get a Job in Medicine

Author: Adam Poole,Manoj Ramachandran

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0443100144

Category: Medical

Page: 195

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Getting the job you want in medicine has never been more competitive. New levels of expectation within Hospital Trusts require more effort, energy and time to be spent in order to be successful. This new book delivers a unique insight into the process of applying for and achieving the job you want. It includes: · Designing and fine-tuning a powerful CV · The science of application forms: learning techniques to get your form noticed · Managing nerves and preparing for interviews · Delivering a confident, successful interview performance by dissecting the possible questions The book is aimed at those applying for SHO positions, including the new Foundation Programmes, but the techniques described can be utilised throughout the medical profession at all levels. Readers can use this book to: · Get themselves into the right frame of mind when starting to look for jobs, with tips on techniques such as selling yourself and networking · Learn the tricks and tips that are key to producing a concise, excellent curriculum vitae and to filling in standard application forms · Prepare for the interview process, including what to do before an interview and how to deal with common interviewing styles · Keep themselves abreast of the hottest developments in medicine, often the subject of medical interviews The benefits the readers will derive are: · Increased confidence when tackling the job seeking process · Help with increasing the quality and impact of their curriculum vitae and application forms · Insight into the interview process, including views from the other side of the table · Learning to sell themselves both on paper and face to face
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Enhancing the Postdoctoral Experience for Scientists and Engineers:

A Guide for Postdoctoral Scholars, Advisers, Institutions, Funding Organizations, and Disciplinary Societies

Author: Institute of Medicine,Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy,National Academy of Engineering,National Academy of Sciences

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309069963

Category: Education

Page: 212

View: 1403

The concept of postdoctoral training came to science and engineering about a century ago. Since the 1960s, the performance of research in the United States has increasingly relied on these recent PhDs who work on a full-time, but on a temporary basis, to gain additional research experience in preparation for a professional research career. Such experiences are increasingly seen as central to careers in research, but for many, the postdoctoral experience falls short of expectations. Some postdocs indicate that they have not received the recognition, standing or compensation that is commensurate with their experience and skills. Is this the case? If so, how can the postdoctoral experience be enhanced for the over 40,000 individuals who hold these positions at university, government, and industry laboratories? This new book offers its assessment of the postdoctoral experience and provides principles, action points, and recommendations for enhancing that experience.
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Human Resources For Health In Europe

Author: Dubois, Carl-Ardy,Nolte, Ellen,McKee, Martin

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335218555

Category: Education

Page: 249

View: 6351

This book analyses how the current regulatory processes and practices related to key aspects of the management of the health professions may facilitate or inhibit the development of effective responses to challenges facing health care systems in Europe. The authors document how health care systems in Europe are confronting existing challenges in relation to the health workforce and identify the strategies that are likely to be most effective in optimizing the management of health professionals in the future.
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Midwifery & Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide

Author: Kelsey,Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 1284118835

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 400

View: 4808

Preceded by: Midwifery and women's health nurse practitioner certification review guide / Beth M. Kelsey and Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos. Third edition. [2015].
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Early Childhood Counts

A Programming Guide on Early Childhood Care for Development

Author: N.A

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 9780821345672

Category: Education

Page: 412

View: 8666

Details the preparation, planning, implementation, financing, monitoring, and evaluation of diverse early childhood care programming strategies.
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Disorders of Hemoglobin

Genetics, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Management

Author: Martin H. Steinberg,Bernard G. Forget,Douglas R. Higgs,David J. Weatherall

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139480804

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 5408

This book is a completely revised new edition of the definitive reference on disorders of hemoglobin. Authored by world-renowned experts, the book focuses on basic science aspects and clinical features of hemoglobinopathies, covering diagnosis, treatment, and future applications of current research. While the second edition continues to address the important molecular, cellular, and genetic components, coverage of clinical issues has been significantly expanded, and there is more practical emphasis on diagnosis and management throughout. The book opens with a review of the scientific underpinnings. Pathophysiology of common hemoglobin disorders is discussed next in an entirely new section devoted to vascular biology, the erythrocyte membrane, nitric oxide biology, and hemolysis. Four sections deal with α and β thalassemia, sickle cell disease, and related conditions, followed by special topics. The second edition concludes with current and developing approaches to treatment, incorporating new agents for iron chelation, methods to induce fetal hemoglobin production, novel treatment approaches, stem cell transplantation, and progress in gene therapy.
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Oral Medicine and Medically Complex Patients

