Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: Turner

ISBN: 9781681626369

Category: Medical

Page: 240

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The instant classic on horse movement is now completely revised and updated with color illustrations. Horses are born to move--a foal can walk, trot and gallop within hours of birth. But not all horses move equally well, and the way a horse moves can have a real impact on how you ride. In this unique book, Susan Harris presents more than 300 eye-opening drawings that show you exactly how horses move. She illustrates movements common to all horses, pinpoints movement problems, reveals how a human in the saddle affects a horse's movement and helps you become a better, more accomplished rider. Get a close-up look at horse gaits and transitions. Observe the differences between good and poor movement. Find out how balance and conformation affect movement. View flexion, bending and lateral movements. See the impact of shoeing and riding on movement. Discover practical tips to improve your horse's movement
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Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780285643802


Page: N.A

View: 8768

Based on decades of practical experience, as well as classic horsemanship theory, this book will teach anyone (from novices to experienced riders) the essentials of a horse's structure, natural balance and way of moving.All horses--whether a dressage horse or a hunter--have the same anatomy, locomotion and nature. Understanding horse movement makes training, and riding, simpler and less frustrating for both horse and rider, as well as helping the health of the horse.This is an exhaustive guide to:Find out how balance and conformation affect movement.View flexion, bending and lateral movements.See the impact of shoeing and riding on movement.Discover practical tips to improve your horse's movement
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The USPC Guide to Conformation, Movement and Soundness

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: *Howell Book House

ISBN: 9780876056394

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 72

View: 6434

Knowing about horse conformation, movement and soundness is important to any horse owner, whether you are selecting a horse, judging horses, or evaluating a horse's strengths, weaknessess, and ultimate potential. The USPC Guide to Conformation, Movement and Soundness clearly explains and illustrates good, functional conformation and movement, faulty movement, conformation defects, blemishes and unsoundnesses, their causes, and how they affect the horse. This guide will be helpful to Pony Club and 4-H members, instructors, horse owners, and anyone interested in learning about evalulating horses' conformation, soundness and way of moving. The Howell Equestrian Library
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Grooming To Win, Spiral-Bound

How to Groom, Trim, Braid, and Prepare Your Horse for Show

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: *Howell Book House

ISBN: 9780470047453

Category: Pets

Page: 352

View: 962

This is the definitive book on grooming your horse to catch the judge’s eye. It features over 400 detailed drawings illustrating every aspect of grooming. Completely updated, it details current practices and requirements and covers conditioning, daily care, tools and supplies, and grooming for shows. New chapters discuss blanketing, newly popular breeds, and the latest show ring clothing styles. A must-have reference, it covers all disciplines and includes trimming styles by type and event as well as by breed.
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The USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: *Howell Book House

ISBN: 9780876056400

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 112

View: 2522

Longeing and ground training are an important part of horsemanship, both in training the horse and in the education of the rider. This book explains the principles of handling and training horses safely from the ground, including leading, teaching good ground manners, and preparation for longeing. It provides an introduction to longeing, equipment, techniques, and longeing for various purposes, including longeing to improve the horse's movement and longeing the rider. Because longeing is an activity that requires skill, knowledge, and safe techniques, The USPC Guide to Longeing and Ground Training is essential to understanding what you will need, what to do, and how long to do it safely for yourself and your horse. This guide can be used by Pony Clubbers, instructors, and all horse owners who want to learn about longeing and how to use this technique safely to benefit their horses' training. The Howell Equestrian Library
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The USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: *Howell Book House

ISBN: 9780876056387

Category: Pets

Page: 80

View: 6902

The USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse provides the kind of information all riders and horse owners need about leg care, bandaging, and keeping your horse's legs sound. It explains the many kinds of bandages and bandage materials, their purposes, and when to use them. Detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions teach you how to apply bandages for shipping, stable, exercise, and various treatment bandages safely and correctly. It also provides tips on the best types of bandage materials to use and making your own leg pads. This guide will be helpful to Pony Clubbers and other horse owners and riders as well as instructors, trainers, and grooms who are interested in learning or teaching their students about bandaging and taking care of their horses' legs.
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Horse Movement

