Music in Latin America and the Caribbean: Performing the Caribbean experience

Author: Malena Kuss

Publisher: N.A


Category: Music

Page: 537

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The music of the peoples of South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean has never received a comprehensive treatment in English until this multi-volume work. Taking a sociocultural and human-centered approach, Music in Latin America and the Caribbean gathers the best scholarship from writers all over the world to cover in depth the musical legacies of indigenous peoples, creoles, African descendants, Iberian colonizers, and other immigrant groups that met and mixed in the New World. Within a history marked by cultural encounters and dislocations, music emerges as the powerful tool that negotiates identities, enacts resistance, performs belief, and challenges received aesthetics. This work, more than two decades in the making, was conceived as part of "The Universe of Music: A History" project, initiated by and developed in cooperation with the International Music Council, with the goals of empowering Latin Americans and Caribbeans to shape their own musical history and emphasizing the role that music plays in human life. The four volumes that constitute this work are structured as parts of a single conception and gather 150 contributions by more than 100 distinguished scholars representing 36 countries. Volume 1, Performing Beliefs: Indigenous Cultures of South America, Central America, and Mexico, focuses on the inextricable relationships between worldviews and musical experience in the current practices of indigenous groups. Worldviews are built into, among other things, how music is organized and performed, how musical instruments are constructed and when they are played, choreographic formations, the structure of songs, the assignment of gender to instruments, and ritual patterns. Two CDs with 44 recorded examples illustrate the contributions to this rich volume.
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Latino Americans and Political Participation

A Reference Handbook

Author: Sharon Ann Navarro,Armando Xavier Mejia

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1851095233

Category: Political Science

Page: 321

View: 5014

An examination by distinguished Latino/a scholars of the increasing influence of 37 million Latino/a Americans on U.S. electoral and social movements. * Chronology of key events in Latino/a political history, a multicultural bibliography, and lists of key players in Latino/a American political movements * Tables and charts showing the numerical impact of Latino/as, and a selection of Internet databases and websites for further exploration
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Shut Up and Smile

Supermodels, the Dark Side

Author: Ian Halperin

Publisher: OGO Books

ISBN: 9780968480403

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 239

View: 9752

Presents a portrait of the modeling industry tracing the rise of well-known supermodels, and discusses how many models are misled into a world of drugs, prostitution, violence, and murder.
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Pop Culture Latin America!

Media, Arts, and Lifestyle

Author: Lisa Shaw,Stephanie Dennison

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1851095047

Category: History

Page: 404

View: 7799

A survey of contemporary Latin American popular culture, covering topics that range from music and film to popular festivals and fashion. * Chronology of major developments in the cultural life of post-1945 Latin America * A bibliography of the literature and electronic resources on the major forms of popular culture in each country or region
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Scenes of a Migrant Latin American Music Genre

Author: Héctor Fernández L'Hoeste,Pablo Vila

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822354330

Category: History

Page: 302

View: 7410

The contributors to Cumbia! look at particular manifestations of cumbia through their disciplinary lenses of musicology, sociology, history, anthropology, linguistics, and literary criticism.
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History of Modern Latin America

1800 to the Present

Author: Teresa A. Meade

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118772490

Category: History

Page: 408

View: 6829

Now available in a fully-revised and updated second edition, A History of Modern Latin America offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the rich cultural and political history of this vibrant region from the onset of independence to the present day. Includes coverage of the recent opening of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba as well as a new chapter exploring economic growth and environmental sustainability Balances accounts of the lives of prominent figures with those of ordinary people from a diverse array of social, racial, and ethnic backgrounds Features first-hand accounts, documents, and excerpts from fiction interspersed throughout the narrative to provide tangible examples of historical ideas Examines gender and its influence on political and economic change and the important role of popular culture, including music, art, sports, and movies, in the formation of Latin American cultural identity? Includes all-new study questions and topics for discussion at the end of each chapter, plus comprehensive updates to the suggested readings
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Happy Trails 1 Pupils Book + Key

Author: Jennifer Heath

Publisher: National Geographic

ISBN: 9781111062507

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 128

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Happy Trails is a brand-new, two-level primary course which contains National Geographic photography and content enabling students to learn about our world while learning English. The book follows the adventures of Ty a panda, Leo a leopard and Mia a meerkat as they explore the world and send video updates to their friend Trek.
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Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Website

