Models and Mirrors

Towards an Anthropology of Public Events

Author: Don Handelman

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571811653

Category: Social Science

Page: 330

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Ritual is one of the most discussed cultural practices, yet its treatment in anthropological terms has been seriously limited, characterized by a host of narrow conceptual distinctions. One major reason for this situation has been the prevalence of positivist anthropologies that have viewed and summarized ritual occasions first and foremost in terms of their declared and assumed functions. By contrast, this book, which has become a classic, investigates them as epistemological phenomena in their own right. Comparing public events - a domain which includes ritual and related occasions - the author argues that any public event must first be comprehended through the logic of its design. It is the logic of organization of an occasion which establishes in large measure what that occasion is able to do in relation to the world within which it is created and practiced.
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Metaphors, Maps, and Mirrors

Moral Education in Middle Schools

Author: Carol K. Ingall

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781567503029

Category: Education

Page: 215

View: 5636

REVIEW: . . . Students of educational theory and practice will enjoy-and learn from-this brief but enlightening and readable book. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and practitioners. . . - September 98 CHOICE The four teachers in this study teach diverse subjects in a variety of settings. Although definitions of moral education are shaped by their backgrounds, their institutions, their perceptions of their students' needs, and their disciplines, all of the teachers consider moral education to be central to their work. For all four, the moral prototype serves as an appeal to the students' imagination, an opportunity to build connectedness and, most important, an invitation to young people to transcend themselves.
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Fictional Females: Mirrors and Models

The Changing Image of Women in American Novels from 1789 to 1939

Author: Eleanor Hochman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453565884

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: N.A

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Fictional Females is a book about books--specifically, about more than 160 American novels that had female protagonists, appeared between the immediate post-Revolutionary period and the beginning of World War II, and shaped as well as reflected women´s lives. All 80 authors, both men and women, were bestsellers and/or critically acclaimed in their time, and their fiction provides a record of how successive generations of women accepted or challenged the conventions of their day and enjoyed the rewards or suffered the consequences of either choice. Today, an examination of those novels and the historical context in which they appeared illuminates the changing conscious and unconscious assumptions about the nature of woman--of what she is, what she wants, and what she gets--over the years.
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Smoke and Mirrors

The Politics and Culture of Air Pollution

Author: E. Melanie Dupuis

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814719619

Category: Law

Page: 360

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From the sixteenth to early-nineteenth century, four times more Africans than Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. While this forced migration stripped slaves of their liberty, it failed to destroy many of their cultural practices, which came with Africans to the New World. In Working the Diaspora, Frederick Knight examines work cultures on both sides of the Atlantic, from West and West Central Africa to British North America and the Caribbean. Knight demonstrates that the knowledge that Africans carried across the Atlantic shaped Anglo-American agricultural development and made particularly important contributions to cotton, indigo, tobacco, and staple food cultivation. The book also compellingly argues that the work experience of slaves shaped their views of the natural world. Broad in scope, clearly written, and at the center of current scholarly debates, Working the Diaspora challenges readers to alter their conceptual frameworks about Africans by looking at them as workers who, through the course of the Atlantic slave trade and plantation labor, shaped the development of the Americas in significant ways.
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Context-Aware Pervasive Systems

Architectures for a New Breed of Applications

Author: Seng Loke

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420013498

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 240

View: 6218

The concept of aware systems is among the most exciting trends in computing today, fueled by recent developments in pervasive computing, including new computers worn by users, embedded devices, smart appliances, sensors, and varieties of wireless networking technology. Context-Aware Pervasive Systems: The Architecture of a New Breed of Applications introduces a diverse set of application areas and provides blueprints for building context-aware behavior into applications. Reviewing the anatomy of context-aware pervasive applications, this resource covers abstract architecture. It examines mobile services, appliances, smart devices, software agents, electronic communication, sensor networks, security frameworks, and intelligent software agents. The book also discusses the use of context awareness for communication among people, devices, and software agents and how sensors can be aware of their own situations. Exploring the use of physical context for controlling and enhancing security in pervasive computing environments, this guide addresses mirror worlds and elucidates design perspectives based on a declarative programming language paradigm. This carefully paced volume presents a timely and relevant introduction to the emergence of context-aware systems and brings together architectures and principles of context-aware computing in one source.
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Advances in Control Networks and Large-scale Parallel Distributed Processing Models

