Mastering Silhouettes

Expert Instruction in the Art of Silhouette Portraiture

Author: Charles Burns

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780811701495

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 6619

"Silhouettes are an increasingly popular form of capturing portraits with a history that goes back hundreds of years. In this unique how-to book, silhouette artist Charles Burns teaches the basic techniques needed for making silhouettes: learning the proportions of a profile, tracing a shadow, reducing an image, drawing and cutting freely, and his own 'natural waves' technique. You'll learn to create scissor-cut portraits, painted silhouettes, hollow-cut silhouettes, silhouettes painted on glass, caricatures, and more, as well as how to use color, applique, and three-dimensional effects in creative and innovative ways and how to mount and display your creations"--P. [4] of cover.
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Painting Miniatures

Author: Pauline Denyer-Baker

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 184797841X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 176

View: 8058

Miniatures are not simply small paintings: special techniques are used to achieve their unique glow and luminosity. This book explains how to paint in detail in a small format with colour and precision. It gives an introduction to the history and traditions of miniatures set by Holbein, Hilliard and Oliver. Advice is given on materials, paints, bases and framing and there are step-by-step demonstrations of stippling and hatching, watercolour and oil painting, and colour mixing. There is a focus also on portraits, still life and silhouettes. Drawing on her extensive experience, Pauline Denyer-Baker shares her passion for painting miniatures, and inspires both beginners and more experienced artists to master and enjoy this historic art form. With further advice on the importance of drawing and sketchbooks, and featuring work from leading artists with a range of styles and subjects, this is an inspirational guide aimed at all artists, particularly those interested in miniatures and portraits.Fully illustrated with 254 colour images.
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Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style

Author: Alain Briot

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 145710069X

Category: Photography

Page: 369

View: 9444

Alain Briot states that, "The personality of the photographer must be present in the image for an artistic photograph to have value." And in this book he sets out to teach the things that are essential in achieving this goal. Following his successful first book, Mastering Landscape Photography, Briot goes beyond the conventional rules of composition and takes on a fresh, new approach to teaching the art of photography. Based upon his personal experiences as an artist, teacher, and photographer, he opens new doors to the reader-doors leading to new ways of seeing and composing images. Briot approaches fine art photography as being a combination of art and technique. In this new book he addresses both of these by presenting artistic and technical information. On the artistic side, Briot introduces artistic concepts that have been rarely, if ever, associated with photography. On the technical side, he presents numerous tools that can help you learn how to create better photographs and provides technical solutions to common photographic problems. The author practices photography as a fine art. What matters most to him is how photography can be used to express feelings and emotions. For Briot, a good photograph must be both artistically inspired and technically excellent. To have just one of these two elements is not enough for a fine art photograph to be successful. Topics include: - How to compose with color, with black and white, and with light - Why you need to consider your audience while composing a photograph - Recreate the emotions you felt when you captured your photographs - How the elements of color-hue, contrast, and saturation-work in your images - How to control the elements that have a visual effect in your photographs - How to draw upon your personal way of seeing and then share your vision - How to diagnose image maladies and apply the proper remedies - How to define a color palette for a specific photograph - How to use compositional elements to develop a personal style Forweword by Tony Sweet
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Mastering AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2007

Author: George Omura

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470337613

Category: Computers

Page: 1224

View: 4177

The World's Bestselling AutoCAD Resource Now Fully Updated for the 2007 Release There's a reason why Mastering AutoCAD is so popular year after year. Loaded with concise explanations, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projects, this comprehensive reference and tutorial from award-winning author George Omura has everything you need to become an AutoCAD expert. If you're new to AutoCAD, the tutorials will help you build your skills right away. If you're an AutoCAD veteran, Omura's in-depth explanations of the latest and most advanced features, including all the new 3D tools, will turn you into an AutoCAD pro. Whatever your experience level and however you use AutoCAD, you'll refer to this indispensable reference again and again. Coverage Includes Creating and developing AutoCAD drawings Drawing curves and applying solid fills Effectively using hatches, fields, and tables Manipulating dynamic blocks and attributes Linking drawings to databases and spreadsheets Keeping track of your projects with the Sheet Set Manager Creating cutaway and x-ray views to show off the interior of your 3D model Rendering realistic interior views with natural lighting Giving a hand-drawn look to 3D views Easily creating complex, free-form 3D shapes in minutes Making spiral forms with the Helix and Sweep tools Exploring your model in real time with the Walk and Fly tools Creating animated AVI files of your 3D projects Customizing AutoCAD using AutoLISP(r) Securing and authenticating your files Sharing files with non-AutoCAD users Featured on the CD Load the trial version of AutoCAD 2007 and get started on the lessons in the book. The CD also includes project files and finished drawings for all the book's exercises, a symbols library, a 2D and 3D parts library, and extra utilities to increase your productivity. Advance your skills even more with bonus chapters on VBA, Active X, architectural solid modeling, and working with external databases. "Mastering AutoCAD 2007 has been fully updated to cover all of AutoCAD 2007's new or enhanced features including modeling, visual styles, lights and materials, rendering and animation, and changes users asked for in commonly used commands. This excellent revision to the bestselling Mastering AutoCAD series features concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projects for both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT." —Eric Stover, AutoCAD Product Manager "Omura's explanations are concise, his graphics are excellent, and his examples are practical." —CADalyst Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014

