If You Find a Rock

Author: Peggy Christian

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780152393397

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 2147

Celebrates the variety of rocks that can be found, including skipping rocks, chalk rocks, and splashing rocks.
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If You Find a Rock

Author: Peggy Christian

Publisher: Voyager Books/Libros Viajeros

ISBN: 9780152063542

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 5641

Celebrates the variety of rocks that can be found, including skipping rocks, chalk rocks, and splashing rocks, as well as the mysterious and wonderful places they are found. Jr Lib Guild. Reprint.
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Everybody Needs a Rock

Author: Byrd Baylor

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442408111

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 3244

Everybody needs a rock -- at least that's the way this particular rock hound feels about it in presenting her own highly individualistic rules for finding just the right rock for you.
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Honey from the Rock

Sixteen Jews Find the Sweetness of Christ

Author: Roy Schoeman

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781586171155

Category: Religion

Page: 289

View: 1909

Stories of sixteen Jews who became "fulfilled Jews", as Schoeman says, through their spiritual journeys to the Catholic Church. Some of these converts are famous people like Edith Stein, Alphonse Ratisbonne, Karl Stern, and Rabbi Zolli, while others are less well known, but all have stories of life-changing spiritual transformations.
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If Rocks Could Sing

A Discovered Alphabet

Author: N.A

Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.

ISBN: 1582463700

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 361

Displays photographs of rocks that resemble the letters of the alphabet and objects represented by each letter.
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A Rock Can Be . . .

Author: Laura Purdie Salas

Publisher: Millbrook Press

ISBN: 1467777099

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3014

Rocks may seem like boring, static objects—until you discover that a rock can spark a fire, glow in the dark, and provide shelters of all shapes and sizes. Laura Purdie Salas's lyrical rhyming text and Violeta Dabija's glowing illustrations show how rocks decorate and strengthen the world around them.
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Learning about Rocks

Author: Mari C. Schuh

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1429671084

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 9501

"Simple text and full-color photographs provides a brief introduction to rocks and how they form"--
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Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough

Author: Natalie M. Rosinsky

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781404803343

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 2965

Describes how rocks form, and discusses different types, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.
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Rocks in His Head

Author: Carol Otis Hurst

Publisher: HarperTrophy

ISBN: 9780060753184

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 6311

Some people collect stamps. Other people collect coins. Carol Otis Hurst's father collected rocks. Nobody ever thought his obsession would amount to anything. They said, You've got rocks in your head and There's no money in rocks. But year after year he kept on collecting, trading, displaying, and labeling his rocks. The Depression forced the family to sell their gas station and their house, but his interest in rocks never wavered. And in the end the science museum he had visited so often realized that a person with rocks in his head was just what was needed.Anyone who has ever felt a little out of step with the world will identify with this true story of a man who followed his heart and his passion.
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A Rock Is Lively

Author: Dianna Hutts Aston,Sylvia Long

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452120072

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 9142

Introduces readers to rocks and minerals, describing how they are created, what they can be used for, and their different forms and types.
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The Bookstore Mouse

Author: Peggy Christian,Gary A. Lippincott

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780152045647

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 379

A mouse living in an antiquarian bookstore learns the true power of words when he literally falls into a medieval tale and helps defeat the dragon Censor.
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Love You When...

Author: Linda Kranz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1589797035

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 28

View: 2680

Verses on how the ones we love are always with us.
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Simple Tips from a Solid Friend

Author: Akiko Yabuki

Publisher: POW!

ISBN: 9781576878163


Page: 40

View: 370

An award-winning, shareable, cozy hug of a picture book featuring Ishi, an optimistic little rock who reminds readers to choose and share happiness! The ISHI book features a simple rock character which appeals to a wide audience, with valuable lessons in compassion for the self and for others. The FROM / TO page on the inside cover of this picture book encourages the readers to share the book and pass it on with kindness, which creates opportunities for the readers to experience the joy of giving. Previously available as a self published sensation, Ishi is now coming to bookstores worldwide! AWARDS: - Gold Award, National Parenting Publications Awards 2015 - Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2015 - Silver Medal, Benjamin Franklin Book Award 2015 - Gold Medal, Mom's Choice Awards 2014 - Finalist, The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2013 "Ishi is a hit in our house. Its demanded almost every night!"--Anna C Lem, a mom from San Francisco "This little book is a tiny gem!"--Benjamin Franklin Book Awards "Had a bad day? Then open this little book and you'll feel better. Much better"--The Wishing Shelf Awards"
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Leaf Man

