Kuan Yin Opens the Door to the Golden Age

The Path of the Mystics East and West : the World Mother on Love, Karma, Reincarnation, and the Initiation of the Soul

Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Publisher: Summit University Press

ISBN: 9780916766597

Category: Religion

Page: 532

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The Lost Teachings of Jesus

Author: Mark Prophet,Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Publisher: Summit University Press

ISBN: 9780916766733

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 648

View: 2307

Reveals that concepts regarded as purely Eastern, like karma, reincarnation and chakras, can be found in the mysteries Jesus taught. Tells how you, like Jesus, can be in close contact with your Divine Source. Gives you the tools to transcend life's circumstances and realize more of your higher self every day. With inspirational stories of seven saints and mystics and their individual paths to self-mastery.
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The Masters and the Spiritual Path

Author: Mark L. Prophet,Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Publisher: Summit University Press

ISBN: 0922729646

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 360

View: 8711

Intends to recapture the heart of the Master's message - that we, like Jesus, are meant to realize our own innate divinity, that we are destined to become one with our own Higher Self. This title reveals our inner identity and the true goal of our life on earth.
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Goddesses & wise women

the literature of feminist spirituality, 1980-1992 : an annotated bibliography

Author: Anne Carson

Publisher: Crossing Pr


Category: Religion

Page: 247

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The Chinese Transformation of Avalokitesvara

Author: Chün-fang Yü

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231502753

Category: Religion

Page: 688

View: 1923

By far one of the most important objects of worship in the Buddhist traditions, the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara is regarded as the embodiment of compassion. He has been widely revered throughout the Buddhist countries of Asia since the early centuries of the Common Era. While he was closely identified with the royalty in South and Southeast Asia, and the Tibetans continue to this day to view the Dalai Lamas as his incarnations, in China he became a she—Kuan-yin, the "Goddess of Mercy"—and has a very different history. The causes and processes of this metamorphosis have perplexed Buddhist scholars for centuries. In this groundbreaking, comprehensive study, Chün-fang Yü discusses this dramatic transformation of the (male) Indian bodhisattva Avalokitesvara into the (female) Chinese Kuan-yin—from a relatively minor figure in the Buddha's retinue to a universal savior and one of the most popular deities in Chinese religion. Focusing on the various media through which the feminine Kuan-yin became constructed and domesticated in China, Yü thoroughly examines Buddhist scriptures, miracle stories, pilgrimages, popular literature, and monastic and local gazetteers—as well as the changing iconography reflected in Kuan-yin's images and artistic representations—to determine the role this material played in this amazing transformation. The book eloquently depicts the domestication of Kuan-yin as a case study of the indigenization of Buddhism in China and illuminates the ways this beloved deity has affected the lives of all Chinese people down the ages.
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Shanghai Girls

Author: Lisa See

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408811804


Page: 336

View: 7093

Shanghai, 1937. Pearl and May are two sisters from a bourgeois family. Though their personalities are very different - Pearl is a Dragon sign, strong and stubborn, while May is a true Sheep, adorable and placid - they are inseparable best friends. Both are beautiful, modern and living a carefree life ... until the day their father tells them that he has gambled away the family's wealth, and that in order to repay his debts he must sell the girls as wives to two 'Gold Mountain' men: Americans. As Japanese bombs fall on their beloved city, the two sisters set out on the journey of a lifetime, one that will take them through the villages of southern China, in and out of the clutches of brutal soldiers, and even across the ocean, through the humiliation of an anti-Chinese detention centre to a new, married life in Los Angeles's Chinatown. Here they begin a fresh chapter, despite the racial discrimination and anti-Communist paranoia, because now they have something to strive for: a young, American-born daughter, Joy. Along the way there are terrible sacrifices, impossible choices and one devastating, life-changing secret, but through it all the two heroines of this astounding new novel by Lisa See hold fast to who they are - Shanghai girls.
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Books in Print 2009-2010

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Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780835250191

