Author: Wadih Al Hayek

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412057167


Page: 81

View: 7727

"PRAVDA" is a fictional account of a country torn by civil war and the behind-the-scenes politics, literal and figurative backstabbing, betrayal, and unexpected victories which accompany the characters' attempts to bring peace to a beleaguered civilian population. Opening with an account of Sergey, the former head of the powerful militia turned president and his hopeful beliefs for bringing an end to the hostilities, in an instant his loyal followers' dreams are dashed when he is assassinated by the opposition. His best friend and loyal second, Nicolai, picks up the reins with the goal of maintaining what Sergey had accomplished so far and hoped to achieve in the future. He learns that the assassin is one who had previously been trusted and secretly harbored a political grudge. At the same time, he realizes there are those who want to keep the war festering for their own greedy gains and had set up the assassination to stop the peace process. Despite pleas for caution and restraint, allied militias loyal to Sergey's party exact revenge by slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in refugee camps under the guise of ferreting out terrorists. The election of Sergey's brother, Anatoly, is followed by a fast-paced and convoluted series of power changes as one coup after another takes place and traitors, greedy military officers, and self-centered political figures jockey for power and position, each playing on another's weakness to obtain their own selfish ends until eventually the opposition rises to power and the fighting stops as men with true leadership abilities are either dead, in exile, in prison, or on the run. With unexpected twists and turns as the plot races to a climax, "Pravda" offers the reader a look at a political system gone awry as absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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Gerechtigkeit, Herrschaft und sakrale Ordnung in Altrussland

Author: Stefan Plaggenborg

Publisher: Verlag Wilhelm Fink

ISBN: 3846754803

Category: History

Page: 395

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Stefan Plaggenborg untersucht die Bedeutung der Gerechtigkeit (pravda) im politischen Leben Altrusslands zwischen Mittelalter und Neuzeit und beschreibt einen Typus über Russland hinausgehender monarchischer Herrschaftsgeschichte. Pravda in Altrussland bedeutete Gerechtigkeit, Wahrheit, Weisheit, die Wahrheit zu erkennen, gerechtes Handeln, Recht und den sinnhaften Bestand dieser Welt. Jeder Begriff des Politischen, der politischen Kultur, politischen Philosophie und politischen Theologie in Altrussland lief auf pravda und gerechte Herrschaft hinaus. Pravda verknüpfte Religion, Heilserwartung, Herrschaft, kosmische Ordnung, menschliches Erkennen, Handeln und soziale Ordnung. Sie ordnete die sozialen Beziehungen und dachte den Menschen in Verhältnissen von Herrschaft und Fügsamkeit. Sie war ein holistischer Begriff, der nicht in Moral, Staat, Gesellschaft, Religion unterschied. Pravda rief das große Problem Russlands hervor: das Fehlen der Gesellschaft.
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A Novel

Author: Edward Docx

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 9780547346922

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Dark family secrets come to light in this novel of “nearly Dickensian proportions” set in Paris, New York, and St. Petersburg (TheNew Yorker). Thirty-two-year-old Gabriel Glover arrives in St. Petersburg from London to find his Russian mother dead in her apartment. Reeling from grief, Gabriel and his twin sister, Isabella, arrange the funeral—without contacting their manipulative and self-indulgent father, who is off living his own decadent life in France. But unbeknownst to the twins, there is another family member out there. Their mother long ago abandoned a son, Arkady. Now he has grown into a pitiless predator, and is determined to claim his birthright. Aided by an ex-seminarian whose heroin addiction is destroying him, Arkady sets out to find the siblings and reveal the dark secret hidden from them their entire lives. Winner of the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, Pravda is a darkly funny and compulsively readable novel about love, loss, and the destructive legacy of deceit from the acclaimed author of Let Go My Hand. “A novel so vivid it glows in the dark—like truth.” —The Washington Post
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Pravda and Trud

divergent attitudes towards the Middle East

Author: Ilana Dimant

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 156

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Author: Howard Brenton,David Hare

