Lamp of the Body

Author: Maggie Smith

Publisher: N.A


Category: Poetry

Page: 69

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Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions

Author: Elmer Towns

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418538698

Category: Religion

Page: 608

View: 744

Why is cloning wrong? Does the Bible say a divorced person can remarry? Can angels sin? Is body piercing wrong? Can demons read our thoughts? Dr. Elmer Towns, author of over 80 books and Dean of Liberty University's School of Religion, answers these and many other questions you have wondered about.Written for the new Christian too embarrassed to ask, and for the long-time Christian who still has unanswered questions, this one-volume, indexed resource provides the kind of responses your own pastor would give as you're shaking hands after the Sunday morning sermon-short, knowledgeable, and to the point. Topics covered include: Politics The Bible,The Holy Spirit,and Angels Creation Demons and the Devil· God's Names Prayer, Salvation, and Sin If you have questions-and who doesn't-Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions is an essential resource.
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What Did Jesus Mean?

Explaining the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables in Simple and Universal Human Concepts

Author: Anna Wierzbicka

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195137329

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 509

View: 8076

In this highly interdisciplinary work, linguist Anna Wierzbicka casts new light on the words of Jesus by taking her well-known semantic theory of "universal human concepts"- concepts which are intuitively understandable and self-explanatory across languages-and bringing it to bear on Jesus' parables and the Sermon on the Mount. Her approach results in strikingly novel interpretations of the Gospels. Written in dialogue with other biblical commentators, What Did Jesus Mean? is both scholarly rigorous yet accessible.
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A Rabbinic Commentary on the New Testament

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke

Author: Samuel Tobias Lachs

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

ISBN: 9780881250893

Category: Religion

Page: 468

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The Voice New Testament

Author: Ecclesia Bible Society

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN: 9781418550769

Category: Bibles

Page: 413

View: 9900

The Voice is a faithful dynamic translation that reads like a story with all the truth and wisdom of God's Word and invites readers to enter into the whole story of God, enabling them to hear God speaking and to experience His presence in their lives."
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The Oxford Bible Commentary

Author: John Muddiman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199277184

Category: Religion

Page: 1386

View: 6640

CD-ROM contains: Introductions and verse-by-verse commentaries to Genesis and Mark's Gospel -- Logos Library System.
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The Gospel According to Matthew

Authorized King James Version

Author: N.A

Publisher: Canongate U.S.

ISBN: 9780802136169

Category: Bibles

Page: 78

View: 5771

The publication of the King James version of the Bible, translated between 1603 and 1611, coincided with an extraordinary flowering of English literature and is universally acknowledged as the greatest influence on English-language literature in history. Now, world-class literary writers introduce the book of the King James Bible in a series of beautifully designed, small-format volumes. The introducers' passionate, provocative, and personal engagements with the spirituality and the language of the text make the Bible come alive as a stunning work of literature and remind us of its overwhelming contemporary relevance.
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Lessons on Prayer

Author: Witness Lee

Publisher: Living Stream Ministry

ISBN: 0736353550

Category: Religion

Page: 232

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The effectiveness of our prayer depends upon our understanding of the meaning of prayer itself. In Lessons on Prayer Witness Lee first discusses the real meaning of prayer: Prayer is the mutual contact between man and God; prayer is man breathing God, obtaining God, and being obtained by God; and prayer is man cooperating and co-working with God, allowing God to express Himself and His desire through man, and thus accomplish His purpose.
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Sermon on the Mount

Author: Arthur Waddington Pink

Publisher: Sovereign Grace Publishers,

ISBN: 1589604997

Category: Religion

Page: 456

View: 1762

Pink preached in may places in the world before he retired to a remote part of Scotland, where he issued a monthly magazine, and taught some 100 men by mail. Some who have been stung by the astute observations in this book have told others not to buy it because it is too controversial. And some even try to pin the charge of legalism on it. This is false, and since when is 'controversial' a reason not to buy a helpful commentary? This reviewer cannot see all that Pink sees in these verses. But that is not to say that what he sees is not there. He is a very able expositor, one who breaks new ground, yet adheres to the age-proven theology. There are things in this book which are in no other, so it is important to anyone's understanding of the Sermon on the Mount. Both the Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer come from The Sermon on the Mount, one of the very best expositions of that part of the Scriptures. Originally all these come from Pink's expositions in his magazine, Studies in the Scriptures. Do not expect to read the usual comments on these passages of Scripture. Pink was an original thinker, and he called no man master, but sought his views of the Scriptures directly from his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, through prayer, and through comparing Scripture with Scripture until he gained understanding. The result is some controversial statements here and there. In his discussion of the Beatitudes, the reader will find short but keen observations, a setting of things right. Each Beatitude is considered briefly, yet fully. Quotations from Andrew Fuller and John Brown of Edinburgh are very helpful also. It is one of Pink's strongest points, that he knew when and how to quote from other great writers. His Hebrews is a great compendium of all the excellent thoughts on that book of the Bible through the ages. In the Lord's Prayer, Pink argues for the continued use of this form of prayer. And no one can say that Pink was in any sense a ritualist. His quotations from Manton, Gill, Perkins, etc. very much enhance the value of this book. The thoughts are pure and holy, the very kind of reading that will lift ones spirit, and lead to a closer walk with Jesus.
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A Lamp in the Darkness

Illuminating the Path Through Difficult Times

Author: Jack Kornfield

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 162203421X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 120

