Plazas for People

Author: Don C. Miles,Robert Sewell Cook,Cameron B. Roberts

Publisher: N.A


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Author: Robert Hershberger,Susan Navey-Davis,Guiomar Borrás A.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133171397

Category: Foreign Language Study

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PLAZAS: LUGAR DE ENCUENTROS, Fourth Edition, is a two- or three-semester introductory Spanish program designed to support and enhance your students language learning experience. PLAZAS's market leading digital and print resources work seamlessly with its rich, proven, and streamlined presentation of culture, grammar, and vocabulary. PLAZAS transports your students to a Spanish-speaking country or region for an authentic and personalized cultural language-learning experience. Culture is embedded into every page of PLAZAS, giving your students an appreciation of different cultural practices and perspectives. The fourth edition features increased use of visuals to enhance authenticity, aid in comprehension, address different learning styles, and ultimately promote acquisition of the language. PLAZAS's balanced attention to the four skills has been enhanced so that each chapters skill-building sections address oral production and provide an easy way for you to assess your students achievement of chapter objectives. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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On the Plaza

The Politics of Public Space and Culture

Author: Setha M. Low

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292788266

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

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Friendly gossip, political rallies, outdoor concerts, drugs, shoeshines, and sex-for-sale—almost every aspect of Latin American life has its place and time in the public plaza. In this wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary study, Setha M. Low explores the interplay of space and culture in the plaza, showing how culture acts to shape public spaces and how the physical form of the plaza encodes the social and economic relations within its city. Low centers her study on two plazas in San José, Costa Rica, with comparisons to public plazas in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. She interweaves ethnography, history, literature, and personal narrative to capture the ambiance and meaning of the plaza. She also uncovers the contradictory ethnohistories of the European and indigenous origins of the Latin American plaza and explains why the plaza is often a politically contested space.
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Student Activity Manual for Hershberger/Navey-Davis/Borras A. S Plazas

Author: Robert Hershberger,Susan Navey-Davis,Guiomar Borras A.

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: 9780495916659

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 368

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This helpful resource includes a Video Manual to help you recall and consider both cultural and lexical information presented in the video program. Video activities in the Workbook cover cultural, country-focused footage from the corresponding chapter in the text, while video activities in the Lab Manual cover the linguistic and thematic portions. This streamlined system features practice in structures and vocabulary, abundant listening comprehension practice with dialogues, simulated conversation, and pronunciation practice. The Workbook also features a A repasara self-tests at the end of each chapter that allow you to assess your mastery of the targeted structures and vocabulary. Also available on iLrn: Heinle Learning Center.
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Plazas and Barrios

Heritage Tourism and Globalization in the Latin American Centro Hist—rico

Author: Joseph L. Scarpaci

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816516315

Category: Social Science

Page: 267

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In recent years the travel industry has promoted trips to cultural landscapes that contain great historical and symbolic landmarks, and Latin American towns and cities are anything but isolated from this trend. Many historic city centers in Latin America have been preserved intact from the colonial era and today may serve institutional, commercial, or residential needs. Now economic forces from outside the region have created a demand for the preservation of historically "authentic" districts. This book explores how heritage tourism and globalization are reshaping the Latin American centro hist—rico, analyzing the transformation of the urban core from town plaza to historic center in nine cities: Bogot‡, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cartagena, Colombia; Cuenca, Ecuador; Havana, Cuba; Montevideo, Uruguay; Puebla, Mexico; Quito, Ecuador; and Trinidad, Cuba. It tells how these pressures, combined with the advantage of a downtown location, have raised the potential of redeveloping these inner city areas but have also created the dilemma of how to restore and conserve them while responding to new economic imperatives. In an eclectic and interdisciplinary study, Joseph Scarpaci documents changes in far-flung corners of the Latin American metropolis using a broad palette of tools: urban morphology profiles, an original land-use survey of 30,000 doorways in nine historic districts, numerous photographs, and a review of the political, economic, and globalizing forces at work in historic districts. He examines urban change as reflected in architectural styles, neighborhood growth and decline, real estate markets, and local politics in order to show the long reach of globalization and modernity. Plazas and Barrios spans all of Spanish-speaking America to address the socio-political dimensions of urban change. It offers a means for understanding the tensions between the modern and traditional aspects of the built environment in each city and provides a key resource for geographers, urban planners, architectural historians, and all concerned with the implications of the emerging global economy.
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Mesoamerican Plazas