Structure, Function and Rehabilitation

Author: Gail Williams,Alexa McKenna

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 190880968X

Category: Pets

Page: 192

View: 7030

Anatomy, particularly functional anatomy, is a vital and dynamic subject, an appreciation of which leads not only to superior husbandry and welfare, but also to a better understanding of the anatomical challenges associated with riding, training, overtraining, injury and rehabilitation. Using Alexa McKenna's fabulous illustrations, this book shows the correlation of the skeleton, muscular system and locomotion, providing a clear insight into the functional and dysfunctional horse. It also addresses the largely misunderstood concept of 'perfect conformation' and looks at the effect on function of the rider and tack, using cutting-edge diagnostic techniques such as thermal imaging and gait analysis. Again with the emphasis on the visual, readers will be able to appreciate how muscles function in differing athletic disciplines by analysing the heat generated in musculoskeletal structures after exercise. This will also highlight the importance of post-competition recovery. The book concludes with a range of useful techniques to improve the function of any horse, including stretches, taping, wrapping and other proprioceptive techniques to increase balance, flexibility, awareness and posture.
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The dynamic horse

a biomechanical guide to equine movement and performance

Author: Hilary Mary Clayton

Publisher: Sport Horse Pub

ISBN: 9780974767000

Category: Nature

Page: 267

View: 3466

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Sport Horse Conformation

Evaluating Athletic Potential in Dressage, Jumping and Event Prospects

Author: Christian Schacht

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781908809070

Category: Competition horses

Page: 136

View: 1951

Written for those involved in riding, training or breeding today's competition horses, and especially valuable for anyone wishing to buy a horse for a chosen competition.
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Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants

Author: Sandra M. Burger

Publisher: Breakthrough Publications

ISBN: 9780914327622

Category: Nature

Page: 230

View: 6247

Features full-color photographs, detailed drawings, and invaluable, up-to-date information on plants both proven and suspected in horse poisonings.
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Centered Riding 2

Further Exploration

Author: Sally Swift

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 1570767033

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

View: 8291

Centered Riding is not a style of riding as are dressage, hunter seat, or Western. Rather, it is a way of reeducating a rider’s mind and body to achieve greater balance in order to better communicate with the horse. Founder Sally Swift revolutionized riding by showing that good use of the human body makes a world of difference on horseback. Early in her work, she established what she calls the “Four Basics” — centering, breathing, soft eyes, and building blocks—which, together with grounding, are the main tenets of her method. When a rider learns and maintains these basics, then harmony between horse and human is possible. Sally Swift’s first book, Centered Riding, made its revolutionary appearance in 1985 and continues as one of the best-selling horse books of all time. This second book doesn't replace the first one, it complements it. In the intervening years, Centered Riding continued to evolve, and Sally inevitably developed many new concepts and fresh imagery, all of which are presented here.
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Dressage Seat

Achieving a Beautiful, Effective Position in Every Gait and Movement

Author: Anja Beran

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570767937

Category: Dressage

Page: 176

View: 4762

With stunningly beautiful photographs and clear descriptions, classical dressage authority Anja Beran breaks down the physical requirements of the rider's seat on the horse, as well as its responsibilities during various movements--from the gaits and paces to lateral work, lead changes, piaffe, passage, and pirouettes. Beran provides a unique perspective on the use of breath when riding, citing the recommendations of a classically-trained opera singer who regularly works with Beran and her riding students to develop their deep breathing skills. "A relaxed seat," Beran says, "is never possible with restricted breathing." In addition, she explores the need for an improved inner attitude in order to truly refine your seat on a horse. Fear, stress, and tension all interfere with your ability to focus on the horse and connect with him during the time you are together. Simple practices can help open and calm the mind, and over time, contribute to an overall better outlook and enhanced physical capacity. In the second half of the book, Beran is joined by her personal physiotherapist and dance teacher for an in-depth look at human anatomy and how it functions in conjunction with the horse. Practical exercises give readers easy ways to improve mobility, strength, stability, coordination, perception, and overall posture, with superb results.
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The Principles of Farriery

Author: Chris Colles,Ron Ware

Publisher: J. A. Allen, Limited

ISBN: 9780851319735

Category: Pets

Page: 400

View: 1128

A respected equine vet and farrier have joined forces to produce this manual for trainee and working farriers. The coverage starts with a brief history of farriery, and then looks at the legalities of the job and how to control equines for trimming and shoeing. The authors describe the care and maintenance of the forge and farriery tools, as well as the anatomy and function of the horse, especially the lower limbs, the principles of foot balance, and the practice of shoeing. Shoe making, surgical shoes, lameness, and shoeing are dealt with in detail, and the book is embellished with hundreds of specially taken photos and explanatory line drawings.
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The United States Pony Club Manual Of Horsemanship Intermediate Horsemanship (C Level)

