Geometric Invariant Theory

Author: David Mumford,John Fogarty,Frances Kirwan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540569633

Category: Mathematics

Page: 292

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"Geometric Invariant Theory" by Mumford/Fogarty (the firstedition was published in 1965, a second, enlarged editonappeared in 1982) is the standard reference on applicationsof invariant theory to the construction of moduli spaces.This third, revised edition has been long awaited for by themathematical community. It is now appearing in a completelyupdated and enlarged version with an additional chapter onthe moment map by Prof. Frances Kirwan (Oxford) and a fullyupdated bibliography of work in this area.The book deals firstly with actions of algebraic groups onalgebraic varieties, separating orbits by invariants andconstructionquotient spaces; and secondly with applicationsof this theory to the construction of moduli spaces.It is a systematic exposition of the geometric aspects ofthe classical theory of polynomial invariants.
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Geometric Invariant Theory and Decorated Principal Bundles

Author: Alexander H. W. Schmitt

Publisher: European Mathematical Society

ISBN: 9783037190654

Category: Mathematics

Page: 389

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The book starts with an introduction to Geometric Invariant Theory (GIT). The fundamental results of Hilbert and Mumford are exposed as well as more recent topics such as the instability flag, the finiteness of the number of quotients, and the variation of quotients. In the second part, GIT is applied to solve the classification problem of decorated principal bundles on a compact Riemann surface. The solution is a quasi-projective moduli scheme which parameterizes those objects that satisfy a semistability condition originating from gauge theory. The moduli space is equipped with a generalized Hitchin map. Via the usual Kobayshi-Hitchin correspondence, these moduli spaces are related to moduli spaces of solutions of certain vortex type equations. Potential applications include the study of represenation spaces of the fundamental group of compact Riemann surfaces.
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Geometric Invariant Theory

Over the Real and Complex Numbers

Author: Nolan R. Wallach

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319659073

Category: Mathematics

Page: 190

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Geometric Invariant Theory (GIT) is developed in this text within the context of algebraic geometry over the real and complex numbers. This sophisticated topic is elegantly presented with enough background theory included to make the text accessible to advanced graduate students in mathematics and physics with diverse backgrounds in algebraic and differential geometry. Throughout the book, examples are emphasized. Exercises add to the reader’s understanding of the material; most are enhanced with hints. The exposition is divided into two parts. The first part, ‘Background Theory’, is organized as a reference for the rest of the book. It contains two chapters developing material in complex and real algebraic geometry and algebraic groups that are difficult to find in the literature. Chapter 1 emphasizes the relationship between the Zariski topology and the canonical Hausdorff topology of an algebraic variety over the complex numbers. Chapter 2 develops the interaction between Lie groups and algebraic groups. Part 2, ‘Geometric Invariant Theory’ consists of three chapters (3–5). Chapter 3 centers on the Hilbert–Mumford theorem and contains a complete development of the Kempf–Ness theorem and Vindberg’s theory. Chapter 4 studies the orbit structure of a reductive algebraic group on a projective variety emphasizing Kostant’s theory. The final chapter studies the extension of classical invariant theory to products of classical groups emphasizing recent applications of the theory to physics.
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Geometric Invariant Theory for Polarized Curves

Author: Gilberto Bini,Fabio Felici,Margarida Melo,Filippo Viviani

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319113372

Category: Mathematics

Page: 211

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We investigate GIT quotients of polarized curves. More specifically, we study the GIT problem for the Hilbert and Chow schemes of curves of degree d and genus g in a projective space of dimension d-g, as d decreases with respect to g. We prove that the first three values of d at which the GIT quotients change are given by d=a(2g-2) where a=2, 3.5, 4. We show that, for a>4, L. Caporaso's results hold true for both Hilbert and Chow semistability. If 3.5a
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Lectures on Invariant Theory

Author: Igor Dolgachev

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521525480

Category: Mathematics

Page: 220

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The primary goal of this 2003 book is to give a brief introduction to the main ideas of algebraic and geometric invariant theory. It assumes only a minimal background in algebraic geometry, algebra and representation theory. Topics covered include the symbolic method for computation of invariants on the space of homogeneous forms, the problem of finite-generatedness of the algebra of invariants, the theory of covariants and constructions of categorical and geometric quotients. Throughout, the emphasis is on concrete examples which originate in classical algebraic geometry. Based on lectures given at University of Michigan, Harvard University and Seoul National University, the book is written in an accessible style and contains many examples and exercises. A novel feature of the book is a discussion of possible linearizations of actions and the variation of quotients under the change of linearization. Also includes the construction of toric varieties as torus quotients of affine spaces.
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Geometric Invariant Theory

