Mommy Guilt

Learn to Worry Less, Focus on What Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

ISBN: 9780814413685

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 6426

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of over 1,300 parents.
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Mommy Guilt

Learn to Worry Less, Focus on what Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: Amacom Books

ISBN: 9780814408704

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 259

View: 8816

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of more than 1,300 parents.
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Mommy Guilt

Learn to Worry Less, Focus on what Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: Amacom Books

ISBN: 9780814408704

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 259

View: 9620

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of more than 1,300 parents.
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Lose That Mommy Guilt

Tales and Lessons from an Imperfect Mom

Author: Cara Maksimow

Publisher: ODP KIds Books

ISBN: 9780996098588


Page: 152

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All moms feel guilt - because all moms want to be perfect.Guess what? You will be far from perfect and that's okay!In Lose That Mommy Guilt, Lessons and Tales from an Imperfect Mom, therapist, coach and speaker Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC, assures moms that being imperfect is perfectly fine in parenting. With stories for every mom, whether you've just found out you are pregnant, or have a child in school, Cara shares her stories and tips for gaining confidence and letting go of the guilt that can make parenting so much tougher."As the baby grows the mommy guilt grows. It doesn't matter how good of a mom you are, you will find a way to beat yourself up over something," says Cara. "I am here to say that it does not have to be that way. As moms we are amazing and we don't recognize it enough. Lose that Mommy Guilt - You Got This!"
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Ditch the Mommy Guilt

A Blueprint for the Modern Mommy

Author: Leesha M. Ellis-Cox

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781948400701

Category: Self-Help

Page: 100

View: 2859

They say that becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences that a woman can experience... Well, that doesn't mean it's easy or that you have to love every single waking, screaming, and runny-nosed minute of it! In her funny, honest, and uplifting debut, Ditch the Mommy Guilt: A Blueprint for the Modern Mommy, psychiatrist Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox dispels the myth of the "perfect parent" and guides the path to becoming an effective and happy mom: one who overcomes her flaws and the inevitable mistakes made during parenthood through positivity, self-love, gratitude, support, and most of all, a guilt-free conscience that neither compares nor judges. In this book, mothers will learn to recognize the signs and root causes of "mommy guilt." Moms will then acquire strategies to kick their stagnant mindset to the curb and reframe their perspective to one that is healthy and prioritizes their children but still honors who they are in the process.
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Motherhood without Guilt

Being the Best Mother You Can Be and Feeling Great About It

Author: Debra Gilbert Rosenberg

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402230509

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

View: 5366

Moms feel guilty about everything... They think they're not doing enough for themselves, for their children and for their spouses. They question their decisions about working vs. staying at home. They agonize over keeping up with housework, struggle in their relationship with their husband, wrestle with negative feelings about their children from time to time and worry that they don't measure up to their own or others' expectations. In short, feeling guilty is pervasive among mothers; it just seems to come with the territory. Motherhood without Guilt uses a question-and-answer format to address all the issues that cause a mother to feel bad about her mothering, and shows how to: --Reconcile working vs. staying at home --Be emotionally available to your kids in just the right way --Take good care of yourself, too --Create partnership in parenting with your husband --Nurture friendships and get support from others Related title: The New Mom's Companion 1-4022-0014-5
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The Fifth Trimester

The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby

Author: Lauren Smith Brody

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385541422

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 352

View: 3267

The first three trimesters (and the fourth—those blurry newborn days) are for the baby, but the Fifth Trimester is when the working mom is born. A funny, tells-it-like-it-is guide for new mothers coping with the demands of returning to the real world after giving birth, The Fifth Trimester is packed with honest, funny, and comforting advice from 800 moms, including: •The boss-approved way to ask for flextime (and more money!) •How to know if it’s more than “just the baby blues” •How to pump breastmilk on an airplane (or, if you must, in a bathroom) •What military science knows about working through sleep deprivation •Your new sixty-second get-out-of-the-house beauty routine •How to turn your commute into a mini–therapy session •Your daycare tour or nanny interview, totally decoded
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No More Perfect Moms

