Author: Harry Brighouse

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745625967

Category: Political Science

Page: 180

View: 5944

Introducing the concept of justice in contemporary political theory, this title outlines all the main theories and details the theories advanced by major thinkers such as Rawls, Sen, Friedman, Nozick and Fraser. It connects philosophical theories to real world issues and discusses the slogan 'the personal is political'
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Author: David Fermer

Publisher: Thienemann Verlag

ISBN: 3522620097

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 5501

Ein Serienkiller versetzt Kapstadt in Angst und Schrecken. Wer wird das nächste Opfer sein? Schon zehn Mal hat er zugeschlagen und sich an Anhängern des alten Apartheid-Regimes gerächt. Seit Milan mit Zeni zusammen ist, bekommt auch er die Konflikte zwischen Schwarz und Weiß hautnah zu spüren. Denn Zeni ist schwarz und wohnt in einem der heruntergekommenen Townships - einer Welt, die Milan vorher noch nie betreten hatte. Und dann kommt der Tag, an dem er selbst eine Waffe in der Hand hält und sich entscheiden muss: Bringt Rache wirklich Gerechtigkeit? Südafrikanische Geschichte, spannend verpackt und lebendig erzählt. Ab 13 Jahren.
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A Reader

Author: Michael J. Sandel

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195335112

Category: Philosophy

Page: 412

View: 1211

Justice brings together in one indispensable volume essential readings on justice and moral reasoning. With readings from major thinkers from the classical era up to the present, the collection provides a thematic overview of the concept of justice. Moreover, Sandel's organization of the readings and his own commentaries allow readers to engage with a variety of pressing contemporary issues. Looking at a host of ethical dilemmas, including affirmative action, conscription, income distribution, and gay rights, from a variety of angles—morally, legally, politically—the collection engages with the core concerns of political philosophy: individual rights and the claims of community, equality and inequality, morality and law, and ultimately, justice. With concise section introductions that put the readings in context, this anthology is an invaluable tool for students, teachers, and anyone who wishes to engage in the great moral debates that have animated politics from classical times to our own.
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Plato on goodness and justice

Author: Damir Barbarić

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 9783826029516


Page: 275

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Transitional Justice

Vergangenheitsbewältigung durch Recht

Author: Gerhard Werle,Moritz Vormbaum

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662556766

Category: Law

Page: 307

View: 7793

Dieses Buch bietet die erste systematische Gesamtdarstellung zum Thema Transitional Justice in deutscher Sprache. Der Ausdruck „Transitional Justice“ hat sich zum Ende des Kalten Krieges beim Übergang von Diktaturen zur Demokratie etabliert und dient als Leitbegriff zur Aufarbeitung von Systemunrecht. Das vorliegende Werk entwickelt die Grundprinzipien von Transitional Justice und behandelt die fünf wesentlichen Aufarbeitungsoptionen – Strafverfolgung, Amnestien, Wahrheitskommissionen, Wiedergutmachung sowie die Überprüfung des öffentlichen Dienstes. Aktuelle Herausforderungen werden diskutiert. Reichhaltiges Anschauungsmaterial beleuchtet über 50 Aufarbeitungssituationen. Das Buch verfolgt einen doppelten Zweck: Es soll zum einen Rechtswissenschaftlerinnen und Rechtswissenschaftlern sowie praktisch tätigen Juristinnen und Juristen den Zugang zur Materie erleichtern. Zum anderen soll es benachbarten Disziplinen einen konzentrierten Einblick in die rechtlichen Leitprinzipien von Transitional Justice ermöglichen.
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This Is Justice?

The Tragic Death of a K-9 Officer (and Other Interesting Stories)

Author: Robert Carson, Jr.

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1615662480

Category: True Crime

Page: 236

View: 883

The tragic death of a police officer. A potential conspiracy involving dangerous narcotics. A body mysteriously surfacing in a river. The deadly effects of domestic violence. These are just a few of the things Robert Carson has seen during his years as a member of the Scott County Sherriff's department's K-9 unit. From a group of detectives sued by the family of a fallen officer to an abusive father taking his own life, The cases that Robert Carson was involved in were never ordinary. In investigating these and various other crimes Robert became privy To The shortcomings of the justice system, As well as just how far human depravity can go. In an effort to set the record straight and defend the honor of honest men, Robert examines the side of law enforcement they don't show on television- the true, grisly reality of crime scenes and trials. Through factual evidence and personal experience Robert incites readers to truly ask, Is This Justice? Robert (Robby) L. Carson Jr. was born in Tennessee but has spent his life on assignments all over the world, from Germany to Thailand. He spent twelve years each in the military and on the police force. These experiences inspired him to write This is Justice?. He now lives in Oneida, Tennessee.
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Being Part IV of The Principles of Ethics

