Making Beats

The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop

Author: Joseph G. Schloss

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819574821

Category: Music

Page: 240

View: 9353

Based on ten years of research among hip-hop producers, Making Beats was the first work of scholarship to explore the goals, methods, and values of a surprisingly insular community. Focusing on a variety of subjects—from hip-hop artists’ pedagogical methods to the Afrodiasporic roots of the sampling process to the social significance of “digging” for rare records—Joseph G. Schloss examines the way hip-hop artists have managed to create a form of expression that reflects their creative aspirations, moral beliefs, political values, and cultural realities. This second edition of the book includes a new foreword by Jeff Chang and a new afterword by the author.
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B-boys, B-girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York

Author: Joseph G. Schloss

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199715312

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

View: 4273

B-boying is a form of Afro-diasporic competitive dance that developed in the Bronx, NY in the early 1970s. Widely - though incorrectly - known as "breakdancing," it is often dismissed as a form of urban acrobatics set to music. In reality, however, b-boying is a deeply traditional and profoundly expressive art form that has been passed down from teacher to student for almost four decades. Foundation: B-boys, B-girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York offers the first serious study of b-boying as both unique dance form and a manifestation of the most fundamental principles of hip-hop culture. Drawing on anthropological and historical research, interviews and personal experience as a student of the dance, Joseph Schloss presents a nuanced picture of b-boying and its social context. From the dance's distinctive musical repertoire and traditional educational approaches to its complex stylistic principles and secret battle strategies, Foundation illuminates a previously unexamined thread in the complex tapestry that is contemporary hip-hop.
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XXX - drei Jahrzehnte HipHop

Author: Nelson George

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783936086294


Page: 285

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DJ Culture

Diskjockeys und Popkultur

Author: Ulf Poschardt

Publisher: Tropen

ISBN: 3608108149

Category: Music

Page: 559

View: 3814

»DJ Culture« erzählt die Geschichte der Popkultur als Geschichte der Diskjockeys – von den ersten Radio-DJs der 30er Jahre bis heute. DJs sind die Helden und geheimen Vorbilder unserer Kultur. Aus Altem schaffen sie Neues: unpathetisch, cool, revolutionär. Im Juli 1877 brüllte Thomas Edison sein erstes »Hallo« in ein Telefonmundstück und ließ den Lärm von einem Phonographen aufzeichnen. So begann die Geschichte des Plattenspielers, den der DJ zu einer Revolution in der Popmusik nutzen sollte, bis hin zum Spätkapitalisten-Phänomen des Hyper-DJs. Neil Tennant von den Pet Shop Boys ist sich ganz sicher: »Auf Dauer sind zwei Plattenspieler und ein Mischpult aufregender als fünf Gitarrensaiten.« Diese aktualisierte Ausgabe zum 20. Jahrestag der Erstveröffentlichung wurde um ein Nachwort des wichtigsten DJs unserer Zeit, DJ Westbam, ergänzt.
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Der Wert der Musik

Zur Ästhetik des Populären

Author: Ralf von Appen

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839407346

Category: Music

Page: 344

View: 9383

Was bietet uns Musik, dass wir ihr so viel Zeit und Geld opfern? Wie soll sie beschaffen sein, damit sie die hohen Erwartungen erfüllt? Warum riskieren wir für sie das Gehör, warum gehen wir das Risiko illegaler Downloads ein? Um individuelle Bewertungen von Musik - und damit zusammenhängend: den Wert der Musik für den Menschen - zu verstehen, analysiert die Studie zunächst intensiv »Amazon«-Kundenrezensionen aktueller Alben von Robbie Williams, Eminem, The Strokes, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones u.a., um die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse dann aus der Perspektive gegenwärtiger philosophischer Ästhetik zu interpretieren.
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Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Publisher: BoD E-Short

ISBN: 373478638X

Category: Fiction

Page: 16

View: 3737

"Hopp-Frosch" (im Original "Hop-Frog; Or, the Eight Chained Ourangoutangs") ist eine am 17. März 1849 in "The Flag of Our Union" erstmals erschienene Erzählung von Edgar Allan Poe, die von der makabren Rache zweier Benachteiligter handelt.
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Subway art

