Multilevel Analysis for Applied Research

It's Just Regression!

Author: Robert Bickel

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 159385191X

Category: Social Science

Page: 355

View: 646

An accessible introduction to multilevel modeling, this is the first book to provide detailed instructions on using SPSS for multilevel modeling. It is unique in showing multilevel analysis as an outgrowth of other techniques, making learning faster and choosing the best statistical method easier. This guide is ideal for overwhelmed grad students, academics expected to be stats gurus, and overworked program evaluators.
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Multilevel Analysis

Techniques and Applications, Third Edition

Author: Joop J. Hox,Mirjam Moerbeek,Rens van de Schoot

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317308670

Category: Psychology

Page: 348

View: 8937

Applauded for its clarity, this accessible introduction helps readers apply multilevel techniques to their research. The book also includes advanced extensions, making it useful as both an introduction for students and as a reference for researchers. Basic models and examples are discussed in nontechnical terms with an emphasis on understanding the methodological and statistical issues involved in using these models. The estimation and interpretation of multilevel models is demonstrated using realistic examples from various disciplines including psychology, education, public health, and sociology. Readers are introduced to a general framework on multilevel modeling which covers both observed and latent variables in the same model, while most other books focus on observed variables. In addition, Bayesian estimation is introduced and applied using accessible software.
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Multilevel Analysis for Applied Research, Its Just Regression!

Statistics, Statistics

Author: CTI Reviews

Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

ISBN: 1490275479

Category: Education

Page: 42

View: 6377

Facts101 is your complete guide to Multilevel Analysis for Applied Research, Its Just Regression!. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.
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Applied Multilevel Analysis

A Practical Guide for Medical Researchers

Author: Jos W. R. Twisk

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521849756

Category: Medical

Page: 184

View: 5666

This is a practical introduction to multilevel analysis suitable for all those doing research. Most books on multilevel analysis are written by statisticians, and they focus on the mathematical background. These books are difficult for non-mathematical researchers. In contrast, this volume provides an accessible account on the application of multilevel analysis in research. It addresses the practical issues that confront those undertaking research and wanting to find the correct answers to research questions. This book is written for non-mathematical researchers and it explains when and how to use multilevel analysis. Many worked examples, with computer output, are given to illustrate and explain this subject. Datasets of the examples are available on the internet, so the reader can reanalyse the data. This approach will help to bridge the conceptual and communication gap that exists between those undertaking research and statisticians.
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Multilevel Modeling

Author: Douglas A. Luke

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761928799

Category: Mathematics

Page: 79

View: 1449

A practical introduction to multi-level modelling, this book offers an introduction to HLM & illustrations of how to use this technique to build models for hierarchical & longitudinal data.
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Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Applied Research, Second Edition

Author: Timothy A. Brown

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 146251779X

Category: Science

Page: 462

View: 7374

This accessible book has established itself as the go-to resource on confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) for its emphasis on practical and conceptual aspects rather than mathematics or formulas. Detailed, worked-through examples drawn from psychology, management, and sociology studies illustrate the procedures, pitfalls, and extensions of CFA methodology. The text shows how to formulate, program, and interpret CFA models using popular latent variable software packages (LISREL, Mplus, EQS, SAS/CALIS); understand the similarities ...
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Multilevel Analysis

An Introduction to Basic and Advanced Multilevel Modeling

Author: Tom A B Snijders,Roel J Bosker

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 184920201X

Category: Reference

Page: 354

View: 8813

The Second Edition of this classic text introduces the main methods, techniques, and issues involved in carrying out multilevel modeling and analysis. Snijders and Boskers’ book is an applied, authoritative, and accessible introduction to the topic, providing readers with a clear conceptual and practical understanding of all the main issues involved in designing multilevel studies and conducting multilevel analysis. This book has been comprehensively revised and updated since the last edition, and now includes guides to modeling using HLM, MLwiN, SAS, Stata including GLLAMM, R, SPSS, Mplus, WinBugs, Latent Gold, and Mix.
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Doing Statistical Mediation and Moderation

