Health and Social Care Act 2012

Chapter 7, explanatory notes

Author: Great Britain

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780105607120

Category: Medical

Page: 259

View: 2620

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 contains 12 parts and 23 schedules addressing a range of issues relating to health and social care. The Act gives effect to the policies set out in the white paper 'Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS' (2010, Cm. 7881, ISBN 9780101788120). The main aims of the Act are to change how NHS care is commissioned through the greater involvement of clinicians and a new NHS Commissioning Board; to improve accountability and patient voice; to give NHS providers new freedoms to improve quality of care; and to establish a provider regulator to promote economic, efficient and effective provision. In addition, the Act will underpin the creation of Public Health England, and take forward measures to reform public health bodies. Parts are: The health service in England; Further provision about public health; regulation of health and adult social care services; NHS foundation trusts and NHS trusts; Public involvement and local government; Primary care services; Regulation of health and social care workers; the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE); Health and adult social services: information; Abolition of certain public bodies; Miscellaneous; Final provisions.
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Managing in Health and Social Care

Author: Vivien Martin,Julie Charlesworth,Euan Henderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135153566

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 384

View: 1564

Managing in Health and Social Care is a practical textbook for students of management in health and social care, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It includes case studies with textual commentary to reinforce learning, activities, key references and clear explanations of essential management tools and concepts.
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Understanding Health and Social Care

An Introductory Reader

Author: Margaret Allott,Martin Robb

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761956860

Category: Social Science

Page: 318

View: 9325

This introductory text provides a wide-ranging collection of key readings in the field of health and social care. The book features classic readings alongside articles reflecting the most recent theoretical and empirical work. Cutting across the conventional divide between health care and social care, the Reader sets out to link policy to practice in a tangible way, juxtaposing the voices of a range of carers and service users with insights from academic debate and research. The Reader is divided into five sections focusing on: the experience of caring or being cared for; the environment in which care takes place; the ways in which care has been conceptualized; issues of abuse in care settings; and the pol
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Health and Social Care for Foundation GNVQ

Author: Liam Clarke

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748735099

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 368

View: 5278

This completely revised Health and Social Care textbook is written specifically for the 2000 specifications. It covers all nine Foundation units and is written in an appropriate language for Foundation-level students. A unit-by-unit approach that follows the syllabus precisely ensures complete knowledge coverage.
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Health and Social Care

Establishing a Joint Future?

Author: Alison Petch

Publisher: Dunedin Academic PressLtd

ISBN: 9781903765739

Category: Medical

Page: 96

View: 8656

For the majority of people who have a range of support needs, it is immaterial whether the response to their needs is organized by the health sector or the social care sector. Their priority is that there is a response. Yet history has created an organizational split between health and social care services. For many with a range of needs, this is likely to create artificial boundaries, barriers, and complexities. At the individual level, this may lead to fragmentation or duplication of support provisions. At the planning level, it can result in a provision which is less than 'seamless.' Recent years have witnessed accelerating demands from governments throughout the UK for closer collaboration between health and social care agencies. Policies have ranged from permissive strategies that encourage consultation and joint planning, to legislation requiring the pooling of funds and creating single agency responsibility. Developing partnerships that work across health and social care is one of the areas where the most distinctive differences have emerged between Scotland and the rest of the UK. This divergence provides the focus for this book. A specific Scottish Executive initiative, the Joint Future Agenda, has focused on meeting adult support needs through effective joint working. The report of a Ministerial Joint Future Group in 2000, Community Care: A Joint Future, has provided the foundation for subsequent community care initiatives. This book explores the details of this initiative in the context of what is known about the impact and effectiveness of integrated working.
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A Handbook for Action Research in Health and Social Care

Author: Carol Munn-Giddings,Richard Winter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134590709

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 6083

Action research is a form of research closely linked to practice which can readily be undertaken by practitioners and service users. This handbook offers a comprehensive guide to action research as a strategy for inquiry and development in health and social care. It can be used by individuals or groups working independently on their own projects or as a basis for a tutor-led course. It features * an introduction to the theories behind action research and other forms of research related to it *lively case studies from social work, nursing, mental health care and community work * a step-by-step study guide. The theoretical section of the book provides a general definition of action research, compares action research with other forms of social research, outlines the nature of a 'culture of inquiry' in the workplace, and describes the links between action research and service-user research, management,community development, evaluation, reflective practice, feminist research and anti-racist research. This practical study guide covers issues such as preparing a proposal, ethics and principles of procedure, gathering and analysing data, writing a report, the links between action research and critical reflection. It will be particularly useful for groups wishing to undertake action research on an independent basis
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Integrating Spirituality in Health and Social Care

