Mathematics Coaching

Resources and Tools for Coaches and Leaders, K-12

Author: Jennifer M. Bay-Williams,Maggie McGatha,Beth McCord Kobett,Jonathan A. Wray

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780133007008

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 3756

Mathematics Coaching Handbook gives mathematics coaches and teacher leaders solid background information and hands-on tools for supporting their efforts to help K-12 teachers effectively teach mathematics in today's diverse classrooms. With its focus on coaching and an actual coaching cycle—planning, data gathering, and reflection—coupled with over 100 ready to use tools for a variety of settings, it's the perfect resource for busy and sometimes isolated teacher leaders. By connecting the Leading for Mathematical Proficiency (LMP) Framework to mathematics teaching practices and the CCSS Mathematical Practices, the authors specifically illustrate how to improve math teaching to promote student understanding and mathematics proficiency.
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The Formative 5

Everyday Assessment Techniques for Every Math Classroom

Author: Francis (Skip) Fennell,Beth McCord Kobett,Jonathan A. Wray

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1506375200

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 4340

Move the needle on math instruction with these 5 assessment techniques! Mathematics education experts Fennell, Kobett, and Wray offer five of the most impactful and proven formative assessment techniques you can implement—Observations, Interviews, “Show Me,” Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks— every day. You’ll find that this palette of classroom-based techniques will truly assess learning and inform teaching. This book gives you a concise, research-based, classroom-dedicated plan with lots of tools to guide your daily use of The Formative 5. K-8 teachers will learn to Directly connect assessment to planning and teaching Engineer effective classroom questioning, discussions, and learning tasks Provide success criteria and feedback that moves students forward Includes a book study guide, samples, and a companion website with downloadables and multi-media examples.
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A Guide to Mathematics Coaching

Processes for Increasing Student Achievement

Author: Ted H. Hull,Don S. Balka,Ruth Harbin Miles

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412972647

Category: Education

Page: 151

View: 5223

Engage math teachers and foster productive collaborations through an effective coaching process that builds trust and rapport and leads to better teaching practice and increased student achievement.
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Math Coach

A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Succeed in Math

Author: Wayne A. Wickelgren,Ingrid Wickelgren

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780425179833

Category: Education

Page: 283

View: 7414

From counting to algebra, it all adds up when parents use this easy math guide to help their kids make the grade.
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Everything You Need for Mathematics Coaching

Tools, Plans, and a Process That Works for Any Instructional Leader, Grades K-12

Author: Maggie B. McGatha,Jennifer M. Bay-Williams,Beth McCord Kobett,Jonathan A. Wray

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1544316992

Category: Education

Page: 360

View: 2512

Plan, focus, and lead: Your toolkit for inspiring math teachers What’s your go-to resource for guiding teachers to grow mathematics proficiency in their classrooms? This comprehensive toolkit for busy math coaches positions student learning as the focus of all work, and connects the Eight Mathematical Practices for students with NCTM’s Eight Effective Teaching Practices to deliver coaching strategies that work. Use the coaching cycle—plan, gather data, reflect—to build trust and rapport with teachers. Navigate coaching conversations. Plan, focus, and facilitate professional learning communities. Includes examples from the field, resources, and a plethora of tools to download and share. Create a professional learning plan that empowers you to lead with clarity and purpose.
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Cultivating a Math Coaching Practice

A Guide for K-8 Math Educators

Author: Amy Morse

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452273081

Category: Education

Page: 216

View: 7679

This resource offers math activities, planning activities, and a facilitator's guide for developing mathematics leaders' coaching practice and knowledge of math teaching and learning.
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The Mathematics Coaching Handbook

Working with K-8 Teachers to Improve Instruction

Author: Pia M. Hansen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317432290

Category: Education

Page: 168

View: 9764

Learn how you can work more effectively with teachers in your role as a math coach or department chair. Coaching can be a rewarding experience both personally and professionally, but it also requires taking risks, being up-to-date on the latest research, implementing best practices, and managing relationships. In this practical book for grades K-8, you’ll gain helpful insight on being an effective mentor, coach, and colleague to your math teachers. You’ll find out how to: Develop relationships with your teachers through one-to-one collaboration; Establish teacher-teams to meet goals effectively; Improve student achievement by implementing best practices for math education; Overcome common challenges faced by coaches and teacher-leaders; And more! This updated second edition contains new information on empowering teachers to tackle the key shifts of the Common Core. It also offers updated advice on ways to conduct professional development with teachers such as through online chats and book studies. The book’s appendices offer additional resources for math coaches, including rubrics, conference guides, and tools for classroom observations.
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Moments in Mathematics Coaching

Improving K–5 Instruction

Author: Kristine Reed Woleck

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1412965845

Category: Education

Page: 162

View: 3166

Using a case-based approach, Moments in Mathematics Coaching helps readers examine the possibilities of their position and develop a range of images of the work of mathematics coaching. The cases and author narrative illustrate how to implement specific coaching strategies and make transparent to the reader the reflection and decision-making elements of coaching. In this way the author, an experienced mathematics coach and coach-educator, effectively models the reflective nature of the work and the power of such reflection for continual growth. The book communicates the challenges and successes of mathematics coaching and provides a wide range of strategies, tips, and guidelines. This resource may be used by individuals or by a book study group of mathematics coaches.
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The Art of Coaching

