Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment - Volume 1

A Handbook for Therapists

Author: Nicola J. Petty

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780702067174

Category: Medical

Page: 472

View: 1074

Now in its fifth edition, this core textbook continues to provide a comprehensive, systematic guide to the examination, assessment and clinical reasoning processes needed by clinicians when managing patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Nicola Petty is joined by Dionne Ryder in editing this new edition, which also sees an expanded number of specialist clinicians and academics contributing individual chapters. Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment provides an invaluable guide to the technical and clinical reasoning skills involved in the differential diagnosis of joint, nerve and muscle tissues within a psychosocial model of health and illness. Three initial chapters outline the subjective and physical examination as well as the clinical reasoning process. Subsequent chapters provide details of the examination for each region of the body. This edition is designed for physiotherapy and musculoskeletal therapy students as they get to grips with contemporary clinical practice. Provides a logical, clinically reasoned and evidence-enhanced approach to patient examination and assessment Emphasizes a patient-centred approach Presents key clinical concepts of leading therapists and researchers in the field of musculoskeletal therapy Many drawings and photographs visually demonstrate techniques while enhancing descriptions in the text Clinical examples bring to life the clinical reasoning process An emphasis on consideration of the patient's perspective Reliability, validity, sensitivity and specificity of the physical tests are highlighted Vascular considerations are included throughout the text References updated throughout
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Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

Adults and Paediatrics

Author: Eleanor Main,Linda Denehy

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 9780702047312


Page: 810

View: 8813

Previous edition published with title: Physiotherapy for respiratory and cardiac problems, Churchill Livingston, 2008.
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Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy: Adults and Paediatrics E-Book

formerly Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems

Author: Eleanor Main,Linda Denehy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702049522

Category: Medical

Page: 640

View: 773

The fifth edition of this seminal textbook continues to provide those who are studying or are in practice with comprehensive evidence-based coverage of all the main aspects of respiratory and cardiac physiotherapy throughout the whole lifespan – neonates, infants, children, adolescents and adults – with the patient at centre and advocating a problem-based approach. For the new edition, Jennifer Pryor and Ammani Prasad hand the baton of editorship and their lasting legacy over to Eleanor Main and Linda Denehy. With a team of over 60 international expert authors, the new editors have incorporated major changes reflecting current cardiorespiratory physiotherapy education and practice. These changes are heralded by a new title – Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy: Adults and Paediatrics (formerly Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems: Adults and Paediatrics) – and a significant restructure of the content with a new set of chapters. A new key chapter on anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system lays the foundation which is then followed by a chapter on clinical assessment of adults, infants and children, and acutely ill or deteriorating patients. Additional new content includes a chapter on outcome measurement in practice and a large chapter describing rehabilitation in acute and chronic conditions in special populations including spinal cord injury, oncology, trauma and paediatrics. The chapter on therapeutic interventions is comprehensive and reflective of evidence based practice. Integrates evidence with clinical practice Case studies used to facilitate problem solving Boxes throughout highlighting key issues and points Emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to patient care Bank of 350 images on Evolve Resources. Log on to and register to access. Newly appointed editors – Eleanor Main (UK) and Linda Denehy (Australia) Content restructure and overhaul with contributions from over 60 world leading experts Chapters on: Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system Clinical assessment of the adult, infant/child and the acutely ill/deteriorating patient Outcome measurement in practice Therapeutic interventions Managing special populations Over 180 new figures including additional full-colour photographs
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Principles of Musculoskeletal Treatment and Management - Volume 2

A Handbook for Therapists

Author: Kieran Barnard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780702067198