Learn to Love Your Real Life

Author: Jill Savage

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802484107

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 451

If you have ever forgotten to pick up your kids, accidentally worn two different shoes to the grocery store, or lost your cool over a messy house, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In No More Perfect Moms, Jill Savage says it how it is: All moms struggle. We fall short of our own standard of excellence, and then we feel insecure about not being the perfect wife with the perfect kids, perfect husband, perfect home, perfect friends, perfect marriage, and perfect body… Jill speaks to the root of the insecurities mothers feel and points to a better way. No More Perfect Moms will help a mom: Change her unrealistic expectations to realistic hopes Give grace and love to her husband and children even during struggles, and discover the beauty of grace when she stops judging herself and others Find freedom from disappointment when she embraces her real family, her real challenges, and her real, but imperfect, life With refreshing honesty, Jill exposes some of her own parental shortcomings and helps mothers everywhere shelve their desires for perfection and embrace God’s beautiful grace. When moms do this, they can learn to love their real but imperfect lives.
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Mommy Grace

Erasing Your Mommy Guilt

Author: Sheila Schuller Coleman

Publisher: FaithWords

ISBN: 0446550701

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

View: 5578

Universally, mothers tend to feel they are not good enough at parenting and fear they are harming their children by not being perfect. In Mommy Grace: Erasing Mommy Guilt, Sheila Schuller Coleman offers overwhelmed moms short but emotive stories of authentic motherhood from her own and others' experiences-foibles and all-and offers comfort by showing how God makes up for human weakness with His own strength. Because Sheila shares lessons learned the hard way by real moms rather than giving difficult instructions for better mothering, readers will leave the book feeling encouraged rather than lectured. For every mom who feels she's not quite up to the colossal job of parenting, MOMMY GRACE is full of hope and compassion.
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A Mother Apart

How to let go of the guilt and find happiness living apart from your child

Author: Sarah Hart

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 1845904702

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 200

View: 5692

A Mother Apart has been written to relieve the isolation of the many women separated from their child who say, "I thought I was the only one". Moving beyond the stereotype of mothers who leave, A Mother Apart provides insight and practical support for women struggling with their feelings as they adjust and come to terms with living life apart from their children.
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Mom, Will This Chicken Give Me Man Boobs?

My Confused, Guilt-Ridden and Stressful Struggle to Raise a Green Family

Author: Robyn Harding

Publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

ISBN: 192668530X

Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 1163

After moving to ultra-eco-conscious Vancouver, Robyn Harding vows to decrease the size of her family’s carbon footprint. Ten-year-old Ethan worries about getting moobs from hormones in the food supply, so Robyn commits to buying organic. She quickly discovers that to keep the family in organic milk, she’ll have to sell a kidney. Then, eight-year-old Tegan becomes obsessed with the diminishing polar bear population. Soon Robyn finds herself making litterless lunches, greening her home, and valiantly trying to de-commercialize Christmas and birthdays. To make matters worse, she befriends a three-children, no-car single mother who shuttles her offspring and their various musical instruments (including a cello) around by bike and trailer. Who can compete with that? Harding deals with the challenges of ethical consumerism with spirit and wit, pondering how far her family has come, how far they’re willing to go, and whether she can go green and stay sane — and keep her kidneys.
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Mommy Guilt

Learn to Worry Less, Focus on what Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: Amacom Books

ISBN: 9780814408704

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 259

View: 517

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of more than 1,300 parents.
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Maxed Out