Author: Paul E. Jose

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1462508235

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

View: 8187

Written in a friendly, conversational style, this book offers a hands-on approach to statistical mediation and moderation for both beginning researchers and those familiar with modeling. Starting with a gentle review of regression-based analysis, Paul Jose covers basic mediation and moderation techniques before moving on to advanced topics in multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and hybrid combinations, such as moderated mediation. User-friendly features include numerous graphs and carefully worked-through examples; "Helpful Suggestions" about procedures and pitfalls; "Knowledge Boxes" delving into special topics, such as dummy coding; and end-of-chapter exercises and problems (with answers). The companion website ( provides downloadable data and syntax files for the book's examples and exercises, as well as links to Jose's online programs, MedGraph and ModGraph. Appendices present SPSS, Amos, and Mplus syntax for conducting the key types of analyses.
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Research Methods for Studying Groups and Teams

A Guide to Approaches, Tools, and Technologies

Author: Andrea Hollingshead,Marshall Scott Poole,Professor of Speech Communication and Associate Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service Marshall Scott Poole, PhD

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113665044X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 472

View: 4030

This volume provides an overview of the methodological issues and challenges inherent in the study of small groups from the perspective of seasoned researchers in communication, psychology and other fields in the behavioral and social sciences. It summarizes the current state of group methods in a format that is readable, insightful, and useful for both new and experienced group researchers. This collection of essays will inspire new and established researchers alike to look beyond their current methodological approaches, covering both traditional and new methods for studying groups and exploring the full range of groups in face-to-face and online settings. The volume will be an important addition to graduate study on group research and will be a valuable reference for established group researchers, consultants and other practitioners. The essays in this volume when considered as a whole will be a contemporary interdisciplinary integration on group research methods.
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Der Einfluss von Steuern auf Konzernstrukturen: Eine empirische Untersuchung auf Basis europ„ischer Unternehmensdaten

Author: Lukas Kronen

Publisher: Bachelor + Master Publication

ISBN: 3955494039

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 100

View: 864

Die getrennte Besteuerung einzelner Konzerngesellschaften richtet sich haupts„chlich nach dem nationalen Steuerrecht des jeweiligen Sitzstaates. Risiken und Gestaltungsm”glichkeiten k”nnen resultieren, wenn Konzernstrukturen im Zusammenspiel mit verschiedenen nationalen Steuergesetzen, bilateralen und multilateralen Vereinbarungen sowie staatenbergreifenden Gesetzen stehen. Die einfache Annahme, dass Konzerne als wirtschaftliche Einheit mehrerer rechtlich selbstst„ndiger Kapitalgesellschaften der Erzielung von Einkommen zur Konsumbefriedigung der Anteilseigner dienen, fhrt zu der in der Theorie schon lange gewonnenen Erkenntnis, dass die Vermeidung von Doppelbesteuerung und die Herbeifhrung legaler Minderbesteuerung als oberste Ziele der Konzernsteuerplanung einen wichtigen Teil der Steuerung eines Konzerns ausmachen. Die Errichtung einer effizienten Konzernstruktur geh”rt dabei mit zu den Kernaufgaben der Konzernsteuerplanung. Die vorliegende Arbeit leistet dahingehend einen Erkenntnisgewinn, ob diese theoretisch vermuteten Auswirkungen der Besteuerung auf Konzernstrukturen empirisch nachzuweisen sind und wie stark die Konzernstrukturierung von der Besteuerung getrieben wird.
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Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data