Category: Medical

Page: 368

View: 8044

Now in its third edition, this core textbook continues to provide a comprehensive, evidence-enhanced guide to the principles of treatment and management of the musculoskeletal system. Nicola Petty is joined by Kieran Barnard in editing this new edition which also sees an expanded number of specialist clinicians and academics contributing individual chapters. Principles of Musculoskeletal Treatment and Management provides both students and experienced practitioners with an invaluable guide to the principles applied in contemporary musculoskeletal therapy. Provides theory and research knowledge to underpin treatment and management strategies for patients with musculoskeletal conditions Provides a rationale to support clinical decision-making Offers an up-to-date evidence-enhanced approach to patient treatment and management Emphasizes the importance of communication and clinical reasoning, as well as hands-on and rehabilitation skills Brand-new chapter on the principles of communication and its application to clinical reasoning Brand-new chapter on the principles of exercise rehabilitation Highlights the health benefits of some treatment approaches References updated throughout
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Practical Fracture Treatment E-Book

Author: Ronald McRae,Max Esser

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455725234

Category: Medical

Page: 468

View: 2869

The 5th edition of this now classic text draws on the strength of previous editions and now includes reference to the latest surgical techniques available in Europe, Australia and the USA. Emphasis remains on the continually expanding use of fixation techniques although conservative management remains an integral part of the text. The artwork programme - which so characterises the appeal and success of previous editions - has been fully updated although its clarity remains as strong as ever and the logical sequence of illustrations with their succinct captions affords a rewarding and effective way to learn. New edition of this popular and highly respected book. Practical, step-by-step guide to fracture assessment and management. Contains discussion of traditional conservative techniques for managing fractures. Combines clear line diagrams, drawn by the author, with lucid, concise text in logical sequence. Expanded coverage of deep venous thrombosis. Includes new devices and techniques, for example locked plate systems, and the use of vacuum dressings in soft tissue management. New sections on 'damage control' orthopaedics, minimally invasive surgical techniques, MRSA, HIV and AIDS, and bone loss. New clinical imaging.
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Clinical Orthopaedic Examination E-Book

Author: Ronald McRae

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702047732

Category: Medical

Page: 344

View: 3926

A new edition of an internationally respected textbook of orthopaedic examination The unique ‘strip cartoon’ artwork programme provides an easy-to-read approach to the subject affording an effective way to learn A highly praised book by reviewers for its clear and lucid writing style The text reflects the classic ‘look, feel, move’ approach to patient evaluation Provides practical guidance on interpretation of radiographs Almost 1000 drawings produced by the author himself provide a unique means of teaching. The updated text includes a number of new tests and methods of assessing overall limb function. More information has been added in the section on back pain. There is an expanded description on the interpretation of the ankle jerk and more information on tracking the progress of skeletal maturation. A new up-to-date design reflects that of the sister volume Practical Fracture Techniques 5e
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Physical Management for Neurological Conditions E-Book

Author: Sheila Lennon,Geert Verheyden,Gita Ramdharry

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702077232

Category: Medical

Page: 592

View: 4407

The second edition of the Neurological Physiotherapy Pocketbook is the only book for physiotherapists that provides essential evidence-based information in a unique and easy-to-use format, applicable to clinical settings. Written by new international editors and contributors, this pocketbook provides quick and easy access to essential clinical information.
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Physical Management for Neurological Conditions E-Book

[Formerly Physical Management in Neurological Rehabilitation E-Book]

Author: Maria Stokes,Emma Stack

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702047120

Category: Medical

Page: 448

View: 2482

The third edition of this popular textbook - formerly Physical Management in Neurological Rehabilitation and now renamed Physical Management for Neurological Conditions - maintains its scientific and research base with extensive use of references and case studies. It is the only book for physiotherapists that offers a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of neurological rehabilitation, specific neurological / neuromuscular conditions and the related physiotherapy treatment approaches used. Important areas which feature throughout are discussed in relation to the different neurological conditions and include: a non-prescriptive, multidisciplinary, problem-solving approach to patient management involvement of the patient and carer in goal-setting and decision-making (client-centred practice) use of outcome measures to evaluate the effects of treatment in everyday practice use of case studies to illustrate clinical practice scientific evidence of treatment effectiveness Additional specialist editor – Dr Emma Stack Refined content but with the inclusion of 4 brand new chapters: an introductory chapter on rehabilitation in practice one on respiratory management and two covering self management and falls under the section entitled Skill Acquisition and Learning 11 new expert contributors join the reduced contributor team of 31
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Ultrasound Secrets