Author: Mike Moran,Bill Hunt

Publisher: IBM Press

ISBN: 0133039218

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 528

View: 9899

The #1 Step-by-Step Guide to Search Marketing Success...Now Updated and Reorganized to Help You Drive Even More Value For years, Search Engine Marketing, Inc. has been the definitive practical guide to driving value from search. Now, Mike Moran and Bill Hunt have completely rewritten their best-seller to present valuable new strategies, best practices, and lessons from experience. Their revamped and reorganized Third Edition introduces a holistic approach that integrates organic and paid search, and complements them both with social media. This new approach can transform the way you think about search, plan it, and profit from it. Moran and Hunt address every business, writing, and technical element of successful search engine marketing. Whatever your background, they help you fill your skills gaps and leverage the experience you already have. You’ll learn how search engines and search marketing work today, and how to segment searchers based on their behavior, successfully anticipating what they’re looking for. You’ll walk through formulating your custom program: identifying goals, assessing where you stand, estimating costs, choosing strategy, and gaining buy-in. Next, you’ll focus on execution: identifying challenges, diagnosing and fixing problems, measuring performance, and continually improving your program. You’ll learn how to Focus relentlessly on business value, not tactics Overcome the obstacles that make search marketing so challenging Get into your searcher’s mind, and discover how her behavior may change based on situation or device Understand what happens technically when a user searches—and make the most of that knowledge Create a focused program that can earn the support it will need to succeed Clarify your goals and link them to specific measurements Craft search terms and copy that attracts your best prospects and customers Optimize content by getting writers and tech people working together Address the critical challenges of quality in both paid and organic search Avoid overly clever tricks that can destroy your effectiveness Identify and resolve problems as soon as they emerge Redesign day-to-day operating procedures to optimize search performance Whether you’re a marketer, tech professional, product manager, or content specialist, this guide will help you define realistic goals, craft a best-practices program for achieving them, and implement it flawlessly. NEW COMPANION WEBSITE PACKED WITH TOOLS AND RESOURCES includes exclusive tools, deeper explorations of key search management techniques, and updates on emerging trends in the field
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Troubling Gender

Youth and Cumbia in Argentina's Music Scene

Author: Pablo Vila,Pablo Seman,Eloisa Martin,Maria Julia Carozzi

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1439902674

Category: Social Science

Page: 217

View: 8642

Cumbia villera—literally, cumbia from the shantytowns— is a musical genre quite popular with Argentine youth who frequent urban dance halls. Its songs are known for having highly sexualized lyrics— about girls dancing provocatively or experiencing erotic pleasure. The songs exhibit the tensions at play in the different ways people relate to this musical genre. In Troubling Gender, noted sociologists Pablo Vila and Pablo Semán scrutinize the music's lyrics and the singers' and dancers' performances. At the same time, the authors conduct in-depth interviews to examine the ways males construct and appropriate cumbia's lyrics, and how females identify, appropriate, and playfully and critically manipulate the same misogynistic songs. Addressing the relationship between this form of music and the wider social, political, and economic changes that influence the lives of urban youth, Troubling Gender argues that the music both reflects and influences the ways in which women's and men's roles are changing in Argentine society.
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World Music in the West Indies

Author: Jocelyne Guilbault

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226310428

Category: Music

Page: 279

View: 1452

With its irresistible dance beat, strong bass line, and straightforward harmonies and lyrics, zouk has become wildly popular in the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. This book—complete with a compact disc and numerous illustrations and musical examples—provides a thorough introduction to the sound, lyrics, choreography, and social milieu of this vibrant and infectious new music. "This invigorating reference work and companion CD of the Antilles' sexy zouk dance sound will lift readers out of their easy chairs and their complacency about the nonreggae aspects of Caribbean pop. . . . [Zouk] is a landmark achievement."—Timothy White, Billboard
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Creating Their Own Space

The Development of an Indian-Caribbean Musical Tradition

Author: Tina K. Ramnarine

Publisher: University of West Indies Press

ISBN: 9789766400996

Category: Music

Page: 167

View: 7271

In this volume Tina K. Ramnarine explores the revolution of Chutney and introduces the emerging Indian-Caribbean genre into the arena of scholarly discourse about music. Through analysis of the music, Ramnarine provides insights into social processes, effects of the diasporic settlements, and ways the music operates as a symbol of Indian-Caribbean identity. -- Back cover.
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Music of Hindu Trinidad

Songs from the India Diaspora

Author: Helen Myers

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226554532

Category: History

Page: 510

View: 4939

Like many other small towns in Trinidad, Felicity is populated almost entirely by East Indians. In their Caribbean exile, the residents of Felicity have created and recreated the music of their Hindu ancestors. Music of Hindu Trinidad is a fascinating account of the history and cultural significance of Hindu music that explores its symbolic, aesthetic, and psychological aspects while asking the larger question of how this music has contributed to the formation of identity in the midst of their great diaspora. Myers details the musical repertory of Felicity, which is based largely on north Indian genres including the traditional Bhojpuri folk songs and drumming styles brought by the first indentured laborers in 1845. In her engaging exploration of the fate of Indian classical music and new popular styles such as Hindi calypso, soca, and chutney, she even finds herself at the ancestral home of Trinidadian V. S. Naipaul in India. Copiously illustrated and accompanied by a compact disk, Music of Hindu Trinidad is a model ethnographic study.
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Awakening Spaces

