Mommy Guilt

Learn to Worry Less, Focus on what Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: Amacom Books

ISBN: 9780814408704

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 259

View: 9554

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of more than 1,300 parents.
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Mommy Grace

Erasing Your Mommy Guilt

Author: Sheila Schuller Coleman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0446550701

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

View: 6783

Universally, mothers tend to feel they are not good enough at parenting and fear they are harming their children by not being perfect. In Mommy Grace: Erasing Mommy Guilt, Sheila Schuller Coleman offers overwhelmed moms short but emotive stories of authentic motherhood from her own and others' experiences-foibles and all-and offers comfort by showing how God makes up for human weakness with His own strength. Because Sheila shares lessons learned the hard way by real moms rather than giving difficult instructions for better mothering, readers will leave the book feeling encouraged rather than lectured. For every mom who feels she's not quite up to the colossal job of parenting, MOMMY GRACE is full of hope and compassion.
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Mommy Guilt

Learn to Worry Less, Focus on what Matters Most, and Raise Happier Kids

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: Amacom Books

ISBN: 9780814408704

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 259

View: 1150

The authors encourage parents to let go of unobtainable--and ill-advised--goals in favor of parenting philosophies that concentrate on the whole family. This eye-opening book presents the results of an original, never-before-published nationwide survey of more than 1,300 parents.
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Ditch the Mommy Guilt

A Blueprint for the Modern Mommy

Author: Leesha M. Ellis-Cox

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781948400701

Category: Self-Help

Page: 100

View: 3521

They say that becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences that a woman can experience... Well, that doesn't mean it's easy or that you have to love every single waking, screaming, and runny-nosed minute of it! In her funny, honest, and uplifting debut, Ditch the Mommy Guilt: A Blueprint for the Modern Mommy, psychiatrist Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox dispels the myth of the "perfect parent" and guides the path to becoming an effective and happy mom: one who overcomes her flaws and the inevitable mistakes made during parenthood through positivity, self-love, gratitude, support, and most of all, a guilt-free conscience that neither compares nor judges. In this book, mothers will learn to recognize the signs and root causes of "mommy guilt." Moms will then acquire strategies to kick their stagnant mindset to the curb and reframe their perspective to one that is healthy and prioritizes their children but still honors who they are in the process.
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Lose That Mommy Guilt

Tales and Lessons from an Imperfect Mom

Author: Cara Maksimow

Publisher: ODP KIds Books

ISBN: 9780996098588


Page: 152

View: 9782

All moms feel guilt - because all moms want to be perfect.Guess what? You will be far from perfect and that's okay!In Lose That Mommy Guilt, Lessons and Tales from an Imperfect Mom, therapist, coach and speaker Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC, assures moms that being imperfect is perfectly fine in parenting. With stories for every mom, whether you've just found out you are pregnant, or have a child in school, Cara shares her stories and tips for gaining confidence and letting go of the guilt that can make parenting so much tougher."As the baby grows the mommy guilt grows. It doesn't matter how good of a mom you are, you will find a way to beat yourself up over something," says Cara. "I am here to say that it does not have to be that way. As moms we are amazing and we don't recognize it enough. Lose that Mommy Guilt - You Got This!"
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Letting Go of Mommy Guilt

Author: Lorelei Kraft

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780982760710

Category: Child rearing

Page: 118

View: 980

7 steps of sensible parenting in an inspiring, easy-to-read and practical book."--Publisher.
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A Mother's Guilt

Author: Rozetta M. Turner

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480978507

Category: Fiction

Page: 138

View: 2474

A Mother’s Guilt By: Rozetta M. Turner Claudia Winters’ guilt began after her beautiful eleven-year-old daughter, Summer, was attacked. Claudia sent her son and daughter out to pick up medicine for their youngest sibling. When only her son returns, bloody, nearly unconscious, and alone, she enters a state of panic. The son, Araon, tells the police Summer has been kidnapped. A Mother’s Guilt dives deep into the complicated feelings and guilt of a mother searching for her missing daughter. Claudia waits a long time with her guilt until Summer regains her memory of the incident years later.
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Grace, Not Perfection (with Bonus Content)

