Du wolltest es doch

Author: Louise O'Neill

Publisher: Carlsen

ISBN: 3646920173

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 368

View: 8751

Nein, richtig sympathisch ist Emma nicht. Sie steht gern im Mittelpunkt, die Jungs reißen sich um sie und Emma genießt es. Bis sie nach einer Party zerschlagen und mit zerrissenem Kleid vor ihrem Haus aufwacht. Klar, sie ist auf der Party mit Paul ins Schlafzimmer gegangen. Hat Pillen eingeworfen. Die anderen Jungs kamen hinterher. Aber dann? Sie erinnert sich nicht, aber die gesamte Schule weiß es. Sie haben die Fotos gesehen. Ist Emma wirklich selber schuld? Was hat sie erwartet – Emma, die Schlampe in dem ultrakurzen Kleid? Ein aufwühlendes, vielfach preisgekröntes Buch.
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100 Nasty Women of History

Author: Hannah Jewell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473671272

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 452

'Both heartbreaking and hilarious, this book aims to give every woman "who gave zero f*cks" the respect and notoriety they have always deserved and long been denied. Vital reading' STYLIST magazine 'A fun, hilarious read that will make a fantastic addition to your feminist library and historical knowledge' ANN SHEN, author of Bad Girls Throughout History 'Laugh-out-loud funny and inspiring . . . Read it to pick a glorious new role model, collect awesome cocktail party banter, and feel more connected to strong women all across time' KRISTA SUH, creator of the Pussyhat Project and author of DIY Rules for a WTF World * * * * * * These are the women who were deemed too nasty for their times - too nasty to be recognised, too nasty to be paid for their work and sometimes too nasty to be allowed to live. When you learn about women in history, it's hard not to wonder: why do they all seem so prim and proper? The truth is, you're probably not being told the whole story. Also, (mostly male) historians keep leaving out or glossing over some of the most badass women who ever walked the surface of this planet. Fake news! But fret not. Former Buzzfeed senior writer and Washington Post pop culture host Hannah Jewell has got you covered. In 100 Nasty Women of History, Hannah will spill the tea on: the women with impressive kill counts the women who wrote dangerous things the women who fought empires and racists the women who knew how to have a good-ass time the women who punched Nazis (metaphorically but also not) And that's just half of the women in this book. That's pretty metal. So, if you think that Nasty Women are a new thing, think again. They've always been around - you just haven't always heard of them. Take these stories and tell them to your friends. Write them on a wall. Sneakily tell them to your niece (who's old enough to hear the bad words, of course). Post them to your local MP (especially if it's a man). Make your friends dress up as Nasty Women for Halloween. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History who gave zero f*cks whatsoever. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History who made a difference. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History whom everyone needs to know about, right now.
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Nasty Women

Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump's America

Author: Samhita Mukhopadhyay,Kate Harding

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 1250155517

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 2328

Twenty-Three Leading Feminist Writers on Protest and Solidarity When 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, how can women unite in Trump’s America? Nasty Women includes inspiring essays from a diverse group of talented women writers who seek to provide a broad look at how we got here and what we need to do to move forward. Featuring essays by REBECCA SOLNIT on Trump and his “misogyny army,” CHERYL STRAYED on grappling with the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss, SARAH HEPOLA on resisting the urge to drink after the election, NICOLE CHUNG on family and friends who support Trump, KATHA POLLITT on the state of reproductive rights and what we do next, JILL FILIPOVIC on Trump’s policies and the life of a young woman in West Africa, SAMANTHA IRBY on racism and living as a queer black woman in rural America, RANDA JARRAR on traveling across the country as a queer Muslim American, SARAH HOLLENBECK on Trump’s cruelty toward the disabled, MEREDITH TALUSAN on feminism and the transgender community, and SARAH JAFFE on the labor movement and active and effective resistance, among others.
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Nasty Women

Author: Jay Carter

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071410236

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 128

View: 4417

The newest book in Dr. Carter's series discusses the communication breakdown that sometimes creates nasty behavior in women, covers the many ways women are perceived by spouses, coworkers, family, and friends, and shows ways to repair the damage caused by behaviors often characterized as "female," including: Catty responses to questions or remarks Passive-aggressive tendencies Misunderstandings gone awry Nastiness as a defense mechanism Withdrawal from arguments or conflict Everyone knows a person who has been hurt, betrayed, or degraded by nasty individuals or has experienced it themselves. In three books, Jay Carter, Psy. D., shows readers how to stop this cycle of overt and covert abuse, without resorting to nasty tactics. Now for the first time, this series is released together to cover all areas of dealing with difficult people. With straight-talking advice, real-life anecdotes, and psychology that makes sense, Carter explains how to handle and stop painful behavior that harms both the perpetrator and the victim.
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The future is female!