Perspectives and Practical Approaches

Author: Wendy Greenstreet

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 9781857756463

Category: Medical

Page: 177

View: 3160

This book considers the concept of spiritual care as an explicit component of holistic health and social care. It is a practical guide which focuses on integrating spirituality in healthcare as a whole, rather than limiting it to any particular care environment. Integrating Spirituality in Health and Social Care takes into account not only religious, cultural and philosophical views, but also the value and use of music, art and other creative therapies. This book is an invaluable guide for health and social care professionals, including nursing and medical staff. Therapists, counsellors and others who provide care in a wide variety of settings will also find it of great benefit.
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Changing Practice in Health and Social Care

Author: Celia Davies,Linda Finlay,Anne Bullman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761964971

Category: Medical

Page: 390

View: 2900

Designed to lay sound foundations for continuing professional development in a world of rapid change, this Reader draws together key articles exploring the recent challenges facing professionals across the spectrum of health and social care. Topics examined include: accountability to service users, funders and communities; the skills needed for teamwork and collaboration; and ethical dilemmas of working in conditions of resource constraint, and engaging in questions of quality and performance review. The chapters reflect the similarities and differences between the NHS and social services. This a set book for the Open University course K302 Critical Practice in Health and Social Care.
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Hospital Discharge

Integrating Health and Social Care

Author: Jon Glasby

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 9781857759792

Category: Medical

Page: 160

View: 2875

This clear and concise guide examines the reasons for difficulties of hospital discharge and considers the possible solutions. It provides a comprehensive overview of policy frameworks, practice issues and research findings, highlighting the range of problematic hospital discharge that can occur. Current health and social policies are evaluated, and typical individual, organisational and structural barriers are examined. It is invaluable for all those who have to make informed decisions regarding hospital discharge, including doctors, nursing managers and healthcare managers throughout primary and secondary care, as well as social care managers and staff, and policy makers and shapers.
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Health and Social Care for Advanced GNVQ

Author: Liam Clarke,Bruce Sachs,Sue Sumner

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780748735105

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 326

View: 2170

This book on Health and Social Care for Advanced GNVQ matches the six mandatory units with key skills sign-posting throughout. Realistic case studies are given as well as emphasis given to the skills necessary for further studies or a career in the care sector. Key information is easily identifiable within the text and revision is aided with review questions at the end of each unit.
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International Perspectives on Health and Social Care

Partnership Working in Action

Author: Jon Glasby,Helen Dickinson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444322590

Category: Medical

Page: 184

View: 8360

Partnership Working in Health and Social Care adopts a thematic approach to health and social care partnerships. With chapters by leading international commentators, the book covers key topics in partnership with a dual focus on both policy and practice.
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Understanding Health and Social Care

An Introductory Reader

Author: Julia Johnson,Corinne De Souza

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd

ISBN: 1847870813

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 3379

The new edition of the best-selling reader Understanding Health and Social Care (previously edited by Maragraet Allot and Martin Robb) combines classic works with newly-commissioned material, offering readers unparalleled coverage of the key issues in health and social care. The breadth of material encompasses voices of service users, professional and lay carers, as well as academics and researchers. This Second Edition is organised into four new sections, each with a part introduction pulling together the main themes: - People focuses on those who use and provide health and social care services. - Places looks at where care is given - Approaches considers different ways through which care takes places - Ideas focuses on the ideas and policies that underpin care provision Full of real practice scenarios and examples, the book successfully makes the links between theory and practice, and will be an essential resource for all students studying at undergraduate level across the wide spectrum of health and social care.
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Your Foundation in Health & Social Care

Author: Graham Brotherton,Steven Parker

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446291189

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 9131

Your Foundation in Health & Social Care provides readers with all the knowledge and skills necessary for effective learning at Foundation level, both in study and the workplace. It explores all the key areas of the Foundation Degree, including: - critical analysis and practice - communication - work placement skills - psychology Each chapter features case studies to translate theory into real-life practice, activities to challenge readers, and further reading so that students can develop their understanding. This is an essential companion for those studying foundation degrees across health and social care, and also valuable reading for students at higher education level.
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Resource Management in Health and Social Care

Essential Checklists

Author: William Bryans

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 9781857756272

Category: Medical

Page: 147

View: 2370

This book focuses on the resource management problems and long term implications that confront managers and front line staff daily. In particular, it emphasises the need to make savings by increasing efficiency without affecting the welfare of the patient, client, relative, or general public. In a straightforward format this book explains how managers and front line staff deal with the difficulties of managing limited resources. It gives guidance and advice on how to improve business, adminstrative and budget competencies for those who need to review current arrangements, and contains uniquely designed checklists for practitioner and students to advise on the full range of resource problems.
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Working in Health and Social Care