Arenas of Community and Power

Author: Kenichiro Tsukamoto,Takeshi Inomata

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816598797

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

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Until now, archaeological and historical studies of Mesoamerican plazas have been scarce compared to studies of the surrounding monumental architecture such as pyramidal temples and palaces. Many scholars have assumed that ancient Mesoamericans invested their labor, wealth, and symbolic value in pyramids and other prominent buildings, viewing plazas as by-products of these buildings. Even when researchers have recognized the potential significance of plazas, they have thought that plazas as vacant spaces could offer few clues about their cultural and political roles. Mesoamerican Plazas challenges both of these assumptions. The primary question that has motivated the contributors is how Mesoamerican plazas became arenas for the creation and negotiation of social relations and values in a community. The thirteen contributions stress the significance of interplay between power relations and embodied practices set in specific historical and material settings, as outlined by practice theory and performance theory. This approach allows the contributors to explore broader anthropological issues, such as the negotiation of power relations, community making, and the constitution of political authorities. Overall, the contributions establish that physical interactions among people in communal events were not the outcomes of political machinations held behind the scenes, but were the actual political processes through which people created, negotiated, and subverted social realities. If so, spacious plazas that were arguably designed for interactions among a large number of individuals must have also provided critical arenas for the constitution and transformation of society.
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Redesigning city squares and plazas

Author: Francisco Asensio Cerver,Michael Webb

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications


Category: Architecture

Page: 189

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Outstanding refurbished city squares and plazas on three continents give this book an engaging global perspective. Public squares and plazas have long been indispensable amenities in city life. This useful survey focuses on how these meeting places and open spaces are refurbished to cater to the changing needs of society. Recent transformations include sites in European, Asian, and American cities by such designers as Ricardo Legorreta, Christian Drevet, Nikken Sekkei, Schlomo Aronson, Nela Golanda, and Domino Architects.
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People Places

Design Guidlines for Urban Open Space

Author: Clare Cooper Marcus,Carolyn Francis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471288336

Category: Architecture

Page: 384

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people places Second Edition Design Guidelines for Urban Open Space edited by Clare Cooper Marcus and Carolyn Francis A resurgence in the use of public space continues throughout North America and many other parts of the world. Neighborhoods have become more outspoken in their demands for appropriate park designs; corporations have witnessed the value of providing outdoor spaces for employee lunch-hour use; the rising demand for child care has prompted increased awareness of the importance of developmentally appropriate play and learning environments; and increased attention is being focused on the specific outdoor space needs for the elderly, college students, and hospital patients and staff. Now available in an updated, expanded second edition, People Places is a fully illustrated, award-winning book that offers research-based guidelines and recommendations for creating more usable and enjoyable public open spaces of all kinds. People Places analyzes and summarizes existing research on how urban open spaces are actually used, offering design professionals and students alike an easily understood, easily applied guide to creating people-friendly places. Seven types of urban open space are discussed: urban plazas, neighborhood parks, miniparks and vest-pocket parks, campus outdoor spaces, outdoor spaces in housing for the elderly, child-care outdoor spaces, and hospital outdoor spaces. People Places contains a chapter-by-chapter review of the literature, illustrative case studies, and design guidelines specific to each type of space. People Places has a number of features that can be easily incorporated into the design process: * Clear, readable translations of existing research on people's use of outdoor spaces. * Performance-based design recommendations that specify key relationships between design and use. * Design review checklists that help readers plan and critique designs. * A clearly organized, concise format equally useful to the design practitioner and the design student. The newly revised edition of People Places also includes: * Discussion of accessibility issues, including ADA regulations and the concept of universal design; and of design responses aimed at crime reduction. * Procedures for conducting post-occupancy evaluations of designed outdoor spaces. * Updated and new information on each type of outdoor space, with special attention to hospitals, child care facilities, and campus outdoor spaces where specific advances have occurred since 1990. * A completely new color-photo section and 50 new black and white illustrations. Winner of the Merit Award in Communication from the American Society of Landscape Architects, People Places is an essential working tool for landscape architects and architects, city planners, urban designers, neighborhood groups, and anyone else concerned with the quality of urban open space.
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Plazas of Southern Europe