Author: Ann A. O'Connell,D. Betsy McCoach

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1607527294

Category: Education

Page: 541

View: 4349

(sponsored by the Educational Statisticians, SIG) Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data, coedited by Ann A. O’Connell, Ed.D., and D. Betsy McCoach, Ph.D., is the next volume in the series: Quantitative Methods in Education and the Behavioral Sciences: Issues, Research and Teaching (Information Age Publishing), sponsored by the Educational Statisticians' Special Interest Group (EdStat SIG) of the American Educational Research Association. The use of multilevel analyses to examine effects of groups or contexts on individual outcomes has burgeoned over the past few decades. Multilevel modeling techniques allow educational researchers to more appropriately model data that occur within multiple hierarchies (i.e. the classroom, the school, and/or the district). Examples of multilevel research problems involving schools include establishing trajectories of academic achievement for children within diverse classrooms or schools or studying schoollevel characteristics on the incidence of bullying. Multilevel models provide an improvement over traditional singlelevel approaches to working with clustered or hierarchical data; however, multilevel data present complex and interesting methodological challenges for the applied education research community. In keeping with the pedagogical focus for this book series, the papers this volume emphasize applications of multilevel models using educational data, with chapter topics ranging from basic to advanced. This book represents a comprehensive and instructional resource text on multilevel modeling for quantitative researchers who plan to use multilevel techniques in their work, as well as for professors and students of quantitative methods courses focusing on multilevel analysis. Through the contributions of experienced researchers and teachers of multilevel modeling, this volume provides an accessible and practical treatment of methods appropriate for use in a first and/or second course in multilevel analysis. A supporting website links chapter examples to actual data, creating an opportunity for readers to reinforce their knowledge through handson data analysis. This book serves as a guide for designing multilevel studies and applying multilevel modeling techniques in educational and behavioral research, thus contributing to a better understanding of and solution for the challenges posed by multilevel systems and data.
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Handbook of Adolescent Psychology, Individual Bases of Adolescent Development

Author: Richard M. Lerner,Laurence Steinberg, PhD

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470149213

Category: Psychology

Page: 823

View: 6987

This multidisciplinary handbook, edited by the premier scholars in the field, reflects the empirical work and growth in the field of adolescent psychology.
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Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis for Epidemiology

A Practical Guide

Author: Jos W. R. Twisk

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521525800

Category: Medical

Page: 301

View: 721

The most important techniques available for longitudinal data analysis are discussed in this book. The discussion includes simple techniques such as the paired t-test and summary statistics, but also more sophisticated techniques such as generalized estimating equations and random coefficient analysis. A distinction is made between longitudinal analysis with continuous, dichotomous, and categorical outcome variables. This practical guide is especially suitable for non-statisticians and all those undertaking medical research or epidemiological studies.
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Multilevel Modeling

Methodological Advances, Issues, and Applications

Author: Steven P. Reise,Naihua Duan

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1135655367

Category: Psychology

Page: 328

View: 4370

This book illustrates the current work of leading multilevel modeling (MLM) researchers from around the world. The book's goal is to critically examine the real problems that occur when trying to use MLMs in applied research, such as power, experimental design, and model violations. This presentation of cutting-edge work and statistical innovations in multilevel modeling includes topics such as growth modeling, repeated measures analysis, nonlinear modeling, outlier detection, and meta analysis. This volume will be beneficial for researchers with advanced statistical training and extensive experience in applying multilevel models, especially in the areas of education; clinical intervention; social, developmental and health psychology, and other behavioral sciences; or as a supplement for an introductory graduate-level course.
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Regression Analysis for Categorical Moderators

Author: Herman Aguinis

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781572309692

Category: Social Science

Page: 202

View: 2852

Does the stability of personality vary by gender or ethnicity? Does a particular therapy work better to treat clients with one type of personality disorder than those with another? Providing a solution to thorny problems such as these, Aguinis shows readers how to better assess whether the relationship between two variables is moderated by group membership through the use of a statistical technique, moderated multiple regression (MMR). Clearly written, the book requires only basic knowledge of inferential statistics. It helps students, researchers, and practitioners determine whether a particular intervention is likely to yield dissimilar outcomes for members of various groups. Associated computer programs and data sets are available at the author's website (http: // haguinis/mmr).
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Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models

Author: Andrew Gelman,Jennifer Hill

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521686891

Category: Mathematics

Page: 625

View: 6540

This book, first published in 2007, is for the applied researcher performing data analysis using linear and nonlinear regression and multilevel models.
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The SAGE Handbook of Multilevel Modeling