Autodesk Official Press

Author: James Vandezande,Eddy Krygiel,Phil Read

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118741285

Category: Computers

Page: 1008

View: 895

Learn Revit Architecture with expert instruction from thisAutodesk Official Press guide The new edition of this bestselling Revit book is the mostuseful and approachable Mastering Revit Architecture yet.Thoroughly revised and updated, this comprehensive guide toAutodesk's industry-leading building information modeling (BIM)software features in-depth explanations, real-world examples, andpractical tutorials help you grasp crucial tools, techniques, andconcepts so you can quickly start doing real work in Revit. Youwill learn core BIM concepts and best practices for everything fromputting together impressive building designs to producing soliddocumentation, creating visualizations that impress clients, andmore. Hands-on exercises with downloadable before-and-after filesprovide plenty of opportunities to practice the real-worldscenarios and hone all the crucial Revit skills. Explains the user interface, general concepts, best practices,and new features of Revit 2014 Teaches modeling, massing, and visualization with Revit Helps users develop extended modeling skills for walls, stairs,floors, and more Features detailed documentation and presentationtechniques Provides detailed instruction, step-by-step tutorials, andnumerous examples Includes downloadable starting and ending files and additionaladvanced content Offers information to help readers prepare for Autodesk'scertification exams This detailed reference and tutorial is the perfect resource forbecoming an expert with Autodesk's powerful BIM software.
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Mastering Predictive Analytics with Python

Author: Joseph Babcock

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1785889826

Category: Computers

Page: 334

View: 7468

Exploit the power of data in your business by building advanced predictive modeling applications with Python About This Book Master open source Python tools to build sophisticated predictive models Learn to identify the right machine learning algorithm for your problem with this forward-thinking guide Grasp the major methods of predictive modeling and move beyond the basics to a deeper level of understanding Who This Book Is For This book is designed for business analysts, BI analysts, data scientists, or junior level data analysts who are ready to move from a conceptual understanding of advanced analytics to an expert in designing and building advanced analytics solutions using Python. You're expected to have basic development experience with Python. What You Will Learn Gain an insight into components and design decisions for an analytical application Master the use Python notebooks for exploratory data analysis and rapid prototyping Get to grips with applying regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning algorithms Discover the advanced methods to analyze structured and unstructured data Find out how to deploy a machine learning model in a production environment Visualize the performance of models and the insights they produce Scale your solutions as your data grows using Python Ensure the robustness of your analytic applications by mastering the best practices of predictive analysis In Detail The volume, diversity, and speed of data available has never been greater. Powerful machine learning methods can unlock the value in this information by finding complex relationships and unanticipated trends. Using the Python programming language, analysts can use these sophisticated methods to build scalable analytic applications to deliver insights that are of tremendous value to their organizations. In Mastering Predictive Analytics with Python, you will learn the process of turning raw data into powerful insights. Through case studies and code examples using popular open-source Python libraries, this book illustrates the complete development process for analytic applications and how to quickly apply these methods to your own data to create robust and scalable prediction services. Covering a wide range of algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, as well as cutting-edge techniques such as deep learning, this book illustrates not only how these methods work, but how to implement them in practice. You will learn to choose the right approach for your problem and how to develop engaging visualizations to bring the insights of predictive modeling to life Style and approach This book emphasizes on explaining methods through example data and code, showing you templates that you can quickly adapt to your own use cases. It focuses on both a practical application of sophisticated algorithms and the intuitive understanding necessary to apply the correct method to the problem at hand. Through visual examples, it also demonstrates how to convey insights through insightful charts and reporting.
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Guns and Shooting, 1986

Author: Jim Carmichel

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780943822587

Category: Firearms

Page: 185

View: 1714

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Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2010