Was Frauen über Feminismus denken - Mit Beiträgen von Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Katrin Bauerfeind u.v.m.

Author: Scarlett Curtis

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 364124126X

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 5231

Die Welt, in der Frauen heute leben, ist trotz #MeToo und immer größer werdenden öffentlichen Protesten gegen die Geschlechterungleichheit noch immer massiv vom Gender Pay Gap, der Sehnsucht nach dem perfekten Bikinibody und Mansplaining definiert. »The future is female! Was Frauen über Feminismus denken« ist das Buch für Mädchen und Frauen, die sich mit diesem ungenießbaren Cocktail nicht länger zufriedengeben wollen, eine einzigartige und vielstimmige Textsammlung. Frauen von der Hollywood-Ikone bis zur Teenie-Aktivistin erzählen darin ihre ganz persönliche Geschichte; alle Geschichten zusammengenommen entwickeln eine Kraft, die die alte Welt aus den Angeln heben kann und dem F-Wort einen ganz neuen Glanz verleiht. Der Feminismus von heute definiert sich über das Dafür und Miteinander und nicht ewig gestrig über das Dagegen, er ist eine unwiderstehliche Notwendigkeit – und jede Einzelne von uns gehört dazu! Herausgeberin von »The future is female« ist die britische Style-Kolumnistin und Pink-Protest-Gründerin Scarlett Curtis; das Buch wird zeitgleich mit der britischen und der amerikanischen Ausgabe zum International Girls' Day am 11.10.2018 erscheinen. Beiträgerinnen sind unter anderem: Emma Watson • Keira Knightley • Bridget Jones (von Helen Fielding) • Saoirse Ronan • Dolly Alderton • Jameela Jamil • Kat Dennings • Rhyannon Styles und viele mehr. Außerdem exklusiv in der deutschen Ausgabe: Essays von Katrin Bauerfeind • Karla Paul • Tijen Onaran • Fränzi Kühne • Milena Glimbovski • Stefanie Lohaus. »Brillant, witzig, wahrhaftig. Diese Essays werfen ein strahlendes Licht auf den Weg zukünftiger Frauengenerationen.« Reese Witherspoon
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The Nasty Women Project

Voices from the Resistance

Author: Erin Passons

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN: 1619846470

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 482

View: 5468

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Quotes for Nasty Women

Author: Linda Picone

Publisher: Sterling

ISBN: 9781454927822

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 368

View: 7139

When Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as -such a nasty woman, - women felt a jolt of recognition--and promptly turned his insult into an empowering slogan. This book celebrates the now-ironic phrase with quotations by and about strong women. The words, both positive and negative, come from figures in ancient history, founding mothers and feminist leaders, politicians, artists and cultural icons, celebrities, and the women at home.
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Nasty Women

A Collection of Essays + Accounts on What It Is to Be a Woman in the 21st Century

Author: Heather McDaid

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780995623828

Category: Abusive women

Page: 231

View: 7958

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Nasty Women and Bad Hombres

Gender and Race in the 2016 US Presidential Election

Author: Christine A. Kray,Tamar W. Carroll,Hinda Mandell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1580469361

Category: History

Page: 390

View: 7358

A look at how Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and American voters invoked ideas of gender and race in the fiercely contested 2016 US presidential election
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The Nasty Woman Journal

A Journal for Women Who Refuse to Sit Down (or Shut Up!)