Author: Martin D. Fraser

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9780893916473

Category: Computers

Page: 381

View: 9579

This volume is concerned with state-of-the-art developments in modelling control and processing in distributed networks. Contributions from researchers and practitioners in universities, private industry, and government are included.
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Tropical Geometry and Mirror Symmetry

Author: Mark Gross

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821852329

Category: Mathematics

Page: 317

View: 4526

Tropical geometry provides an explanation for the remarkable power of mirror symmetry to connect complex and symplectic geometry. The main theme of this book is the interplay between tropical geometry and mirror symmetry, culminating in a description of the recent work of Gross and Siebert using log geometry to understand how the tropical world relates the A- and B-models in mirror symmetry. The text starts with a detailed introduction to the notions of tropical curves and manifolds, and then gives a thorough description of both sides of mirror symmetry for projective space, bringing together material which so far can only be found scattered throughout the literature. Next follows an introduction to the log geometry of Fontaine-Illusie and Kato, as needed for Nishinou and Siebert's proof of Mikhalkin's tropical curve counting formulas. This latter proof is given in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter considers the mirror, B-model side, giving recent results of the author showing how tropical geometry can be used to evaluate the oscillatory integrals appearing. The final chapter surveys reconstruction results of the author and Siebert for ``integral tropical manifolds.'' A complete version of the argument is given in two dimensions.
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Five Minds for the Future

Author: Howard Gardner

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422147991

Category: Psychology

Page: 196

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We live in a time of relentless change. The only thing that?s certain is that new challenges and opportunities will emerge that are virtually unimaginable today. How can we know which skills will be required to succeed? In Five Minds for the Future, bestselling author Howard Gardner shows how we will each need to master "five minds" that the fast-paced future will demand: · The disciplined mind, to learn at least one profession, as well as the major thinking (science, math, history, etc.) behind it · The synthesizing mind, to organize the massive amounts of information and communicate effectively to others · The creating mind, to revel in unasked questions - and uncover new phenomena and insightful apt answers · The respectful mind, to appreciate the differences between human beings - and understand and work with all persons · The ethical mind, to fulfill one's responsibilities as both a worker and a citizen Without these "minds," we risk being overwhelmed by information, unable to succeed in the workplace, and incapable of the judgment needed to thrive both personally and professionally. Complete with a substantial new introduction, Five Minds for the Future provides valuable tools for those looking ahead to the next generation of leaders - and for all of us striving to excel in a complex world. Howard Gardner—cited by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the one hundred most influential public intellectuals in the world, and a MacArthur Fellowship recipient—is the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
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Girl Before a Mirror

Author: Anne Umland

Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art

ISBN: 0870708295

Category: Art

Page: 47

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Her white-haloed profile, rendered in a smooth lavender pink, appears serene. But it merges with a more roughly painted, frontal view of her face . a crescent, like the moon, yet intensely yellow, like the sun, and made up with a gilding of rouge, lipstick and green eye-shadow.
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Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century

Author: Burton Richter

Publisher: Kris Nia


Category: Science

Page: N.A

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Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders

Author: Department of Speech & Language Therapy Technological Educational Institute Patras Greece Ilias Papathanasiou,Ilias Papathanasiou,Patrick Coppens,Professor Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences Suny Plattsburgh Plattsburgh New York Patrick Coppens,Constantin Potagas

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449682626


Page: 512

View: 1628

Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders covers topics in aphasia, motor speech disorders, and dementia. Organized by symptom rather than syndrome, this text provides a foundation for understanding the disorders and learning how to apply basic theory to clinical practice in the development of rehabilitation objectives. Aphasia and Related Neurogenic Communication Disorders applies a clinical integration of the psychosocial with the neuropsychological approach in adult language rehabilitation. Written by international authorities in the field of aphasia and related communication disorders and based on the ICF framework, this unique text features diverse contribution covering global issues. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

European and Latin American Higher Education Between Mirrors

Author: António Teodoro,Manuela Guilherme

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9462095450

Category: Education

Page: 222

View: 1195

This book aims to deepen the discussion about the goals envisioned, the roles undertaken and constraints found in higher education institutions both in Europe and Latin America in current times. This book addresses the controversies and challenges regarding globalising ideologies, policies, and practices at place. It questions leading concepts, epistemological axioms and sweeping transnational policies which are shaking core principles, traditional routines and local commitments of European and Latin American higher education institutions. It focuses on the motivations and consequences of transnational networking in academic life, on the impacts of the Bologna process, both its vision and implementation in higher education in Europe and its exportation to Latin America. This book also examines the defi nitions, translations and implications of concepts such as equality and difference, equity and solidarity, governance and citizenship and their signifi cance in organizational, geographical and global contexts of contemporary higher education both in Europe and Latin America.
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Sacred Music as Public Image for Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III