Author: Curtis Waguespack

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118058701

Category: Computers

Page: 816

View: 5353

A complete tutorial for the real-world application of Autodesk Inventor, plus video instruction on DVD Used to design everything from airplanes to appliances, Autodesk Inventor is the industry-leading 3D mechanical design software. This detailed tutorial and reference covers practical applications to help you solve design problems in your own work environment, allowing you to do more with less. It also addresses topics that are often omitted from other guides, such as Inventor Professional modules, design tactics for large assemblies, using 2D and 3D data from other CAD systems, and a detailed overview of the Inventor utility tools such as Design Assistant and Task Scheduler that you didn't even know you had. Teaches the most popular 3D mechanical design software in the context of real-world workflows and work environments Provides an overview of the Inventor 2010 ribbon Interface, Inventor design concepts, and advanced information on productivity-boosting and visualization tools Offers crucial information on data exchange, including SolidWorks, Catia, Pro-E, and others. Shares details on documentation, including exploded presentation files, simple animations, rendered animations and stills with Inventor Studio, and sheet metal flat patterns Covers Inventor, Inventor Professional, and Inventor LT Includes a DVD with before-and-after tutorial files, a searchable PDF of the book, innovative video tutorials for each chapter, and more Mastering Autodesk Inventor teaches you to get the most from the software and provides a reference to help you on the job, allowing you to utilize the tools you didn't even know you had to quickly achieve professional results. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
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Mastering Layout

Mike Stevens on the Art of Eye Appeal

Author: Mike Stevens

Publisher: St Media Group International Incorporated


Category: Art

Page: 127

View: 5208

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Mastering Mechanical Desktop

native solids

Author: Ron Cheng

Publisher: Pws Pub Co

ISBN: 9780534951085

Category: Computers

Page: 243

View: 1408

Cheng's concise guide to NATIVE SOLIDS teaches student and professional users of AuthoCAD® and MECHANICAL DESKTOP® how to create three-dimensional solids objects. Users begin by creating primitive solids, and then combine two or more of these to form complex solids using the Boolean operations Union and Subtract. The book then introduces users to the process of extruding and revolving 2D regions and polylines to create solids, and applying the Boolean operation Intersection in model making. In later chapters, users learn how to develop thin shell solids with internal bosses and webs, how to apply utility commands on a solid, and how to output orthographic and 3D views of a solid model to a paper document. The book concludes with a full-blown architectural project that enables users to explore constructive solid geometry techniques, and a summary of all solid modeling commands covered. This tutorial-style companion book by Ron Cheng offers additional skills and support to his main book, MASTERING AUTOCAD® RELEASE 14. Adopters wishing to combine two or more of any Thomson Learning titles and save their students money can call our Custom Bundling Solutions Center at 800-245-6724.
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Mastering Lumion 3D

Author: Ciro Cardoso

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1783552042

Category: Computers

Page: 286

View: 5521

This book is designed for all levels of Lumion users; from beginner to advanced, you will find useful insights and professional techniques to improve and develop your skills in order to fully control and master Lumion.
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Mastering Autodesk Maya 2011

Author: Eric Keller,Todd Palamar,Anthony Honn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470925768

Category: Computers

Page: 1072

View: 5433

A beautifully-packaged, advanced reference on the very latest version of Maya If you already know the basics of Maya, the latest version of this authoritative book takes you to the next level. From modeling, texturing, animation, and visual effects to high-level techniques for film, television, games, and more, this book provides professional-level Maya instruction. With pages of scenarios and examples from some of the leading professionals in the industry, this book will help you master the entire CG production pipeline. Provides professional-level instruction on Maya, the industry-leading 3D animation and effects software Covers the very latest Maya tools and features, including Dynamics, Maya Muscle, Stereo Cameras, rendering with mental ray, and more Offers complete coverage of advanced topics such as cloth, fur, and fluids Showcases the techniques of professionals through numerous examples and real-world scenarios, showing you how to set up and manage 3D animation and visual effects pipelines Includes a CD with all support files from the book, along with movies to illustrate concepts If you're looking for an in-depth, professional Maya resource to turn to again and again, Mastering Maya is the book you need. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. For Instructors: Teaching supplements are available for this title.
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Mastering AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015

Autodesk Official Press

Author: George Omura,Brian C. Benton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118862228

Category: Computers

Page: 1080

View: 8066

The ultimate reference and tutorial for AutoCAD software This Autodesk Official Press book employs concise explanations,focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projectsto help you master both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. This detailed guideworks well as both a tutorial and stand-alone reference, and is theperfect resource regardless of your level of expertise. Part I introduces the basics of the interface and draftingtools Part II moves into such intermediate skills as effectivelyusing hatches, fields, and tables Part III details such advanced skills as attributes, dynamicblocks, drawing curves and solid fills Part IV explores 3D modeling and imaging Part V discusses customization and integration The supporting website includes all the project files necessaryfor the tutorials as well as video tutorials and other bonuscontent.
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Mastering AutoCAD Release 14