Author: Lois Ehlert

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780152053048

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 1933

A man made of leaves blows away, traveling wherever the wind may take him, in a fresh, autumn tale with illustrations made from actual fall leaves and die-cut pages on every spread that reveal gorgeous landscape vistas. Jr Lib Guild.
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Get a Grip on Your Business

Author: Gino Wickman

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781936661824

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 246

View: 3088

Do you have a grip on your business, or does your business have a grip on you? All entrepreneurs and business leaders face similar frustrations—personnel conflict, profit woes, and inadequate growth. Decisions never seem to get made, or, once made, fail to be properly implemented. But there is a solution. It’s not complicated or theoretical. Based on years of real-world implementation in more than 100 companies, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a practical method for achieving the business success you have always envisioned. In Traction, you’ll learn the secrets of strengthening the six key components of your business. You’ll discover simple yet powerful ways to run your company that will give you and your leadership team more focus, more growth, and more enjoyment. Successful companies are applying Traction every day to run profitable, frustration-free businesses—and you can too. For an illustrative, real-world lesson on how to apply Traction to your business, check out its companion book, Get A Grip.
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Spenser and the Rocks

I Wonder Why

Author: Lawrence F. Lowery

Publisher: NSTA Press

ISBN: 1938946731

Category: Education

Page: 36

View: 2257

As he begins to discover the interesting rocks all around him, Spenser has many questions about what he finds. Given the differences in the rocks’ colors, sizes, shapes, and textures, there is much to learn about rocks! But that’s not all the curious child learns in this tale of discovery. Spenser’s fascination grows as he sorts and re-sorts his rock collection and asks questions about what he observes. For Spenser—as well as young readers—the experience is an engaging introduction to scientific procedures such as classification and research. Spenser and the Rocks is part of the I Wonder Why book series, written to ignite the curiosity of children in grades K–6 while encouraging them to become avid readers. These books explore the marvels of geology, land forms, weather, environments, and other phenomena related to science and nature. Included in each volume is a Parent/Teacher Handbook with coordinating activities. The I Wonder Why series is written by an award-winning science educator and published by NSTA Kids, a division of NSTA Press.
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Rhoda's Rock Hunt

Author: Molly Beth Griffin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780873519502

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7742

On a backpacking trip with her aunt and uncle, a young girl collects rocks while hiking in the forest, by the river, and at the lake, but when her pack becomes too heavy too carry, she finds the perfect solution.
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The Things You Find in Rockpools

Author: Gregg Dunnett

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780995778238

Category: Fiction

Page: 356

View: 2508

A teenage girl disappears from a beach town at the height of summer. Two months later the police still can't find her. And a quirky 11-year-old steps in to help.
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Room on Our Rock

Author: Kate Temple,Jol Temple

Publisher: Scholastic Press

ISBN: 9781742764108

Category: Refuge in literature

Page: 32

View: 889

Two seals are perched on a rock. When others need shelter, do they share it? Room on Our Rock celebrates the truth that there are two sides to every story. This clever picture book has one story that can be read two different ways. When read from front to back, the seals believe there is definitely no room on their rock for others. But when the book is read from back to front, the seals welcome others to shelter on their rock. A heartwarming story about sharing and compassion.
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Fire from the Rock

Author: Sharon Draper

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440651366

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 240

View: 3362

Sylvia is shocked and confused when she is asked to be one of the first black students to attend Central High School, which is scheduled to be integrated in the fall of 1957, whether people like it or not. Before Sylvia makes her final decision, smoldering racial tension in the town ignites into flame. When the smoke clears, she sees clearly that nothing is going to stop the change from coming. It is up to her generation to make it happen, in as many different ways as there are colors in the world.
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