American Moms on the Brink

Author: Katrina Alcorn

Publisher: Seal Press

ISBN: 1580055397

Category: Self-Help

Page: 392

View: 9788

Winner of a Foreword IndieFab Book of the Year Award Katrina Alcorn was a 37-year-old mother with a happy marriage and a thriving career when one day, on the way to Target to buy diapers, she had a breakdown. Her carefully built career shuddered to a halt, and her journey through depression, anxiety, and insomnia—followed by medication, meditation, and therapy—began. Alcorn wondered how a woman like herself, with a loving husband, a supportive boss, three healthy kids, and a good income, was unable to manage the demands of having a career and a family. Over time, she realized that she wasn’t alone; many women were struggling to do it all—and feeling as if they were somehow failing as a result. Mothers are the breadwinners in two-thirds of American families, yet the American workplace is uniquely hostile to the needs of parents. Weaving in surprising research about the dysfunction between the careers and home lives of working mothers, as well as the consequences to women’s health, Alcorn tells a deeply personal story about “having it all,” failing miserably, and what comes after. Ultimately, she offers readers a vision for a healthier, happier, and more productive way to live and work.
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Mommy, Please Don't Go to Work!

Author: Rhiannon Ally

Publisher: Ascend Books

ISBN: 9781732344709

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7268

"'Mommy, please don't go to work!' is a story for young children feeling sad when mom leaves for work. Leo and his sister Luci learn, that even though moms work, they don't forget that family always comes first"--Page [4] of cover.
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Working Mom Survival Guide

How to Run Around Less & Enjoy Life More

Author: Suzanne Riss,Teresa Palagano

Publisher: Weldon Owen

ISBN: 9781616281472

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 144

View: 4376

Every day, working mothers encounter and overcome new challenges large and small at home, at the office, and on the road. From the editors of Working Mother, veteran working moms themselves, this book offers clear, straightforward solutions and practical shortcuts. From the experts at Working Mother magazine, Working Mom Survival Guide answers your most basic and trickiest questions: Are you addicted to your BlackBerry? How do you get your toddler, or your co-workers, to listen? How do you get on or off a mommy track? Access quickly the information every working mom needs to know—from how to keep tabs on your teen’s online time to how to ask for a flexible schedule—and get back to your busy day, better prepared and more confident. With humor and practicality, Working Mom Survival Guide collects the wisdom and experience of working moms who have been there, too, giving you a head start when you need it most. Subscription to Working Mother magazine included with purchase (details inside book). “As a busy professional and mom of three kids, I know it’s not possible to achieve total balance, but the Working Mom Survival Guide definitely makes juggling all these roles more manageable. This book is rich with practical advice on how to organize and prioritize and make life’s difficult decisions, so you can be your best self in the boardroom and in the playroom!” -Joy Bauer MS, RD, Today show nutritionist and The New York Times bestselling author “Three cheers for the Working Mom Survival Guide! One cheer for its common sense approach, one cheer for its thoroughness, and one big cheer for its sense of humor. Working moms need backup, and this book provides “been there, done that” advice that really resonates for everyday issues. The authors, Suzanne Riss and Teresa Palagano, write with authority and empathy for the millions of us trying to manage a career, kids, and the occasional ill-advised e-mail rant! This is a must-read for moms trying to raise independent, well-adjusted children in a crazy-busy world.” -Lian Dolan Parenting expert at; creator of The Chaos Chronicles magazine column, podcast, and blog; and mom to Brookes, 16, and Colin, 13. “All moms have eighteen things to do at once. Make room for nineteen: reading this clever, cheerful, empathetic guide to streamlining your priorities as a working parent.” -Aline Brosh McKenna Screenwriter (The Devil Wears Prada, 27 Dresses, and Morning Glory) and mom to Charlie, 11 and Leo, 8. “A terrific resource for working moms who, like me, welcome fresh, realistic advice on juggling kids and career.” -Kristi Yamaguchi Figure skater, Olympic Gold Medal winner, author, and mom to Keara, 7, and Emma, 5.
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The Mermaid of Brooklyn

A Novel

Author: Amy Shearn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451678290

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 3104

Hailed by The Washington Post as “tantalizing” and “mesmerizing,” The Mermaid of Brooklyn is a whip-smart, heartfelt exploration of what happens when modern day motherhood meets with a little touch of magic. Sometimes all you need in life is a fabulous pair of shoes—and a little help from a mermaid Formerly an up-and-coming magazine editor, Jenny Lipkin is now your average, stretched-too-thin Brooklyn mom, tackling the challenges of raising two children in a cramped Park Slope walk-up. All she really wants is to survive the sweltering New York summer with a shred of sanity intact. But when her husband, Harry, vanishes one evening, Jenny reaches her breaking point. And in a moment of despair, a split-second decision changes her life forever. Pulled from the brink by an unexpected ally, Jenny is forced to rethink her ideas about success, motherhood, romance, and relationships. But confronting her inner demons is no easy task…
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An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting

Author: Paula Spencer

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0307496848

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 9394

Lose the Guilt, Love Your Instincts If the latest “breakthrough” child-development theory, parenting technique, or child-appropriate diet makes you worry or groan (or just want to lie down for a nap), it’s time to make way for Momfidence! Paula Spencer, parenting expert and mother of four, provides refreshing, down-to-earth proof that most of the business of raising confident, healthy children involves nothing more complicated that trusting your instincts, using common sense, and above all, hanging on to your humor. Momfidence! is: •Using “perfect” only to describe such wonders as a ripe peach, a cloudless day at the beach, or a husband who does diapers and dinner. . . It has no application whatsoever in describing motherhood. •Recognizing that there are appropriate times and places for lying, yelling, threatening, bribing, and saying “I told you so” •Sending yourself to time-out—preferably with chocolate and/or your spouse •Being completely amnesiac about the day’s exasperating transgressions when you peek in your children’s bedrooms at night and watch them sleep Based on her popular Woman’s Day and Parenting columns, Momfidence! explains how obsessing less and winging it more can keep you sane—and your kids healthy and happy. It’s a hilarious look at “perfect motherhood” that cuts parents a long-overdue break by reminding us that we’re not the amateurs here—we’re all experts, too. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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That's My Super Mommy!

Author: Tracy R. Neal

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496929799

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 20

View: 2358

I am a first-time publisher who is determined to give a reassuring child’s voice to the current phenomenon of changing gender roles in the modern household. Most people are aware that women all over the world have become, more often than not, the breadwinners in many households. As a mother of 3 who has recently gone through a divorce, I see women my age and younger struggle with this situation on a daily basis. Not only do they deal with the professional and social pressures of their changing socio-economic roles, they have to deal with their spouse or significant other’s, as well as family members’, reactions to them working outside of the home. Finally and most importantly, they have to deal with the overwhelming guilt of being a successful woman while raising their children. They are constantly trying to prove to themselves and to others that they are worthy, capable, loving mothers. After years of observation and participation in this scenario, I’ve noticed that women often torture themselves unnecessarily. My book provides a child’s perspective and helps ease some of the pressure of “mommy guilt” that we put on ourselves and other moms.
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A Mother's Place

Choosing Work and Family Without Guilt or Blame

Author: Susan Chira

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0060930241

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

View: 3671

Mothers today are under siege. Society belittles mothers at home while telling mothers at work they are blighting their children's lives. Susan Chira, a veteran New York Times journalist, separates myth from reality, showing how the media, the courts, and politicians have conducted a backlash against working mothers that hurts all women. Here, she reviews the latest scientific research and shows, contrary to popular belief, that children of working mothers turn out just as well as those raised by stay-at-home mothers. But instead of telling mothers where their place should be, Chira wants to reframe this distorted debate and help mothers get where they want to be, whether at home or at work.
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Mothering from Scratch

Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family

Author: Melinda Means,Kathy Helgemo

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441265074

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 3296

Discover Your Personal Parenting Style Most parenting books present a cookie-cutter approach--which may or may not apply to all personalities and family dynamics. Mothering From Scratch shows mothers how to develop their own style that helps them be the best mom for their kids and restores the joy of mothering. Full of solid biblical truth, this book encourages moms to • explore their personalities and examine their strengths and weaknesses in order to find what works for them • tap into the resources surrounding them and get mentoring and support from other moms • push past the fear of change or doing it wrong and allow room for grace in their mothering Melinda Means and Kathleen Helgemo provide a flexible, customizable approach to help moms discover their optimal parenting style.
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