Author: Peter B. Lockhart

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118495837

Category: Medical

Page: 512

View: 5204

Oral Medicine and Medically Complex Patients, Sixth Edition provides succinct, yet comprehensive information on in-hospital care and outpatient management of the medically complex dental patient, as well as the management of non-surgical problems of the maxillofacial region. Fully revised to include up-to-date information on procedures and medications, the Sixth Edition contains over 15 additional charts and tables for rapid reference and expanded coverage on maxillofacial prosthodontics and increasingly prevalent conditions, such as ONJ. Oral Medicine and Medically Complex Patients follows a practical approach, organizing essential information into quickly referenced tables, easy-to-read diagrams and step-by-step procedures. Replete with examples of hospital charts, operative notes, and consultations, the book provides thorough coverage of the broad scope of clinical problems and patient populations encountered by dentists. A truly must-have resource Oral Medicine and Medically Complex Patients serves the needs of an increasing number of dental students, residents in general practice and specialty training, and practitioners engaged in the care of both hospitalized and ambulatory patients.
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Intelligence Analysis:

Behavioral and Social Scientific Foundations

Author: Committee on Behavioral and Social Science Research to Improve Intelligence Analysis for National Security,Board on Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sensory Sciences,Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309176980

Category: Social Science

Page: 350

View: 2633

The U.S. intelligence community (IC) is a complex human enterprise whose success depends on how well the people in it perform their work. Although often aided by sophisticated technologies, these people ultimately rely on their own intellect to identify, synthesize, and communicate the information on which the nation's security depends. The IC's success depends on having trained, motivated, and thoughtful people working within organizations able to understand, value, and coordinate their capabilities. Intelligence Analysis provides up-to-date scientific guidance for the intelligence community (IC) so that it might improve individual and group judgments, communication between analysts, and analytic processes. The papers in this volume provide the detailed evidentiary base for the National Research Council's report, Intelligence Analysis for Tomorrow: Advances from the Behavioral and Social Sciences. The opening chapter focuses on the structure, missions, operations, and characteristics of the IC while the following 12 papers provide in-depth reviews of key topics in three areas: analytic methods, analysts, and organizations. Informed by the IC's unique missions and constraints, each paper documents the latest advancements of the relevant science and is a stand-alone resource for the IC's leadership and workforce. The collection allows readers to focus on one area of interest (analytic methods, analysts, or organizations) or even one particular aspect of a category. As a collection, the volume provides a broad perspective of the issues involved in making difficult decisions, which is at the heart of intelligence analysis.
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Guidelines for Perinatal Care

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781934984178

Category: Maternal health services

Page: 580

View: 446

The new 7th Edition gives you a single place to look for the most recent and recommendations on quality care of pregnant women, their fetuses, and their neonates. Jointly developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), this resource addresses the full spectrum of perinatal medicine from both the obstetric and pediatric standpoints. Guidelines for Perinatal Care has been revised and updated to reflect current scientific data, professional opinion, and clinical advances. Important new material in the 7th Edition includes: Evidence-based recommendations for safe, effective diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in both maternal-fetal medicine and neonatology. New information on planned home birth and underwater births. Expanded coverage on obstetric and medical complications and evidence-based recommendations to guide clinical practice. Updated recommendations on neonatal resuscitation, screening and management of hyperbilirubinemia, and neonatal drug withdrawal. New chapter on quality improvement and patient safety. Expanded coverage on neonatal intensive care unit data collection; rapid cycle improvement; and quality improvement collaboratives and much more.
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Clinical Audit For Doctors

Author: Margaret Keane,Robert Ghosh

Publisher: M-Y Books Distribution

ISBN: 1906839514

Category: Medical

Page: 145

View: 8586

Not sure where to start with your clinical audit? Would you like to know how to perform the ideal clinical audit? It is well recognised that clinical audit is a fundamental tool to maintain high standards of clinical excellence within healthcare. It is th
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Author: Olivia Córdova

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 149182641X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 8375

Savannah’s Surprise is about a family who move away from the city, to live in the country. Savannah was five years old. She was impressed with the beautiful mountains and the river so blue that ran alongside the valley but mostly she loved the lavender and yellow buttercups. As time went by Savannah found herself with no one to play with. Her parents were concerned and one day surprised Savannah with a playmate. This story will embrace children who by nature love surprises.
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This Is the Story of You (Sneak Preview)

Author: Beth Kephart

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452159718

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 7430

Want a sneak peek? Download this free sample of This Is the Story of You by Beth Kephart. On Haven, a six-mile long, half-mile-wide stretch of barrier island, Mira Banul and her Year-Rounder friends have proudly risen to every challenge. But then a superstorm defies all predictions and devastates the island, upending all logic and stranding Mira's mother and brother on the mainland. Nothing will ever be the same. A stranger appears in the wreck of Mira's home. A friend obsessed with vanishing disappears. As the mysteries deepen, Mira must find the strength to carry on—to somehow hold her memories in place while learning to trust a radically reinvented future. Gripping and poetic, This Is the Story of You is about the beauty of nature and the power of family, about finding hope in the wake of tragedy and recovery in the face of overwhelming loss.
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