Author: David Mumford,John Fogarty

Publisher: Springer


Category: Geometry, Algebraic

Page: 219

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This standard reference on applications of invariant theory to the construction of moduli spaces is a systematic exposition of the geometric aspects of classical theory of polynomial invariants. This new, revised edition is completely updated and enlarged with an additional chapter on the moment map by Professor Frances Kirwan. It includes a fully updated bibliography of work in this area.
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Group Actions and Invariant Theory

Proceedings of the 1988 Montreal Conference, Held August 1-6, 1988

Author: American Mathematical Society

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 9780821860151

Category: Group actions (Mathematics)

Page: 228

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This volume contains the proceedings of a conference, sponsored by the Canadian Mathematical Society, on Group Actions and Invariant Theory, held in August, 1988 in Montreal. The conference was the third in a series bringing together researchers from North America and Europe (particularly Poland). The papers collected here will provide an overview of the state of the art of research in this area. The conference was primarily concerned with the geometric side of invariant theory, including explorations of the linearization problem for reductive group actions on affine spaces (with a counterexample given recently by J. Schwarz), spherical and complete symmetric varieties, reductive quotients, automorphisms of affine varieties, and homogeneous vector bundles.
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Algebraische Transformationsgruppen und Invariantentheorie Algebraic Transformation Groups and Invariant Theory

Author: Kraft,Slodowy,Springer

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3034876629

Category: Mathematics

Page: 214

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Der. vorliegende Band enthält eine Reihe von einführenden Vorlesungen, die von verschiedenen Autoren im Rahmen von zwei DMV-Seminaren zum Thema "Algebraische Transjormationsgruppen und Invariantentheorie" gehalten wur den. Entsprechend der allgemeinen Zielsetzung der DMV-Seminare sollten sowohl grundlegende Techniken und Resultate vorgestellt als auch Einblicke in aktuelle Entwickl~ngen gegeben werden. Was die Grundlagen anbetrifft, so haben wir sie hier nicht in vollem Umfang widergegeben. Im Bedarfsfall mag der Leser unsere Bücher "Geometrische Methoden in der Invariantentheorie"l und "Invariant Theory"2 zu Rate ziehen, auf die sich die einführenden Vorträge stützten. Leider konnten auch nicht alle aktuellen Entwicklungen berücksichtigt werden, über die im Seminar berichtet wurde. Die Ziele der hier vorliegenden Beiträge, auf deren Inhalt wir in der Einführung ausführlicher eingehen werden, sind entsprechend unterschiedlicher Natur. Einige liefern Darstellungen bereits publizierter Theorien, wobei sie allerdings ein größeres Gewicht auf Motivation und die Ausführung von Beispie len legen, als dies in den Originalarbeiten möglich war. Andere leiten grundle gende Resultate auf neue "reise her oder stellen sie aus anderer Sicht dar. Schließlich werden auch noch einzelne Einblicke in aktuelle Forschungsrichtun gen gegeben. Wir hoffen, daß durch diesen Band zahlreiche Resultate der Theorie der algebraischen Transformationsgruppen leichter zugänglich geworden sind, und daß der Leser mit ihm eine nützliche Basis für die Lektüre aktueller Forschungsarbeiten erhält.
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Invariant Theory

Proceedings of an AMS Special Session Held October 31-November 1, 1986

Author: R. Fossum

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821850946

Category: Mathematics

Page: 598

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Geometrische Methoden in der Invariantentheorie

Author: Hanspeter Kraft

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663101436

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 308

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In dieser Einführung geht es vor allem um die geometrischen Aspekte der Invariantentheorie. Die hauptsächliche Motivation bildet das Studium von Klassifikations- und Normalformenproblemen, die auch historisch der Ausgangspunkt für invariantentheoretische Untersuchungen waren.
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Algebraic Cycles, Sheaves, Shtukas, and Moduli

Impanga Lecture Notes

Author: Piotr Pragacz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783764385378

Category: Mathematics

Page: 236

View: 3526

Articles examine the contributions of the great mathematician J. M. Hoene-Wronski. Although much of his work was dismissed during his lifetime, it is now recognized that his work offers valuable insight into the nature of mathematics. The book begins with elementary-level discussions and ends with discussions of current research. Most of the material has never been published before, offering fresh perspectives on Hoene-Wronski’s contributions.
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Algebraic Geometry IV

Linear Algebraic Groups Invariant Theory

Author: A.N. Parshin,I.R. Shafarevich

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540546825

Category: Mathematics

Page: 286

View: 7777

Two contributions on closely related subjects: the theory of linear algebraic groups and invariant theory, by well-known experts in the fields. The book will be very useful as a reference and research guide to graduate students and researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics.
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