Representing the Counter-reformation Monarch at the End of the Thirty Years' War

Author: Andrew H. Weaver

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409421191

Category: Music

Page: 325

View: 4715

Ferdinand III played a crucial role both in helping to end the Thirty Years' War and in re-establishing Habsburg sovereignty within his hereditary lands. Ferdinand's accomplishments came not through diplomacy or strong leadership but through a skillful manipulation of the arts. Drawing upon recent methodological approaches to the representation of other early modern monarchs as well as upon the theory of confessionalization, Andrew Weaver places the sacred vocal music composed by imperial musicians into the rich cultural, political, and religious contexts of mid-seventeenth-century Central Europe.
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der Kult um deutsche Monarchen 1770-1830

Author: Hubertus Büschel

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783525358757

Category: History

Page: 419

View: 4442

English summary: The study revises established historical master narratives about monarchical culture, rituals and symbol theory. Convincingly it argues that ceremonies and cults were not (only) instruments of power by a ruler or an expression of a subject's affection for their sovereign. Instead they were pleas brought forward by the subjects as a kind of asking a favour from the monarch. German description: Untertanenliebe war in den deutschen Staaten ein gebrauchlicher Begriff, um die angeblichen Gefuhle von Untertanen zu ihren Herrschern bei ihren Kulten zu beschreiben. In dieser breit angelegten Studie werden nicht nur die Intentionen dieser Veranstaltungen und die mit ihnen verbundenen Erfahrungen und Wahrnehmungen untersucht, sondern auch etablierte historische Meistererzahlungen zur Kulturgeschichte der Monarchie, zur Interpretation von Ritualen und zur Symboltheorie revidiert. Die zeitgenossische Rezeption und Wirkung politischer Rituale und Zeremonien ist nicht allein aus der Interpretation von Bildern oder Beschreibungen zu verstehen. Demonstrative Untertanenliebe, dies wird bei Buschel deutlich, konnte auch ein Mittel sein, den Monarchen unter Druck zu setzen.
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Mirrors and Maps

Author: Melissa Trevathan,Helen Stitt Goff

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310863015

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

View: 3169

Pop Quiz:• Have you ever woken up and felt bad about yourself for no reason whatsoever? • Have you spent time trying to figure out how to get into the popular group at school? • Have you ever been embarrassed by your dad singing in the car with your friends? • Have you noticed that things are starting to feel different than ever before? • Do you change your opinion—or even your personality around different friends? • Do you get overwhelmed with all of the thoughts and feelings bouncing around inside of you? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you passed the quiz. That means you’re a normal girl, who is going through the confusing changes of growing up! Sometimes it might feel like you woke up in a whole new world—kind of like Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz. The good news is, you’re not alone. Melissa and Sissy, the authors of this book, think they can help you figure out some of the big questions in your life. Even if you haven’t asked them out loud, chances are you’ve started to wonder:• Who am I? • What do I want? • What should I do? • Who do I want to be? While they’re no longer teenagers, Melissa and Sissy remember a bit about what it was like to be 11 or 12—almost a teenager. But more than that, they talk with girls who are a lot like you every day—girls who are feeling confused or overwhelmed, who are feeling like they’re changing in ways they don’t understand—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and they feel like their lives are out of their own control. In this book, Melissa and Sissy, along with girls your age, will share some insight into what’s going on in your life. You’ll find that you’re not going crazy—you’re just growing up and becoming the person God has created you to be.
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Diffusion Dynamics of Energy-Efficient Renovations

Causalities and Policy Recommendations

Author: Matthias otto Müller

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642371752

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 342

View: 9038

Th Accelerating the diffusion of energy-efficient renovations is a key policy lever in order to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. This book provides a broad, systemic perspective on the causes of the diffusion of energy-efficient renovations in Switzerland and policy recommendations for accelerating the diffusion process. Specifically, the book provides a description of the societal problem situation within which the diffusion process takes place and an analysis of the actors involved. It provides a detailed explanation of the causes of the diffusion process that synthesizes insights from the engineering, economics, marketing, sociology, communication studies and political science literature. It employs the System Dynamics methodology to simulate the diffusion process and analyze policy levers. The book proposes two regulations and a sketch of a business model as particularly promising public policy interventions. It concludes with an outline of a generic theory of the diffusion of sustainable technologies.
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