Author: Herbert Spencer

Publisher: N.A


Category: Ethics

Page: 299

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Author: Amanda Rondeau,Pam Scheunemann

Publisher: ABDO

ISBN: 1617584835

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 4767

Defines justice as fair and impartial behavior or treatment and cites such examples as the enforcement of laws in a country, equal treatment of everyone in a classroom, and the maintenance of rules in the home.
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Political, Social, Juridical

Author: Rajeev Bhargava,Michael Dusche,Helmut Reifeld

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 8178299526

Category: Political Science

Page: 324

View: 2961

This book looks at concepts of justice from points of view of various religious and cultural traditions (Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Cosmopolitanism, Tribal Cultures) and different methodological perspectives (historical, theological, philosophical, sociological). One common thread in these essays is the reflection on ethics universally and reference to the basic values of the Indian constitution. People from all categories were included in the dialogue process on justice in order to avoid any risk of unintentionally missing out people belonging to certain categories. This volume attempts to express the opinions of people whose voices were not very prominent in theoretical debates on justice and its practical implications. Their perspectives on justice are contrasted with mainstream conceptions of justice, whose problematic representativeness for India today is thereby interpreted. Both abstract universalism and relativism lack a common point of reference to assess relevance and adequacy of a given conception of justice. Neither unaffected universalism nor relativism defined by traditional norms turns is sustainable. The contributors offer a concept of 'internal universalism' as an alternative to unaffected universalism. Combining various forms and stages of 'reflective equilibrium' as conceived by John Rawls, this framework provides us with the necessary reference point to assess the adequacy as proposed in this book and engage in a comprehensive dialogue on questions of justice.
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The Intelligence Community Under the Bush-Cheney Administration

Author: Top Patriots

Publisher: Andropolis Paradigms International

ISBN: 9780975432464

Category: Radicalism

Page: 158

View: 3939

Letters sent by Top Patriots to the President of the United States of America, on how terrorism could be stopped.
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Justice (Large Print 16pt)

Author: Garth McVicar

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 1459621972

Category: Social Science

Page: 308

View: 7695

Garth McVicar is the quintessential Kiwi battler. A?farmer from the Hawke's Bay and a dedicated family man, he ? like many New Zealanders ? noticed an alarming increase in violent crime. Garth took it upon himself to ask the hard questions of the legislators, demanding fairness and honesty in criminal sentencing, and ultimately be the voice for the many silent victims of crime in New Zealand. Justice is his story, and that of the Sensible Sentencing Trust: its creation, history, highlights and lowlights, successes and failures. Peppered with details of many real-world, high-profile cases, it cuts to the heart of the issues that affect all New Zealanders.
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The Enigma of Justice

Author: Morris A. Inch

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1608997634

Category: Religion

Page: 154

View: 5532

While justice is thought indispensible for a healthy society, its complex character gives rise to conflicting applications. Accordingly, The Enigma of Justice serves as an appropriate title. In greater detail, the course is set with a consideration of justice in context of the prophets. These were faced with the unenviable task of fine-tuning the monarchy to its covenant ideals. The topic is then treated in its classical setting, as one of the cardinal virtues. This introduces a series of competing theories, more or less compatible with one another. In still greater detail, the text treats a wide range of related topics, such as justice in conjunction with poverty, mercy, and freedom. In conclusion, it touches on justice from an international perspective.
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Author: Milton Fisk

Publisher: Humanities Press International

ISBN: 9780391037779

Category: Justice

Page: 318

View: 6958

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What's the Right Thing to Do?

Author: Michael Sandel

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141041331

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 320

View: 9203

Michael Sandel's Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? invites readers of all ages and political persuasions on a journey of moral reflection, and shows how reasoned debate can illuminate our lives. Is it always wrong to lie? Should there be limits to personal freedom? Can killing sometimes be justified? Is the free market fair? What is the right thing to do? Questions like these are at the heart of our lives. In this acclaimed book Michael Sandel - BBC Reith Lecturer and the Harvard professor whose 'Justice' course has become world famous - gives us a lively and accessible introduction to the intersection of politics and philosophy. He helps us think our way through such hotly contested issues as equal rights, democracy, euthanasia, abortion and same-sex marriage, as well as the ethical dilemmas we face every day. 'One of the most popular teachers in the world' Observer 'Enormously refreshing ... Michael Sandel transforms moral philosophy by putting it at the heart of civic debate' New Statesman 'One of the world's most interesting political philosophers' Guardian 'Spellbinding' The Nation Michael Sandel is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government at the University of Harvard. Sandel's legendary 'Justice' course is one of the most popular and influential at Harvard. Sandel is the author of many books and has previously written for the Atlantic Monthly, the New Republic and the New York Times. He was the 2009 BBC Reith Lecturer.
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Author: Karen Robards

