Manufacturing Consent

The Political Economy of the Mass Media

Author: Edward S. Herman,Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Pantheon

ISBN: 0307801624

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

View: 8356

An intellectual dissection of the modern media to show how an underlying economics of publishing warps the news. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Manufacturing Consent

The Political Economy of the Mass Media

Author: Edward S. Herman

Publisher: Pantheon

ISBN: 0375714499

Category: Social Science

Page: 412

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Examines the political role played by the media in shaping events, assesses the relationship between the media and the corporations that control and finance them, and discusses the fine distinctions between news and propaganda.
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Manufacturing Consent

The Political Economy of the Mass Media

Author: Edward S Herman,Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407054058

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 464

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We normally think that the press are cantankerous, obstinate, and ubiquitous in its search for truth. In Manufacturing Consent Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky show how an underlying elite consensus largely structures all facets of the news. Far from challenging established power, the media work hard to discover and mirror its assumptions. The authors skilfully dissect the way in which the marketplace and the economics of publishing significantly shape the news. They reveal how issues are framed and topics chosen, and contrast the double standards underlying accounts of free elections, a free press, and governmental repression. The authors conclude that the modern mass media can best be understood in terms of a 'propaganda model'. News and entertainment companies dedicate themselves to profit within the established system. Their interests require that they support the governing assumptions of state and private power. The propaganda model provokes outrage from journalists, editors and broadcasters, but twenty years after first publication, Manufacturing Consent remains the most important critique of the mass media.
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Media Control

The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 160980015X

Category: Social Science

Page: 105

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Noam Chomsky’s backpocket classic on wartime propaganda and opinion control begins by asserting two models of democracy—one in which the public actively participates, and one in which the public is manipulated and controlled. According to Chomsky, "propaganda is to democracy as the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state," and the mass media is the primary vehicle for delivering propaganda in the United States. From an examination of how Woodrow Wilson’s Creel Commission "succeeded, within six months, in turning a pacifist population into a hysterical, war-mongering population," to Bush Sr.'s war on Iraq, Chomsky examines how the mass media and public relations industries have been used as propaganda to generate public support for going to war. Chomsky further touches on how the modern public relations industry has been influenced by Walter Lippmann’s theory of "spectator democracy," in which the public is seen as a "bewildered herd" that needs to be directed, not empowered; and how the public relations industry in the United States focuses on "controlling the public mind," and not on informing it. Media Control is an invaluable primer on the secret workings of disinformation in democratic societies. From the Audiobook Download edition.
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Necessary Illusions

Thought Control in Democratic Societies

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: House of Anansi

ISBN: 0887848680

Category: Political Science

Page: 432

View: 2195

In his national bestselling 1988 CBC Massey Lectures, Noam Chomsky inquires into the nature of the media in a political system where the population cannot be disciplined by force and thus must be subjected to more subtle forms of ideological control. Specific cases are illustrated in detail, using the U.S. media primarily but also media in other societies. Chomsky considers how the media might be democratized (as part of the general problem of developing more democratic institutions) in order to offer citizens broader and more meaningful participation in social and political life.
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Manufacturing Consent

Noam Chomsky and the Media : the Companion Book to the Award-winning Film by Peter Wintonick and Mark Achbar

Author: Mark Achbar,Institute of Policy Alternatives (Montréal, Québec)

Publisher: Black Rose Books Ltd.

ISBN: 9781551640020

Category: Education

Page: 264

View: 3938

Winner of more than a dozen festival awards, the film has played to packed houses in more than two hundred cities worldwide.
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The Political Economy of Communication

Author: Vincent Mosco

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446204944

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 8050

"A masterpiece... the one single indispensable book that all media students and scholars need to read to understand this vital and growing area of research." - Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign "A contemporary classic of media studies. Vincent Mosco, among the leading media scholars of our or any time, brings his searing insights and crystal prose to bear on the latest issues and debates of the field… An indispensable resource for researchers, activists, and students everywhere." - Toby Miller, University of California, Riverside Since publication of its first edition, The Political Economy of Communication has established itself as a true classic and one of the most important contributions to the field. This second edition has been thoroughly restructured, updated and expanded to make it an indispensable text for students and scholars alike. Putting the student at the centre of its updates, this book: Maps the definitions and foundations of political economy Adds 3 new chapters to explore current trends, from feminism and labour to new media, forms of resistance, media reform and democracy Illustrates throughout how power operates across the 21st century media landscape Explores key issues in how media power intersects with globalization, social class, race, gender and surveillance Shows media students why it is essential to understand political economy and its application to media and communication. Combining penetrating theoretical analysis with passionate commitment, Vincent Mosco once again gives readers an indispensable introduction to the field.
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Public Opinion

