My Father's Shop

Author: N.A

Publisher: Kane Miller Book Pub


Category: Juvenile Fiction

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While Mustafa strolls in Morocco's marketplace, a rooster starts to follow him and after he imitates the rooster, the nearby tourists all explain what sounds a rooster makes in their language.
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About My Father's Business

Author: Lillian Beckwith

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 144721675X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 168

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Lillian Beckwith takes us back to her childhood; to the years before the Second World War, when her father ran a small grocer’s shop in a Cheshire town. It was typical of so many corner shops – the shops that are now more and more becoming just a memory, overwhelmed by redevelopment and the march of the supermarket. The corner shop where customers were known, often friends, people, not just faces at a checkout point, where shopping was gossipy, unhurried. A shop full of remembered smells of childhood: soft soap, aniseed balls, bacon and tea. A shop that is brought to life by the acute, affectionate memories of the little girl who grew up in it.
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The Inheritance

Author: Sahar Khalifeh

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 161797210X

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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In this powerful novel, acclaimed Palestinian author Sahar Khalifeh examines the stark realities in the lives of Palestinian women. Through her protagonist, Zeynab, born to an American mother and a Palestinian father, Khalifeh illuminates the disorienting experience of living between two worlds, and the search for identity that mirrors the Palestinians’ own quest for nationhood. Set against the emotionally charged background of the early 1990s—when the Gulf War and the Oslo Accords fundamentally shifted the political landscape—The Inheritance takes as its subject the fate of young Palestinian women who supported their families for decades working elsewhere in the Middle East. In vivid prose, Khalifeh traces the disruption caused by the Gulf War on the life of these women, as Zeynab returns to her homeland and tries to adapt to her new life on the West Bank after years spent in Kuwait. In her previous novels, Sahar Khalifeh has established herself as the premier female novelist of the Palestinian diaspora; with The Inheritance, she breaks new ground in giving voice to these Palestinian women and their return from economic exile. With its critical portrayal of the Palestinian Authority, its mistakes, and limitations, The Inheritance offers a surprising look at the realities of Palestinian life and society. As the story of an immigrant torn between two cultures and struggling to adapt to both, Zeynab’s tale touches on universal themes that will resonate with readers everywhere.
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Embracing an Aching Heart

Author: Jennifer Brooks

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1615793704

Category: Religion

Page: 76

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A massive underground network of slavery cloaked in darkness and drenched in despair exists in our world today. Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world. This modern day slavery is a global problem and the United Nations believes it has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade. The Body of Christ cannot remain silent while countless victims suffer unimaginable brutality. This compelling Bible Study will educate you on the facts of human trafficking, equip you with a Biblical perspective on how God views this criminal activity, and empower you with an understanding of how God has called His people to respond. Ideal for small group study, the seven lessons in this book will encourage personal application to conform your thought patterns, attitudes, and actions towards the oppressed in society to the teachings of Scripture. Jennifer Brooks is the founder of Abundance In Him Ministries, Inc. and hosts Abundance In Him radio program. She authored the in-depth, interactive Bible study Stand In Awe, and is a speaker at retreats, conferences, and other ministry events. Truths of Scripture are communicated with passion and sincerity as Jennifer teaches from a heart in love with Jesus and a first-hand perspective of His life changing power. With an unswerving conviction that the Word of God is living and active, personal application is emphasized in all her teachings. Jennifer and her husband Joe have three children and are active members of Tabernacle Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Youngstown, Ohio where Jennifer teaches her much loved adult Sunday School class. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Youngstown State University.
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Truth & Bright Water

Author: Thomas King

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802138408

Category: Fiction

Page: 266

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The lives of the inhabitants of two towns, Truth and Bright Water, separated by a river running between Montana and an Ottawa Indian reservation, intertwine over the course of a summer as seen through the eyes of two young boys, Tecumseh and his cousin Lum, in a novel about life, love, family secrets, and growing up. Reprint.
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And Then the Nazis Came

A Memoir

Author: Seymour Mayer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477167021

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 141

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I am one of the few fortunate survivors of the holocaust and the sole survivor of my immediate family. I am compelled to tell my story so future generations will never allow such tragedy to ever happen again. My story is not only about me, its about all of us. It could happen again and is happening every day somewhere. Totally innocent people are caught in the crossfi re between powers that do not respect human life; mass murder has become a common occurrence. Mr. Mayer currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Roslyn.
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From Van to Toronto: a Life in Two Worlds