View: 7067

When the path ahead is dark, how can we keep from stumbling? How do we make our way with courage and dignity? “Inside each of us is an eternal light that I call ‘the One Who Knows,’ writes Jack Kornfeld. “Awakening to this wisdom can help us fin dour way through pain and suffering with grace and tenderness.” For anyone seeking answer during a trying time, he offers A Lamp in the Darkness, a program filled with spiritual and psychological insights, hope-giving stories, and advice for skillfully navigating life’s inevitable storms. Table of Contents Foreward by Jon Kabat-Zinn Introduction: An Invitation to Awaken The Wisdom of Our Difficulties The Earth is My Witness Shared Compassion Awakening the Buddha of Wisdom in Difficulties The Practice of Forgiveness The Temple of Healing The Zen of an Aching Heart Equanimity and Peace Your Highest Intention The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Healing Journey Afterword: The Return of Joy Excerpt Every life is filled with change and insecurity, and every life includes loss and suffering and difficulties that arise regularly. We are all nomads in this ever-changing world, and we need ways to ground ourselves and remain centered no matter what happens. When we encounter difficult times in our lives, it is not just the outer changes, but often our own state of mind that causes us the most difficulty. Grief and anxiety, fear and loss, and other turbulent emotions that we carry with us—and the stories
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The Lamp of Darkness

The Age of Prophecy Book 1

Author: Dave Mason (Rabbi.),Mike Feuer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781623930066

Category: Jews

Page: 266

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The Lamp of God

A Jewish Book of Light

Author: Freema Gottlieb

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: 9781568219226

Category: Religion

Page: 522

View: 1977

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The Body Snatcher

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480490970

Category: Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7115

An uncanny thriller from the acclaimed author of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Medical school students Fettes and Macfarlane are charged with the unenviable task of receiving and paying for the institution’s research cadavers. When Fettes recognizes the dead body of a woman he saw alive and well just the day before, he suspects murder. Macfarlane, however, insists that the authorities would never believe they had nothing to do with her death. Reluctantly, Fettes agrees to keep quiet, but soon regrets his decision when another familiar corpse turns up—and takes on a life of its own. This ebook features a new introduction by Otto Penzler and has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.
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The Lampshade

A Holocaust Detective Story from Buchenwald to New Orleans

Author: Mark Jacobson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416566304

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 3897

Few growing up in the aftermath of World War II will ever forget the horrifying reports that Nazi concentration camp doctors had removed the skin of prisoners to makes common, everyday lampshades. In The Lampshade, bestselling journalist Mark Jacobson tells the story of how he came into possession of one of these awful objects, and of his search to establish the origin, and larger meaning, of what can only be described as an icon of terror. Jacobson’s mind-bending historical, moral, and philosophical journey into the recent past and his own soul begins in Hurricane Katrina–ravaged New Orleans. It is only months after the storm, with America’s most romantic city still in tatters, when Skip Henderson, an old friend of Jacobson’s, purchases an item at a rummage sale: a very strange looking and oddly textured lampshade. When he asks what it’s made of, the seller, a man covered with jailhouse tattoos, replies, “That’s made from the skin of Jews.” The price: $35. A few days later, Henderson sends the lampshade to Jacobson, saying, “You’re the journalist, you find out what it is.” The lampshade couldn’t possibly be real, could it? But it is. DNA analysis proves it. This revelation sends Jacobson halfway around the world, to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, where the lampshades were supposedly made on the order of the infamous “Bitch of Buchenwald,” Ilse Koch. From the time he grew up in Queens, New York, in the 1950s, Jacobson has heard stories about the human skin lampshade and knew it to be the ultimate symbol of Nazi cruelty. Now he has one of these things in his house with a DNA report to prove it, and almost everything he finds out about it is contradictory, mysterious, shot through with legend and specious information. Through interviews with forensic experts, famous Holocaust scholars (and deniers), Buchenwald survivors and liberators, and New Orleans thieves and cops, Jacobson gradually comes to see the lampshade as a ghostly illuminator of his own existential status as a Jew, and to understand exactly what that means in the context of human responsibility. One question looms as his search goes on: what to do with the lampshade—this unsettling thing that used to be someone? It is a difficult dilemma to be sure, but far from the last one, since once a lampshade of human skin enters your life, it is very, very hard to forget.
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Lamp of Non-dual Knowledge

& Cream of Liberation : Two Jewels of Indian Wisdom

Author: Swami Hariharānandasarasvatī,Swami Tandavaraya

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 9780941532389

Category: Philosophy

Page: 193

View: 1456

Potent distillations of the Advaita perspective, considered by many the crown jewel of the Upanishadic tradition.
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God's Profound and Mysterious Providence

As revealed in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ from the Time of David to the Exile in Babylon

Author: Abraham Park

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 1462908993

Category: Religion

Page: 352

View: 2933

The fourth book in the History of Redemption series, God's Profound and Mysterious Providence begins with accounts of King David and Solomon, then continues into the era of divided kingdoms: the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. This book illustrates the reigns and lives of the kings from the perspective of God's administration for redemptive history. This title is part of the History of Redemption series which includes: Book 1: The Genesis Genealogies Book 2: The Covenant of the Tourch Book 3: The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant Book 4: God's Profound and Mysterious Providence Book 5: The Promise of the Eternal Covenant
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God's Lamp, Man's Light

Mysteries of the Menorah

Author: John D. Garr

Publisher: Golden Key Press

ISBN: 0979451485

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 5249

God's Lamp, Man's Light is an in-depth analysis of one of the most intriguing images in the entire Bible--the Menorah. This scriptural emblem is the only Jewish or Christain symbol that was designed by God himself, and he gave it to his people as a demonstration of the light of his Word that illuminates the path of those who open their hearts to him. Explore the Mysteries of the Menorah as God's Lamp, Man's Light presents these vivid images of a rich biblically Hebraic tradition: Israel: Gode's Menorah, Man's Soul: God's Torch, The Tree of Light and Life, Dedication Produces Light, Jesus: the Light of the World, Menorah Mystery Numbers, By My Spirit, Says the Lord, and Light in Church and Synagogue.
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