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 147257480X

Category: Drama

Page: 144

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The press and politicians. A delicate relationship. Too close, and danger ensues. Too far apart, and democracy itself cannot function. Pravda (which means "truth") is a satire written at the height of Thatcherism when huge political changes were afoot. The play essentially studies, through black humour and close scrutiny, the tabloid ethic and the media industry as a get-rich-quick-fix. In the programme for the original 1985 production of Pravda, Brenton wrote: "Pravda means 'the truth'. English newspapers aren't propaganda sheets. The question is, why do so many of them choose to behave as if they are?" The character of Lambert Le Roux is a South African newspaper tycoon and the owner of several companies, striding his way through the regional papers en route to Fleet Street. Turning broadsheets tabloid, dumbing down the message, and stretching the truth, Le Roux takes no prisoners as he manipulates politicians and creates a media monopoly out of a once-respected industry. Le Roux is bent on dominating England's press as he has elsewhere in the world. As we see Le Roux accomplish his aims, we see also how the press is not the organ of truth we like to think it is. The dissemination of the truth is no longer its primary goal under the 'Lambert Le Rouxs' of our world. What is important now is what sells. The play is an epic satire on the media in the Thatcher era; a morality tale about how Andrew, a young liberal journalist, finally succumbs to Le Roux, who makes him editor of a tabloid; and ? allegedly ? the play is a direct representation of Rupert Murdoch who, even in 1985, was a major force in media ownership. Howard Brenton's and David Hare's first collaboration since Brassneck in 1973, Pravda was premiered at the National Theatre in May 1985, starring Anthony Hopkins and directed by David Hare, and was awarded the London Standard Best Play Award, the City Limits Best Play Award, and the Plays and Players Best Play Award. This Modern Classics edition features an introduction by Philip Roberts, Emeritus Professor of Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Leeds, and a foreword by Jonathan Church.
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The Pravda Messenger

A Novel

Author: Robert Cornuke

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439167700

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 3589

Tanya Novak will never forget the night, seven years ago, when she had to flee from the KGB, leaving her wounded father behind. She hasn't seen him since. Nor does she understand the mystery that swirls around Feodor Kuzmich, the man in the coffin under the Russian monastery where her father was wounded. And what happened to the gold snuff box that the priest took from that coffin and gave to Yuri, Tanya's father? Attorney Shannon Reed's life was fairly uncomplicated -- until she and Carolyn Dawson, the personal secretary of billionaire R. C. Cooper, purchased an old bloodstained Civil War Bible in Phoenix. On Carolyn's way home to England, her plane crashed in Colorado. Now the Bible, in its impact-proof case, is missing...and R.C. insists that Shannon be the one to follow the trail. That trail will introduce Shannon -- and Tanya -- to a long list of odd characters, all of whom seem to want something very badly. Which ones can they trust -- and which not? And what is the explanation for the bizarre gift that has set Tanya apart since her birth in Russia's far north?
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Das russische Recht

Russkai︠a︡ pravda

Author: Leopold Karl Goetz

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: N.A

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Die Stadt im Westen

wie Königsberg Kaliningrad wurde

Author: Per Brodersen

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 352536301X

Category: Kaliningrad (Kaliningradskai︠a︡ oblastʹ, Russia)

Page: 367

View: 674

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Hirka pravda

narysy z istoriï podilʹsʹkoho seli︠a︡nstva 1920-1932 rokiv

Author: Illi︠a︡ Havrylovych Shulʹha

Publisher: Vyd-Vo Vat "Vinobldrukarnia"


Category: Social Science

Page: 152

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Soviet Women on the Frontline in the Second World War

Author: R. Markwick,E. Charon Cardona,Euridice Charon Cardona

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230362540

Category: History

Page: 305

View: 7209

This is the first comprehensive study in English of Soviet women who fought against the genocidal, misogynist, Nazi enemy on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Drawing on a vast array of original archival, memoir, and published sources, this book captures the everyday experiences of Soviet women fighting, living and dying on the front.
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Pravda Russkai͡a

Author: I͡Aroslav (Grand Duke of Kiev),Vladimir Vsevolodovich (Grand Duke of Kiev),Otto Kronsteiner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Church Slavic literature

Page: 133

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Das Westdeutschlandbild in Der Pravda

Die Darstellung Der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Und West-Berlins in Der Sowjetischen Presse

Author: Nikolaus Heidorn

Publisher: Kovac


Category: Germany (West)

Page: 332

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Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy

Author: Neil Malcolm

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198280118

Category: Political Science

Page: 356

View: 7928

After the turmoil following the collapse of Soviet power, post-Communist Russia has emerged as an assertively independent force in international affairs. Meanwhile, an intense debate has been underway in Moscow about Russia's national interests and foreign policy priorities. Domestic political conflicts and the close ties with former Soviet partner states have made internal factors particularly particularly important in shaping Russian foreign policy. Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy is the first systematic analysis of the domestic political forces which condition the international behaviour of the new Russian state. Four leading specialists examine in turn the areas of foreign policy thinking and debate, how policy is made, the public politics of foreign policy and the role of the military. They explore the changing domestic alignments associated with recent shifts in Russian foreign policy, focusing on the roles played by institutions such as the Security Council and the legislature, by military groupings and by emerging economic interests. The authors throw new light on the domestic foundations of Moscow's more assertive and sef-reliant stance.
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inside the Soviet news machine