Author: Anna Katz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 168188285X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

View: 5636

A twist on an inspirational journal, The Nasty Women Journal encourages users to not let injustice bring them down, to be unashamed, unstoppable, and downright unbreakable. Included are prompts on fearlessness, shame resistance, and power; sassy and powerful quotes from women who refused to take a back seat to history; and tips and tricks on how to be a Nasty Woman, and resource pages in the back to encourage women to continue to take action.
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The 100 Day Project: Nasty Women

Author: Veronica Funk

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781388458904


Page: N.A

View: 5932

At a recent Woman's March in Washington, actress Ashley Judd read a poem entitled "Nasty Woman" by a young woman named Nina Donovan. It urged that we not be apathetic in difficult times. With the current political climate in North America and as the mother of two independent, strong young women, the poem gave me pause to consider, 'What can I do?'Thus was born The 100 Day Project. I decided to do a painting a day for 100 days of women to whom I am in some way personally connected, to applaud, honour and empower the nasty women in my life, the mothers, business women, and leaders...strong, beautiful, every day women. Art has been a catalyst of change for so long and in this way, the best way I know how to use my voice, I hope to empower other women to show up and be brave in their lives. I want share a huge 'Thank you!' to the women who consented to be included in this project that is so important to me.
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Bad Hombres and Nasty Women

Author: Gabriel H. Sanchez,Isaac Chavarria

Publisher: Raving Press

ISBN: 9780998996509

Category: American literature

Page: 84

View: 7043

There are some bad hombres and nasty women in this country, folks. We compiled a collection of writings and art in this book from some of those bad apples (even though some, we suppose, are good people). We just know that everybody is gonna love this book. We make the best books. And everybody knows it. It's the most beautiful book. It's got gold letters on the front and back cover. And not to mention an image of the greatest president America has EVER had. Make America great again? Mission accomplished. P.s. You're welcome, America!
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The Nasty Woman and The Neo Femme Fatale in Contemporary Cinema

Author: Agnieszka Piotrowska

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429997337

Category: Social Science

Page: 122

View: 8334

The Nasty Woman and the Neo Femme Fatale in Contemporary Cinema puts forward the theoretical notion of the ‘nasty woman’ as a means of examining female protagonists in contemporary culture and cinema, particularly films directed by women. The phrase is taken from an insult thrown at Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election debates and reclaimed by the feminists worldwide. The volume also draws from the figure of the femme fatale in film noir. Piotrowska presents ‘the nasty woman’ across cultural and mythical landscape as a figure fighting against the entitlement of the patriarchy. The writer argues that in films such as Zero Dark Thirty, Red Road, Stories We Tell, and even Gone Girl the ‘nastiness’ of female characters creates a new space for reflection on contemporary society and its struggles against patriarchal systems. The nasty woman or neo femme fatale is a figure who disrupts stable situations and norms; she is pro-active and self-determining, and at times unafraid to use dubious means to achieve her goals. She is often single, but when married she subverts and undermines the fundamental principles of this patriarchal institution. For students and researchers in Cultural Studies, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Film Studies and Psychoanalysis in Film Studies, The Nasty Woman and the Neo Femme Fatale in Contemporary Cinema offers an original way of thinking about female creativity and subjectivity. It is also a proud celebration of feminist and female authorship in contemporary Hollywood.
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Die Mutter aller Fragen

Author: Rebecca Solnit

Publisher: Hoffmann und Campe

ISBN: 3455001785

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

View: 457

»Warum haben Sie keine Kinder?« Diese »Mutter aller Fragen« wird Rebecca Solnit hartnäckig von Journalisten gestellt, die sich mehr für ihren Bauch als für ihre Bücher interessieren. Warum gilt Mutterschaft noch immer als Schlüssel zur weiblichen Identität? Die Autorin findet die Antwort darauf in der Ideologie des Glücks und tritt dafür ein, lieber nach Sinn als nach Glück zu streben. Außerdem erklärt sie in ihren Essays, warum die Geschichte des Schweigens mit der Geschichte der Frauen untrennbar verknüpft ist, warum fünfjährige Jungen auf rosa Spielzeug lieber verzichten, und nennt 80 Bücher, die keine Frau lesen sollte. Sie schreibt über Männer, die Feministen und Männer, die Vergewaltiger sind, und setzt sich gegen jegliches Schubladendenken zur Wehr. Wenn Männer mir die Welt erklären sorgte weltweit für Furore – in ihren neuen Essays setzt Rebecca Solnit ebenso scharfsichtig wie humorvoll ihre Erkundung der heutigen Geschlechterverhältnisse fort. Ein wichtiges, Mut machendes Buch aus dezidiert feministischer Perspektive, über und für alle, die Geschlechteridentitäten infrage stellen und für eine freiere Welt eintreten.
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365 Day Blank Doodle Diary for Nasty Women