Celebrating Simplicity, Embracing Joy

Author: Emily Ley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0718085256

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

View: 5321

This eBook includes the full text of the book plus an exclusive Overcoming Overwhelm ebook not found in the hardcover! I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. As a busy wife, new mother, business owner, and designer, Emily Ley came to a point when she suddenly realized she couldn’t do it all. She needed to simplify her life, organize her days, and prioritize the priorities. She decided to hold herself to a standard of grace rather than perfection. This mantra led to the creation of her bestselling Simplified Planner®, a favorite among busy women everywhere—from mamas to executives and everywhere in between. Grace, Not Perfection takes this message from a daily planner to an inspirational book that encourages women to simplify and prioritize. Designed with Emily Ley’s signature aesthetic, this book gives women tangible ways to simplify their lives to give space to what matters most. With a focus on faith, Emily reminds readers that God abundantly pours out grace on us—and that surely we can extend grace to ourselves. Have you been told you can have it all, only to end up exhausted and occasionally out of sorts with the people you love? Are you ready for a new way of seeing your time? Learn to live a little more simply. Hold yourself and those you love to a more life-giving standard in Grace Not Perfection,and allow that grace to seep into into your days, your family, and your heart. Ideas include: List Making 101—tips to create effective to-do lists and get through them one step at a time Simplify your life by simplifying the three major areas: your space, your time, and your mind Strategies to center your day around an intentionally slower rhythm of life
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Mamá culpable

aprenda a preocuparse menos, concéntrese en lo más importante y críe hijos más felices

Author: Julie Bort,Aviva Pflock,Devra Renner

Publisher: Editorial Norma

ISBN: 9580496005

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 322

View: 1715

Have you ever felt that to be a good parent, you need to be superhuman? Like millions of parents, you've got Mommy Guilt: a feeling that your family is suffering because you can't do everything.
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That's My Super Mommy!

Author: Tracy R. Neal

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496929799

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 20

View: 6510

I am a first-time publisher who is determined to give a reassuring child’s voice to the current phenomenon of changing gender roles in the modern household. Most people are aware that women all over the world have become, more often than not, the breadwinners in many households. As a mother of 3 who has recently gone through a divorce, I see women my age and younger struggle with this situation on a daily basis. Not only do they deal with the professional and social pressures of their changing socio-economic roles, they have to deal with their spouse or significant other’s, as well as family members’, reactions to them working outside of the home. Finally and most importantly, they have to deal with the overwhelming guilt of being a successful woman while raising their children. They are constantly trying to prove to themselves and to others that they are worthy, capable, loving mothers. After years of observation and participation in this scenario, I’ve noticed that women often torture themselves unnecessarily. My book provides a child’s perspective and helps ease some of the pressure of “mommy guilt” that we put on ourselves and other moms.
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Who Says It's a Man's World

The Girl's Guide to Corporate Domination

Author: Emily Bennington

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 0814431887

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 593

The Atlantic magazine has called it the "end of men." For the first time in U.S. history, women form the majority of the workforce, filling more managerial positions than their male counterparts. Today's women are primed to take over the corporate world-if they don't stumble on the way up. Packed with insights from extraordinary women who have climbed the corporate ladder-including McDonald's president Jan Fields, JetBlue cofounder Ann Rhoades, and fashion pioneer Liz Lange-Who Says It's a Man's World helps women navigate the rocky path from cubicle to executive suite. This ultra-practical guide offers an ideal "Success Profile" along with the measurable action steps needed to excel in each of five reputation-enhancing areas: personal development, social skills, effectiveness, team building, and leadership. Complete with the latest research on women in the workplace and an eye-opening "promotability" assessment, Who Says It's a Man's World provides readers with everything they need to build their own fast-track career plan.
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Slaying the Debt Dragon