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439183748

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 4684

New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards is back with an exhilarating romantic thriller that will leave readers breathless. Feisty criminal attorney Jessica Ford has done her best to comply with the orders of the Secret Service’s unofficial witness protection program ever since she became the lone witness to the First Lady’s murder. She changed her name, dyed her dark hair blonde, and traded her sturdy black-rimmed glasses for contact lenses. Unfortunately, winning her first high-profile case for prestigious Washington, D.C., law firm Ellis Hayes, and subsequently landing her face all over the news, is not exactly “keeping a low profile.” Or so says hunky Secret Service agent Mark Ryan, whose newest assignment—despite Jess’s stubborn protests—is keeping her safe at all costs. It just so happens he’s also her ex-boyfriend. The trial earns Jess a permanent spot on the firm’s elite legal defense team, replacing an associate who eloped suddenly and never came back. It’s the chance of a lifetime. But Jess’s mind has raced with questions from the moment the prosecution’s star witness shocked the courtroom with an electrifying revelation involving the handsome son of a powerful U.S. senator. Was the pretty, young mother intimidated into changing her story on the stand? Why will she not return Jess’s calls? Did Jess’s ambitious predecessor on the case really just abandon her successful career? Or did both women mysteriously disappear? After Mark rescues Jess from an attacker outside her apartment, she begins to consider the possibility that she is a target. Maybe it’s not so bad to have her irresistibly charming and hard-bodied former lover around for protection. Maybe. The question is, which of the many inadvertent enemies Jess has made recently is he protecting her from? The investigation leads her to some startling coincidences—and to a teenage runaway who may just hold the missing link . . . if Jess can find her. As Jess hurtles closer to the truth—and the sexual tension between her and Mark grows hotter than ever—she finds herself in a race against the clock to find the answers before what she doesn’t know gets them both killed.
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Peace and Justice

Author: Rachel Kerr,Eirin Mobekk

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745634222

Category: Law

Page: 243

View: 4648

Taking as its starting point the post-World War II tribunals at Nuremburg and Tokyo, this book goes on to discuss the creation of ad hoc international tribunals in the 1990s, hybrid/mixed courts, the International Criminal Court, domestic trials, Truth Commissions, and traditional justice mechanisms.
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On Law and Justice

Author: Alf Ross

Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

ISBN: 1584774886

Category: Law

Page: 383

View: 1544

Ross, Alf. On Law and Justice. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1959. xi, 383 pp. Reprint available December 2004 by the Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-488-6. Cloth. $90. * In this influential and oft-cited study Ross discounted the theories of natural law, positivism and legal realism. In their stead, he proposed the abandonment of "ought-propositions" for the "is-propositions" employed by other empirical sciences, thereby envisioning lawyers that serve merely as "rational technologists." Less bound by tradition, and traditional notions of justice, jurisprudence then becomes "not only a beautiful mental activity per se, but also an instrument which may benefit any lawyer who wants to understand what he is doing and why" (Preface).
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Justice as Fairness

A Restatement

Author: John Rawls,Erin Kelly

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674005105

Category: Philosophy

Page: 214

View: 383

This book originated as lectures for a course on political philosophy that Rawls taught regularly at Harvard in the 1980s. In time the lectures became a restatement of his theory of justice as fairness, revised in light of his more recent papers and his treatise Political Liberalism (1993). As Rawls writes in the preface, the restatement presents "in one place an account of justice as fairness as I now see it, drawing on all [my previous] works." He offers a broad overview of his main lines of thought and also explores specific issues never before addressed in any of his writings. Rawls is well aware that since the publication of A Theory of Justice in 1971, American society has moved farther away from the idea of justice as fairness. Yet his ideas retain their power and relevance to debates in a pluralistic society about the meaning and theoretical viability of liberalism. This book demonstrates that moral clarity can be achieved even when a collective commitment to justice is uncertain.
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Author: Larry Watson

Publisher: Milkweed Editions

ISBN: 157131847X

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

View: 7304

Larry Watson's bestselling novel Montana 1948 was acclaimed as a "work of art" (Susan Petro, San Francisco Chronicle), a prize-winning evocation of a time, a place, and a family. Justice is the stunning prequel that illuminates the Hayden clan's early years, and the circumstances that led to the events of Montana 1948. With the precision of a master storyteller, Watson moves seamlessly among the strong and hard-bitten characters that make up the Hayden family, and in the process opens an evocative window on the very heart of the American West.
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Metaphysical Elements of Justice

Part I of The Metaphysics of Morals

Author: Immanuel Kant,John Ladd

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 9780872204188

Category: Philosophy

Page: 194

View: 3891

A revision of the Library of Liberal Arts edition of 1965. This volume offers the complete text of Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals, Part I, translated by John Ladd, along with Ladd’s illuminating Introduction to the first edition, expanded to include discussion of such issues as Kant's conception of marriage and its relevance to his view of women. An updated bibliography, glossary, and index are also provided.
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