Author: Passion Journals

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542869102


Page: 368

View: 4749

Do you need an extra large journal for all of your doodling? Are you sick of having multiple notebooks for all of your doodles? Here is your solution! This is a blank, unlined journal with 365 pages. It's an extra large size at 8.5 x 11 inches. There is a place for the date at the top of each page, but the rest of it is blank. There is tons of room to sketch and doodle all year long. It's perfect for a nasty woman who loves to sketch, draw and doodle. Other features of this notebook include excellent and thick binding, durable 55# white paper and a glossy finished cover.
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Nasty Woman

6 X 9 Feminist Notebook, Feminism Journal, 100 Pages, Perfect to Write Down Your Lists, Journaling

Author: Journals For Everyone

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781985760912


Page: 100

View: 7956

If you are a girl boss, a boss lady or a nasty woman this is the perfect asset to your collection. You can carry this 6x9 notebook anywhere. This journal is a great empowerment tool for anyone who considers themselves an advocate for women's rights. Be reminded every day that you fight for equality, girl power and female rights when you see this notebook/journal. Perfect gift for a feminist. Have feminism present in every aspect of your life whether you are marching on women's march or just taking notes, let them know that you are a strong woman. This is great as a journal or notebook perfect for you to write your own thoughts, get a little creative with poetry or just writing down lists or ideas. It is a 100 pages blank ruled journal ready for you to fill with your own writing and get a little creative every now and then. 100 pages of high quality paper (50 sheets) It can be used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book 6" x 9" Paperback notebook, soft matte cover Perfect for gel pen, ink or pencils Great size to carry everywhere in your bag, for work, high school, college... It will make a great gift for any special occasion: Christmas, Secret Santa, Birthday...
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The Nasty Woman Resistance Coloring Book

Author: Marie Rivers

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781974394180


Page: 94

View: 9496

The Nasty Woman Resistance is here! A coloring book for women and girls to express empowerment and unity. The words "Nasty Woman" have become part of the national lexicon and are a symbol of resistance against those who are not supportive of women's rights. We must resist this force and show that Nasty Women, or those that speak their minds, are here to stay and will not be silenced. Inspirational artwork and sayings including: Nasty Woman Unity is Power Stronger Together Girls Rule Women's Rights are Human Rights Girls Kick Ass Girls just wanna have "fun"-damental Human Rights Resist If you sexist me I will feminist you Fight Like a Girl #NastyWoman Nasty Women Vote Nevertheless She Persisted ...and more! 23 unique images and an additional 23 "midnight versions" (black background with white artwork). Stay strong friends, Marie Rivers
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Der Rushhour-Killer


Author: Mason Cross

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 364114390X

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 9409

Wie stoppt man einen Killer, dessen einziges Motiv die pure Lust am Töten ist? Als bei einem Überfall auf einen Gefangenentransport der berüchtigte „Chicago Sniper“ Caleb Wardell entkommen kann, herrscht beim FBI die höchste Alarmstufe. Wardell, der nur zwei Wochen später hingerichtet werden sollte, gilt als völlig unberechenbar und sucht sich seine Opfer bevorzugt in großen Menschenmengen. Das FBI zieht den externen Berater Carter Blake hinzu, der einst während eines Militäreinsatzes im Irak eine äußerst verstörende Begegnung mit Wardell hatte. Wird es Carter diesmal gelingen, den gemeingefährlichen Killer zu stoppen?
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Nasty Women and Bad Hombres

A Poetry Anthology

Author: Deena November,Nina Padolf

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780989192255


Page: 190

View: 4347

92 Poets from across the US take to their craft in a rousing collection of poetry published exactly a year after Donald Trump's "victory" - in which he lost by nearly 3 million votes (only in America!)
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