Author: Walter Lippmann

Publisher: Harcourt


Category: Public opinion

Page: 427

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Hegemony or Survival

America's Quest for Global Dominance

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Metropolitan Books

ISBN: 9781429900218

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

View: 3030

From the world's foremost intellectual activist, an irrefutable analysis of America's pursuit of total domination and the catastrophic consequences that are sure to follow The United States is in the process of staking out not just the globe but the last unarmed spot in our neighborhood-the heavens-as a militarized sphere of influence. Our earth and its skies are, for the Bush administration, the final frontiers of imperial control. In Hegemony or Survival , Noam Chomsky investigates how we came to this moment, what kind of peril we find ourselves in, and why our rulers are willing to jeopardize the future of our species. With the striking logic that is his trademark, Chomsky dissects America's quest for global supremacy, tracking the U.S. government's aggressive pursuit of policies intended to achieve "full spectrum dominance" at any cost. He lays out vividly how the various strands of policy-the militarization of space, the ballistic-missile defense program, unilateralism, the dismantling of international agreements, and the response to the Iraqi crisis-cohere in a drive for hegemony that ultimately threatens our survival. In our era, he argues, empire is a recipe for an earthly wasteland. Lucid, rigorous, and thoroughly documented, Hegemony or Survival promises to be Chomsky's most urgent and sweeping work in years, certain to spark widespread debate.
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The Handbook of Political Economy of Communications

Author: Janet Wasko,Graham Murdock,Helena Sousa

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444395396

Category: Social Science

Page: 632

View: 4297

Over the last decade, political economy has grown rapidly as a specialist area of research and teaching within communications and media studies and is now established as a core element in university programmes around the world. The Handbook of Political Economy of Communications offers students and scholars a comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date and accessible overview of key areas and debates. Combines overviews of core ideas with new case study materials and the best of contemporary theorization and research Written many of the best known authors in the field Includes an international line-up of contributors, drawn from the key markets of North and Latin America, Europe, Australasia, and the Far East
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Rebooting the Herman & Chomsky Propaganda Model in the Twenty First Century

Author: Brian Michael Goss

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781433116216

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

View: 8992

Using the Herman & Chomsky -Propaganda Model- that was introduced in 1988, Goss offers a rigorous and accessible portrait of contemporary news media. Following a current survey of media ownership and news worker routines, in a series of case studies, he shows how recent news discourse has developed an Us/Them narrative. Cases include <I>The New York Times' accounts of the Bush administration and United Nations in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq; and analysis of the 2011 riots in the United Kingdom in a comparison between two British broadsheets (<I>The Guardian and <I>The Daily Telegraph). Further case studies demonstrate important, if partial, new media discontinuities with respect to -old- news media. The book's international reach and sustained attention to new media indicate that it is not simply high-fidelity repetition of Herman & Chomsky, but re-engineers the model's architecture for the twenty-first century."
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The Essential Chomsky

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: New Press/ORIM

ISBN: 1595585664

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 528

View: 1096

The seminal writings of America’s leading philosopher, linguist, and political thinker—“the foremost gadfly of our national conscience” (The New York Times). For the past fifty years Noam Chomsky’s writings on politics and language have established him as a preeminent public intellectual as well as one of the most original political and social critics of our time. Among the seminal figures in linguistic theory over the past century, Chomsky has also secured a place among the most influential dissident voice in the United States. Chomsky’s many bestselling works—including Manufacturing Consent, Hegemony or Survival, Understanding Power, and Failed States—have served as essential touchstones for activists, scholars, and concerned citizens on subjects ranging from the media and intellectual freedom to human rights and war crimes. In particular, Chomsky’s scathing critique of the US wars in Vietnam, Central America, and the Middle East have furnished a widely accepted intellectual premise for antiwar movements for nearly four decades. The Essential Chomsky assembles the core of his most important writings, including excerpts from his most influential texts over the past half century. Here is an unprecedented, comprehensive overview of the thought that animates “one of the West’s most influential intellectuals in the cause of peace” (The Independent). “Chomsky ranks with Marx, Shakespeare, and the Bible as one of the ten most quoted sources in the humanities—and is the only writer among them still alive.” —The Guardian “Noam Chomsky is one of the most significant challengers of unjust power and delusions; he goes against every assumption about American altruism and humanitarianism.” —Edward Said “A rebel without a pause.” —Bono
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Propaganda and the Public Mind