Oksen Teghtsoonian

Author: Oksen Teghtsoonian

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469790473

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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This memoir describes a long and unusual life that started in eastern Turkey in 1896 in a house with an earthen floor, and ended in middle-class comfort in suburban Toronto nearly a century later. The author was an eyewitness to the first genocide of the 20th century, a horror in which most of his family was lost. He lived through the first World War and the Bolshevik Revolution that led to the creation of the Soviet Union. He fled from Soviet Armenia, first to Moscow and then to London. From there he went with wife and baby daughter to Toronto, where he faced the task of earning a living during the Great Depression. Caught up in this swirl of historical forces he describes in fascinating detail his remarkable story of survival. And, perhaps not the least remarkable fact of this life, he was over 80 years of age when he began writing his life story. There is much here to stimulate and educate, not only those who wish to know more about the Armenian Diaspora, but everyone with an interest in the human condition as it was experienced in other places and in another time.
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The Elwyn Chronicles

Author: Vincent Trigili

Publisher: Vydorian Realms Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 579

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Three years before Lord Silverleaf took his famous flight against the Fifth Council's armies, Elwyn, a young dragonmaster kills his first victims ripping him from his peaceful life. Now, Elwyn must overcome the madness, and lead his closest friends into battle if any of them are to have any chance to survive the coming darkness. Themes: Dragons Magic Epic Fantasy Clean Young Adult Adventure Optimistic Comming of Age
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I Thought My Father Was God

And Other True Tales from NPR's National Story Project

Author: Paul Auster

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1466828994

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 416

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One of America's foremost writers collects the best stories submitted to NPR's popular monthly show--and illuminates the powerful role storytelling plays in all our lives When Paul Auster and NPR's Weekend All Things Considered introduced The National Story Project, the response was overwhelming. Not only was the monthly show a critical success, but the volume of submissions was astounding. Letters, emails, faxes poured in on a daily basis- more than 4,000 of them by the time the project celebrated its first birthday. Everyone, it seemed, had a story to tell. I Thought My Father Was God gathers 180 of these personal, true-life accounts in a single, powerful volume. They come from people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Half of the contributors are men; half are women. They live in cities, suburbs, and rural areas, and they come from 42 different states. Most of the stories are short, vivid bits of narrative, combining the ordinary and the extraordinary, and most describe a single incident in the writer's life. Some are funny, like the story of how a Ku Klux Klan member's beloved dog rushed out into the street during the annual KKK parade and unmasked his owner as the whole town looked on. Some are mysterious, like the story of a woman who watched a white chicken walk purposefully down a street in Portland, Oregon, hop up some porch steps, knock on the door-and calmly enter the house. Many involve the closing of a loop, like the one about the woman who lost her mother's ashes in a burglary and recovered them five years later from the mortuary of a local church. Hilarious blunders, wrenching coincidences, brushes with death, miraculous encounters, improbable ironies, premonitions, sorrows, pains, dreams-this singular collection encompasses an extraordinary range of settings, time periods, and subjects. A testament to the important role storytelling plays in all our lives, I Thought My Father Was God offers a rare glimpse into the American soul.
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Women of the Silk

A Novel

Author: Gail Tsukiyama

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429952296

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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In Women of the Silk Gail Tsukiyama takes her readers back to rural China in 1926, where a group of women forge a sisterhood amidst the reeling machines that reverberate and clamor in a vast silk factory from dawn to dusk. Leading the first strike the village has ever seen, the young women use the strength of their ambition, dreams, and friendship to achieve the freedom they could never have hoped for on their own. Tsukiyama's graceful prose weaves the details of "the silk work" and Chinese village life into a story of courage and strength.
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a true story of incest

Author: Viga Boland

Publisher: Viga Boland

ISBN: 0992049717


Page: 291

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Trapped in a web of deceit & confusion spun by her father from the age of 11, the author shares her true story of incest in the hopes that by coming out from under years of sexual abuse, other victims will be encouraged to do the same. This is an important, no-holds-barred book complete with graphic scenes and language because "that’s the way it happened and that’s how it must be told." The book offers a true account as a story and includes photos from the family archives along with poetry by the author, as well as statistical information on child sexual abuse.
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A Shop of One's Own

Independence and Reputation Among Traders in Aleppo

Author: Annika Rabo

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 9781850436836

Category: Social Science

Page: 221

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Traders, bazaaris and shop-keepers constitute a very important social and economic category in the Middle East. Based upon extensive fieldwork carried out by Annika Rabo among the traders of Aleppo, it sheds new light on how this politically sensitive social group views itself and others in the prevalent atmosphere of economic liberalization and political reform following the death of Syrian President Hafez al-Asad of Syria. The author assesses the traders' views on commerce, elections and the Syrian political succession and places them within the local market context in Aleppo, the context of the Syrian state and that of the traders' many international links.
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South Asians in Kenya