Author: Ron K. C. Cheng

Publisher: Pws Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780534957612

Category: Computers

Page: 699

View: 2719

Cheng's newest self-paced AutoCAD® tutorial provides a practical step-by-step introduction to 3D computer-aided design drawing using AutoCAD® Release 14. The latest version of AUTOCAD®, RELEASE 14 is exclusively Windows-based (versus DOS/Windows), and has increased 3D capability. Cheng's guide reflects these latest changes, and also includes instruction on creating 3D solid objects. The book presents AutoCAD® commands in the context of hands-on exercises that guide first-time users through entity creation, editing, and manipulation; creation of engineering drawings; preparation, dimensioning, and plotting of hard-copy documents. This book starts from basic - then gradually advances to more complicated - 3D components, using self-paced mini-projects in its illustration. A summary of all AutoCAD® commands used in the exercises is found in the last chapter, making this book a useful working reference for professional engineers and designers.
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Dreaming With Open Eyes

The Shamanic Spirit in Twentieth Century Art and Culture

Author: Michael Tucker

Publisher: HarperThorsons


Category: Psychology

Page: 432

View: 9894

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Mastering Mechanical Desktop Release 3

Surface, Parametric, and Assembly Modeling

Author: Ron Cheng

Publisher: Pws Publishing Company


Category: Computers

Page: 727

View: 9883

Cheng's MECHANICAL DESKTOP® R3, SURFACE, PARAMETRIC, AND ASSEMBLY MODELING, covers the four design tools of Mechanical Desktop® using a step-by-step approach to give readers proficiency in using Mechanical Desktop® R3.The author uses examples from a variety of applications, which show how Mechanical Desktop® is used to design actual products. Careful attention to pedagogical devices such as chapter objectives, aims and overviews at the beginning of each chapter, as well as chapter summaries and exercises makes Cheng's step-by-step method simple to use in introductory Engineering/Design courses in universities, community colleges and technical institutes.Cheng's book also complements introductory AutoCAD® texts such as Cheng's Mastering AutoCAD® R14 (Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning 2000) and is a comprehensive reference for people using Mechanical Desktop on a daily basis.
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Mastering the Fuji X100

Author: Michael Diechtierow

Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.

ISBN: 1457118033

Category: Photography

Page: 192

View: 5226

Mastering the Fuji X100 provides the ambitious photographer with everything they need to know to operate this camera that has become an instant classic. Readers will learn about the features and capabilities of the X100 and will discover numerous tips and tricks for how to maximize its potential. Learn how to influence dynamic range, how to optimize focus, which film simulation is best, and much more. The Fuji X100 is a premium digital viewfinder camera that combines compact size with sophisticated technical features and uncompromising optical quality. This unique camera already enjoys cult status and is used by many photographers as the ideal travel and snapshot camera. Nonetheless, the X100 is much more than an automatic snapshot camera—it is a sophisticated photographic tool. In a layout suitable to the camera’s attractive design, this manual presents convincing imagery that attests to the fun you will have as you begin to push the envelope of your Fuji X100.
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Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2

Author: Mark Minasi,Kevin Greene,Christian Booth,Robert Butler,John McCabe,Robert Panek,Michael Rice,Stefan Roth

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118331729

Category: Computers

Page: 1712

View: 472

Check out the new Hyper-V, find new and easier ways to remotelyconnect back into the office, or learn all about StorageSpaces—these are just a few of the features in Windows Server2012 R2 that are explained in this updated edition from Windowsauthority Mark Minasi and a team of Windows Server experts led byKevin Greene. This book gets you up to speed on all of the newfeatures and functions of Windows Server, and includes real-worldscenarios to put them in perspective. If you're a systemadministrator upgrading to, migrating to, or managing WindowsServer 2012 R2, find what you need to do the job in this completeresource. Learn all about: Installing or upgrading to and managing Windows Server 2012R2 Understanding Microsoft NIC teams 2012 and PowerShell Setting up via GUI or updated Server Core 2012 Migrating, merging, and modifying your Active Directory Managing address spaces with IPAM Understanding new shared storage, storage spaces, and bettertools Controlling access to file shares—a new and improvedapproach Using and administering Remote Desktop, Virtual Desktop, andHyper-V®
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Mastering the Business of Writing

A Leading Literary Agent Reveals the Secrets of Success

Author: Richard Curtis

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497622115

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

View: 2470

One of the most comprehensive guides currently on the market, MASTERING THE BUSINESS OF WRITING is an insider's guide to the business of being a professional writer. All aspects of the publishing industry are explained, both for the aspiring author and the established writer wishing to jump start a professional career. This guide includes everything you need to know about publishers, agents, and the track to success, including: What agents do and how they develop relationships within the publishing industry that can be beneficial to your career; the best way to formulate a book proposal that sells; what publishers are really looking for in a book—and what they aren't; understanding technicalities of advances, contracts, multibook deals and subsidiary rights; the significance of sales conferences and bookstore chains; essential manners and protocols for establishing positive relations with your agent, editor and publisher, legal issues, copyright, and much, much more....
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