Ladders to heaven

art treasures from lands of the Bible : a catalogue of some of the objects in the collection presented by Elie Borowski to the Lands of the Bible Archaeology Foundation and displayed in the exhibition "Ladders to Heaven : Our Judeo-Christian Heritage 5000 BC-AD 500", held at the Royal Ontario Museum June 23-October 28, 1979

Author: Lands of the Bible Archaeology Foundation,Oscar White Muscarella,Royal Ontario Museum

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

ISBN: 9780771066627

Category: Art

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Ladders to Heaven

Author: Mike Shanahan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783525805


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They are trees of life and trees of knowledge. They are wish-fulfillers ... rainforest royalty ... more precious than gold. They are the fig trees, and they have affected humanity in profound but little-known ways. Ladders to Heaven tells their amazing story. Fig trees fed our pre-human ancestors, influenced diverse cultures and played key roles in the dawn of civilisation. They feature in every major religion, starring alongside Adam and Eve, Krishna and Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad. This is no coincidence - fig trees are special. They evolved when giant dinosaurs still roamed and have been shaping our world ever since. These trees intrigued Aristotle and amazed Alexander the Great. They were instrumental in Kenya's struggle for independence and helped restore life after Krakatoa's catastrophic eruption. Egypt's Pharaohs hoped to meet fig trees in the afterlife and Queen Elizabeth II was asleep in one when she ascended the throne. And all because 80 million years ago these trees cut a curious deal with some tiny wasps. Thanks to this deal, figs sustain more species of birds and mammals than any other trees, making them vital to rainforests. In a time of falling trees and rising temperatures, their story offers hope. Ultimately, it's a story about humanity's relationship with nature. The story of the fig trees stretches back tens of millions of years, but it is as relevant to our future as it is to our past.
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Ladders to Heaven

Author: Rachel Reuben

Publisher: Bttw Press

ISBN: 9780988598942

Category: Crown Heights (New York, N.Y.)

Page: 494

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"Five compelling coming-of-age characters live out this edgy, push-pull story that juxtaposes ultra-orthodox Judaism with the modern, secular world--a story that explores the boundaries of love, sexual identity, gender, faith, racism and violence."--Publisher description.
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Ich bin verboten


Author: Anouk Markovits

Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

ISBN: 3641091551

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Zwei Frauen zwischen Tradition und Rebellion - ein Plädoyer für Toleranz und Freiheit Als die kleine Mila nach einem Pogrom ihre Eltern verliert, wird sie von der strenggläubigen Familie Stern adoptiert. Zusammen mit der ältesten Tochter Atara wächst sie in der religiösen Gemeinschaft orthodoxer Juden auf. Atara genügt diese enge Welt nicht; Mila jedoch willigt in eine arrangierte Heirat ein. Doch als ihre Ehe kinderlos bleibt, trifft sie eine Entscheidung, an der viele Jahre später ihre Familie zu zerbrechen droht. Anouk Markovits folgt in ihrem hoch gelobten Roman den Spuren einer chassidischen Familie durch das 20. Jahrhundert. Gekonnt spannt sie den Bogen von Siebenbürgen über Paris bis ins heutige Brooklyn, ermöglicht einen Einblick in diese geschlossene Gemeinschaft und zeigt eindrücklich, wie Menschen an religiöser Engstirnigkeit zerbrechen können.
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Northrop Frye on Religion

Excluding The Great Code and Words with Power

Author: Northrop Frye

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802079206

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

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An annotated edition of Frye's writings on the Bible and religion over a period of57 years between 1933-1990. The overall variety of writings is wide, including major essays, addresses, sermons, editorials, and representative prayers and benedictions.
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Isaiah Decoded

Ascending the Ladder to Heaven

Author: Avraham Gileadi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780910511063

Category: Religion

Page: 357

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The author reveals a new dimension to Isaiah's prophecies that uses Israel's ancient history as an allegory of an end-time scenario, preempting the New Testament by teaching the path through which God empowers his children to ascend to the highest heaven.
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Through New Eyes

Developing a Biblical View of the World

Author: James B. Jordan

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 157910259X

Category: Religion

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Logbuch eines Schwimmers

Author: Roger Deakin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783957571663


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A Ladder from Earth to Heaven

The Rosary for All Christians

Author: M. K. Fields

Publisher: Rosarius Publishing House

ISBN: 9780974607405

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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This guide presents the Protestant rosary--giving you a valuable tool to honor and praise our Lord's life in daily meditative prayer.
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The Eternal Act of Creation