Author: Angus Roxburgh

Publisher: George Braziller


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 285

View: 7200

Describes the history and production of the Soviet newspaper, Pravda, and examines the influence of the newspaper on Soviet life
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Culture and Entertainment in Wartime Russia

Edited by Richard Stites

Author: Richard Stites

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253209498

Category: History

Page: 215

View: 7074

"This lively and often moving collection of essays is an important contribution to Western scholarship on Soviet society and culture during the Second World War.... [a] straightforward but lively description of cultural life, unhampered by excessive interpretation or cultural theory. For all those who love Russia's cultural heritage, these essays cast a welcome spotlight on some of the people and pockets of life from that tragic but compelling time." —Canadian Slavonic Papers "Enjoyable to read and accessible to the nonspecialist, Culture and Entertainment is not only an indispensable addition to any Soviet studies library but will prove valuable to anyone interested in or teaching courses on World War II, propaganda and popular culture, homefront politics, or the interacation between cultural creation and governmental power." —Journal of Modern History "This comprehensive recollection of articles goes beyond cultural history, and provides an original approach to the study of war. War, we learn, is fought on many fronts, and the cultural one should not be underestimated." —SAIS Review "... takes the reader to the heart of the patriotic struggle, to the cultural and spiritual imperatives that roused Russian resistance." —Canadian Military History "This collection... furthers knowledge of Soviet high and popular culture, and also demonstrates the extremely important role that cultural productions played in helping to maintain Soviet spirits in the midst of the Nazi onslaught." —Choice "This anthology of scholarly articles provides surprising insights into Soviet cultural propaganda during the Great Patriotic War." —War, Literature and the Arts "... the essays here provide much food for thought and constitute a valuable addition to a relatively neglected area of study." —The Slavonic Review World War II (The Great Patriotic War) had a pronounced cultural and emotional impact on the Russian people. The subjects of these essays range from the Moscow press to frontline correspondents, from entertainment brigades to amateur songs by fighting men and women, from symphonic compositions to revivals of literary classics, and from Moscow stages to folk ensembles on the battlefield—the cultural outpourings in the hearts and souls of ordinary Russians at war.
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Author: Strauss Neil

Publisher: Jota

ISBN: 8075651960


Page: 488

View: 7756

Nepříjemně upřímná kniha o vztazích „Tuto cestu jsem nepodnikl jako novinář. Je to bolestně upřímný popis životní krize, do níž jsem zabředl v důsledku svého chování. Musím se podělit o spoustu věcí, na které nejsem ani trochu hrdý, a o pár věcí, jichž bych měl litovat mnohem více, než jich ve skutečnosti lituji. Protože v tomto příběhu nejsem bohužel hrdina, ale padouch.“ Tak začíná dlouho očekávané pokračování knihy Hra Neila Strausse, zábavného a poučného díla imerzivní žurnalistiky, které opět nastartovalo mezinárodní „sváděcí komunitu“ a ze Strausse udělalo známou osobu – uctívanou či nechvalně proslulou – mezi muži i ženami. V knize Pravda se Strauss pouští do zatím nejobtížnějšího tématu: partnerských vztahů. A během této divoké a nadmíru zábavné cesty se snaží najít odpovědi na otázky, které si muži i ženy pokládají každý den: Je přirozené být celý život věrný jednomu člověku?Mohou alternativy k monogamii přinést lepší vztahy a větší štěstí?Co nás přitahuje na partnerech, které si vybíráme?Dokážeme zamezit uvadání vášně a romantiky s postupujícím časem? Hledání odpovědí autora zavede do odvykací léčebny pro sexuálně závislé, nejmodernějších vědeckých laboratoří, současných harémů, na sexuální orgie a – což je nejděsivější – k vlastní matce. Jeho zjištění změní vše, co do té doby věděl o lásce, sexu, vztazích i o sobě samém. Pravda je pronikavě upřímná a neodolatelně čtivá kniha, která může mít stejný vliv i na vás. Pokud vás Hra naučila, jak se seznámit s příslušníky opačného pohlaví, Pravda vás naučí, jak si je udržet.
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