How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After

Author: Cherie Lowe

Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN: 1496400399

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 491

Are your finances getting out of control? Have you made mistakes with your money? Are you in more debt than you’d like to admit? Cherie Lowe has been there. She and her family found themselves $127,482.30 in debt (did your jaw drop?). They hadn’t bought a yacht, blown it on designer clothes, or purchased a mansion. The small, everyday expenses of living just added up—until suddenly, the Lowes were being threatened by one dragon of a debt. But through hard work and with God’s help, Cherie’s family vanquished this foe, one bill at a time. And you can too! In Slaying the Debt Dragon, Cherie shares how her war on debt made her financially free, strengthened her marriage, taught her children valuable money-management skills, and brought her whole family closer to God and one another. As you read her battle tales, you’ll be armed with the weapons you need to fight your own financial foes. With God, all things are possible—and your inspired happily ever after can begin today.
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Mojo Mom

Nurturing Your Self While Raising a Family

Author: Amy Tiemann

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101133023

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 9854

Read Amy Tiemann's posts on the Penguin Blog. MOJO MOM helps you answer the question, "Who Am I Now that I'm A Mom?" What is Mommy Mojo? It's the feeling you get when you're a parent at the top of your game, juggling the kids and the many facets of life, and keeping your own needs in balance. Motherhood is a tremendous gift, but it's also a huge identity shift. Becoming a Mojo Mom means bringing your self and your dreams back into focus, while still giving your family the loving attention it needs. It may sound like a fantasy, but it can be done. Mojo Mom shows women practical ways to: *Prepare to become a Mom without losing your identity *Survive and enjoy the intense early years *Save some of your best energy and creativity for your own ideas and dreams *Reenter the workplace or take on a new path with confidence and ease *Learn the key elements to the long-term success of your marriage *Become a Naptime Activist-and change the world in just an hour a week *Rise above the "Mommy Wars" between stay-at-home and working moms *Use motherhood as an opportunity for reinvention Getting your mojo back is not just another item for your to-do list-it's your right. Amy Tiemann, executive team member and founder of, will help every woman explore her true self.
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Riding the Wave of Motherhood

Author: Brenna Barzenick

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595609791

Category: Humor

Page: 144

View: 2358

Being a stay-at-home mom isn't easy-just ask Brenna Barzenick. After owning a successful physical therapy practice, she sold it to stay at home with her two children. Her decision brought about an unexpected whirlwind in her role as a woman and mother. A compilation of Barzenick's articles from her monthly newspaper column "Tales from the Crib," Tsumommy! shares Barzenick's hilarious and poignant adventures as a full-time mommy to her son and daughter. From her three-year-old son's Spider-Man obsession and her daughter's yearly interrogation about Santa and his method of toy delivery to the joys of serving Easy Mac and chicken nuggets, Barzenick writes with wit, wisdom, and remarkable candor. Barzenick forever debunks the myth that being a stay-at-home mother isn't a "real" job and gives a voice to those harried, frustrated, noble, and loving mothers who have one of the hardest jobs in the world. So to all you moms out there, ignore that sink of dirty dishes, let the kids watch just one more cartoon, and treat yourself to the funny, unpredictable, and ultimately wonderful world of Tsumommy!
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Mommy Mixology

A Cocktail for Every Calamity

Author: Janet Frongillo

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 1612430864

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 8938

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Feminist Mothering

Author: Andrea O'Reilly

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791475584

Category: Social Science

Page: 287

View: 2586

"Feminist Mothering goes beyond critiques of patriarchal motherhood to locate and investigate feminist maternal practices as sites for women's empowerment and social change. The contributors see "feminist mothering" as practices of mothering that seek to challenge and change the norms of patriarchal motherhood that are limiting and oppressive to women. For many women, practicing feminist mothering offers a way to disrupt the transmission of sexist and patriarchal values from generation to generation. Contributors explore the ways in which women integrate activism, paid employment, nonsexist childrearing practices, and non-child-centered interests in their lives - and other caregivers into their childrens' lives - in order to challenge existing societal inequality and create new egalitarian possibilities for women, men, and families."--BOOK JACKET.
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Live Life Beyond the Laundry