Author: Susan E. Harris

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118225155

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 368

View: 8822

Updated and enhanced information on the most recent topics added to the Pony Club curriculum This C Level manual builds on material covered in The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Basics for Beginners/D Level. Whether you're a Pony Clubber who has passed the D Level tests or simply a rider who has mastered the same basics, this manual enables you to increase your skills and teach you what you need to know in order to rise independently and correctly with good position, balance, and use of the aids on the flat, over fences, and in the open. At the intermediate level you're expected to take more responsibility for the care and management of your pony, and you'll learn how to do this as well. In addition, you'll learn the skills needed for conditioning and preparing your pony and yourself for competitions and special events. New and revised coverage of land conservation and horse health and safety Better organization to ease reference A full review and update of critical developments in riding, instruction, and competition In-depth revision of nutrition and veterinary topics, the two areas in which there has been the most significant research and development over the past two decades From the C Level, you may go on to higher Pony Club ratings such as B, H, A, or A Ratings, or specialize in such disciplines as dressage, show jumping, eventing, and showing. Or you may just want to have the pleasure of caring your horse or pony and participating in your favorite riding activities. Either way, The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Intermediate Horsemanship/C Level will give you an excellent basis in horsemanship for the lifelong enjoyment of horses and horse sports.
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The Gaited Horse Bible

Training and Riding Naturally Gaited Horses

Author: Brenda Imus

Publisher: Trafalgar Square

ISBN: 9781570764172

Category: Pets

Page: 244

View: 8358

The Gaited Horse Bible is a joy for people who ride horses, or for people who just love their horses! It provides the reader with a true picture of the inherent, natural temperaments and abilities of the gaited horse breeds while intertwining a historical perspective based on societal changes and influences. The Gaited Horse Bible gives the reader confidence and enthusiasm to work with his/her own horses, to enhance their natural abilities, and to enjoy the process. This book truly assists the reader in learning to enjoy the journey! Lori Snyder-Lowe, President National Walking Horse Association
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The Manual of Horsemanship

Author: Pony Club

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781907279133

Category: Horsemanship

Page: 432

View: 1973

14th edition. Covers all aspects of horsemastership in a single volume, revised and brought up to date by members of the Training Committee of The Pony Club.
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Anatomy of Movement

Author: N.A

Publisher: Eastland Pr-International Rebate Code


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 316

View: 6776

Anatomy of Movement presents a dynamic, integrated approach to the study of the physical structures of the musculoskeletal system and their functional relationship to the movements of the human body. In this newly-revised edition, A majority of the thousand-plus illustrations are new or have been modified by the author from the original edition. The text has also been updated, and the sequencing of the presentation of the musculoskeletal anatomy has been revised in part.
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Dressage the Cowboy Way

The Complete Guide to Training and Riding with Soft Feel and Kindness

Author: Eitan Beth-Halachmy,Jenni L. Grimmett

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781570768576

Category: Pets

Page: 240

View: 3612

The desire to meld the best of Western riding traditions with classical dressage in the pursuit of a harmonious relationship with a horse has steadily gained traction over the past two decades, and now the movement flourishes. More and more horse people are discovering the incredible rewards of training a well–balanced mount, using a soft feel, and developing communication based on kindness and cooperation. In this remarkable book, the founder of Cowboy Dressage® Eitan Beth–Halachmy explains the development of the Western dressage horse using his methods. Beginning with the basics of body language, use of the aids, and a discussion of the Training Pyramid, Beth–Halachmy then provides guidelines for foundational groundwork and progressive dressage schooling under saddle, such as developing cadence and consistency in the gaits, understanding and requesting correct bend, choosing and using lateral maneuvers, and advancing self–carriage and collection. Additional sections highlight the distinct benefits of the geometry of the Cowboy Dressage Court, the intrigue of training with the garrocha (a long pole or lance), and the great pleasure of riding musical freestyles. This fantastic guide is both valuable resource and inspirational touchstone, promising that in the end, horse and rider enjoy each other's company.
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Balanced Horse

The Aids by Feel, Not Force

Author: Sylvia Loch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905693856

Category: Dressage

Page: 224

View: 3431

This book is about developing that 'perfect understanding'. The aim of The Balanced Horse is to confirm in people's minds what they should be doing for each request, and what they must avoid.
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