Author: Noam Chomsky,David Barsamian

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 160846444X

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 9935

Renowned interviewer David Barsamian showcases his unique access to Chomsky’s thinking on a number of topics of contemporary and historical import. Chomsky offers insights into the institutions that shape the public mind in the service of power and profit. In an interview conducted after the important November 1999 “Battle in Seattle,” Chomsky discusses prospects for building a movement to challenge corporate domination of the media, the environment, and even our private lives. Whether discussing U.S. military escalation in Colombia, attacks on Social Security, or growing inequality worldwide, Chomsky shows how ordinary people, if they work together, have the power to make meaningful change..
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Deterring Democracy

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Hill and Wang

ISBN: 1466801530

Category: Political Science

Page: 424

View: 7667

From World War II until the 1980s, the United States reigned supreme as both the economic and the military leader of the world. The major shifts in global politics that came about with the dismantling of the Eastern bloc have left the United States unchallenged as the preeminent military power, but American economic might has declined drastically in the face of competition, first from Germany and Japan ad more recently from newly prosperous countries elsewhere. In Deterring Democracy, the impassioned dissident intellectual Noam Chomsky points to the potentially catastrophic consequences of this new imbalance. Chomsky reveals a world in which the United States exploits its advantage ruthlessly to enforce its national interests--and in the process destroys weaker nations. The new world order (in which the New World give the orders) has arrived.
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World Orders, Old and New

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231101578

Category: History

Page: 343

View: 4154

The left's leading critic takes on the Post-Cold War world, including the Gulf War, the Clinton Administration, and the Israeli-Palestinian question in a critique of Western government that focuses on the powerless, power-hungry, and power-mongers. UP.
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Turning the Tide

U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Struggle for Peace

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 1608464474

Category: Political Science

Page: 298

View: 6689

Noam Chomsky addresses relations throughout Central America and relates these to superpower conflicts and the overall role of the Cold War in contemporary international relations.
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Understanding Power

The Indispensable Chomsky

Author: John Schoeffel,Noam Chomsky


ISBN: 1458788172


Page: 416

View: 7157

In a series of enlightening and wide-ranging discussions, all published here for the first time, Chomsky radically reinterprets the events of the past three decades, covering topics from foreign policy during Vietnam to the decline of welfare under the Clinton administration. And as he elucidates the connection between America's imperialistic foreign policy and the decline of domestic social services, Chomsky also discerns the necessary steps to take toward social change. With an eye to political activism and the media's role in popular struggle, as well as U.S. foreign and domestic policy, Understanding Power offers a sweeping critique of the world around us and is definitive Chomsky. Characterized by Chomsky's accessible and informative style, this is the ideal book for those new to his work as well as for those who have been listening for years.
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Year 501

The Conquest Continues

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 1608464490

Category: Political Science

Page: 331

View: 5923

"The great work of subjugation and conquest" has changed little over the years. Analyzing Haiti, Latin America, Cuba, Indonesia, and even packets of the Third World developing in the United States. Noam Chomsky draws parallels between the genocide of colonial times and the murder and exploitation associated with modern-day imperialism.
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After the Cataclysm

The Political Economy of Human Rights:

Author: Noam Chomsky,Edward S. Herman

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 1608464385

Category: Political Science

Page: 392

View: 5410

With a new preface by the authors, this companion book to The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, dissects the aftermath of the war in Southeast Asia, the refugee problem, the Vietnam/Cambodia conflict and the Pol Pot regime.
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The Wisdom Of Crowds

Author: N.A

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385721706

Category: Social Science

Page: 306

View: 1078

Looks at the theory that large groups have more collective intelligence than a smaller number of experts, drawing on a wide range of disciplines to offer insight into such topics as politics, business, and the environment.
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