Effective Strategies for School Transformation

Author: Elena Aguilar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118421027

Category: Education

Page: 360

View: 4387

Hands-on resources for new and seasoned school coaches This practical resource offers the foundational skills and tools needed by new coaching educators, as well as presenting an overview of the knowledge and theory base behind the practice. Established coaches will find numerous ways to deepen and refine their coaching practice. Principals and others who incorporate coaching strategies into their work will also find a wealth of resources. Aguilar offers a model for transformational coaching which could be implemented as professional development in schools or districts anywhere. Although she addresses the needs of adult learners, her model maintains a student-centered focus, with a specific lens on addressing equity issues in schools. Offers a practical resource for school coaches, principals, district leaders, and other administrators Presents a transformational coaching model which addresses systems change Pays explicit attention to surfacing and interrupting inequities in schools The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation offers a compendium of school coaching ideas, the book's explicit, user-friendly structure enhances the ability to access the information.
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Content-focused Coaching

Transforming Mathematics Lessons

Author: Lucy West,Fritz C. Staub

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books

ISBN: 9780325004624

Category: Education

Page: 168

View: 9343

Content-Focused Coaching is a long-range professional development practice in which coaches work individually or with groups of classroom teachers.
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The Math Coach Field Guide

Charting Your Course

Author: Marilyn Burns

Publisher: Math Solutions

ISBN: 0941355721

Category: Education

Page: 124

View: 3864

Provides a collection of essays that provide guidance to math coaches in their support of teachers.
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Give Me Five!

Five Coach-teacher-principal Collaborations that Promote Mathematics Success

Author: Janice Bradley,Dana Cargill

Publisher: Math Solutions Publications

ISBN: 9781935099390

Category: Education

Page: 238

View: 344

Five collaboration steps for improved mathematics education: strategic planning sessions, professional learning communities, shared classroom experiences, vertical learning across grade levels, and ten minute meetings among education professionals.
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Guided Math Workshop

Author: Laney Sammons,Donna Boucher

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1425896774

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 9796

This must-have resource helps teachers successfully plan, organize, implement, and manage Guided Math Workshop. It provides practical strategies for structure and implementation to allow time for teachers to conduct small-group lessons and math conferences to target student needs. The tested resources and strategies for organization and management help to promote student independence and provide opportunities for ongoing practice of previously mastered concepts and skills. With sample workstations and mathematical tasks and problems for a variety of grade levels, this guide is sure to provide the information that teachers need to minimize preparation time and meet the needs of all students.
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Math Exchanges

Guiding Young Mathematicians in Small-group Meetings

Author: Kassia Omohundro Wedekind

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

ISBN: 1571108262

Category: Education

Page: 202

View: 3401

Traditionally, small-group math instruction has been used as a format for reaching children who struggle to understand. Math coach Kassia Omohundro Wedekind uses small-group instruction as the centerpiece of her math workshop approach, engaging all students in rigorous "math exchanges." The key characteristics of these mathematical conversations are that they are: 1) short, focused sessions that bring all mathematical minds together, 2) responsive to the needs of the specific group of mathematicians, and 3) designed for meaningful, guided reflection. As in reading and writing workshop, students in Kassia's math workshop are becoming self-directed and independent while participating in a classroom community of learners. Through the math exchanges, students focus on number sense and the big ideas of mathematics. Teachers guide the conversations with small groups of students, mediating talk and thinking as students share problem-solving strategies, discuss how math works, and move toward more effective and efficient approaches and greater mathematical understanding. Although grounded in theory and research, Math Exchanges is written for practicing teachers and answers such questions as the following: How can I use a math workshop approach and follow a certain textbook or set of standards? How should I form small groups? and How often should I meet with small groups? What should I focus on in small groups? How can I tell if my groups are making progress? What do small-group math exchanges look like, sound like, and feel like?
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Creating Cultures of Thinking

The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools

Author: Ron Ritchhart

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111897462X

Category: Education

Page: 384

View: 9099

Discover why and how schools must become places where thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted As educators, parents, and citizens, we must settle for nothing less than environments that bring out the best in people, take learning to the next level, allow for great discoveries, and propel both the individual and the group forward into a lifetime of learning. This is something all teachers want and all students deserve. In Creating Cultures of Thinking: The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools, Ron Ritchhart, author of Making Thinking Visible, explains how creating a culture of thinking is more important to learning than any particular curriculum and he outlines how any school or teacher can accomplish this by leveraging 8 cultural forces: expectations, language, time, modeling, opportunities, routines, interactions, and environment. With the techniques and rich classroom vignettes throughout this book, Ritchhart shows that creating a culture of thinking is not about just adhering to a particular set of practices or a general expectation that people should be involved in thinking. A culture of thinking produces the feelings, energy, and even joy that can propel learning forward and motivate us to do what at times can be hard and challenging mental work.
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Student-Centered Coaching