French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture

Author: Brenda F. Berrian

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226044552

Category: Music

Page: 287

View: 4955

The fast-paced zouk of Kassav', the romantic biguine of Malavoi, the jazz of Fal Frett, the ballads of Mona, and reggae of Kali and Pôglo are all part of the burgeoning popular music scene in the French Caribbean. In this lively book, Brenda F. Berrian chronicles the rise of this music, which has captivated the minds and bodies of the Francophone world and elsewhere. Based on personal interviews and discussions of song texts, Berrian shows how these musicians express their feelings about current and past events, about themselves, their islands, and the French. Through their lyrical themes, these songs create metaphorical "spaces" that evoke narratives of desire, exile, subversion, and Creole identity and experiences. Berrian opens up these spaces to reveal how the artists not only engage their listeners and effect social change, but also empower and identify themselves. She also explores the music as it relates to the art of drumming, and to genres such as African American and Latin jazz and reggae. With Awakening Spaces, Berrian adds fresh insight into the historical struggles and arts of the French Caribbean.
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World Music: Latin and North America, Caribbean, India, Asia and Pacific

Author: Simon Broughton,Mark Ellingham

Publisher: Rough Guides

ISBN: 9781858286365

Category: Music

Page: 720

View: 4346

Divided by region and subregion, this volume examines the indigenous music of different countries, its current status, major performers, and special instruments.
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Island Sounds in the Global City

Caribbean Popular Music and Identity in New York

Author: Ray Allen

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252070426

Category: Music

Page: 184

View: 1040

Maps the musical Caribbeanization of New York City, now home to the diverse concentrations of Caribbean people in the world. This volume surveys a mosaic of popular Caribbean styles, showing how these musics serve the dual function of defining a group's uniqueness and creating bridges across ethnic boundaries.
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East Indian Music in the West Indies

Tān-singing, Chutney, and the Making of Indo-Caribbean Culture

Author: Peter Lamarche Manuel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781566397636

Category: History

Page: 252

View: 4167

Trinidadian sitarist, composer, and music authority, Mangal Patasar once remarked about tãn-singing, "You take a capsule from India, leave it here for a hundred years, and this is what you get." Patasar was referring to what may be the most sophisticated and distinctive art form cultivated among the one and a half million East Indians whose ancestors migrated as indentured laborers from colonial India to the West Indies between 1845 and 1917. Known in Trinidad and Guyana as "tãn-singing" or "local-classical music" and in Suriname as "baithak gãna" ("sitting music"), tãn-singing has evolved into a unique idiom, embodying the rich poetic and musical heritage brought from India as modified by a diaspora group largely cut off from its ancestral homeland. In recent decades, however, tãn-singing has been declining, regarded as quaint and crude by younger generations raised on MTV, Hindi film music, and disco. At the same time, Indo-Caribbeans have been participating in their countries' economic, political, and cultural lives to a far greater extent than previously. Accompanying this participation has been a lively cultural revival, encompassing both an enhanced assertion of Indianness and a spirit of innovative syncretism. One of the most well-known products of this process is chutney, a dynamic music and dance phenomenon that is simultaneously a folk revival and a pop hybrid. In Trinidad, it has also been the vehicle for a controversial form of female empowerment and an agent of a new, more inclusive, conception of national identity. Thus, East Indian Music in the West Indies is a portrait of a diaspora community in motion. It documents the social and cultural development of a people "without history," a people who have sometimes been dismissed as foreigners who merely perpetuate the culture of the homeland rather than becoming "truly" Caribbean. Professor Manuel shows how inaccurate this characterization is. On the one hand, in the form of tãn-singing, it examines the distinctiveness of traditional Indo-Caribbean musical culture. On the other, in the form of chutney, it examines the new assertiveness and syncretism of Indo-Caribbean popular music. Students of Indo-Caribbean music and curious world-music fans alike will be fascinated by Professor Manuel's guided tour through the complex and exciting world of Indo-Caribbean musical culture. Author note: Peter Manuel, an authority on the music of both North India and the Caribbean, is Associate Professor in the Department of Art, Music, and Philosophy at John Jay College. He is the author of several books, including Popular Musics of the Non-Western World (Oxford University Press), Cassette Culture: Popular Music and Technology in North India, and Caribbean Currents: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae (Temple University Press).
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Caribbean Currents

Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae

Author: Peter Manuel,Kenneth Bilby,Michael Largey

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592134649

Category: Music

Page: 288

View: 2962

The classic introduction to the Caribbean's popular music brought up to date.
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Atilla's Kaiso

A Short History of Trinidad Calypso

Author: Raymond Quevedo

Publisher: N.A


Category: Calypso (Music)

Page: 205

View: 7142

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