An Introduction for Allied Health Professionals

Author: Teena J. Clouston,Lyn Westcott

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0443074887

Category: Medical

Page: 220

View: 565

"Working in Health and Social Care: An Introduction For Allied Health Professionals provides guidance to all allied health professionals including physiotherapists, radiographers, chiropodists, podiatrists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists in understanding health and social care agendas and their career development within these areas. It discusses a wide range of topics relevant to contemporary practice, and how these sit within health and social care systems, aiming to engage the reader in thoughtful application of this information to their own learning, practice and knowledge base."--BOOK JACKET.
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Using Evidence in Health and Social Care

Author: Roger Gomm,Celia Davies,Open University

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761964957

Category: Medical

Page: 260

View: 8408

This wide-ranging text on research methods in health and social care introduces readers to different kinds of evidence and helps them to evaluate the unique contributions of each. It acknowledges the variety of contexts in which practitioners work and the challenges of putting research into practice. The book introduces readers to research of different kinds - the randomised controlled trial, the survey, qualitative research and action research - and highlights the underlying logic and value of each. It also addresses economic appraisal, and ethical issues in research. The text goes on to consider how there can be a much more active and dynamic interplay between practice and research, and using examples from health and social care shows tha
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Life Review in Health and Social Care

A Practitioner's Guide

Author: Jeff Garland,Christina Garland

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415216559

Category: Psychology

Page: 180

View: 3220

How can understanding our past help us face the future? The key to gaining awareness of the present and preparing for the future lies in our understanding of the past, yet there is little coverage of this topic in the existing psychology and counselling literature. How can people improve themselves by greater self-knowledge? Jeff and Christina Garland break new ground in making a straightforward presentation of the theory and practice of the everyday process of life review, which is atherapeutic approach for helping clients make sense of their past, and can be used to help change undesirable behaviour and plan for the future. The theory and structure of the life review process are examined, and clinical examples of how it works in practice are given; this includes interviews both with "narrators" (people engaged in life review) and "listeners" (health and social care professionals). These examples demonstrate how professionals can use life review to help their clients overcome difficulties in their lives and face the future with confidence. Life Review will appeal to trainees and practitioners in occupational, developmental, clinical and health psychology, social work, counselling, psychotherapy and nursing.
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Health and Social Care (adults)

Author: Yvonne Nolan

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435453732

Category: Allied health personnel

Page: 391

View: 9016

The essential resources for the new S/NVQs in Health and Social Care Written by Yvonne Nolan, the author of the bestselling textbooks for S/NVQ 2 and 3 Care, these Candidate Handbooks contain everything candidates need for success in this new qualification. Each full-colour Candidate Handbook provides comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the new standards in an accessible and user-friendly way. Each Candidate Handbook covers all the core units and a good selection of option units, ensuring that students have sufficient material to cover an entire award. The S/NVQ Level 3 Student Book covers the 'Adults' qualification route.
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Preparing for Professional Practice in Health and Social Care

Author: Anita Atwal,Mandy Jones

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444316346

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 2860

Preparing for Professional Practice in Health and SocialCare is the ultimate companion for students and newly qualifiedpractitioners in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and otherallied health professions. A multi-professional team of qualified and experiencedcontributors explain key concepts in professional practice withinthe contexts of health, social care and education systems. Topicsrange from law, ethics and client-centred practice tointerprofessional working, team-building, communication skills andreflective practice. Further chapters provide practical guidance onwriting a CV, applying for jobs and interview technique, as well asoffering advice on career-planning and continuing professionaldevelopment. KEY FEATURES clear definitions of key concepts case studies and examples from clinical practice summaries of key points self-assessment exercises references and further reading
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Folens GCSE Health and Social Care

Double Award

Author: Angela Fisher

Publisher: Folens Limited

ISBN: 9781843033646

Category: Health education (Secondary)

Page: 282

View: 799

A colourful student-friendly textbook covering all three Units required for all awarding bodies for the new GCSE in Health and Social Care: Health Social Care & Early Years Provision, Promoting Health & Wellbeing and Understanding Personal Development and Relationships. Included are case studies and activities, plus in-text questions to check students' understanding, all written in a straightforward way for students across the full ability range. An accompanying teacher support pack, providing background material and resources on all aspects of the course, including specific tests for each awarding body (OCR, Edexcel and AQA), is also available.
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