Author: Akinori Kato

Publisher: N.A


Category: Plazas

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The Plazas of New Mexico

Author: Chris Wilson,Stefanos Polyzoides,Miguel A. Gandert

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781595340832

Category: Architecture

Page: 337

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"Historians, architects, urbanists, and preservationists document the rich heritage of New Mexico's community places in Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures, analyzing everyday life and community celebrations from and profiling 22 plazas, kivas,and squares. Includes over 300 contemporary photographs, historical images, and maps, diagrams, site plans, and elevation drawings"--Provided by publisher.
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Public Produce

Cultivating Our Parks, Plazas, and Streets for Healthier Cities

Author: Darrin Nordahl

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1610915496

Category: Gardening

Page: 204

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"Public Produce captures the momentum that has been building around bringing agriculture back into our cities since the publication of the first edition in 2009. Taking readers from inspiration to implementation, this substantial revision profiles the efforts of many communities rethinking the role of public space, and explores how our urban gathering spots might nourish both body and soul."--
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Lugar de Encuentros: Activity File

Author: Michael G. Fast,Robert Hershberger,Susan Navey-Davis

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: 9780838410783

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 240

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Offers hundreds of additional activities that can be used in class to practice grammar, vocabulary and culture. Also included are games and information gap activities.
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The Los Angeles Plaza

Sacred and Contested Space

Author: William David Estrada

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292782098

Category: History

Page: 376

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City plazas worldwide are centers of cultural expression and artistic display. They are settings for everyday urban life where daily interactions, economic exchanges, and informal conversations occur, thereby creating a socially meaningful place at the core of a city. At the heart of historic Los Angeles, the Plaza represents a quintessential public space where real and imagined narratives overlap and provide as many questions as answers about the development of the city and what it means to be an Angeleno. The author, a social and cultural historian who specializes in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Los Angeles, is well suited to explore the complex history and modern-day relevance of the Los Angeles Plaza. From its indigenous and colonial origins to the present day, Estrada explores the subject from an interdisciplinary and multiethnic perspective, delving into the pages of local newspapers, diaries and letters, and the personal memories of former and present Plaza residents, in order to examine the spatial and social dimensions of the Plaza over an extended period of time. The author contributes to the growing historiography of Los Angeles by providing a groundbreaking analysis of the original core of the city that covers a long span of time, space, and social relations. He examines the impact of change on the lives of ordinary people in a specific place, and how this change reflects the larger story of the city.
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Urban Spaces

Squares & Plazas

Author: Dimitris Kottas

Publisher: Links Internacional

ISBN: 9788496424722

Category: Architecture

Page: 178

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This collection of outstanding public space projects is an excellent overview of current trends in urban planning. Good urban developments demand equally good public space plans. Urban Spaces: Squares and Plazas contains twenty of themost innovative and exciting examples, including a floating pool in the Spree River, Berlin; Capitol Plaza in New York;Place de la Bourse in Bordeauxand the Eco-Bulevard in Vallecas, just outside of Madrid.Thoroughly documented and illustrated, with full colour photographs and drawings, to capture the full scale of each project's complexities, technical assets and aesthetic innovations, this book will undoubtedly be of great value to architects, urban planners and students seeking the latest tendencies in public space design.
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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author: N.A

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Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress

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La plaza

el centro de la ciudad

Author: Juan Carlos Pérgolis

Publisher: Univ. Nacional de Colombia

ISBN: 9789589603659

Category: Cities and towns

Page: 223

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Madrid, villa y corte

calles y plazas

Author: Pedro Montoliú,Pedro Montoliú Camps

Publisher: Silex Ediciones

ISBN: 9788477371120

Category: History

Page: 339

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Madrid, Villa y Corte. Calles y plazas, es un libro imprescindible para aproximarse a la historia, el urbanismo, la arquitectura y hasta a los sucesos ocurridos en los principales ejes y recintos urbanos madrileños desde su formación hasta hoy. A ellos se suma la historia y desarrollo de los monasterios reales, puertas, puentes, mercados y estaciones cuya construcción impulsó de forma determinante el crecimiento de la capital. El conocimiento de esta evolución se ve enriquecido con el de los personajes e instituciones que eligieron estos enclaves para vivir o desarrollar su actividad. El resultado es un relato ameno en el que el lector puede descubrir el proceso seguido por Madrid desde que fue amurallada por los árabes en el siglo IX hasta estos primeros años del siglo XXI.
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