Essays, 1979-1990

Author: Northrop Frye,Robert D. Denham

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253325167

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 188

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"... twelve essays in which this visionary literary critic speaks specifically to the eternal act of creation, addressing the incessant need for literary revisioning." —Studies in Religion These essays, four of which are published here for the first time, reveal one of the most extraordinary minds of our time engaging a wide range of literary, cultural, and religious issues. Frye gave these addresses during the last decade of his life, and they reveal this distinguished critic speaking with wit and wisdom about the permanent forms of human civilization and engaging in the eternal act of creation.
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An Introduction

Author: Margaret Stutley

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415273183

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 134

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Shamanism is one of the earliest and farthest-reaching magical and religious traditions, vestiges of which still underlie the major religious faiths of the modern world. The function of the shaman is to show his or her people the unseen powers behind the mere appearances of nature, as experienced through intuition, in trance states, or during ecstatic mystical visions. Shamans possess healing powers, communicate with the dead and the world beyond, and influence the weather and movements of hunting animals. The psychological exaltation of shamanism trance states is similar to the ecstasies of Yogis, Christian mystics and dervishes. Shamanism: An Introduction traces the development of shamanism in its many fascinating global manifestations. Looking at shamanic practices from Siberia to China and beyond, it provides an accessible guide to one of the world's most ancient, notorious and frequently misrepresented spiritual traditions. Placing special emphasis on the climate, geographic and cultural pressures under which shanic customs arose and continue to be observed, Margaret Stutley summarizes and clearly explains the logic of a faith whose fantastical elements hold a special place in popular imagination.
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Author: Marshall Spurling

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1600341829

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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According to Spurling, if there were one thread that God used to weave throughout the scriptures, that thread would have to be the ladder between heaven and earth. The ladder extends blessings from God's throne.
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Heaven and the Flesh

Imagery of Desire from the Renaissance to the Rococo

Author: Clive Hart,Kay Gilliland Stevenson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521495714

Category: Art

Page: 237

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Do angels make love? Will the souls of ordinary people feel sexual pleasure in the next world? Is the aspiration to spiritual salvation helped or hindered by sexual experience? In Heaven and the Flesh Clive Hart and Kay Stevenson explore the opinions of poets and painters on such questions, from the high Renaissance to the birth of romanticism. Hart and Stevenson analyse the work not only of canonical writers and artists, such as Milton and Michelangelo, but also of lesser-known figures such as John Gore and Richard Tompson, and the sometimes anguished speculations of philosophers and theologians. As the evidence of witty pornographic poems and drawings demonstrates, the relationship between sexual desire and spiritual ascension was not always treated with full seriousness. This wide-ranging survey offers sometimes surprising insights into material both familiar and unfamiliar.
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Journey to Heaven

Exploring Jewish Views of the Afterlife

Author: Leila Leah Bronner

Publisher: Urim Publications

ISBN: 9655241009

Category: Religion

Page: 206

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A number of the basic tenets of Jewish belief regarding the afterlife, resurrection, immortality, judgment, messianism, and the world to come are laid out in this fascinating and accessible volume. Beginning with the Bible’s references to Sheol and its allusions to resurrection, this survey explores immortality and bodily resurrection in Second Temple literature; the Mishnah’s discussions of olam ha-ba, or the world to come, and how to merit entry into it; and the Talmud’s depictions of paradise and hell, and the soul’s journey through these metaphysical landscapes. The book also explores the views of medieval scholars such as Maimonides and Nahmanides, Jewish mystical teachings about reincarnation, and modern views of faith and belief, as well as the evolving view of the Messiah over the course of Jewish history. This absorbing study demonstrates that the afterlife is indeed a vital part of Judaism as it reveals how generations of Jews, from biblical times to the present, have grappled with the core ideas and beliefs about the hereafter.
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Die Geschichte der Einsamkeit


Author: John Boyne

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492971032

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Odran Yates kommt 1972 an das renommierte Dubliner »Clonliffe Seminary«, um Priester zu werden. Voller Hingabe widmet er sich seinen Studien. Er kann es kaum erwarten, endlich Gutes zu tun. Vierzig Jahre später ist sein Vertrauen in die katholische Kirche jedoch zutiefst erschüttert. Er muss dabei zusehen, wie Priester vor Gericht stehen, wie einstige Würdenträger ins Gefängnis kommen und wie das Leben zahlreicher Kollegen zerstört wird. Odran zieht sich zurück – aus Angst vor den missbilligenden Blicken seiner Umwelt. Erst als bei einem Familientreffen alte Wunden aufgerissen werden, sieht er sich gezwungen, sich den Ereignissen zu stellen und seine Komplizenschaft zu erkennen.
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