Author: Henry Chalfant

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783896024220


Page: 104

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The Organic Globalizer

Hip Hop, Political Development, and Movement Culture

Author: Christopher Malone,George Martinez Jr.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1628920084

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 1871

The Organic Globalizer is a collection of critical essays which takes the position that hip-hop holds political significance through an understanding of its ability to at once raise cultural awareness, expand civil society's focus on social and economic justice through institution building, and engage in political activism and participation. Collectively, the essays assert hip hop's importance as an "organic globalizer:†? no matter its pervasiveness or reach around the world, hip-hop ultimately remains a grassroots phenomenon that is born of the community from which it permeates. Hip hop, then, holds promise through three separate but related avenues: (1) through cultural awareness and identification/recognition of voices of marginalized communities through music and art; (2) through social creation and the institutionalization of independent alternative institutions and non-profit organizations in civil society geared toward social and economic justice; and (3) through political activism and participation in which demands are articulated and made on the state. With editorial bridges between chapters and an emphasis on interdisciplinary and diverse perspectives, The Organic Globalizer is the natural scholarly evolution in the conversation about hip-hop and politics.
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Hip-Hop Culture in College Students’ Lives

Elements, Embodiment, and Higher Edutainment

Author: Emery Petchauer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136647708

Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 4080

College campuses have become rich sites of hip-hop culture and knowledge production. Despite the attention that campus personnel and researchers have paid to student life, the field of higher education has often misunderstood the ways that hip-hop culture exists in college students’ lives. Based upon in-depth interviews, observations of underground hip-hop spaces, and the author’s own active roles in hop-hop communities, this book provides a rich portrait of how college students who create hip-hop—both male and female, and of multiple ethnicities—embody its principles and aesthetics on campuses across the United States. The book looks beyond rap music, school curricula, and urban adolescents to make the empirical argument that hip-hop has a deep cultural logic, habits of mind, and worldview components that students apply to teaching, learning, and living on campus. Hip-Hop Culture in College Students’ Lives provides critical insights for researchers and campus personnel working with college students, while pushing cultural observers to rethink the basic ways that people live hip-hop.
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The Cultural Matrix

Understanding Black Youth

Author: Orlando Patterson

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674967305

Category: Social Science

Page: 685

View: 5701

The Cultural Matrix seeks to unravel an American paradox: the socioeconomic crisis and social isolation of disadvantaged black youth, on the one hand, and their extraordinary integration and prominence in popular culture on the other. This interdisciplinary work explains how a complex matrix of cultures influences black youth.
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Music, Culture, and Business

Author: Joseph Glenn Schloss,Larry Starr,Christopher Alan Waterman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199758364

Category: Music

Page: 424

View: 1727

Providing the perfect balance of cultural and musical analysis, Rock: Music, Culture, and Business by Joseph G. Schloss, Larry Starr, and Christopher Waterman tells the full story of rock 'n' roll, from its earliest beginnings to today. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES * Balances the history of the music business and the impact of social and cultural movements on the story of rock * Enhanced coverage of contemporary rock music, including the impact of rap * Integrates lively pedagogy: --- Detailed listening guides highlighting the significant elements of more than forty key recordings --- More than 100 photos, many in full color --- Boldfaced key terms and a glossary * Robust support package: --- Instructor Resource CD containing a computerized Test Bank (978-0-19-975837-1) --- Companion Website (
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Popular Music Culture: The Key Concepts