Author: Vikram Dogra,Deborah J. Rubens

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781560535942

Category: Medical

Page: 444

View: 9110

Following the Socratic principle that the best way to teach is to ask the right questions, the highly popular Secrets Series® has become an important part of medical education. The "Secrets" approach has given birth to a whole series of soft-cover books in a question-and-answer format. This book provides concise and condensed information in easily understandable language and contains pearls and answers to practical issues in the daily practice of ultrasonography. It highlights key diagnostic sonography concepts, based on organ systems, including obstetrics and gynecology. Covers all of the most important "need-to-know" information in the proven question-and-answer format of the highly acclaimed Secrets Series.® Provides concise answers that include the author's pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets." Uses bulleted lists, algorithms, and illustrations for quick review. Features the contributions from a team of international experts in cardiac surgery care. Presents a vast amount of information in a quick access format. Includes a thorough, highly detailed index. Includes clear and concise summaries of controversies in management and treatment
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Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage

A Practical Guide for Therapists

Author: Elizabeth A. Holey,Eileen M. Cook

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 9780702032295

Category: Medical

Page: 283

View: 584

Now in its third edition, this practical clinical guide for both students and practitioners is further strengthened by the addition of online video clips which demonstrate how to apply a range of massage techniques. The text's research-base and references are fully updated, aiming to provide the reader with the most pertinent evidence to support the use of massage for particular injuries and conditions. New, improved and expanded chapter on Massage in Sport, including section on athletes with disabilities. Written by a sports specialist physiotherapist with experience of working with national teams at world and Olympic level Expanded chapters on Relaxation Massage (formerly Sedative Massage) & Reflex Therapies (formerly Specialized Techniques) Case studies throughout the chapters Evolve Resources - use your unique PIN code to access video clips of tutorials and demonstrations of massage techniques as identified in the book
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Sports Chronobiology

Author: Teodor T. Postolache,Mark D. Miller

Publisher: W B Saunders Company

ISBN: 9781416027690

Category: Medical

Page: 462

View: 3507

We're excited about this issue on sleep and sports performance. Look for highly respected and international contributors and interesting chapters: neuroanatomy of sleep and circadian system, interaction between sleep and human performance, post-lunch dip in performance, naps and sleep inertia, to mention a few.
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100 Cases in Radiology

Author: Robert Thomas,James Connelly,Christopher Burke

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1444123319

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 320

View: 2077

A 36-year-old housewife presents in the emergency department complaining of progressively increasing breathlessness over the last two weeks, accompanied by wheeze and a productive cough. You are the medic on duty... 100 Cases in Radiology presents 100 radiological anomalies commonly seen by medical students and junior doctors on the ward, in outpatient clinics or in the emergency department. A succinct summary of the patient's history, examination and initial investigations, including imaging photographs, is followed by questions on the diagnosis and management of each case. The answer includes a detailed discussion of each topic, with further illustration where appropriate, providing an essential revision aid as well as a practical guide for students and junior doctors. Making clinical decisions and choosing the best course of action is one of the most challenging and difficult parts of training to become a doctor. These cases will teach students and junior doctors to recognize important radiological signs, and the medical and/or surgical conditions to which these relate, and to develop their diagnostic and management skills.
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Five Elements, Six Conditions

A Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy

Author: Gilles Marin

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 162317032X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 4295