A Guide for K–8 Coaches and Principals

Author: Diane Sweeney

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452238693

Category: Education

Page: 232

View: 8671

Improve student outcomes with data-driven coaching Student-Centered Coaching is grounded on the premise that school-based coaching can be designed to directly impact student learning. Shifting the focus from “fixing” teachers to collaborating with them in designing instruction that targets for student achievement makes coaching more respectful and results-based. The book also underscores the critical role of the principal in fostering a culture of learning. Each chapter includes: A model for designing and implementing student-centered coaching Data-driven coaching tools and techniques focused on student learning Specific practices for leading a student-centered coaching effort
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Teaching Numeracy

9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking

Author: Margie Pearse,K. M. Walton

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452238855

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 8912

Transform mathematics learning from “doing” to “thinking” American students are losing ground in the global mathematical environment. What many of them lack is numeracy—the ability to think through the math and apply it outside of the classroom. Referencing the new common core and NCTM standards, the authors outline nine critical thinking habits that foster numeracy and show you how to: Monitor and repair students’ understanding Guide students to recognize patterns Encourage questioning for understanding Develop students’ mathematics vocabulary Included are several numeracy-rich lesson plans, complete with clear directions and student handouts.
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Elementary and Middle School Mathematics

Teaching Developmentally, Fifth Canadian Edition

Author: John A. Van de Walle,Karen S. Karp,Jennifer M. Bay-Williams,Lynn M. McGarvey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780134095912


Page: N.A

View: 7096

An "inquiry-based" approach to Mathematics that recognizes research and teaching that is currently taking place in Canadian classrooms. Elementary and Middle School Mathematics guides both new and experienced teachers through a basic understanding of mathematics and problem solving, and encourages them to think about their own perceptions and misconceptions about mathematics. As well, it addresses potential pitfalls, and demonstrates how teachers can foster a favourable learning environment for their students. The text covers concepts and procedures specific to mathematical topics encountered in grades K-8, using real experiences and assessment techniques to address the foundations of how children learn. The previous edition's focus on teaching through problem solving now takes a broader focus on mathematical inquiry through rich tasks and classroom discourse.
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Math Sense

The Look, Sound, and Feel of Effective Instruction

Author: Christine Moynihan

Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers

ISBN: 1571109420

Category: Education

Page: 135

View: 3996

How is that you can walk into a classroom and gain an overall sense of the quality of math instruction taking place there? What contributes to getting that sense? In Math Sense, Chris Moynihan explores some of the components that comprise the look, sound, and feel of effective teaching and learning. Does the landscape of the classroom feature such items as student work samples, a math literature collection, and a number line? Do the lessons include wait time, checks for understanding, and written feedback? Do you feel a spirit of collaboration, risk taking, and a sense of pride? In Math Sense, Chris provides a series of self-assessment rubrics to help you identify the earmarks of a vibrant mathematics community that will help inform and refine your practice. This practical guide offers a road map for taking stock of your teaching and building a stronger mathematics classroom environment for you and your students.
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Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work

Author: Timothy D. Kanold,Mona Toncheff,Matthew R. Larson,Jessica Kanold-McIntyre

Publisher: Every Student Can Learn Mathem

ISBN: 9781943874347

Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 2881

Part of the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series Build a mathematics teaching community that promotes learning for K-12 educators and students. This user-friendly resource is divided into two parts, each covering a key team action for mathematics in a PLC at Work(TM). First you'll discover how to coach highly effective mathematics teams within your professional learning community. Then you'll learn how to utilize collaboration and lesson-design elements within your math curriculum for teacher team reflection, data analysis, and action. Learn to lead math teacher teams and foster effective collaborative teaching strategies: Build a collaborative math learning culture that engages and promotes learning for students and staff members. Optimize coaching and foster equity and belonging to encourage collaboration. Engage in mathematics lesson study to help teams learn from one another and reflect on effective strategies in teaching mathematics. Develop norms, SMART goals for teachers, agendas, and a plan for working effectively as a collaborative team in a PLC at Work(TM). Contents: Preface Introduction Part 1: Develop PLC Structures for Effective Teacher Team Engagement, Transparency, and Action Chapter 1: Five Inspirational PLC Leadership Practices Chapter 2: Five Leadership Strategies for Effective Collaboration in Mathematics Part 2: Use Common Assessments and Lesson-Design Elements for Teacher Team Reflection, Data Analysis, and Subsequent Action Chapter 3: How to Create and Nurture a Culture of Change, Growth, Reflection, and Improvement in Your Mathematics Program Chapter 4: How to Lead a Culture of Transparency and Learning With Mathematics Assessments Chapter 5: How to Lead in a Culture of Transparency and Learning With Mathematics Instruction Chapter 6: How to Lead a Culture of Collective Responsibility Epilogue Appendix A References and Resources Books in the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series: Mathematics Assessment and Intervention in a PLC at Work(TM) Mathematics Instruction and Tasks in a PLC at Work(TM) Mathematics Homework and Grading in a PLC at Work(TM) Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work(TM)
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