Author: Roy Shuker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136577718

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

View: 9142

Now in an updated 3rd edition this popular A-Z student handbook provides a comprehensive survey of key ideas and concepts in popular music culture. With new and expanded entries on genres and sub-genres the text comprehensively examines the social and cultural aspects of popular music, taking into account the digital music revolution and changes in the way that music is manufactured, marketed and delivered. New and updated entries include: social networking peer to peer American Idol video gaming genres and subgenres of blues, jazz, country, and world music music retail formats goth rock and emo electronic dance music. With further reading and listening included throughout, Popular Music Culture: The Key Concepts is an essential reference text for all students studying the social and cultural dimensions of popular music.
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Producing the real

hip-hop music and authenticity

Author: Wayne Glenn Marshall

Publisher: N.A



Page: 246

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Alles nur geklaut

10 Wege zum kreativen Durchbruch - Am Puls der Zeit - New York Times Bestseller -

Author: Austin Kleon

Publisher: Mosaik Verlag

ISBN: 3641112397

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 5887

Cool, originell und am Puls der Zeit! Austin Kleon wirft einen trendigen und sehr originellen Blick auf das Thema Kreativsein: Jeder braucht es, jeder kann es! Das Einzige, was man wissen muss: Gute Ideen von anderen wie ein Schwamm aufsaugen und alles neu mixen, zu der ganz eigenen, aufregend neuen Schöpfung. Also los! Sei schlau und klau! Worauf wartest du noch?
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Musical Rhythm in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Author: Anne Danielsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317091396

Category: Music

Page: 272

View: 5028

Musical Rhythm in the Age of Digital Reproduction presents new insights into the study of musical rhythm through investigations of the micro-rhythmic design of groove-based music. The main purpose of the book is to investigate how technological mediation - in the age of digital music production tools - has influenced the design of rhythm at the micro level. Through close readings of technology-driven popular music genres, such as contemporary R&B, hip-hop, trip-hop, electro-pop, electronica, house and techno, as well as played folk music styles, the book sheds light on how investigations of the musical-temporal relationships of groove-based musics might be fruitfully pursued, in particular with regard to their micro-rhythmic features. This book is based on contributions to the project Rhythm in the Age of Digital Reproduction (RADR), a five-year research project running from 2004 to 2009 that was funded by the Norwegian Research Council.
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Rap Music and the Poetics of Identity

Author: Adam Krims

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521634472

Category: Music

Page: 217

View: 1387

This is the first book to discuss in detail how rap music is put together musically and how it contributes to the formation of cultural identities for both artists and audiences. It also argues that current skeptical attitudes toward music analysis in popular music studies are misplaced and need to be reconsidered if cultural studies are to treat seriously the social force of rap music, popular musics, and music in general. Drawing extensively on recent scholarship in popular music studies, cultural theory, communications, critical theory, and musicology, Krims redefines 'music theory' as meaning simply 'theory about music', in which musical poetics (the study of how musical sound is deployed) may play a crucial role when its claims are contextualized and demystified. Theorizing local and global geographies of rap, Krims discusses at length the music of Ice Cube, the Goodie MoB, KRS-One, Dutch group the Spookrijders, and Canadian Cree rapper Bannock.
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Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae

Author: Michael Veal

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819574422

Category: Music

Page: 352

View: 931

Winner of the ARSC’s Award for Best Research (History) in Folk, Ethnic, or World Music (2008) When Jamaican recording engineers Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock, Errol Thompson, and Lee “Scratch” Perry began crafting “dub” music in the early 1970s, they were initiating a musical revolution that continues to have worldwide influence. Dub is a sub-genre of Jamaican reggae that flourished during reggae’s “golden age” of the late 1960s through the early 1980s. Dub involves remixing existing recordings—electronically improvising sound effects and altering vocal tracks—to create its unique sound. Just as hip-hop turned phonograph turntables into musical instruments, dub turned the mixing and sound processing technologies of the recording studio into instruments of composition and real-time improvisation. In addition to chronicling dub’s development and offering the first thorough analysis of the music itself, author Michael Veal examines dub’s social significance in Jamaican culture. He further explores the “dub revolution” that has crossed musical and cultural boundaries for over thirty years, influencing a wide variety of musical genres around the globe. Ebook Edition Note: Seven of the 25 illustrations have been redacted.
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Droppin' Science

Critical Essays on Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

Author: William Eric Perkins

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781566393621

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

View: 2073

Eleven essays analyze various aspects of hip-hop that are usually neglected, including coverage of female and Latino contributions to both rap and hip-hop culture.
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Author: Music Library Association

Publisher: N.A


Category: Music

Page: N.A

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