Taoism and the use of the five elemental forces of nature for healing, says Gilles Marin, are esoteric, understandable only through daily experience with a knowledgeable mentor. Marin’s 25 years of clinical practice teaching the ancient Taoist method of Chi Nei Tsang, which uses hands-on techniques and Taoist meditations to help clients heal, uniquely qualifies him for the task. Five Elements, Six Conditions shows how simple and practical the ancient Taoist healing principles are and how effectively they deepen all methods of healing, including modern medical approaches. Step-by-step, he shows how to work with instead of against the body, whereby healing becomes not only possible but inevitable. His clear language, along with color-coded maps and diagrams, enables readers to understand the alchemical principles formed and refined over hundreds of years. Each chapter includes specific exercises and meditations to help anyone integrate the essence of the teaching and develop at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
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Respiratory Physiotherapy

An On-call Survival Guide

Author: Beverley Harden,Jane Cross,Mary Ann Broad

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702030031

Category: Medical

Page: 316

View: 3810

A solution-oriented synopsis of the majority of issues faced in the on-call setting, such as communication, assessment of the patient, problem identification and treatment.
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Violence and Gender in the Globalized World

The Intimate and the Extimate

Author: Dr Sanja Bahun,Dr V.G. Julie Rajan

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1472453743

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 1211

This revised and updated edition of Violence and Gender in the Globalized World expands the critical picture of gender and violence in the age of globalization by introducing a variety of uncommonly discussed geo-political sites and dynamics. The volume hosts methodologically and disciplinarily diverse contributions from around the world, discussing various contexts including Chechnya, Germany, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Palestine, the former Yugoslavia, Syria, South Africa, the United States, and the Internet. Bringing together scholars’ and activists’ historicized and site-specific perspectives, this book bridges the gap between theory and practice concerning violence, gender, and agency.
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Netter's Clinical Anatomy E-Book

Author: John T. Hansen

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323550819

Category: Medical

Page: 600

View: 2318

Focus on the clinically relevant aspects of anatomy and bridge normal anatomy to common clinical conditions with Netter's Clinical Anatomy, 4th Edition. This easy-to-read, visually stunning text features nearly 600 superb Netter-style illustrations that provide essential descriptions of anatomy, embryology, and pathology to help you understand their clinical relevance. Authored by John Hansen, PhD, an Honored Member of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, this book is an ideal anatomy reference for students who want to make the most of their study time or need a concise review of clinical anatomy.
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Human Spaceflight

Mission Analysis and Design

Author: Wiley J. Larson,Linda K. Pranke

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: 9780072368116

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1035

View: 8620

"Human spaceflight: mission analysis and design" is for you if you manage, design, or operate systems for human spaceflight! It provides end-to-end coverage of designing human space systems for Earth, Moon, and Mars. If you are like many others, this will become the dog-eared book that is always on your desk -and used. The book includes over 800 rules of thumb and sanity checks that will enable you to identify key issues and errors early in the design processes. This book was written by group of 67 professional engineers, managers, and educators from industry, government, and academia that collectively share over 600 years of space-related experience! The team from the United States, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Russia worked for four-and-one-half years to capture industry and government best practices and lessons-learned from industry and government in an effort to baseline global conceptual design experience for human spaceflight. "Human spaceflight: mission analysis and design" provides a much-needed big-picture perspective that can be used by managers, engineers and students to integrate the myriad of elements associated with human spaceflight.
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The Young Female Athlete

Author: Cynthia J. Stein,Kathryn E. Ackerman,Andrea Stracciolini

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319216325

Category: Medical

Page: 187

View: 8327

Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach and drawing on the experience of experts in their respective fields, this unique book presents and discusses an array of topics relevant to the ever-growing population of pediatric, adolescent and young adult female athletes. Each topic is clearly defined and includes epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and future directions. Opening chapters discuss growth and development, sports nutrition, resistance training, and psychological considerations for the young female athlete, with a chapter focusing on the female athlete triad. Later chapters present injuries and management strategies common to the young female athlete, such as overuse injuries, spondylolysis, hip and ACL injuries, concussion, and cardiovascular complications. The concluding chapter considers the benefits of physical activity for chronic disease prevention later in life. The Young Female Athlete provides useful, up-to-date information for any practitioner treating this active population, encouraging sports participation with fitness, injury prevention, personal growth, and long-term health.
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