Category: Publishers' catalogs

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Beyond The Golden Lotus

Author: Xiaoxiaosheng,Vladimir Kean

Publisher: Kegan Paul International

ISBN: 9780710307989

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 9790

A sequel to the classic Chinese novel "Chin Ping Mei," this book details the lives, fates, and afterlives of the wealthy businessman Hsi Men and his six wives. Readers will be drawn into the exciting story and fascinated by the dramatic historical background of twelfth-century China. Intriguing chapter headings include "Frightened by a bad Dream, Moon Lady sacrifices her Pearls. The Abbess Pi has an amorous Relationship with a Monk disguised as a Nun" and "A white Eyeball looks down upon the forlorn little Boy; no one takes Pity on him. Four Lives are sacrificed to Greed for yellow Gold."
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Korea Journal

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Korea

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The Chinese other, 1850-1925

an anthology of plays

Author: Dave Williams

Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer


Category: Social Science

Page: 432

View: 8135

This book is a collection designed to gather together, for the first time, a conceptually wide and historically deep array of primary texts which demonstrate Euroamerican attitudes toward the Chinese. Among the many cultural artifacts generated by this encounter were plays written by Euroamericans which contained one or more representations of the Chinese. It would be reductive to say that such portrayals show merely the racism of a dominant culture toward a distinctive and different minority. Racism is of course present, sometimes of the coarsest and crudest sort; but other themes appear in the many dramatic portrayals of the Chinese as well, such as toleration, exoticism, and even idealization. The book is intended for scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students in the field of theatre, cultural studies, nineteenth-century studies, and Asian-American studies.
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Category: Psychoanalysis

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Connecting Link

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Channeling (Spiritualism)

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Academic American encyclopedia

Author: Grolier Incorporated

Publisher: N.A


Category: Reference

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New Art Examiner

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

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The independent voice of the visual arts.
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Faces of Hong Kong

An Old Hand's Reflections

Author: Dan Waters

Publisher: N.A


Category: British

Page: 234

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Empowerment and Integration Through the Goddess

Author: Wistancia Stone,Joshua David Stone

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595181139

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 395

View: 1763

Empowerment and Integration Through The Goddess is perhaps the most profound and informative book written on the subject of the Divine Feminine and how women and men can integrate The Goddess energies into self and the world. Since early in Earth's history, abuse, denial, and ignorance of the Divine Feminine has led to the enormous patriarchal attitudes that pervade mass consciousness and even Spiritual literature. This book provides one of the most in-depth studies of this issue ever written; from the Divine Mother, Archangels and inner plane Ascended Masters' perspective! Absolute must reading for all who tread a Spiritual path! Collectively, we are shifting out of polarity consciousness and choosing empowered, balanced lives. This book braids polarity into oneness, reveals the disparity of heart/mind, internal/ external, compassion/will, experience/knowledge, love/power, and assists us across the bridge of transition into the return of full consciousness. You will discover: How the imbalance began, What Goddess energy really is, How to balance Feminine and Masculine, Why experiencing the Heart is vital, Manifestation through The Goddess, Feeling into Physical Ascension, Meditations/Attunements to activate the Divine Feminine, What a balanced Master is, and How to Balance Love, Wisdom and Power.
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The Master Key

Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom

Author: Robert Peng,Rafael Nasser

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 1622032527

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 328

View: 6443

It's 1972 in the industrial city of Xiangtan, China. A frail child with a heart condition sneaks into a hotel boiler room and befriends the elderly yet vibrant attendant, who eventually reveals his true identity as a revered Qigong master. He heals the boy and, for the next 13 years, secretly teaches him the keys to unlocking the spiritual and healing dimensions of the Life Force. It sounds like a modern-day fable, but the story is true. And with The Master Key, that grateful student, Robert Peng, invites all of us to enter the next chapter of this empowering path. Here, Master Peng brings together the unique insights of his teacher with the moving account of his own journey to inspire and guide us into: The foundational methods for gathering, refining, and using the Life Force A five-minute exercise to directly experience the reality of Qi energy Awakening the body's three Dantian centers The Four Golden Wheels practices for strengthening your Qi reservoirs The discovery of your True Self through Qigong's tools of self-inquiry Empowering your relationships and sexual intimacy Entering the sea of compassion and happiness, and much more How do we open the doorways to authentic love, power, and wisdom? The answer lies in our inner Life Force—and The Master Key teaches us how to unlock it.
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Welten des Bewußtseins

Multidisziplinäre Entwürfe / Rolf Verres ... (Hg.). Bd. 7

Author: Rolf Verres

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783861354093

Category: Consciousness

Page: 180

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