Gender, Generation and Changing Identities in Diaspora

Author: Pascale Herzig

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825800529

Category: History

Page: 299

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For more than a century a substantial South Asian minority has been living in Kenya. Within a few decades a majority of the Kenyan Asians has managed to transform their living conditions from an impoverished rural background in South Asia to a globalised and economically successful middle class in East Africa. Therefore this research sets an example of migration as an opportunity for social mobility. The study is based on empirical data collected with South Asians in Kenya, who were differentiated by gender, age, migratory generation and other social boundaries. The research is divided into three levels of analysis: inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic relations, i.e. the relations within the South Asian minority, as well as the relations within the family. To understand the complexity of migrants' lives an approach of 'geographies of intersectionality' was developed which takes different intersecting social boundaries into account and additionally considers the significance of place. The study shows that migration has an impact on the relations between genders, age groups and migratory generations and leads to changing identities and new lifestyles.
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A Rage To Live: Surviving The Holocaust So Hitler Would Not Win

Author: Victor Breitburg with Joseph G. Krygier


ISBN: 057809097X

Category: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

Page: 232

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Victor Breitburg is a survivor of the Lódz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Rhemsdorf and Theresienstadt concentration camps. He was liberated with a group known as "The Boys". Their experiences have been documented in Sir Martin Gilbert's book, The Boys: Triumph Over Adversity. Victor's journey from Lódz, to the camps in Europe, to England, Scotland and the United States and his new life in America is the story told in this volume.
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Daddy’s Money

A Memoir of Farm and Family

Author: Jo McDougall

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 1610754832

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 169

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Jo McDougall brings a poet's sensibility to memoir. Recounting five generations of Delta rice farmers, through family archives and oral histories, she traces how the clan made their way into the fabric of America, beginning with her Belgian-immigrant grandfather, a pioneer rice farmer on the Arkansas Delta at the turn of the twentieth century. As John Grisham has for a 1950s Arkansas cotton farm, McDougall illuminates an Arkansas rice farm in the 1930s and 1940s. The Garot family's acreage near DeWitt and the town itself provide the stage for McDougall's wry, compelling, and layered account of the day-to-day of rice growing on the farm that her father inherited. In that setting she discovers a rich "universe of words" in the Great Depression, comes of age during World War II, and finds her way alongside "that whole quirky, compelling cast of characters" that comprised her kin. In this conflicted, ironic, southern-but-universal account of betrayal, heartbreak, loss, and joy, "the vagaries and the grace" of the land join forces with the power of money as family bonds are both forged and dissolved. Deeply felt, unsentimental, and often humorous,Daddy's Money presents McDougall's life and the lives of her relatives in the way that all our lives are eventually framed-as stories. "When all else is lost," the author maintains, "the stories remain."
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Love All

Author: Manish Sharma

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9350836424


Page: 178

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Is destiny above or karma? Does Love too requires proper management? or it happens co-incidentally? Does it require proper planning? Does love has its own colors and repercussions in small and metro cities respectively? Does love 'walk' according to personal & professional life? Such type of many questions kept haunting continuously Dinesh Gautam & his life till he…?.....A well known T.V journalist and star anchor of a leading media house of country. Belongs to a small city (Gorakhpur) of India's largest state Uttar Pradesh, Dinesh came to Noida to become a star television Anchor & Journalist. Within a decade he got huge success, but in between was caught in 'narrow roads' of love.
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Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic

Author: Osho

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9780312274061

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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An indispensable work for understanding the life and teachings of one of the most unusual mystics and philosophers of our time. Ten years have past since, in the words of his attending physician, Osho prepared for his departure from the body that had served him for fifty-nine years "as calmly as though he were packing for a weekend in the country." This volume is recognition that the time has come to provide a historical and biographical context for understanding Osho and his work. Who was this man, known as the Sex Guru, the "self-appointed bhagwan" (Rajneesh), the Rolls-Royce Guru, the Rich Man's Guru, and simply the Master? Drawn from nearly five thousand hours of Osho's recorded talks, this is the story of his youth and education, his life as a professor of philosophy and years of travel teaching the importance of meditation, and the true legacy he sought to leave behind: a religionless religion centered on individual awareness and responsibility and the teaching of "Zorba the Buddha," a celebration of the whole human being.
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Justice and Only Justice

A Palestinian Theology of Liberation

Author: Ateek, Naim

Publisher: Orbis Books

ISBN: 1608333671


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Author: A.O. Bunnell,F.I. Quick

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5882478367

Category: History

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Central Criminal Court. Minutes of Evidence

Author: Great Britain. Central Criminal Court,Henry Buckler

Publisher: N.A


Category: Criminal law

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