Author: Marc A. Scott,Jeffrey S. Simonoff,Brian D. Marx

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473971314

Category: Social Science

Page: 696

View: 4352

In this important new Handbook, the editors have gathered together a range of leading contributors to introduce the theory and practice of multilevel modeling. The Handbook establishes the connections in multilevel modeling, bringing together leading experts from around the world to provide a roadmap for applied researchers linking theory and practice, as well as a unique arsenal of state-of-the-art tools. It forges vital connections that cross traditional disciplinary divides and introduces best practice in the field. Part I establishes the framework for estimation and inference, including chapters dedicated to notation, model selection, fixed and random effects, and causal inference. Part II develops variations and extensions, such as nonlinear, semiparametric and latent class models. Part III includes discussion of missing data and robust methods, assessment of fit and software. Part IV consists of exemplary modeling and data analyses written by methodologists working in specific disciplines. Combining practical pieces with overviews of the field, this Handbook is essential reading for any student or researcher looking to apply multilevel techniques in their own research.
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Multilevel Modeling Using R

Author: W. Holmes Finch,Jocelyn E. Bolin,Ken Kelley

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466515864

Category: Mathematics

Page: 230

View: 705

A powerful tool for analyzing nested designs in a variety of fields, multilevel/hierarchical modeling allows researchers to account for data collected at multiple levels. Multilevel Modeling Using R provides you with a helpful guide to conducting multilevel data modeling using the R software environment. After reviewing standard linear models, the authors present the basics of multilevel models and explain how to fit these models using R. They then show how to employ multilevel modeling with longitudinal data and demonstrate the valuable graphical options in R. The book also describes models for categorical dependent variables in both single level and multilevel data. The book concludes with Bayesian fitting of multilevel models. For those new to R, the appendix provides an introduction to this system that covers basic R knowledge necessary to run the models in the book. Through the R code and detailed explanations provided, this book gives you the tools to launch your own investigations in multilevel modeling and gain insight into your research.
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Cross-cultural Analysis

Methods and Applications

Author: Eldad Davidov,Peter Schmidt,Jaak Billiet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1848728220

Category: Education

Page: 505

View: 7781

Intended to bridge the gap between the latest methodological developments and cross-cultural research, this interdisciplinary resource presents the latest strategies for analyzing cross-cultural data. Techniques are demonstrated through the use of applications that employ cross national data sets such as the latest European Social Survey. With an emphasis on the generalized latent variable approach, internationallyâe"prominent researchers from a variety of fields explain how the methods work, how to apply them, and how they relate to other methods presented in the book. Syntax and graphical and verbal explanations of the techniques are included. A website features some of the data sets and syntax commands used in the book. Applications from the behavioral and social sciences that use real data-sets demonstrate: The use of samples from 17 countries to validate the resistance to change scale across these nations How to test the cross-national invariance properties of social trust The interplay between social structure, religiosity, values, and social attitudes A comparison of anti-immigrant attitudes and patterns of religious orientations across European countries. The book is divided into techniques for analyzing cross-cultural data within the generalized-latent-variable approach: multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis and multiple-group structural equation modeling; multi-level analysis; latent class analysis; and item-response theory. Since researchers from various disciplines often use different methodological approaches, a consistent framework for describing and applying each method is used so as to cross âe~methodological bordersâe(tm) between disciplines. Some chapters describe the basic strategy and how it relates to other techniques presented in the book, others apply the techniques and address specific research questions, and a few combine the two. A table in the preface highlights for each chapter: a description of the contents, the statistical methods used, the goal(s) of the analysis, and the data set employed. This book is intended for researchers, practitioners, and advanced students interested in cross-cultural research. Because the applications span a variety of disciplines, the book will appeal to researchers and students in: psychology, political science, sociology, education, marketing and economics, geography, criminology, psychometrics, epidemiology, and public health, as well as those interested in methodology. It is also appropriate for an advanced methods course in cross-cultural analysis.
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