Author: Christy Tryhus,Bowen Bailie


ISBN: 1936688301

Category: Self-Help

Page: 150

View: 9151

Live Life Beyond the Laundry focuses on helping busy women learn to manage all life's responsibilities so they have more time and energy for what's really important. Aim to increase your work/life balance and lead a life filled with joy, happiness and success. This book will guide you to improve the quality of your life by recapturing the focus and fun lost by the speed and chaos of your day to day activities. Learn to shift your life from chaos to calm. Live Life Beyond the Laundry shows you how to get focused, organized and have more time each day. This book includes practical strategies to: * Create "Me" Time * Learn to say "No" * Create a Balancing Act * Beat Procrastination * Reduce feeling overwhelmed * Have fun and enjoy life to the fullest Achieve what most busy women only dream of-achieving work/ life balance. Life was meant to be enjoyed not tolerated. Learn how to slow down and enjoy life! "This book is dead on with how busy women get sucked into chaos. Christy's 7 strategies to shift from chaos to calm are practical, easy to implement, and presented in a thoroughly entertaining and relatable way." ~ Christina Tracy Stein, co-author of Kiss That Frog! 12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work" "Christy Tryhus, is someone who can personally endorse the concept of having a "Simply Balanced Life." She is completely committed to helping people learn to Live Life Beyond the Laundry. This book has many great tools that are practical and will move you towards being Simply Balanced." ~ B Clark, Management Life Coach, Tyler Coaching and Mentoring - Dallas, TX "Live Life Beyond the Laundry is a friendly and compulsively readable book. The strategies Christy discusses get to the heart of what busy working women deal with each day. By simply implementing these strategies in my life, I have been able to successfully launch a new business and find time to truly enjoy life." ~Tami Enfield, Owner, Brand Yourself Consulting - Northfield, MN
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Motherhood without Guilt

Being the Best Mother You Can Be and Feeling Great About It

Author: Debra Gilbert Rosenberg

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402230509

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

View: 1832

Moms feel guilty about everything... They think they're not doing enough for themselves, for their children and for their spouses. They question their decisions about working vs. staying at home. They agonize over keeping up with housework, struggle in their relationship with their husband, wrestle with negative feelings about their children from time to time and worry that they don't measure up to their own or others' expectations. In short, feeling guilty is pervasive among mothers; it just seems to come with the territory. Motherhood without Guilt uses a question-and-answer format to address all the issues that cause a mother to feel bad about her mothering, and shows how to: --Reconcile working vs. staying at home --Be emotionally available to your kids in just the right way --Take good care of yourself, too --Create partnership in parenting with your husband --Nurture friendships and get support from others Related title: The New Mom's Companion 1-4022-0014-5
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Mommy's Locked in the Bathroom

Surviving Your Child's Early Years with Your Sanity and Salvation Intact!

Author: Cynthia W. Sumner

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 9781586609795

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 5520

Time to yourself is at a premium when you're the mother of a little one...or little ones. The bathroom may be the one place in the house where you can find a moment of solitude. But you may be going too far when you find a permanent "wrinkled prune effect" on your fingers from spending "just a few minutes longer" in the tub! Author Cynthia Sumner is here to help. Offering practical wisdom with a healthy dose of humor, she relates the stresses that mothers face as they come to terms with the critical role they play in guiding young lives. Covering the noise, activity, and messes of children to the personal dreams, goals, desires, and relationships of adult women, Mommy's Locked in the Bathroom encourages moms to nurture themselves as they also nurture their kids. Here is bathtub reading that'll give you a boost once that door is unlocked! Book jacket.
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